6 Stitch Braids

8 Popular 6 Stitch Braids Hairstyles To Try in 2024

Among all the braided hairstyles we have tried up until now, stitch braids are one of our favorites because of their unique appearance and versatility. When these braids are done to perfection, you will notice that they look like they have been stitched. For this reason, these braids are called stitch braids.

There are tons of ways to do your stitch braids. You can pair them up with cornrows, or simply combine them with beautiful heart braids. However, the most popular way to wear these braids is the 6 stitch braids style.

Basically, your hair is divided into 6 sections for this style, leaving you with 3 stitch braids on each side. The key to achieving a perfect 6 stitch braided look is by doing your parts neatly and following the proper method while braiding. Once you get a hold of it, your braids will be ready to roll!

How to Do 6 Stitch Braids on Your Own?

The process is quite simple compared to many other forms of braiding. You need to have your hair gel and small-tooth comb right at hand. For ease of styling, you can pre-part the hair and make sure that the parts are all neat and precise.

Start by doing your braids from one side. Apply the proper amount of gel along the parting and make it super precise using your comb. Make sure to separate the edges and style them later.

Now, take the section of hair that you are going to braid first, and slide your comb from right to left as you keep on braiding the hair. You can also use your pinky for this process: just go right to left and left to right over and over again, and you will achieve that proper stitched look within seconds.

After braiding the natural hair for some time, start adding your braiding hair gradually. Make sure to apply the hair gel to keep everything smooth, and braid down the length normally after the head area is done braiding.

Repeat the same process on the rest of the sections. Once your braids are done, take your edge control gel and lay down the edges properly for a polished look.

And that’s it, your super-cool 6 stitch braids are ready to take over the world!

8 Beautiful Styles with 6 Stitch Braids to Try Right Now!

At this point, you shouldn’t wait any longer and just go on to book an appointment with your hairdresser for your 6 stitch braids. However, you need to have a proper idea of what kind of hairstyle is going to suit you. Do not worry if you already don’t have any particular style in mind, because we have created a list for your convenience. So let’s check out the styles together!

Long with Beads

Long With Beads

We are going to start the list with a super long hairstyle consisting of 6 stitch braids. And to add a bit of glamour, we suggest you pick up transparent beads before you seat for the session.

In this picture, the lady has an amazing hairstyle with 6 stitch braids where the length of her hair is totally flattering. Beautiful transparent beads have been added to the ends of the braids for a touch of glam, and the edges are also properly laid down for giving the hair a neat look.

Low Bun

Low Bun

Once your hairdresser finishes doing your 6 stitch braids, you can ask them to make a bun out of your extra length. This will provide you with a look that’s perfect for any formal occasion.

The girl in this picture has stunning 6 stitch braids, and the remaining length of her braids has been gathered together to make a simple yet chic hair bun. This low bun is super convenient for any event you are going to attend in the future, so make sure you get it done at least once!

Zigzag Style

Zigzag Style

If you are looking for a style upgrade, then you can opt for the zigzag style with your stitch braids this time. Trust us, your hair is going to look amazing once the braiding is done.

Here is an example of the glamorous zigzag-styled 6 stitch braids that are amazing from top to bottom. We love how neatly the partings have been done so you can witness the talent of the hairdresser. Apart from that, the white braiding hair down the length looks super stylish!

With Heart Braid

With Heart Braid

One of the most common ways to wear your 6 stitch braids is by combining them with a heart braid on one side. This style is quite popular among young ladies, so you should give this a try right now!

As you can see in this picture, the girl has properly done stitch braids all over her head. The center of the attention is obviously that cute heart braid on the side because it has been done to perfection. From the length to the neatness, everything about this braided style is mind-blowing!

Wavy Parting

Wavy Parting

You can get all creative with your partings when it comes to braiding your hair. Stitch braids are also no different, so to create a unique appearance, this time you can give the wavy partings a definite shot!

This style will consist of a middle part accompanied by wavy partings on the sides. The picture here will give you a clearer concept of what we are talking about. Once the braids are done, they will look super cool. You can show this picture to your hairdresser and recreate the same look on your hair as well.

Red Hair

Red Hair

Have you ever tried the color red on your hair? If you haven’t, then now it’s time to give it a try. Just bleach your hair and apply vibrant red hair color. And after that, pick the perfect red braiding hair and visit the salon to get your 6 stitch braids done.

This dazzling hairstyle that you can see in the picture consists of 6 stitch braids done to perfection. The brilliant shade of red is surely something we love, and that super cute bun along with the styled edges is giving us cool-girl vibes. Trying out this hairstyle should just be a matter of time now!

Blonde Bun

Blonde Bun

After the classic black braiding hair, blonde is the most common shade of hair that is used for making braids. So if you are going to book an appointment for your braids soon, we suggest you try out the blonde 6 stitch braids this time.

The lady in this picture has elegant 6 stitch braids that have been done using her natural black hair and blonde braiding hair. The low bun is totally blonde and we love how pretty it looks. Moreover, the perfectly styled edges have completed the entire look for sure.

With Curls

With Curls

Although we always appreciate a sleek and neat look when it comes to our braided low buns, you can also go for a classy look by combining your 6 stitch braided bun with curls. The outcome will make you fall in love with this style for sure.

For instance, the low bun done with the 6 stitch braids in this picture consists of curls that look snazzy. The blonde hair has given an elegant vibe to the bun, and the pieces of curly hair look totally attractive. We also appreciate how the baby hairs have been given a curly style to match the curly look of the bun, and we feel like trying out this hairstyle right now!


The basics of doing 6 stitch braids are already known to you, and we have mentioned the most fashionable hairstyles out there. So you can jump on the bandwagon and try out 6 stitch braids right now. However, there are still some questions needed to be answered before you go for these braids so that you can make the best out of your time and style. Let’s take a look at them now.

How long will my 6 stitch braids last?

In general, stitch braids last around 4 to 7 weeks, which is almost similar to the longevity of box braids.

What’s the main difference between 6 stitch braids and cornrows?

Apart from the way these braids look, stitch braids require a special technique including your pinky to get that stitched look you are opting for. This is what mainly separates your 6 stitch braids from your cornrows.

Final Words

Many of us have tried out stitch braids from time to time, and we have paired our stitch braids with cornrows and other types of braided hairstyles multiple times. But right now, all we ask for you is to give the classic 6 stitch braids a try. You are going to fall in love with this look for sure, so no arguments on that side!

That being said, you can take inspiration from the styles we have mentioned above to make your 6 stitch braids stand out from the crowd. Be creative while choosing your braiding hair, and go for funky partings with your 6 stitch braids to give your hair the coolest style out there!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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