List of 33 Most Popular 80’s Hairstyles for Women [Updated]

The 80s are the phenomenal years for the fashion world. A well-said quote “Old is Gold” is being proved right these days. Vintage hairstyles are in vogue these days. Big hair was in Buzz those days. Apart from the Big hair, Mullets, Crimps, Curls, Punks are some of the styles which are on hype in those days.

We will dig out some of those hairstyles today in this article. Though the hairstyles are cringeworthy, but are innovative. Celebrities slew the public with their amazing and fabulous hairstyles. We have covered some of these hairstyles from the category of long hair, short hair, updo, downdo etc.

List of Some Best 80’s Hairstyles

80’s Rocker Hair

This style depicts the most elegant and eye-catching hairstyles in the 80’s. Well, I can say this style is never outdated as till now rocker hairstyle is on the top list. Incorporating old fashion with modern is our new trend. The feathered fringes over the forehead look damn sexy to look at.

The Whale Spout Pony

Yes, you guessed right… the look suggests the name. This is the cutest among all hairstyle. Babies look damn cute in this hairstyle. You can achieve this hairstyle within no time. Hold some strands of hair at the crown part and tie it up with a band. Leave the pony to fall freely just like a whale spout. it’s your choice whether to leave the front hair as fringes or secure the hairs at back with bobby pins.

Punky Rock style

You need enough guts to were this hairstyle. Well, I think this hairstyle is a perfect combination of short and long hair. Short pixie and long back hair look stunning in any party or a special occasion. Ask your hairstylist to groom you with this amazing hairstyle.

Big Volume

Volume plus hair is bliss. You are lucky if you got it yeah and if not you can get it too. Big curls with volume is a perfect prom hairstyle. A perfect style to rock the dance floor. Curls and volume is the perfect go-to hairstyles in 80’s.

Blonde Beauty

Behold the bleach blonde hairstyle, it looks so hot. Big hair is always the best choice in the 80’s.  The look gives it’s best when the roots are sleek and the ends are teased in a perfect way to give volume. Recreating this hairstyle is very simple as you can figure it out from the picture.

Floral Fusion

Well, hairstyle without hair accessories is incomplete for some of them. So, you fall into this category. This is a simple side swept hairstyle. However, the white flower enhances the beauty of this phenomenal 80’s hairstyles. Were a contrast lip color to the flower to look even more attractive.

The Mullet

This is a unisex hairstyle which is very famous in the 80’s. Then is commonly were by boys. In this hairstyle, the hair is shortened at the front and the crown but long hairs are left at back for a twist. This is a perfect funky hairstyle and a girl needs enough courage to have this style.

Cute Hair Bow Updo

So Cute!!! YES, a hair bow is itself the cutest hair accessory to were, especially kids prefer it. However, a hair bow with hair and then an updo is really what needs a clap.

Powerful Pixie

A pixie cut is itself an inspiration for a tomboy or a carefree girl. Pairing it with a bold lip color makes you even more gorgeous than ever. Wearing this hairstyle is such a bold attempt. However, girls today are bringing back these styles to the trend.

Long Messy Locks

Though the hairstyle is named as messy, the style gets never outdated. It has been playing a major role in the kingdom of hairstyle starting from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to till now. The style looks so funky that we cannot deny to put on on the style.

Huge Thin Curls

Curls are synonymous with cuteness. Needless to mention how blessed a person is with a curly hair. Well, there is no issue if you don’t have curly hair. Take a curler and make thin curls out of your hair. Give enough volume to your hair to make it huge and recreate this stunning 80’s hairstyles.

Wavey Updo with a Hairbow

The hair bow is a trendsetter in the 80’s. The black hair bow with contrast blonde hair hue look damn gorgeous. Arrange a bow and recreate this hairstyle in minutes. Don’t forget to give a side-parted wavey bang to enhance the look even more. Ahan!!! it’s gorgeous.

Side swept Bob

The bob hairstyle is always appreciated for as its easy to do nature. This bob style is swooped one side to backward. The burgundy highlights look stunning over this hairstyle. The lady with blue eyes and a decent lip color looks amazing in the style.

One side Fountain Pony

A ponytail is common, however, a pony in a fountain style flowing down to one side is cringeworthy. Umm, it is very popular in the 80’s. Tie a pony at the top and manage the hair to swoop one side. Keep the style as it is by spraying some hairspray to make it picture perfect.

Short n Sexy Waves

80's hairstyles

Ahan!!! it looks so stunning. The smile and the front wavey bangs sweeping the forehead makes a perfect combo. Wanna to recreate this vintage short hair look?? A big thumbs up!!! this style will definitely rock in today’s trend too. Go for it.

Side Parted Messy locks

Nothing extra you need to do here. Just give some volume at the roots and side part your hair. Mess your hair with a comb and set it with a hairspray. You are done with this amazing style in no time.

Huge Bump

Looks terrible, though it is glamorous. The big bump needs some thick hair and much volume. Likewise, give a big bump at the back and middle part your hair at the front. Leave the rest hair to flow down. Ehh… you are ready to rock.

Long Curls

80's hairstyles

This hairstyle is Love. Side part your hair and leave it as it is, with curls, it looks so gorgeous. I am totally in love with this hairstyle. However, you need thick hairs to look picture perfect for this hairstyle. There is no harm in giving a try to this.

Huge Locks with Headband

Too hot to handle. Yes, she looks damn sexy in this hairstyle. Why I love 80’s hairstyles is because of these headbands. Ladies look so wild with these bands. This messy huge hairstyle with a feathered knot headband is amazing to look at. The headband is the showstopper for this hairstyle. So, go and find out one like this to recreate this exact hairstyle.

Messy Curls

Getting a bouncy hair with volume is a blessing. This is an effortless and stylish hairstyle which you can get in seconds. Short curls gazing the forehead look absolutely perfect on this white lady.

Casual Messy Knots

She is looking so cute in this hairstyle. You need nothing to do except tieing up a cloth or handkerchief to one side as in the picture. Remove some of the hair at the front and set the rest hair at the back with fingers. You are done with such a stunning casual hairstyle. Loved it!!

Elegant Updo

Aww…this updo looks stupendous. It looks so sleek that I felt like gliding my fingers inside the bangs. You need someone to help you out to recreate this hairstyle. after doing this never forget to give a hairspray to keep it as it is. A perfect prom hairstyle.

Curled Mohawk

Blonde Mohawk with smoky eyes is the perfect duo. An unnatural though gorgeous hairstyle it is. Curls make the hairstyle looks more volume. Yes, you need a hairstylist for this who can give you a perfect recreation of this hairstyle.

Blonde white locks with Front Bangs

The sleeker front bangs with messy blonde big hair is another famous hairstyle of the 80’s. This is an effortless hairstyle to carry and can be recreated in no time. This hairstyle looks lively over the woman of varied ages.

Madonna Love

The Love for music made each hairstyle of Madonna a benchmark. This hair bow hairstyle of Maddona looks very sexy with messy bangs teasing the face. Aww… the bleached locks with blood red lip color is enough to capture the hearts of fans. Giving a try to this hairstyle is never a bad idea.

Love for Hair Band

A simple yet elegant hairstyle is enough fascinating to were. Short hair, curls, and pink hairband are enough to give you such a princess look. Give an ideal recreation of this hairstyle and rock wherever you go.

Sleek- Crimped Combo

Whoa!!! A unique hairstyle to were. Crimped hairs are very popular in the 80’s. Sleeker at the roots to some extent and then crimped hair till the end. Though it would be uncommon to be it in these days, you can have it for a change.

Beachy Waves

It is really hard to ignore the hairstyle that you can be on beaches. Yes, the sexiest among all the hairstyle. The huge wavey locks with a bikini is a perfect combo for a sunny weather.

Blowen Away Curls

This iconic hairstyle of 80’s has full of volume. Curls are left to blow away in a direction and then they are kept in that way by hairspray.  It looks stunning in with an off-shoulder dress and a pair of high pencil heel.

Crimped Hair with Front Bangs

Bleached!!! yes in 80’s bleached and crimped hair was in vogue. The front bangs covering the forehead looks absolutely stunning without any much effort. Though in this picture the hair is upto shoulder length, you can have it long too.

Deep Crimped Side-Parted Hair

Wanna to look simple yet stylish?? Give a try to this crimped yet glossy hairstyle. Side part your hair and keep an uneven hair at the end. It looks so soothing and elegant. Go with a neck were to look even more classy. Wait… maintain a smile to look even more beautiful.

Sleek Bob

Though sleek hair is popular in 70’s, it made its way to 80’s too. The sleek look with this charcoal black hair hue looks stunning. This bob hairstyle with front bangs are somehow popular and especially celebrities use to have this hairstyle.

Slicked Back Wet Look Hair

Wanna grab the attention of the party?? Well, I would suggest you this hairstyle for sure. This is as simple as it is in the portrait. Comb all the hair to the back and set it with hair gel for a wet look. To sweep the baby hairs to the back spray with hairspray at the end.

Feathered Short Cut

Well, the lovely smile is adding beauty to the hairstyle. Have short hairs at the front part and crown. Leave a little longer lock at the back touching the nape. Kwel hairstyle I must say.

Messy Side Swept

I really love the way 80’s woman go for gym. The headband made the hairstyle look more sportive and playful. The messy locks swept to one side looks stunning and sexy. Behold the hairstyle properly and try out the next time you go to the gym.

Well, here comes the end to all the hairstyles which I need to cover. Now it’s your turn to give a try to some of these hairstyles and comment below the feedback. If you know some other hairstyles those are popular in 80’s then share it with us. Stay Beautiful… Cheers !!!

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