3 On The Sides Haircut

An Extensive Guide About Getting A 3 On The Sides Haircut!

An element that people often turn a blind eye on when getting a haircut has to be the length of the sides.

Although the first thing that people take note of when critiquing one’s hair is surely the formation on top, the second component that people assess is how the hair adjusts to the dimensions of your face, which can only be counted with the help of the supporting hairdo.

While the disconnection of skin fades with no guard levers intrigues many to incorporate the edgy design to amp up their appearance, those that prefer toned down visuals can always resort to a 3 on the side cut to say goodbye to their hair insecurities for good!

The subtlety of the 3 on the side cut can pull off various looks and can be the perfect match of many; an agenda that we will further explore in this article.

In addition to unveiling the reason behind its versatility, we will also provide evidence for our claims by displaying all the looks that one can recreate with the help of a 3 on the side cut. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quick and safe way to give your hair a fresh start, be sure to reach the finish line of this article!

3 On The Sides Cut: What Does It Mean?

The 3 on the side cut is typically created with a 3 guard clipper, which is also known as a 10 mm clipper. It trims ⅜ of an inch, and is typically incorporated into a hairdo to give it some volume and make it a bit more manageable.

Number 3 Clipper Guard

Now, in terms of visuals, a 3 on the sides is the same as a uniform buzzcut. It’s not necessarily short enough to expose your scalp to the fullest, but also not lengthy enough to create spiky textured hair. While it is a look that many resort to when receiving a maintenance cut to manage the length of the sides, those that want a masculine look without chopping off their hair entirely may even glide a 3 guard clipper across the top of their scalp to replicate a look like this.

What Does 3 on the Sides Cut Mean

On the other hand, if you’re planning to create a 3 on the side cut look to avoid the awkward phase, here’s a photo that will give you a notion of what it might look like.

3 On The Sides Cut Mistake

11 Trendy Hairstyles You Can Try Out With A 3 On The Sides Haircut!

As mentioned earlier, the 3 on the sides is usually welcomed with open arms and a popular go to look in the hair industry. Those that install this hairdo often get rewarded with newfound volume and make their hair care regimes a tad bit easier to follow because of how light the hair becomes with the help of a 3 on the sides cut.

However, that’s not all that makes a 3 on the sides cut so appealing. In fact, if you’re creative enough and if your hair is cooperative enough, with the help of a 3 on the sides cut, you can easily replicate some of the best hairstyles that are always in trend! From pulling off a voluminous faux hawk to showcasing it with a layered wolf cut, here are 10 top notch hairstyles that you can replicate with the 3 on the sides cut!

3 On The Sides With A Bleached Caesar

3 On The Sides With A Bleached Caesar

Since one of its remarkable qualities is its ability of giving the hair more texture, a look that you can very well try out with the help of a 3 on the sides is a caesar cut. In addition to looking perfectly imperfect, getting the caesar cut could be a great way to boost your thin hair with some density; a trait that might even rejuvenate your self-confidence!

The caesar is also extremely easy to take care of due to its low-maintenance routine and looks exceptionally at home when the look is draped in vibrant colours like beach blonde.

Ivy League Slick Back

Ivy League Slick Back

A relaxed slick back looks sublime when you grow out the sides like Patrick Bateman. However, once you grow the sides out, you might find your hair feeling and looking a little flat; which is when the 3 on the sides cut comes in.

Present your hair with some fullness, hold, and extra volume by trimming the sides down with a 3 guard clipper. It won’t just make you stand out at casual gatherings, but could be a regular hairdo to resort to if you’re a corporate man!

3 On The Sides Cut With A Crop Cut

3 On The Sides Cut With A Crop Cut 

If you’ve been keeping up with current fashion trends, you probably have heard of the crop cut. The crop cut is typically worn with a skin fade around the sides to boost the texture of the overall design; a fact that Post Malone showcased rather dominantly.

However, you can always tone down the prominence of the sides by creating it with a 3 guard clipper. To further boost the impact of the contrast, you can even pair your new crop cut with a high-spirited colour scheme!

Relaxed Crew Cut 

Relaxed Crew Cut

Wearing a crew cut is almost unavoidable when you’re a part of the military or simply growing out your hair from scratch. Even though the look is extremely easy to maintain and look after, an outgrown crew cut might bring to the table a series of awkward phases.

Don’t buzz the sides off just yet! Try getting a 3 on the sides cut instead! While it won’t create a disconnection between your top and sides, obtaining a 3 on the sides alongside a crew cut will make the hair look more natural and enable you to breeze past the difficult stages of growing your hair out!

Gentleman’s Side-part

Gentlemans Side Part

Finding a look that is perfectly balanced could be a difficult task to do. While a gentleman’s side-part could easily be one of the promising contenders, the grown out edges around the sides could be tough to take care of if it isn’t styled and sealed in using a series of hair products.

However, if you can’t find anything better for your face shape, give the look a go anyway, and wear it with a 3 on the sides like Ryan Gosling does! In addition to giving your side part a bit more density, the overall look will stand out due to its natural appearance!

Textured Faux Hawk With 3 On the Sides Cut

Textured Faux Hawk With 3 On The Sides Cut

If you’re a fan of both volume and texture, then a faux hawk surely crossed your mind at one point. However, to pull off the look in a safe and contemporary manner, using a 3 guard clipper around the sides should be sufficient.

Although the chopped up lengths on the sides will be rather visible when obtained with a number 3 hair clipper, the component will give your faux hawk more room to stand out with its healthy, messy and densely-packed strands!

To achieve excellent results with this design, try using sea salt spray on damp hair before creating the shape, and seal it off with hairspray once the clay-infused texture is created.

Layered Wolf Cut

Layered Wolf Cut

When we claimed that a 3 on the sides can fit in with everything, we weren’t being sarcastic at all.

Although a 3 on the sides mostly caters to classic looks that are sophisticated and eligible to wear on any and every occasion, edgy looks like the wolf cut can also be pulled off rather exceptionally as well!

The layers look more healthy and the texture looks more prominent when the sides are slightly cropped using a 3 mm clipper. It is a great look for those that are constantly experimenting with their wardrobes, but could be even better for you if you happen to have a laid back personality!

Can’t tell the difference between wolf cuts and shag cuts? Resolve that query by reading this write-up of ours!

Laid Back Curtains

Laid Back Curtains

Prior to making its comeback in the 21st century, a curtain shaped hairstyle, known as the eBoy haircut in the modern day and age, was a hit in the 90s due to its middle part formation, healthy strands, and a fair amount of volume.

While the appeal of it was mostly generated due to the laid back strands in the frontal region, the curtain hairstyle also comprised a 3 on the sides to make the hair as natural as possible; a tradition that people have abided by ever since.

Messy Quiff Pompadour

Messy Quiff Pompadour

A hybrid between a messy quiff and a voluminous pompadour can also benefit from a 3 on the sides cut. The texture won’t just look more enhanced, but the volume will also receive a significant boost when paired with a 3 on the sides.

Additionally, you can even give your current quiff a clean up with a 3 guard clipper, especially if you want the overall look to have a more natural appeal instead of an exaggerated outcome.

Styling your quiff should also be easier when the sides are blended in with a number 3 guard, as the lengthier portions will now seem more manageable, requiring less hair products as a result.

This Groovy Mullet

This Groovy Mullet

The mullet is also another look that is making a comeback right now. While there are loads of ways in which you can pull off a mullet in a classic manner, make sure to obtain a 3 on the sides if you want your hairstyle to look less like a permed mullet, and look completely natural.

Furthermore, if you do happen to be wearing a curly mullet, a 3 on the sides cut can also be extremely beneficial; especially if you have a hard time with managing the length and texture of your curls!

Low-maintenance Butch Cut

Low Maintenance Butch Cut

Before getting a buzz cut, a good way to get a preview of what you’ll look like with the short length hairdo could be achieved through a butch cut; a slightly grown out variant of the buzz cut.

It can even be a whole look too, if you have enough confidence! In the eyes of many, a butch cut is the most masculine look out there. Since it’s even in every angle, using a 3 guard clipper on the sides as well as the rest of the region could be the easiest way to mimic the look and give your hair the big break that it needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

A 3 on the sides is a common find in the hair styling routine of many. However, explaining it or even creating the look could be a bit complex if you’re introverted and sound vague when engaging in conversations with others. Worry not, however, as the series of questions below will surely make your situation a tad bit easier!

Should I get a 3 on the sides cut if my face shape is round?

If the shape of your face is stopping you from shaving your sides with a 3 guard clipper, know that it will pair well with any face shape. In fact, the outcome of the look will depend on the placement of the fade and the hairstyle that will be paired with it.

On another note, if you feel that you’d like to look into your options, try skimming through our issue on the 2 on the sides cut and 4 on the sides cut. To acquire more knowledge about the visuals, you can even check out this article, which showcases the length of each clipper guard using a series of buzz cuts!

What is the purpose of a 3 on the sides cut?

Whether you’re growing your hair for a man bun or trying to give your bro flow some extra volume, getting a 3 on the sides will surely be of help. It not only serves to those that are seeking an easy way to give their face a little more definition, but is a great component to rely on when you’re getting a maintenance cut to manage the sides of your hair and give your existing hairdo some newfound density.

More of a visual learner? Check out the clip below if you want to create a 3 on the sides cut on your own at this instant!

Final Verdict

Although a 3 on the sides cut is mostly used as a supporting haircut to give the frontal region and the middle region of the hair a convenient amount of hold and fullness, you can even use the clipper on top to create a marvellous hairdo, regardless of your gender orientation.

Furthermore, if you do go forward with your decision of creating this look, be sure to skim through the write-ups on our website. On top of covering hairdos that are currently taking the town by storm, we also cover iconic hairstyles of prominent celebrities; both of which pair well with a 3 on the sides cut!

That’s all for now, folks! We hope our article on the 3 on the sides cut is helpful enough to relieve you of all your queries and is seen as a source of encouragement for you to try the look out.

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