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24 Exciting 3 Strand Twist Hairstyles In 2022

Are you looking for a protective and natural hairstyle for your curly hair, that is also extremely easy to attain? Then, a 3 strand twist is exactly what you are looking for.

You do not even need to go to a salon to get this style. Even if you do not usually attempt hairstyling at home, this one you can pull off by yourself. It is just so easy and convenient.

2 strand twists are already pretty popular, and maybe you have already tried that. Why not try something novel and fresh?

Versatility is another great feature of this hairstyle. You can style your three strand twist in quite a few ways to make it your own.

We will cover everything you need to know in this article. From its difference with 2 strand twists, how to create it at home, unique ways to style it, you will find everything here.

What is a 3 Strand Twist?

The name says it all. It is basically a hairstyle where you take three individual strands of your natural hair and wrap them around each other to create a single twist.

It shares the same philosophy with a 2 strand twist. The difference is you are using three strands instead of two for this one.

Visually this style will look somewhere between braids and a 2 strand twist. Also, this is a unisex hairstyle. So, anyone with curly or coily hair can go for it.

Difference between 2 Strand and 3 Strand Twist

Difference Between 2 Stand And 3 Stand Twist

We know the major difference is the number of strands in two strand and three strand twist. But, what effect does it actually have? Let’s quickly look at the points.

It takes more time to do a 3 strand twist. Due to the number of strands, the wrapping technique changes a bit, which causes the delay.

As you are using more strands, your curls will have more definition in a 3 strand twist. A 2 strand twist style will be more frizzy in comparison.

A 3 strand twist is also much tighter than a 2 strand twist. But, because of being frizzy and loose, a 2 strand twist will appear to have more volume.

So, if you want more definition and less fizz, you have to choose the 3 strand twist. And, if you want more volume, or want to save your time, you should go for the 2 strand twist.

How to Do the 3 Strand Twist?

It is very simple to do a 3 strand twist. You just need to follow this easy step-by-step method and you will have the perfect result.

Step 1:

First, you need to wash and clean your hair. Then, your hair needs to be dried up. You need to detangle your hair for the rest of the steps. If your hair is too frizzy, a leave-in conditioner can help in dentagling. You can use a comb to detangle and straighten up your hair.

Step 2:

Next, you need to make several sections of your hair. The number of sections will depend on how thick you want your twists to be. The thinner and smaller twists you want, the more sections you will need. You can use a pintail comb to create the sections. Use hair clips to separate one section from the other..

Step 3:

After you are done creating the sections, you can start the twisting process. Take a section, remove the clips, and divide it into three separate strands. You can use an edge control gel to keep the strands separated. Let’s call these strands A, B, and C to make it easier. A is the farthest left strand. Now, take strand A and cross it over strand B and C. Then take strand B and cross it over C and A. Finally take strand C and cross it over B and A. Continue doing this as you go down the section.

Step 4:

When you reach the end of a section, you need to use curling gel to secure a section. After you have finished one section, move on to the next one. Keep following the same technique for each and every section. The method will be completed when you have finished twisting all the sections.

Well done! You have successfully given yourself the 3 strand twist hairstyle.

24 Ways to Style a 3 Strand Twist

This is such an adaptable hairstyle that there is no limit to what you can do with it. However, we have 24 suggestions for you that can ignite your imagination. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you can go for most of these styles.

Long 3 Strand Twist

Long 3 Strand Twist

Let’s begin with the classic long version of the 3 strand twist. We agree that it will take some time to do the twisting. But, the result will make it worthwhile. As you are already going for a three strand twist, why not show it off with all its glory.

If you are feeling that this is too standard or typical for you, then we have a suggestion. To create a variation, do not twist all the way down. Keep the ends loose and free. This small decision will bring a novelty to this already dependable option.

Go as long as you want if you are a fan of longer hairstyles.

Short 3 Strand Twist

Short 3 Strand Twist

It is completely understandable if you are worried about the length of the previous style. Long hair is a bit difficult to manage and it needs a lot more care as well.

So, if you want to make your life a little easier, or if you just want to go short for now, we suggest that you jump to the completely opposite direction. Try the really short version of a 3 strand twist.

We especially recommend this one to all you ladies. Short hairstyles are really trending right now. A hairstyle that is much easier to manage, and gives you a cute look? What more can we ask?

Chin-Length Front

Chin Length Front

You do not have to choose between going really long or really short. You can go for something in the middle as well. That is why we bring you this style. Keep the hair length just above your shoulders and keep the front hair till your chin to achieve this style.

This is still a pretty manageable length. You can also choose to sweep your hair to one side. That will bring a chic vibe to your overall appearance. Just look at Lupita Nyong’o absolutely rocking this style on the red carpet and you will be inspired to do the same.

The Curtained

The Curtained

A mid-partition hairstyle is always a solid choice. You can do that with your 3 strand twist as well. Just create a partition in the middle and divide your hair into two sides, and then follow the usual techniques of creating sections, twisting, etc.

It does not matter whether you have long or short hair. It will work great on both. To bring an extra flare to this style, you can dye just the tips of your twists a different color.

Make sure the twists are of similar size and thickness on both sides, and you have got yourself a simple yet steller hairstyle.

The Side Parted

The Side Parted

A mid-part is not your only option, you can go for the side parted style as well. Create a side partition and let the hair fall on one side. This one’s a flowy and breezy hairstyle.

You can try a variation as well. Shorten your hair on one side, and let the longer hair fall on the other side. That will create a cool contrast. This will especially work well on those with shorter hair.

We do have a suggestion for those who have naturally mid-part hair, and want to adopt a side parted style. Just train your hair for a few weeks. Create a side part, comb your hair to sweep it on one side, and use clips to keep it that way. A few weeks of this, and you will see the difference.

3 Strand Twist with Shaved Side

3 Strand Twist With Shaved Side

As we are on the topic of shortening the sides, why not take it up a notch? Completely shave off one side for a bolder style.

This will create a much more stark contrast. Also, the shaved side will bring more attention to what you are doing on the other side. You can keep that side as long or short as you want.

However, do make sure your workplace will be okay with a side-shaved hairstyle. If that is not an issue, do try this one for an assured and confident appearance.

3 Strand Twist in a Bun

3 Strand Twist In A Bun

Now, let’s look at a practical and charming style for longer hair. Take your twisty hair and put it in a bun. We know there’s a lot of reservations regarding a bun among many people, especially the men. They tend to stay away from it.

But, they are missing out big time. This is a great 3 strand twist for men. Firstly, there is the practical side that this style will prevent your long hair from getting in your way of working. Also, buns have made a big comeback in recent times.

We assure you that you will notice a lot more buns in the streets now. So, you should not miss out and try it with your 3 strand twist as well.

The Top Knot

The Top Knot

Before we get to this style, let us clear up the confusion. What is the difference between a bun and a top knot? Are they interchangeable?

Well, no they are not. There is a difference in positioning. For a bun, you will pull your hair back and tie it at the back of the head around the lower crown area. A top knot, as the name suggests, sits on the top.

As we have cleared that up, we will suggest trying a top knot with your 3 strand twist as well. You can also try a messier version where you keep some hair out of the knot and let them fall on the front. Try that one for more carefree and laid back vibes.

The Half Pony

The Half Pony

While we are on tying your hair in different ways, let’s not leave out the ponytail. But, we have brought a new twist to the traditional ponytail.

Bring half of your front hair back and tie them with a band. Let the other half fall on the front. In fact, let them go down till your eyebrows or even beyond.

This is a really fresh take on the classic pony. The contrast between the fringe at the front and the ponytail at the back makes your 3 strand twist much more noticeable.

The Mullet Twist

The Mullet Twist

Okay, we agree that we do not see too many mullets now. But, this could be a cool way to bring the mullet back.

Some volume at the back of your well defined 3 strand twist can really work for you. How short you want to make the sides, or if you want to keep the front hair long as well, we leave these decisions up to you. Just choose whatever works with your face shape and overall appearance.

Do check out the next one if you are not a fan of a traditional mullet.

Reverse Mullet Pony

Reverse Mullet Pony

This is a really interesting one. Probably the most unique style we have on this list. As the title suggests, this is a fusion between a reverse mullet and a ponytail.

To create this style you need to shave off the hair at the back or make it really short. The front hair needs to be much longer. You can shave off the sides as well. Then, take your long front hair and tie it like a ponytail. Finally, let that ponytail fall on the front.

This captivating style is bound to catch everyone’s eyes. People will surely turn around to take a second good look at this one.

Faded 3 Strand Twist

Faded 3 Strand Twist

The last few styles have morsly catered to longer hair. You have short hair and want to upgrade your 3 strand twist? Just add a fade to it.

Try a high fade or a drop fade if you are looking for something striking. You can choose a low fade or even a taper if you want to be less bold and more formal.

If you do not know the difference between a fade and a taper, a taper is basically where you do not go skin deep, and keep some hair. Adding a fade or taper will bring much more character to your 3 strand twist.

3 Strand Twist Dreads

3 Strand Twist Dreads

If you are a fan of the dreads and you have recently got rid of your old dreads, you can give 3 strand twist dreads a try.

Do research about dreads beforehand if you have not tried it before. It is more permanent than any other style on this list. Locs can be an alternative for you.

If you are about that dreads hair life, then just go for it. You won’t regret this decision.

3 Strand Twist Cornrows

3 Strand Twist Cornrows

Cornrows have always been a dependable hairstyle. You can combine that with your 3 strand twists as well.

Take your twists and put them in cornrows for a neat style. This style will also give you a much tidier and sensible appearance.

You also have the freedom to choose from gorgeous patterns. Also, you will hardly find a better protective style than this one.

The Partial Cornrows

The Partial Cornrows

You can try this variation of the cornrows style as well. This is where you only turn a portion of your 3 strand twists into cornrows.

You can also decide where you want that portion to be placed. For example, if you have long hair, you can turn the hair on one side into cornrows.

For those of you who have shorter hair, you can actually turn the twisty hair at the back into cornrows. You have the option of doing it to both the back and the sides as well.

3 Strand Twist Mohawk

3 Strand Twist Mohawk

Let’s try something really bold. Give yourself a mohawk with 3 strand twists. You can also play with the sides and combine different styles with your Mohawk.

You can completely shave off the sides. You can also make it really short and dye it with a contrasting color. Being inspired by the last style, you can turn the sides into cornrows and go for a Mohawk Cornrows.

The best part of this style is that when the hair will start becoming untwisted after a time, this will still look dope. Definitely for this style if you want to carry forward the Punk legacy.

Back Shaved Fringe

Back Shaved Fringe

Now we have another really new and fresh style for you. By choosing to adopt this unique style, you would stand apart even from the ones with 3 strand twists or other types of twists.

For this style, you would need a bit longer hair at the front. Then you need to shave off the hair at the back. FInally, turn the front hair into a fringe to complete this style

The shaved back will highlight the front fringe even more, and that will make this one bewitching hairstyle. Shave the sides as well if you want.

Half Up, Half Down

Half Up Half Down

Whoever is trying to go for something a bit sophisticated, go for this one. Half up, half down is such an easy-to-do hairstyle, yet it has a great impact.

Bring that same energy to your 3 strand twist as well. You just need to tie some hair at the top and create a bit more height. The rest of the hair will lay down freely.

The twisted hair flowing up to down creates a stunning visual. You would like to keep your twists a little thinner for this one.

Box Braid Fusion

Box Braid Fusion

We have yet another great fusion for you. This time we’re fusing box braids with your 3 strand twist.

The basic idea is to take inspiration from the checkered shape of the box braids, and recreate that. The difference is that you will twist your hair and not turn it into braids.

You can decide to create the box braid shape for only a port of your head, or you can go all in as well. You can also create a middle partition and combine The Curtained style with it.

Dyed 3 Strand Twist

Dyed 3 Strand Twist

There is so much fun in dying your hair into cool colors. The problem is that not every hairstyle works great with dyed hair.

Fortunately, the 3 strand twist style is not one of those. It gives you the freedom to dye your hair any color as you please.

If you have dyed your hair before, choose whatever feels best to you. But, if this is your first time, do take some time and think long and hard about which color will suit you the most.

Highlighted Contrast

Highlighted Contrast

It is completely okay if you do not want to dye all your hair. A cool alternative is to just dye the tips or half of each twist.

That will create an impressive contrast with your non-colored hair. You would probably see this style mostly with shorter hair.

However, you can definitely make it work for long hair as well. It just depends on which color you are choosing and how much that is suiting you.

3 Strand Twist with Beads

3 Strand Twist With Beads

We will end this styling list with a few ideas of accessorizing your 3 strand twist style. What better way to start than the beads?

Whether you have twists, locs, or dreads, beads make everything so much better. Beads just refine any style you are carrying.

Also, when you think about the 3 strand twist for men, you probably do not think about beads.. But, we would tell the men that you guys are missing out, especially if you have short hair. Try it once, and you will see what we mean.

3 Strand Twist in a Head Wrap

3 Strand Twist In A Head Wrap

Next we would like to suggest head wraps. Isn’t it amazing how a simple head wrap can truly bring more life to your hairstyle.

It completely depends on you where you want to place your head wrap and how much hair you want to cover. But, we do have an easy suggestion for you.

Place your head wrap on the top area, and cover the hair of the top and the upper crown area. Let your beautiful twists come out from the front and the sides.

3 Strand Twist in a Bandana

3 Strand Twist In A Bandana

We know what all you men are thinking. Aren’t head wraps more women’s thing? Well, we got you covered as well.

Just use a bandana and you will see that your simple 3 strand twists do not feel so simple anymore. It is now a completely different vibe.

You can wrap some hair with it, or just tie it on your forehead to see the magic. And, all the ladies out there, trust us when you tell you that you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on learning everything you need to learn regarding the 3 strand twist. You can now not only do it by yourself, you have a lot of handpicked exciting styles to choose from.

There is no denying the charm of this hairstyle. It is also such an easy hairstyle to attain, and with so much adaptability.

It really is surprising how underrated it is. It won’t be too long before people start jumping on this bandwagon.

You can be one of the firsts. You must try it at least once, otherwise you might just miss out on something great.

So, choose a 3 strand twist style right now and adopt a hairstyle that will surely make people keep asking about it.

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