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30 Popular 1970s Hairstyles for Women

The 1970s has been an era of revolution that saw new cultural and political practices that embody freedom. In search of expressions for freedoms, this decade has seen some of the most unique and popular hairstyles that are alive and kicking even today.

This emancipatory nature in style encompassed both men-women alike. If we focus on women and their hairstyles, we realize how emphatic the trends of this time have been, and the mark it has left that still influences modern hairstyles.

With that note, let us take a look at some of the most popular and iconic hairstyles that you can try out today and take the center stage in trendy fashion!

1970s Trendy Women’s Hairstyles

70s female hairstyles are still relevant if you can do it right. Taking a leaf out of the retro styles that went crazy back in the days you’ll certainly be able to pick out your new hairstyle. So let’s explore some of the most popular 70s hairstyles right now!

Shag from the 70s

Shag is one of the simplest haircuts to do with the easiest maintenance. Be it subtle or edgy, you are sure to turn a few heads with this layered hairstyle. It suits almost any type of hair and can take your looks to the next level.

Classic Shag

70s Classic Shag Hairstyle

Want a casual “shaggy” look to wear on all occasions? Then you should try on the Classic Shag hairstyle.

This popular 70s hairstyle is achieved by creating layers of hair from top to down. Hair at the top is often shortest, while gradually the bottom is kept the longest.

Choppy hair with feathered bangs will give you a naturally edgy look. You can keep the length of your hair catered to your desire as it fits both short and medium length.

Short Shag

70s Short shag

If you prefer a short 70s hairstyle, this one is worth pondering over. It’s a modern and shorter variation of the Classic Shag.

This hairstyle induces a messy look that complements any shape of the face. It draws a slight curl towards the eyes and the fringes are kept as bangs, brushed at one side of the head.

Long Shag

70s Long Shag

Long Shag hairstyle is one of the iconic hairstyles from the 70s long hair trends. This is one of those hairstyles that can go with any shape of face or color of hair.

Generated from the 70s rock ‘n roll aesthetics, this layered hairstyle is something you should consider if you have a higher hair volume.

Textured and volumetric long hair with loose waves and a heavy bang – this is the basic idea of this hairstyle. Bangs can be curtained or laid down, or if you want a bluntness then you can even remove the bangs and keep your forehead clear.

1970s Feathered Hairstyle

Feathered hair is the trademark 70s hairstyle feature. Popularized by both Television and Film celebrities, this style catches anyone’s eyes at the very first glance. Drawing ideas from a few 70s feathered hairstyles you can create one tailored to your preference.

Classic Feathered Hairstyle

Classic Feathered hairstyle-from-70s

This hairstyle is often used synonymously with the famous Farrah Fawcett flip or the 70s flip. This retro hairstyle has been flooding the hair trends on Instagram lately.

If you want yourself flaunting around with a classic 1970s hairstyle, this is the most classic as you can get.

You’ll get feathered bangs with large chunks of hairs on each side. Adding curly tips and brushing the hair outwards, this style emits an aura that resembles bird feathers.

It has originally been suited for blonde hair, but you can do with any other lighter color as well. You may bleach your hair too if you feel like going the distance!

Extreme Feather

Extreme Feather

Take your “Fawcette Flip” to the next level by adding a significant amount of curl to your hair tips. Sticking true to the vintage feather hairstyle, this one offers more diversity and customization opportunities.

Grab this iconic 70s hairstyle for your shorts, and having a higher hair volume would definitely add to this look.

Bangs of 70s

Bangs come with a wide variety of options to choose from. You can wear your fringe straight down or you may curl it up a little.

You can also keep some volume in your bangs or split it up like you do with a curtain. This feature in hairstyling has been a prominent aspect in 70s hair styling.

Down below are some of the most desirable bangs that 1970s women’s hairstyles adopted.

Curly Bangs

Curly Bang

Do you have curly hair but are afraid of trying out any of the 70s female hairstyles? Then it’s time for you to boost your confidence.

Give your hair a chance to look great by mimicking this trendy hairstyle that does naturally curly hair justice!

You can keep your hair length between short to medium for this to work out properly. Once there, let your sides casually loose while the fringes cover your forehead, and go bang-bang with your curly bangs!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs


Wear your bangs like the curtain and be a part of the trend with this 70s hairstyle for the female. From celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen to Dakota Johnson, tonnes and tonnes have carried around this trendy look from time to time. Split your fringe like a curtain and draw people’s attention no matter where you go.

This hairstyle works with a longer face and shades of blonde hair, although Gigi Hadid showed color-categorizing this style is absolutely redundant with her black hair.

So go ahead and pick up this popular hairstyle from the 1970s and add a vintage touch to your beautiful look!

Brow-skimming Bangs

Brow skimming Bangs

Remember the New Girl Zooey Deschanel and her adorable bangs? Guess what, this style has been one of the most popular hairstyles in the 70s.

Grow your bangs so that it kisses your brows and let them cover your forehead. Feather your hair on the sides and add brown highlights if you desire – you’ll end up with this gorgeously striking hairstyle!

70s Hairstyles with Accessories

Adding props to your hair compliments your look strongly and can take your style to a new level. Accessories like headbands, flowers, or ornaments can easily make your look unique and highly presentable!



The headband is a trademark prop for 1970s women’s hairstyles. You can tie your hair up with headbands over your forehead and let your hair flow over it.

Choice of headbands can be based on your taste and it can range from plain whites to the colors of the rainbow. Get a headband for any of your 70s hairstyles and let it add a new dimension to your existing look.


70s Hairstyle with Scarf

Like a headband, a scarf too can enhance your looks and make you fall instantly in love with yourself in front of the mirror. Tying it over your temple to your nape, a scarf has the power to give a significant boost to your existing look.

The designs may range from floral to a mixture of different colors. It keeps your hair safe too from heat or dust and gives you an authentic 70s look.

Gold Chains

Gold Chains on Hair

The hairstyles from the 70s gained popularity because of the diversity of styles resulting from experimentations. Adding gold chains to your hairs is something like this – an experiment went right.

No matter which 70s style you pick, covering it with gold chains just gives it an edge that no other accessory can do.

This works better with longer hair, but with short hair, you shouldn’t hold back as well. You’re your hair on top, down the middle, put on your gold chains and you’re good to go. You definitely should try this elegant look while going to the next party!


Style Hair with flowers

Adding flowers to your hair is a direct replication of the 70s hair trend. Be it clipped behind your ear or tucked within your braids, it has the potential to authenticate your 70s style. You can even try on multiple small flowers over your crown to give yourself a refreshing floral look.

Iconic Black Women Hairstyles from the 70s

1970s women’s hairstyles had seen a revolution in terms of unique trends and political statements.

That’s not all, these unique hairstyles had been the embodiments of certain movements that enabled authentic cultural practices in the black communities.

Black and African-American women in the 70s adopted these hairstyles drawing from their roots. They adopted the natural curls of their hair instead of trying to fit the dominant norm as an expression of freedom and revolution.

Some of these styles have transcended time and are still popular among black women hairstyles.


Afro Hairstyle


If you have a Type 3 or 4 hair texture and want to pay homage to a popular black women hairstyle from the 1970s, you can easily go for an Afro look.

All you have to do is let your curly or kinky hair naturally grow out. The length can range from short to long, which would give you wide options to choose from.

Afro is currently a popular choice for a fashionable hairstyle and an exhibition of oneness with African diaspora communities. This political, as well as fashion statement, can become the next hairstyle in your arsenal!

Also, curly Type 3c hair can often be difficult to maintain. Follow our article on Type 3c for a better understanding of your hair and adopt a care guide.

Fluffed-out ’fros

Fluffed out fros


Fluffing your hair out has been the thing in 1970s women’s hairstyles. Mixing it with the Afro-textured hair, we have seen some incredible results.

Black women in the 70s fluffed out their Afro hair and wore some of the most iconic styles of hair that you can try right now.

To get this look with your existing Afro hair, you have to wash your hair with shampoo first and then condition it thoroughly.

After drying up, apply a heat protector to your hair and it’s time to fluff your hair up with a blower. Once done, apply a setter to make your look last and turn some heads out there.


Disco hairstyle


Disco hair has been one of the most prominent hairstyles back in the 70s, mostly popular among black women. You can try it out today if you have curly or wavy hair and looking for a 70s hairstyle with a headband to be a part of today’s fashion world.

You have to condition your hair first the way you would have to do with Afros. Then, you’ll brush them out properly and tie a headband on your forehead to tie up all your hair. This is the classic disco look that can give you a party look!


60s Cornrow hairstyle


Cornrow derives its name from the patterns in cornfield rows with the gapped spaces between. Similarly, to get this style, you have to braid your hair closely with your scalp, create rows and brush the hair upwards.

This popular 70s black hairstyle can be worn in many different ways. You may draw braid rows on your temple to tie them up or guide your braids in separate ways.

Or you can clip your braids back around instead of letting them loose and give them an artistic look. You can accessorize them with beads as Bo Derek did in her late 70s trendy look.

Other Popular 1970s Hairstyles for Women

The 1970s has generated tons of different and unique hairstyles that might take days or even months to scrummage through. And even then, you can be left clueless and undecided on which one to pick for yourself.

We have made it easier for you by picking out the most fashionable ones you can apply to without any hesitation.


Sleek Hair 1970s


Goes well with long and straight hair. An easy-to-do and maintain party hair you can try. Quite volumetric on top, sliding down the sides and the back. You can also keep it tight, shiny and add curls at the tip for added effect.


Wedge Hair 70s

You can try one of the most popular 70s hairstyles, the Wedge hair. To get this, you have to layer your hair over and around your head and cut the edges sharply at an angle. This hair can be your next stylistic refuge from regular and common hairstyles.


70s Curls HairSource

Curls are another prominent hairstyle for 70s females that you can try today. Elegant in nature, this hairstyle carries heavy volumes on top and sides while the fringe is curled with a roller. It gives off the aura of an ocean wave.

You can experiment with this style by tying up one side and letting the other side loose, or even go blonde to make this look pop out even more.


70s Bob Haircut

1970s women hairstyles have seen an explosion of Bob haircuts. Medium hair with volumes on sides and back, this hair suits better if you have dense hair.

You can keep your fringe or choppy for a more casual look, pull your bangs back to lock it down for a more formal approach. This will give you hair that is reliable, easy to do and a stunning look – so call your barber right now!




A trademark 70s hairstyle is the Mullet that works both for women and men. It can be fused with bleach or highlights and offer you a shaggy look. The volume on top can be tailored according to your desire. Get this style right now to diversify your looks!


70s Perm Hairstyle

Perm has been an iconic punk hairstyle for women back in the 70s. Its intention was to oppose the popular hairstyle trends and make a mark of its own. But in turn, it has become a trend itself that has left inspiration for millions.

Perm is mostly for curly hair with less volume on top with denser hair on the sides till the tip. The tips are often brushed and curled upwards that makes this an exquisite 70s hairstyle that you can choose from.

70s Women’s Hairstyles in Modern Day

The 21st century has seen the revival of many fashion trends from the past. Hairstyles like the Chelsea or punk skinheads have been appropriated and re-appropriated over time.

Just like this, women’s hairstyles from the 1970s have resurfaced in the trend train. Let’s find out how they have been modernized and adored by everyone, including celebrities!

Modern Curtain Bangs

Modern Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs have always been a thing of the past. But in recent days it has been adored by numerous celebrities and e-girls. Adding a touch of color on the fringe has turned this 70s style into a modern-day trend on social media platforms.

Modern Farrah Fawcett Feather

Modern Feather Hair


Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hair has transcended through time to this day. Long hair with flicked sides remains the same as the classic one but is fused with other styles.

You can add highlights to the flicks or tie a couple of tiny braids around the temples reaching the crown. Or you can go timeless with platinum-silver color with shorter hair on the sides and redefine this vintage 70s hairstyle in your own way!

Shag with a Bang

Shag with bang


Taylor Swift’s iconic shag with a messy bang has inspired thousands to copy her hairstyle. This pays homage to the classic shag with a modern touch. A style that is easy to do and maintain can be the next popular 70s haircut on your bucket list.

Highlighted Beehive

Highlighted Beehive


Getting a modern Beehive hairstyle can be one of the most fantastic ways of going to a party. Keeping it minimal can add an edge to your look with a neatly tied bun and a sharp hairline. If you have a longer face and want to try out a hairstyle from the 1970s, then this is what you have been looking for.

Long Curtain Bangs

Long Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs have been a thing from the past. But now with your long hair, the 70s hairstyle is something you certainly have to go for. Bleach your hair and pull it off the way Billy Eilish is doing right now!

Modern Wedge

Modern Wedge


Take the 70s wedge haircut to the next level by adding color or highlight. If you want lightweight hair for easy maintenance, then a wedge is something you should consider. This modern fusion of the 1970s haircut will add an extra edge and sharpness to your look and boost your confidence!

Shag for Type 3 Hair

Shag for type 3 hair


A lot of women with Type 3 curly hair are afraid of trying out a 70s vintage Shag hairstyle. Fear no more, and take a look at how Zendaya carried a Shag with a bang. You can copy her style or create your own unique ones with your natural curls!

Spikey Pixie

Spikey Pixie Cut


Modernize your Pixie hairstyle from the 1970s the way Katy Perry did! With smaller sides and some volume on top, Katy spiked up her top hair and fringe instead of keeping bangs. She even went on to bleach her hair to give it a modern look.

You can even try two separate colors if you want. This popular 70s hairstyle can become your low-maintenance high-performance hairstyle today!


Is the 70s hairstyle still relevant today? Definitely. From pop culture to the TV Shows or Films of the past decade, different variations of 70s women’s hairstyles have emerged and re-emerged countless times. It has redefined the fashion industry and taken a prominent place within.

If you are to try out one of the many available 1970s hairstyles, you can go ahead and pick one from the list above, and you’ll find yourself revered as the tastefully stylish one among your friends or colleagues.

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