Hair Type 3C

3C Hair Type: Everything You Need to Know

Tired of struggling with your Type 3c hair? Feel like you’re losing out on getting trendy haircuts? Your wait is over. Our guide will offer you a proper hair routine for your hair Type 3c and how to easily fix everyday curly hair problems.

And that’s not all! You’ll find out some of the trendiest curly-coily hairstyles you can adopt. Also, we’ll help you find your hair type, natural pattern and teach you how to straighten your Type 3c hair without damaging your hair strands. Give this a quick read, become the master of your hair and make the world groove with your natural curls.

Firstly, What Is My Hair Type?

I’m sure you’ve wondered before, what are these hair categories? How do they work? I’ve had the same question myself. Let’s now find out what they really are, and how hair types are categorized.

The 4 major types of hairs are: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily or Kinky. Each of these types carries its distinct characteristics, caring routines, and styling tactics. Look at how the types are assigned with sub-categories work right below to have a better understanding:

Hair typing system

Hair Type 1:

Straight Hair :Type 1a, Type 1b, Type 1c

Hair Type 2:

Wavy Hair: Type 2a, Type 2b, Type 2c

Hair Type 3:

Curly Hair: Type 3a, Type 3b, Type 3c

Hair Type 4:

Coily or Kinky hair: Type 4a, Type 4b, Type 4c

All of these 4 types are divided into 3 subcategories of A, B, and C based on their texture, density, and springiness. These come off as quite difficult to distinguish between at times.

The general idea is, the journey from hair Type 1a to hair Type 4c is a gradual and sequential one. It means you’ll find resemblances between one type to its next. For example, hair Type 3b is less coily than Type 3c, and Type 4a is the immediate next to 3c in terms of this springiness.

You must remember, these are general categories made to have a better idea of our hair routine. Your hair type might stand or fluctuate between any two.

Is My Hair Type 3c?

Hair Type 3C


I hope you have been able to figure out which general hair type your hair belongs to. If yours belongs to Type 3, then don’t stop reading. Because we’ll tell you how to identify whether you have hair Type 3c or not.

Type 3c is at the edge of curly hairs that takes place between Type 3b and Type 4a. This type of hair has tons of tight coils with the diameter of a pencil or a straw. It has a high volume, the hair is packed together, the hair texture ranges between fine to medium, and the curls are much tighter than Type 3b.

To test it out, you can pick out one or two strands of your hair. Try to notice the pattern in the strand. If it looks like an S or a Z, then your hair most likely belongs to Type 3c.

Also, you can try wrapping the strand around any object with the diameter of a pencil. If it coils perfectly around it, then you have your final confirmation – you have hair Type 3c.

Some of the Most Common Problems with Hair Type 3c

Hair Type 3c is one of the most challenging hair types to have. Let’s see what are some of the most common problems ones with type 3c hair have to face on a regular basis.

  • Hair Breakage

Type 3c hair is often prone to breakage. It happens because of the high density of the hair that prevents any nutrition from reaching the scalp and the hair follicle.

  • Shrinkage

Since this type of hair is extremely curly and springy, it often causes the hair to shrink in length. It is very difficult to straighten up the shrunk hair if this happens.

  • Frizzing

Frizziness is another common issue with curly Type 3c hair. It generally happens if you do not apply proper care before falling asleep.

  • Limited Hair Volume

Due to the extremely springy nature and medium texture, ones with this hair type are often left with limited hair volume. It is because the newly formed hairs are obstructed by the massive density of this hair type.

  • Dryness

Dryness becomes a common issue if you have a denser volume of hair and are unable to moisturize all the hair properly. Places with a lower humidity will face this problem more frequently.

  • Tangled Hair

Without proper care, your Type 3c hair may quite regularly be tangled up into a fairy knot. If this happens, then you’re most likely in for a painful hair-sorting session.

  • Styling Limitation

Unlike Straight or Wavy hair, hair Type 3c doesn’t come with a wide array of easy-to-do options. But with proper care and planning, you can carry your 3c just as confidently and beautifully as the others.

The Easiest Solution of Them All – Moisturize

The easiest solution out there for Type 3c hair is to moisturize. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture – you can memorize this like a tantric chant because this will reduce half of the problems you are having with your hair. Providing proper moisture care is an absolute necessity for Type 3c hair.

Proper moisturization is the foundation of your Type 3c care. Dryness, frizz, shrinkage – all of these will see immediate improvement upon application. It will also drastically reduce the chances of waking up with a fairy knot.

Taking Care of Your Type 3c Hair

Taking care of 3c hair

Taking proper care of your hair Type 3c is very important for your daily life. A naturally beautiful and curly hair such as the Type 3c can lift up your looks, increase styling potential and boost your morale if it is thoroughly cared for.

The most natural approach is often the best one. And instead of feeling insecure about your curly hair, you should flaunt and celebrate it for the beauty it carries. Here’s a care guide for your Type 3c hair that you can maintain easily and get remarkable results.

  • Wash

Washing your 3c Type hair regularly is very important. On one hand, regular washes often dry up your hair, making it prone to breakage. On the other hand, using a moisturizing product to mitigate the dryness ends up adding to the weight of the hair and making it dense.

So before committing to a guideline, you have to figure out the porosity level of your hair and adjust your wash frequency accordingly.

Additionally, you can pick out some sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners for a better outcome. You may also want to consider a co-wash to remove sulfate residue and provide proper hydration to your curly hair. You can try out Curlsmith’s Wavy Wash Day Bundle to cover all your caring needs like a wash, co-wash, condition, and air dry in one bundle.

  • Condition

Because of the fragile nature of Type 3c hair, it requires regular conditioning. You have a couple of options when it comes to this.

One is, you may want to try deep conditioning. It softens the hair fibers from the inside and reduces the risk of frizziness and shrinkage. You may want to try Curly Hair Products by Carol’s Daughter for a sulfate-free conditioning solution for your hair.

Another option is to leave-in your conditioner overnight. It moistens your hair without a wash and keeps it smooth. A thorough leave-in treatment can be a viable solution if you have little time for self-care on a regular basis.

  • Creams and Oils

Based on the porosity level of your Type 3c hair, you should choose creams and oils for your hair. These help you absorb and hold the moisture in your hair strands. You can choose between heavy or light products based on your hair density. You can pick out Marc Anthony Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Curl Defining Cream from Amazon to soften up your hair and give your hair the zing!

Can I Straighten My Type 3c Hair without Causing Damage?

Straightening your curly hair is quite tricky, and you should follow proper precautions. Otherwise, a styling attempt might end up damaging your hair.

Pick your style

You must first have a style picked up. You can follow Type 3c straightened hairstyles guides to generate a few ideas.

Work toward your natural curl

It is one of the most IMPORTANT aspects of straightening. You must straighten your hair toward your natural curl. This way your hair receives damage to the minimum level. You can explore more radical approaches too, but you have to keep the dangers in your mind as well.

Wash properly

Once you’ve picked up the style of your choice, you must wash it properly. A dirt and oil-free hair base is important for the straightening process.

Use a protector

To prevent your hair from damaging, you must apply a heat protector right after the wash. You can split your hair into portions and mist them up while the hair is still damp. This will protect your hair against heat and soften your hair up. John Freda’s Frizz Ease Spray should give you the proper safety for your hair.

Dry with air

It is essential that you air dry most of your hair. This reduces the hair’s exposure to heat for an extended period of time.

Finally, the straightening

Now start straightening your hair according to the style you had picked out. Split your hair into a few sections and start applying the iron. You MUST ABSOLUTELY NOT do it slowly as it might burn your hair. Use a hairbrush while ironing to get a smoother result.

Making it last

To make all your efforts last the longest possible duration, you have to set your hair after finishing the styling process. Spread the setting agent on your hair using your hands. This way, it is applied evenly with ensured softness.

There you go! Now you have a straight Type 3c hair that you can brush easily, with more styling options!

Let’s Choose from the Popular Type 3c Hairstyles

Although it might seem like styling options are limited with Type 3c hair, but that’s a misconception. Check out some of the most popular Type 3c hairstyles that’ll add a new dimension to your personality.

Afro Curly

You can easily get an Afro for your hair Type 3c and feel the world revolve around you! This rejoicing hairstyle is fun to carry around and a gorgeous fashion choice for every day.

Curly 3c Layer


You can get a layer cut to reduce the density of your Type 3c hair. This way, you can try out longer hairstyles that you’ve been too afraid to go for, or you can keep it short and neat.
Also, you can add layers to your Afro and get a fused hairstyle. Halle Berry’s Type 3c Layered-Afro can be an inspiration for trying out new hairstyles!

Curly Pixie 3C

Pixies look good with naturally curly hairs. It includes layering the hair and making a faux-tousled effect. There’s a wide variety of pixie hairstyles for Type 3c hair to choose from.

3c Bang Hairstyle

Who says you can’t have bangs with your Type 3c hair? Most certainly you can pull it off, and in a fashionable manner too! If you feel your hair is too dense for getting fringes, cropping up a couple of layers should do you the trick.

Pineapple Hairstyle

Have a party incoming? Try out the Pineapple hairstyle for your Type 3c hair. Use a lightweight cream, pull your hair upwards and tie it with a band. It gets the name from the shape of pineapple over your head, and it’s a killer look for your parties or gatherings.

Pigtail HairStyle

If you feel like going out without putting much effort into your hair, then this is a very simple solution for you. Tie a couple of pigtails and walk out of your home carefree.

Colored 3c curly hair

You can always add color to your Type 3c hair. It’ll reflect your personality and inner vibrance while notching your fashion another level up. Fire red, highlighted tips, brown, purple or blue – any of these colors look good with a 3c Type natural curly hair.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick a Type 3c hairstyle well-suited to your taste. Make sure it caters to your original hair pattern and curl, that way your look will emit a more natural aura.


How do I find the natural pattern for my Type 3c curly hair?

Answer: Your natural pattern reveals itself right after you wash them or after you go through a co-wash/ leave-in treatment. Take a strand of your hair and you’ll be able to see your hair pattern in the most untampered, natural light.

Should I straighten my curly hair?

Answer: If you feel like bringing a change to your look, or subscribe to a hair trend, then sure, go for it. Take proper precautions and expert opinions before doing so.

But if you want to straighten up because you feel Type 3c hair is ugly, then that would be a brutal misconception. Naturally curly hairs including Type 3c are one of the most beautiful and unique hair types to be had. People pay tons only to curl up their hair to look good.

Also, some of the most revered celebrities have Type 3c hair and it has become their fashion statement. From Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Mel B, Nathalie Emmanuel to sports stars like Serena Williams – all of whom flaunt their Type 3c hair and fill up the pages of the magazines as role fashion models.
If they can wear it with pride and look beautiful, you can too.

Final Words

Our in-depth 3c Type hair guide should help you create a personal care pattern. It also tells you how to identify your hair type and how you can avoid the most common problems. Follow this and step out as a more confident person today.

You must remember, naturally curly hair is one of the most beautiful hair types out there. All you need to do is to own it, stylize it according to your taste and take proper care of it. You’ll then find the world appreciating your beauty and your fashion sense.

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