4A Hair Type

4A Hair Type: Here Is What No One Tells You About

Are you tired of detangling your kinky hair and worried that your hair is getting more damaged as the days are passing? Well, now you have one less thing to worry about because today, you are going to get the secrets of protecting and managing your beautiful curls! So, keep reading till the end of this article to give your hair the natural bounce once again.

This article is all about the most stunning 4A Hair Type for both men and women. Among all the curly hair types of African-American people, 4A is by far the most remarkable type of hair because varieties of styles can be done with them that seem difficult with 4B or 4C hair types.

But to do that, it is highly necessary to understand your hair type, the products to suit that type, how to style it and most importantly the haircare routine you must strictly follow.
Let’s begin.

What Is Type 4A Hair?

Before moving onto the secret haircare routine for 4A type hair, let’s take a quick tour to the characteristics of 4A Hair type. It is not hard to identify this type of hair because they have the unique, delicate, and loosely packed S-shaped hair strands.

Nevertheless, the cylindrical coils of 4A hair are also more well-defined than 4B or 4C. That makes this hair type surprisingly easier to style but only if you take good care of them.

Again, this type of hair tends to dry faster and absorbs all the moisture. As a result, they are prone to get more split ends. And so, they need extra attention and love to stay healthy and bouncy.

Find Out Your Hair Type

Identifying 4A Hair

The proper way of outlining an accurate hair care regimen is to find out the required treatment according to your hair type. Your haircare routine will work for your hair when you are sure about the hair type and the products that are made specifically for them.

If you are sure that you have 4A hair type, you can skip this part. But in case you aren’t sure, there is no need to stress about that. We got your back.

All you need to do is to check out the Hair Type 4C article on our website. There, you will find the hair chart that was characterized by the famous hair stylist Andre Walker.

In the article, the chart has been explained in detail for you to understand. It is a quick guide for the types and subtypes of kinky hair, the differences between them and a few steps for you to identify your hair type. So, hurry up and find out the hair type you have.

The Benefits of Having 4A Type Hair

Benefits of 4A Hair

Now that you are certain of your 4A hair type, let’s move on to the hair care part. But before that, do you even know what a blessing it is to have type 4A hair?

Well, it is undeniable that having kinky hair may make you upset from time to time since they are fragile and dry pretty quickly. However, you should cheer up because your 4A type hair can give you the benefits that other curls cannot. Still Doubting? Continue reading and see for yourself.

  • First of all, 4A hair strands never interlock with each other. With proper moisturizing and care, this hair type can become really bouncy and manageable, no matter which style you are going on with.
  • Secondly, the other subtypes of type 4 hair are more tightly coiled than 4A. So, the stretchy-corkscrew texture of your hair gives you the extra advantage to wear different styles that cannot be executed with other hair types such as: 4B or 4C.
  • Lastly and maybe the best thing about having a 4A hair type is that the coils of 4A don’t shrink back that much unlike 4B or 4C curls and are really good at staying at the height after the cut. Hence, you can show off your new hair cut without worrying that the strands will jump up and ruin the style.

Feeling good now? Then, why don’t we start discovering more about your amazing hair and make a realistic hair care routine? Let’s get started.

Hair Care Routine for 4A Hair Type

Having a healthy haircare routine is more than a necessity for black women. Curly hair needs extra care because they are prone to get damaged easily and take a lot of time to heal and shine again.

A quick reminder for you is to have a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours and keep healthy foods and fruits in your everyday diet. The ground rule of having healthy skin and beautiful hair is to have a healthy lifestyle.

Oh and don’t forget to exercise every day or at least engage with some physical activities daily to relieve stress. Stressing over daily life will give you more hair fall. That is why exercising should be your best option.

Now, it is a good idea to start pampering your hair before bed in order to continue your hair care routine in the morning. Otherwise, dealing with messy hair will take more time to get ready for a long day.

Evening Hair Care Routine

You can start with an evening haircare routine. Your evening haircare routine must be detailed yet done with lots of care within the shortest amount of time. You shouldn’t skip this routine because nights are the most crucial time for both your hair and skin to heal from the damage caused during the day time.

In real life, it is hard to push yourself after a long tiring day. Even so, you need to give your hair this much time to protect your hair from overnight dryness. Follow these steps before bed every other night and get your desired happy hair the next morning.

  • Part your hair into four or six sections whichever is manageable for you
  • Take coin sized portion/quarter size portion of Gold-series leave on Detangling Milk
  • Massage the product from root to tip of each section
  • Do not try to detangle the hair as it has been dried out during the whole day
  • Use your fingers to massage the hair as well and let the hair absorb the product
  • Use comb when the hair is softened to detangle
  • Apply small amount of Natural Club Nourishing Avocado Leave-in conditioner
  • Do a two or three strand twist, braid or bun and secure it with a rubber band
  • Lastly, you can apply any natural hair oils with a dropper over the partitions so that the roots get more moisturizer and proteins

After applying the products wrap your head with a bandana, a piece of satin cloth or jumbo bonnet. This habit prevents the hair damage that is caused by the friction hair faces while you are sleeping.

You do not have to follow this hair care routine every night. You can form a habit of this routine every other night or mostly after two nights. But never forget to twist your hair and secure it with a satin cloth before bed every night.

Morning Hair Care Routine

To prepare your hair for the battle of your next working day and minimize the damages, start your day with a simple but effective hair care routine. You can either follow the steps or add some more in your own routine according to your preferences. Just try not to skip any important details.

  • Unwrap the bandana or cloth from your hair
  • Shake your head and run your fingers through the hair to detangle
  • Make a middle partition to apply products easily
  • Take a spray water bottle and spray it a couple of times all over the head. Don’t rinse your hair every day with shampoo because the beneficial natural oils on your scalp will be washed in this manner.
  • Scrunch your hair and massage the scalp with wet hands
  • Take a small amount of leave-in conditioner, rub it with both hands and massage it on your dry scalp and all over the hair lightly.
  • For the front hairs, spray water again and apply a small amount of conditioner again.

Since this is a daily morning routine before going out in the dust and sun, try to choose the right conditioner moisturizer for you which doesn’t consist of any harmful chemicals. But this is still not enough to save your hair from further damages.

After a whole week of styling and manipulating, your 4A hair can get vulnerable. What you need now is deep conditioning before starting a new week. And this is the secret of managing your stubborn curls. More on this later in the article. So, keep reading.

What Happens When You Leave 4A Type Hair Untreated?

Untreated Damaged 4A Hair

Before moving onto the hair care routine, let’s know what consequences you may face in case you are ignorant of hair care. It is possible that some of you are here to know how to control the damage that you have caused already. If you can find your hair problem below, it is more likely that your hair needs special care and attention.

It is natural for curly hair to dry more often as the hair strands struggle to transfer natural oils from roots to tips. That’s why, whenever you sleep without properly moisturizing your hair, the scalp and hair tips get dry in the morning or even after a long day out.

Although dryness is the primary reason for the flakes or dandruff, other reasons such as: harsh products, insufficient amount of conditioning, improper diet and nutrition, stress or even hormonal imbalance can be the reason behind this hair problem.

Hair Loss:
Detangling your hair aggressively can cause hair loss for all hair types. However, it can become severe for 4A hair type if you are styling your hair with heat treatment or protective hairstyle more often. Problems, for example shrinking, tangling, and baldness will follow if you don’t treat hair loss with proper care.

A handful of reasons can lead to frizz in hair type 4A. Among them split ends, carelessly removing clips or combing wet hair, using wrong products, using terry towels and heat to dry your hair and not trimming your tresses for a long time can be blamed for your frizzy hair.

Best Solutions for Treating Damaged 4A Curls

After finding out the hair problems or being certain of what your hair wishes to tell you, half of your work is done. Now all you need to do is to work on your hair care regimen accordingly. So, let’s try to find out the solutions together.

Steps to Manage Dryness:

  • Use oils (coconut, avocado, jojoba etc) or Shea butter to massage your scalp.
  • Spray water on your hair and scalp few times during the day.
  • Minimize using heat to style your hair.
  • Try to style your hair with protective hairstyles that requires less hair manipulations.

Steps to Fight Flakes:

  • Wash your hair at least in every two weeks,
  • Focus on exfoliation using hair masks that contains natural organic products and nutrients,
  • Oil treatments helps as they increase blood circulation but wash with shampoo thoroughly after this
  • Use olive oils, Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar to wash your hair thoroughly

Steps to Control Hair Loss

  • Comb with your fingers first during your shower after applying conditioner
  • Have a balanced diet
  • Keep deep conditioning in your hair care routine
  • Try protein treatments
  • Use warm Jojoba oils to massage your scalp at least twice a week for 6 weeks straight

Steps to Fix Frizz

  • Cut the damaged ends in every six months (easy to trim Diva cut could be your best option)
  • Apply protein or moisture rich hair masks
  • Remove hair clips or rollers gently.
  • Use Curl Definer with strong hold and wash properly after wearing it all day long.
  • Use plopping method to dry wet hair

Plopping is a curl-friendly method of drying your hair. Instead of using blow dry or abrasive terry towels, you can use plopping to cut down frizz and increase definition.

Deep Conditioning Once in A Week/Bi-Weekly

For those who have the opportunity to wash and condition their hair on a weekly basis, should try this deep conditioning routine once in a week or once in every two weeks. By doing so, you can move the moisturizing game up a notch.

But make sure that you are applying natural products and oils that contain proteins and no harmful chemicals.

Products You May Need:

  • Camille rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner,
  • Mielle Rosemary Mint Strengthening Hair Masque, or
  • Mielle Rice Water Clay Masque

Steps to Apply:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner
  • Part your hair in small sections and twist them to separate from each other
  • Take a quarter size of the product you are using
  • Detangle the twist in one section, put on the mask and twist the section back again
  • Wrap your twists with a plastic bag
  • Leave the hair alone for 20 to 40 minutes depending on your hair condition, rinse out and see the result for yourself.

Once in A Month Deep Conditioning

Whether you are looking for hair care treatment for damaged hair or not, once in a month deep conditioning is a must for all 4A hair length. The aim for this particular deep conditioning stage, is to cover all the damages of heat treatments, hair styling or dying during the whole month.

Products You Will Need:

For deep conditioning, use Original Dry Solution Lavender & Tea Tree, Repairing Wheat and Argan Oil or Curl Defining Flaxseed and Acai Ice Cream treatment from Naturall Club. The best thing about these Ice Cream treatments is that they are Natural and Non-toxic as well as smells really nice.

After setting the product in the refrigerator, follow the steps below and you will get amazing hair in no time.

  • Follow the steps mentioned above for the weekly conditioning to prepare your hair for the deep conditioning
  • Take two quarter sizes of Dry Solution Lavender & Tea Tree or any of the other products mentioned above
  • Wait for 40-45 minutes

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPDT3UhKioQ&ab_channel=HannahMussette

Consider Hair Follicle Porosity Before Buying Products

Hair Follicle

In order to choose the best product for your hair, you need to learn about hair follicles porosity. Having the knowledge about porosity is necessary because it has a great impact on all the products you are going to use for your hair care.

If you have low porosity 4A hair, your hair is less likely to absorb the products. And the opposite goes for high porosity. In recent years, the labels of hair care products usually mention the hair porosity they are made for. All you need to do is to read the label carefully.

Again, the amount of the product you are using, also depends on porosity. For low porosity hair, you need to wet the hair and scalp before applying products and the amount of the product should be more than a quarter. Steamer can be used for this type of hair as well to open the pores and better absorption.

On the other hand, you should apply a small amount of hair care product on high porosity 4A hair and it will be enough to cover from the root to tip.

Products You Must Have in Type 4A Hair Care Regime

Flourishing natural curl patterns and enhancing the beauty of 4A hair type is achievable using the right product. Finding the product that contains these elements comes first than anything else about hair care.

These natural elements are essential for 4A hair type because they carry the proteins and nutrients needed to repair and maintain the beautiful 4A curls.


Usefulness of Coconut, Jojoba, Jamaican Black Castor, Avocado or Almond oils as your massage oil is unlimited and undeniable. These ingredients are crucial as they contain fatty acids that help to thicken your hair and prevent hair loss.

For massaging your scalp you can use Pattern Jojoba Oil Hair Serum.

To clean your scalp, use sulfate and paraben-free products so that the shampoo focuses on exfoliating and cleansing instead of stealing the moisture from your scalp. You should use:

  • CurlSmith Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash,
  • Luster’s Pink Conditioning Shampoo, or
  • Taliah Waajid moisturizing mint shampoo.

For the leave-in conditioner that you are going to apply for a whole day, choose the product with strong hold yet lightweight. Look for ingredients such as Shea butter or cocoa on the label and don’t trust the eye catchy names only. Because these ingredients ensure super hydration and nutrients and the natural essential oils make the hair more defining as well.

As a leave-in Conditioner you should use:

  • Tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner or
  • SheaMoisture Daily Hydrating Conditioner

The deep conditioning products should be selected more carefully. The products mentioned above for weekly or monthly deep conditioning are amazing. Keep following them and you will be good to go for the rest of the month.

Other than these products if you need to use styling cream or gel, go for the products that contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera. Or you can choose from below:

  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie,
  • MopTop Curly Hair Custard, or
  • Design Essentials curl Enhancing Mousse.

Tips to have Good Hair Days

There are no shortcuts if you are intending to have healthy natural curls. However, by following the simple rules below, you can protect your hair from further damage and have a good hair day.

  • Apply products such as: natural leave in conditioner or styling gel to lock the moist right after shower
  • Moisturizing should be your utmost priority
  • Use cold or lukewarm water
  • Focus on deep conditioning twice a month and rinse after half an hour
  • Avoid using Heat and Chemicals. Apply heat protectant on hair and use diffuser on hairdryer so that the heat distributes evenly
  • Use your fingers to detangle section if necessary

Well, it’s time for the Look Book now!

Ways to Style Your 4A hair

For both men and women, hair styling is one of the top most priority after starting a hair care regime. Because choosing a protective hairstyle can save your hair from more damage while choosing styles that require harsh treatment can damage your hair more. And to maintain the repaired hair and good texture of the healthy hair a trim is also necessary after a certain amount of time.

Why Should You Choose Protective Hairstyles

While looking for a hairstyle, keep in mind that only protective hairstyles can save your hair from additional damages because they need less manipulation and the hair ends are usually not exposed. Therefore, go for the haircuts that can be styled as protective hairstyles.

Let’s look at some protective hairstyles for both black men and women.

4A Hairstyles for Women

Women have thousands of options to style their hair. And for 4A coils the options are limitless. If you are looking for new hairstyles, check out the list below.

High Ponytail or Buns with Headband

High Ponytail

Styling your 4A curls only with your headband may seem a little boring, isn’t it? So, why not tie a loose messy bun over your head or make a high ponytail?

The ponytail or bun both are able to manage your long hair at the back and the headband can protect the scalp. Hence, no damage to the hair!

You can go with any of these styles after applying some styling gel or moisturizing gel. And don’t forget to wet your hair every now and then.

Up-Do Your Coils

Up-Do Coily Hair


Up-do is another stylish and trendy protective hairstyle for 4A hair type. And styling with vintage up-dos should be at the top of your list. Because this style will make you look both formal and elegant.

Since you need bobby pins to style your hair, remember to remove them carefully otherwise you will get frizzy hair. And since there is no need to use a blow dryer or heat treatment in this style, you may wear this style without any worries of hair damage.

Side Part with Fringes

Side part with fringes

Parting the beautiful coils sideways depicts a more natural look. And the fringes over your forehead gives you a moment to play with your hair for all day long.

This style looks good in all length of hair and can be your everyday go-to hairstyle. Usually, after applying moisturizer overnight, styling your hair with a side part is the best way to show off your well-defined curls.

4A Hair Type for Men

Black men who have 4A coils are considered lucky since they have the opportunity to style their hair in numerous styles. Traditional braids, trendy haircuts allow them to wear both sporty and formal looks. There are 3 most popular styles given below. Take a look and choose your style for the next occasion.

Layered Spirals

Layered Spirals

For men with shoulder length hair, layered spirals are often referred to as the go to style by many hair stylists. The loose curls in this hairstyle give out a playful and lively vibe.

Since the hair is cut in an ascending layered order, only styling gel or mousse is enough to complete your style.

4A Undercut

4A Undercut

If the medium length 4A curls all over your head seem heavy for you, you can choose an undercut hairstyle. In this style, the rest of the hair will be cut short behind your ears and back and only the hair over the crown will remain.

The styling is mostly done with your haircut. However, adding some styling gel may add more shine to your hair.

High Top

4A High Top


Now if you are looking for a short hairstyle for type 4A hair, a high top should be at the top of your list. This hairstyle gives a clean and sleek vibe and needs little to no maintenance. So, one of the best options for men.

In order to repair damaged hair, this hairstyle is extremely suitable.

Traditional 4A Hairstyle with Accessories

Are you looking for traditional ways to style your hair? Take a glance at the threading and braid hairstyles. You may fall in love with them!


Threading Hair

The threaded style is for those who desire to have a more traditional look. Threading is usually done with colored threads. And your 4A curls are the most suited ones to style in this manner.It takes a lot of time and effort to style your hair with threads. Therefore, ask for help from a friend if you have long 4A hair or you can always go to a hair stylist.


4A box Braid

For a more traditional look, try braids. For example, box braids or crochet braids look decent on 4A hair type. These are traditional African ways to style your hair while maintaining the protective guidelines. But it is better to remove the braids every two months and then style in a different way for a few days as these hairstyles may stress the hair if you keep it for a long time.

Celebrity 4A Hairstyles To Follow

Want to see how your favorite celebrities style their hair who have a 4A hair type? Although their hair is generally styled by famous hair stylists, you can also try to wear this style if you want. Let’s take a look.

Leela James:

Leela James Hairstyle


Famous singer and song-writer Leela James owns the 4A type hair just like you and look how glamorously her hair shines in every style she wears. She has tried Afro, Side part, and high ponytails with headband in different shows and award functions. And her album cover where she wore Braids with traditional accessories is also worth mentioning.

Solange Knowles:

Solange Knowles

Another singer and also an actress Solange Knowles also has the 4A type hair. Most of the time her hair was seen in a side part hairstyle and with braids according to the performances’ demand. No matter what the style is, she always looks gorgeous on stage.

Odell Beckham Jr:

Odell Backham Jr
Last but not the least, the hairstyle of Odell Beckham Jr is worth mentioning. The short undercut hairstyle gives his 4A hair the sporty and classy look at the same time. And the hair colors always add a little bit more variation to his different styles every time.


How Often Should I Moisturize 4A Hair?

Answer: Due to the dryness 4A hair type naturally shows, it is recommended to moisturize your hair every day. If not possible, apply moisturizer oil or leave-in conditioner every other night. Read the morning and evening haircare routine to know in detail.

How Can I Make My 4A Hair Grow Faster?

Answer: The least you can do to make your hair grow faster is to give your scalp a good massage every now and then. After choosing any stimulating scalp/hair oil, massage your scalp right before your wash day. And, of course keep the hair moist with water and use a conditioner after every wash to lock the moisture in your hair.

How Often Should I Cut My 4A Hair?

Answer: To avoid split ends, women should cut hair or at least the hair ends every 6 months whereas men should do that every 3 to 4 weeks.


Having beautiful curly hair strands is a dream of not only every Afro-American woman but also for every man. They are considered as the most fortunate ones as they have the natural kinky type of hair that makes them look stunning in their own way.

However, the same hair makes it harder for them to maintain because most of the time those stubborn spirals never listen to them.

Now that you have a hair care regimen uniquely designed for 4A Hair Type, it will not be as strenuous as before to boost the natural beauty of your curls.

Your hairstyle and hair care routine will protect your hair if you follow the instructions given above. And rather than being fragile, your curls are going to be shinier and dazzling.

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