90s Ponytail Hairstyles

Embrace 90s Ponytail Hairstyles In 22 Ways

Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong era fashion-wise? Because, girl, the 90s hairstyles always left me awestruck! That era seems to me like the golden era of every modern hairstyle.

A blast from the past can not always be good. However, to stand as a statement of its own, each one of the hairstyles from the 90s was a banger!

But do you know which hairstyle was one of the most worn during that era? A ponytail!

Yes! You saw that right! A ponytail can give you a pure professional look, a first date look to a red carpet look. It can be anything you want, and it all started back in the 90s.

I can vouch with certainty that this vintage concept is the solution to all your hairstyle problems.

Hence, I have accumulated some stunning ways to master the 90s ponytail hairstyles. Check them out and astound everyone to follow in your footsteps.

22 Ways To Be The Queen Of the 90s Ponytail

The fantastic combination of the 90s era and ponytail has the ability to create a glamorous aura in no time.

Grab your coffee and get ready, because I assure you after scrolling through my suggestions the yearning for a perfect hairdo will finally end.

High Sleek Ponytail

High Sleek Ponytail

I will start the list with the simplest and the best one which is the 90s-inspired sleek ponytail. This ponytail is super easy and I usually do it on my clients when there’s an official event to attend.

This is the ultimate Ariana Grande look with a vintage twist. The sensational star usually wears her hair super straight and super sleek.

However, I add the curls at the end to get that retro touch with the sleekness.

And I make sure to add volumes with extensions if someone wants to look a bit extra.

The curls just make my client feel the glam-sophistication and feel the phenomenal look to their core.

So look on fleek with your sleek hairstyle today!

Puffy Ponytail

Puffy Ponytail

The puffy ponytail is a gorgeous look oozing elegance. It gives the perfect balance between messy and neat and tidy.

I sport this ponytail for my clients who have long hair with curtain bangs. This helps with face shaping creating a more captivating look.

Moreover, I make a low ponytail so it gives a bit of a casual vibe to it. I add a bit of volume on the crown and on top of the ponytail to finish off this hairstyle.

This hairstyle gives a dazzling bridal look. So you can wear it on your big day as well.

Dolled Up

Dolled Up

This is the epitome of a “new-girl-in-town” look. I mean the side part and the ponytail just create a mesmerizingly sweet girl aura.

It seems like one of the simplest looks to create on this list. I haven’t done this on any of my clients yet. But I sure as hell will try this out now.

All you have to do is create a side part and pin it up. Then take all your hair to the back and make a high ponytail.

Except for the neatly put pinned-up side part, all your hair should be back brushed. And voila, you are done.

Retro Goddess

Retro Goddess

I haven’t done this retro goddess look on any of my clients. But I have sported this one way too many times for myself.

And trust me, every time I felt like the main character in everyone’s story. This hairstyle is honestly so striking. It easily creates a radiant look for you.

For this hairstyle, your hair has to be tied up, up, and up with a LOT of volume. And the ends are curled up.

To make the hairstyle look more gorgeous I create a simple zigzag instead of a straight middle-part ponytail. Get yours done today as well and feel like the main character that you obviously are.

Kinky Straight Pony

Kinky Straight Pony

I have tried kinky straight ponytails out on me and my clients. And I can assure you that it always looks extra good.

Kinky straight ponytails are my favorite thing to do because of their simplicity. All you have to do is make your hair super-super straight and make a sleek high ponytail.

Remember to put on a lot of setting spray to keep your hair straight all night if you don’t already have it straight. That’s all there is to it.

It sounds simple but it creates a drop-dead-gorgeous look. I can assure you that all the eyes are going to be on you.

Flipped Ponytail

Flipped Ponytail

Flipped ponytails look a lot like Barbie’s pony. This is a smashing hairdo that can be done in an instant if you’re familiar with sleek hairstyles.

I usually do this one for me when I am in a hurry or I have to look professional and fab at the same time.

It’s really easy. All you’ll have to do is back brush all your hair and make a nice high ponytail. Use gel to set your hair up and curl up the ends. You won’t need to add extra volume or anything.

This is it! And you’re ready to bedazzle everyone with your simplicity.

Ponytail With Chinese Bangs

Ponytail With Chinese Bangs

A ponytail with Chinese bangs is the ultimate look to create a youthful refreshing aura.

I do this for clients who want a whole new look with their new hairstyle. Chinese bangs are a great way to change up your style.

All my clients loved this when I got them this hairstyle. It made them feel young and playful. Remember to curl the end of your ponytail inward to make it more adorable.

But not everyone is comfortable with this kind of cheery look. You can always do dark feminine makeup with this hairdo to create a bold grunge look.

Be playful and cheery with your hairstyle.

Swooped Up And Left No Crumbs

Swooped Up And Left No Crumbs

I have done this hairstyle so many times now that I have lost count. And all my clients left with a hundred percent satisfaction.

For this hairdo, you have to make a straight side part. The side bangs will be kept on your forehead like almost a straight line as well.

To add a bit of spice to all these straight lines I curl up the baby hair on the sides. All the hair will be tightly stuck and create a sleek look.

Then just make a ponytail. Trust me you will feel like an absolute superstar with this hairdo. Slay hard with your swooped-up ponytail today!

Barbie Pony

Barbie Pony

This is another version of Barbie’s ponytail. I haven’t got to try this out on anyone. However, with the new Barbie movie coming up on July 20, I have decided to try this one out.

For this hairstyle, I reckon, you will have to do a side-swept ponytail. And then curl up the ends.

The side swoop will cover almost half of your forehead like a crescent moon. Moreover, the bangs will not be free and will stick to the forehead.

So using a lot of setting spray and gel might help. You can use a leave-in conditioner of your choice to make your bangs look shiny and neatly stuck.

Remember to accessorize yourself and be your own version of Barbie!

Queen Of Allure’s

Queen Of Allure's

This hairstyle is all about middle-parted bangs and a bit of a messy ponytail. It gives the casual sensational vibe that you want in your everyday look.

It’s not a sleek hairdo so it will take even less time. I usually do this for my clients who want a simple first-date look.

It’s great for a fun hang-out with friends as well. The free-flowing long bangs will make you look bubbly and sparkly and open for conversations.

As it’s an easy hairdo so you can sport this one yourself to perfection at home as well. Get this hairstyle if you don’t want to be perceived as intimidating.

Waves Of Enchantment

Waves Of Enchantment

I love wavy hair with all my heart. In my opinion, wavy hair looks stunning on its own. Especially body waves.

This hairstyle has all my favorite things. Both a pony and body waves. For this hairdo, I straighten the hair that is on the top and create waves only on a low ponytail.

To keep the look casual I leave out some bangs free flowing. The whole look is so simple yet stunning that you can not stop loving it.

I usually do this hairstyle on bridesmaids. But anyone who wants a simple pony with a jazzy twist can try this one out.

Get ready to enchant everyone with your ponytail.

Futuristic Beauty

Futuristic Beauty

A futuristic hairstyle with a vintage twist is always welcomed by everyone even remotely interested in trendy hairstyles.

This hairstyle is the pinnacle of classy hairstyles. I have sported this hairstyle for the ones who will attend some big event and want to leave a long-lasting impression.

This is another version of side bangs. But in this hairstyle, none of the bangs will be on the forehead.

The parting is almost close to being a middle one. And the not-bangs part will be back-brushed.

It looks great if your hair has layers. So you can put some of the layers of your pony in front to look stylish.

That’s it. You are now set for being a supermodel.

Claw Pony

Claw Pony

The 90s era was all about having accessories and having an extra bit of pizzazz.

There’s nothing better than claw clips to fit the standard. They are a big thing now. And it’s like the Gen Zs are rediscovering claw clips.

I never had to do this for my clients as it’s way too easy to sport one. All you have to do is twist your hair with claw clips and turn it into a ponytail.

You can leave your bangs out to look casual or back brush to look more professional. Be part of the trend and go for an easy glam look.

Retro Queen

Retro Queen

If you want to make a statement and leave everyone thinking about your hairstyle then this hairstyle is the one for you.

This hairstyle is devastatingly beautiful. For this hairstyle, I do a short Chinese bang on my clients.

This alone changes the whole aura and makes anyone look fresh and chic. Then I curl the ends of the extra-long ponytail.

And these small changes make every difference, and the snazzy sassy vibe will turn heads at your side.

So don’t be afraid and be a retro queen!

Ponytail For Villain Era

Ponytail For Villain Era

If you want a hairstyle that will leave everyone in awe then this is the one for you. It’s a version of a side-swooping ponytail that best describes what the 90s era is all about. Minimalism and pizzazz.

From a first look, it might look like your bangs are side swept. But it’s not like that.

All your hair has to be long for this styling. And the front part will swoop back with a twist and go into your ponytail creating a wave.

All my clients loved this one. You can try this out as well.

Side Pony

Side Pony

A perfect side ponytail can create all the difference if you can sport it perfectly.

A high-side ponytail is all you will need to feel special.  You will feel all cheerful and sparkly because this hairstyle looks that good!

It seems that to create this hairdo all you have to do is back brush all your hair and tie them up in a ponytail on the side.

I have not tried this one out yet. But now that I have come across it I will definitely get it done.

Twin Pony

Twin Pony

I have always loved two ponytail hairstyles for their versatility. It can be simple as well as the perfect combination of simple and extravagance.

I rarely do this twin pony hairstyle for my clients. But when I do they always get a confidence boost.

To create this look, I do two ponytails and cut their ends in opposite directions.

And to provide that expensive aura I curl the ends of the side-parted bangs.

Don’t be afraid, my queens and sport this hairdo to make a statement in the fashion world.

Curly Pony

Curly Pony

Curly ponytails are the absolute sensation right now. It looks so stunning. It seems like a stream of flowers if you can perfect your curls.

For this hairstyle, I curl the whole hair after making the ponytail. It just makes the process easier. Whenever I have sported this look for my clients they felt like a princess.

You can wear this ponytail for any event. It’s a perfect balance of sexy and elegant. Sport this hair and feel like a diva!

Half-Up Pony

Half-Up Pony

If you want something fun then you should definitely try half up half down hairstyles.

A half-up pony may be everything you want to create that casual look you want. As it’s an easy one, I usually do it for me or my sisters. It’s one of the simplest and most time-saving hairstyles on the list.

To create this hairstyle all you have to do is take half of your hair from the very front and create a high ponytail while letting the rest down.

You can curl or straighten up the rest of the hair to finish it off.

Pony Envy

Pony Envy

This hairstyle will definitely create pony envy in people as people will be envious of your stunning ponytail.

I became an instant fan of this hairstyle when I first spotted this one. I had to try this out for my client who was going to a gala dinner, and she absolutely loved it!

This hairdo will bring attention to your facial features making you appear strikingly beautiful, so don’t forget to try this one out for your next event!



I can not explain how much I adore this hairstyle! It brings a homely vibe to your look making you appear more friendly than usual.

The messy casualness of the free-falling side parted bangs look out of this world. I sport this one out for me whenever I am having a “me day” or a fun day out with friends.

Remember to use accessories to customize your look with funky scrunchies or a headband. Don’t wait up and get this fantastic hairstyle today, girl!

Bridal Ponytail

Bridal Ponytail

Middle-parted bangs with a mid-low ponytail can get your whole look to another level. I have done this hairstyle a couple of times. Both were bridal looks. And they left with a smile.

Remember to create a bit of volume on top of your hair and curl the ends, and that’s all there is to it!

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it looks exquisite on anyone and everyone regardless of your face shape.

So why wait on this smashing hairstyle?

Frequently Asked Questions

The 90s ponytail hairstyle is one of the easiest ones out there. So I think you will be fine with the ponytail per se. However, you might have some inquiries about the trends of the 90s.

Hence, I am here to let you in on some of the frequently asked questions about the 90s hairstyles.

Question: What 90s hairstyles are trending?

Answer: The 90s hairstyles for women were all about keeping volume and layers. From chunky highlights, mohawks, high and severe ponytails, pixie hair, and straight hair with bangs, to razor-sharp cuts and using accessories like the butterfly clip have hit the fashion industry like a storm.

Question: What did the 90s style look like?

Answer: Everything from makeup to hairdo involved a minimalist look. Grungy eyeliner, super thin eyebrows, baggy jeans, etc were part of the trend. All of these are making a comeback this year.

Concluding Remarks

If you follow the trend and take a look at your social media feed, you will find similar styles that I have mentioned here.

Surely the glam of the 90s ponytail hairstyle leaves everyone gasping because of its versatility. Moreover, the fresh and neat look you get is always a plus point.

Make sure to accessorize and put a personal touch on your ponytail to make it unique. Butterfly clips, funky scrunchies, claw clips, etc can be a good way to start.

And let me be clear about one thing: these hairstyles will look expensive! But most of them are not time-consuming at all and can be done at home!

Lastly, for my short-haired girlies, don’t let anything stop you from trying out this look occasionally. You can always get a ponytail extension and create your favorite version of the 90s ponytail hairstyle.

So set about, Queens!

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