4 Stitch Braids

8 Amazing Hairstyling Ideas for 4 Stitch Braids

In the kingdom of braided hairstyles, stitch braids surely take up a large portion because of their versatility and huge acceptance. These braids are done using different techniques and they also look different in appearance.

While box braids have created their own space for followers, stitch braids are also conquering and reaching the top day by day. If you search on the internet, you will find tons of pictures from thousands of people rocking their stitch braids.

These braids are called stitch braids because they literally look like they are intricately sewn; the only difference is the use of hands and hair in this case. Generally speaking, we are total fans of stitch braids, especially the 4 stitch braids design.

If you want to know how to do 4 stitch braids quite easily and which hairstyles are perfect for this particular braided style, then keep reading ahead with attention!

How to Do 4 Stitch Braids in the Easiest Way?

4 stitch braids are nothing difficult or different, it’s just your regular stitch braided hairstyle but you will exactly have 4 braids in this style. You might have heard about 6 stitch braids before where the style consists of 6 individual stitch braids. But in this case, you’re going to have 4 of them.

Start the process by doing a middle part from front to back, and then create two more partings on both sides. Make sure to apply your hair gel when you are doing the partings in order to make them super neat.

Start braiding your hair from one side. Before braiding, apply the hair gel on the sides and use your comb to smooth out everything. Separate your edges at this point. After that, opt for braiding the hair.

Use your pinky to make the stitched look out of your braids. Just slide your pinky from left to right and right to left all through the scalp while you braid, and you will get that desired look. After braiding your natural hair for a while, start adding your braiding hair gradually, and make sure to apply your hair gel throughout the process.

Once the scalp area has been covered, just make a regular three-strand braid down the length. Follow the same braiding process for the rest of the three sections. Once 4 of your stitch braids are complete, Move on to styling your edges.

Dip the ends of your braids into hot water and apply mousse to your braids. And that’s it, your hairstyle with 4 stitch braids is all set and perfect!

Why Should You Choose 4 Stitch Braids?

It’s not like we are telling you that this particular braided hairstyle should be your one and only pick. But the fact is that 4 stitch braids look super stylish and they are quite convenient for regular wear, so choosing them is a wise option indeed.

If you have worn stitch braids before, then you can go for the 4 stitch braids just for a style upgrade. It’s surely a nice escape from your regular braided hairstyles, and trust us, your hair needs that beautification!

Last but not the least, 4 stitch braids are perfect for warm weather! We often struggle to find a proper hairstyle during summer that’s going to make us feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. For that issue, 4 stitch braids are literally the classiest solution!

Stylish Hairstyles For 4 Stitch Braids That Are Trending Right Now!

One thing we love about 4 stitch braids is that they can be styled in versatile ways. You can opt for tied-up hairstyles with your 4 stitch braids, or simply combine them with other braided styles. The options are infinite, so we understand if you get baffled.

To make your task easier, here we have compiled a list of the best hairstyles for 4 stitch braids. Let’s check them out together!

With Cornrows

With Cornrows

Starting our list with a super-smart hairstyle which is going to make you look sophisticated all the time. While you are getting your 4 stitch braids done, ask your hairstylist to make cornrows in between two stitch braids. This simple idea will take your hairstyle to the next level.

Here is a picture that you can show to your hairstylist to achieve a similar look. We love how neat and precise these braids look; it almost feels like something out of the dreams! If looking cool is your goal, this one is definitely a great choice!

Double Buns

Double Buns

The most common style that any hairstylist is going to make out of your 4 stitch braids is the double bun style. It’s basically taking two stitch braids on each side and turning them into simple buns.

As your hair is already braided, the buns are going to look fabulous. However, you can make them even more exquisite by adding colorful braided hair to the style. The lady in this picture went for a touch of burgundy, so you can do that as well.

Pink and Blonde

Pink And Blonde

Have you ever wanted to look like a Barbie doll? Well, we certainly have, and we know the yearning! But it’s never too late to prioritize your desires, so you can try out this super cute hairstyle with 4 stitch braids if you want to look like a real-life Barbie!

In this hairstyle, the basic double bun style has been done with the 4 stitch braids. But what we totally love is the color of her hair. That pink looks like something out of a fairytale and the buns have been done using both blonde and pink hair. Also, the braids have an overlapping style for an added touch of creativity.

Low Bun

Low Bun

We have mentioned the popular double buns made out of 4 stitch braids. But if you want, you can make a single braid out of your 4 stitch braids as well.

This picture is an example of how gorgeous this style looks. When your braids are complete, just grab them together and make a nice low bun out of them. For additional glamour, you can add gold hair rings to your braids as shown in this picture.

With Heart

With Heart

What better way to glam up your hairstyle than doing a heart braid on one side? From Valentine’s Day to casual date nights, this particular hairstyle can be a perfect pick. You can even pick colorful braiding hair to make your style look more glamorous.

Here is a super-stylish hairstyle with 4 stitch braids that comes with a heart braid on one side. The amazing skill of her hairstylist is surely visible in the precise parting of that heart. All in all, this is a hairstyle that will win hearts for sure!

Cross Buns

Cross Buns

After the regular low buns, cross buns are also quite popular among those who love to wear 4 stitch braids. So for a style upgrade. You can give those a try this time.

Here is a perfect example of cross buns with 4 stitch braids. Those overlapping braids look amazing and they surely require patience to be perfected. We also love the curly vibe of those buns, and suggest you give this style a try at least once!

Zigzag Parting

Zigzag Parting

It’s always fun to try out creative partings in your braided style. So, when you get your 4 stitch braids this time, ask your hairstylist to opt for the zigzag partings.

You can combine straight partings along with zigzag partings to make the style look more catchy. Also, adding cornrows in the middle similar to this picture will be great. Go for a low bun with curly pieces of hair sticking out, and you will be all set to go.

Colorful Braids

Colorful Braids

While black is always the classic option, many women also love to try out different colors of braiding hair for their stitch braids. Red is one of our favorites in this case. Apart from that, you can also choose basic options such as brown and blonde.

This fearless braided hairstyle with the 4 stitch braids is one of the most dazzling styles we have witnessed till now. The color of her hair is fire, and so are the braids! If you ask us, we will be choosing this style anytime without any doubt!

Final Words

It requires no further explanation that 4 stitch braids are amazing, and you need to try them out right now! As braid lovers and enthusiasts, we can guarantee you that your 4 stitch braids are going to be the center of attention anywhere you go, so giving them a proper try should be a matter of time now!

That being said, we hope that the styles mentioned above have inspired you to try out a hairstyle with 4 stitch braids. Make sure to determine which style will be the perfect pick for you. Once that’s done, stop wasting any more seconds and get into work right away, girl!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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