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43 Best Neymar Haircuts & Hairstyles Ideas With Picture

What’s there not to love about Neymar? His dribbling, his fast-paced sprint, or his long, powerful shots – all of these are loved by Neymar fans around the globe. But his skills with football are not the only reason he is one of the most famous footballers!

This Brazilian star’s hairstyle diversity couldn’t confine him within the known forms of hairstyle. His creative nature is evident even off the pitch, at his hairstyles.

Neymar leaves hairstyling inspiration for both curly and straight hair types. Naturally possessing curly hair, Neymar has explored the avenues of straight-haired styles as well.

43 Top Neymar Haircut Choices For You

So whether you have straight hair or curly, check out these 43 Neymar hairstyles that you can choose from to boost up your looks today!

Neymar’s Fusion Hairstyle

Neymar's Fusion Hairstyle

When it seems like Neymar has styled himself with all the hairstyle possible out there, he goes on to flood the magazines with yet another new hairstyle.

This time, he fused Mullet, Mohawk, and bangs with a number 3 on the sides, a unique Neymar hairstyle that left hairstyling inspiration for an entire generation.

To get this, you’ll have to grow your hair to a sizeable amount. Then, you’ll find your hairlines on each side and trim it down to about 3/8th of an inch length.

For the back, you’ll leave the nape hair to the length of a Mullet that continues up the top.

On the top, you have to press your hair up into a Mohawk in the shape of an A.

And as the last touch, you’ll comb your fringes over your forehead that almost touches your eyes.

With the bangs in place, you’ll finally have a Neymar Fusion hairstyle!

The Edgy Neymar Mohawk

Edgy Neymar Mohawk


This Brazilian forward’s one of the most iconic hairstyles has been this Mohawk.
Straight hair spiked up at the top, continuing seamlessly to the nape, this edgy version of
Mohawk will help you stand out from the crowd.

To complete this Neymar look, you need to trim your sides reaching all the way to your crown, creating a sharp contrast.

You can add highlights or brown color to your Mohawk tips to add another dimension to this look.

Neymar’s Faux Hawk

Neymar Faux Hawk


This Faux Hawk hairstyle for Neymar does exactly what it sounds like. Instead of being a regular Mohawk, this one takes the edge down a notch.

The top hair remains the same while the nape hair is not always spiked. You could trim it down or brush it down the way Neymar did.

The sides for this Neymar haircut are usually faded so that there’s no concrete distinction in hair parts.

Mohawk with Highlights

Mohawk With Highlights


Feel like getting a new haircut and adding highlights creatively? Then this Neymar haircut is the perfect guide for you.

To get this style for yourself, you’ll have to keep your hair on top to about a couple of inches, all the way to your nape.

Then, add a roller brush to curl your hair upwards into a spike, with the hair curved in the middle.

You can then add light bleach to the tips of your hair to get your desired highlights. You may want to go to your barber for a safer approach.

For the sides and behind the ears, you’ll need to fade it down and blur the contrast between hairlines.

And there you have it! A Neymar haircut with highlights that goes nicely with any shape of face!

Neymar’s Hairstyle with Two-colors

Neymar's Hairstyle With Two Colors


If you feel like you’ve seen all of the possible Neymar haircuts, think again!

Neymar brings this Two-Tone hairstyle to the fashion industry like the way he sprints through the defense on the wings!

A bit of Mohawk-ish haircut, with the spikes, toned down a little and bleached, creating a sharp contrast that gives off a stripe-like feeling.

The color intensity should be adjusted according to your taste while bleaching. A lighter bleach would give a subtle boost, while a more aggressive bleach should enhance bluntness.

You can also take the edginess down a little by softening up your hair and leaning your fringe down the front.

You might need to use a hair setter to keep your shape in place.

Neymar’s Icy Tips

Neymar's Icy Tips


Neymar’s Icy Tips Hairstyle resembles the Highlights Hairstyle in many different ways. But the difference lies in the pattern of adding the bleach, and some additional coloring.

You’ll have to follow the same process as you did while doing the Highlights haircut until adding the bleaching phase.

At this point, you’ll have to make small groups of hair strands and add platinum bleach only to the tips. Due to this color, your hair will look frozen with icy tips and create a diverse impact on people, just the way Neymar does!

As a bonus, you can straighten your hair up and brush it down to generate a straight Icy Tip look which too comes from Neymar’s wide range of hairstyles.

The Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet

For gigantic stars like Neymar, one haircut just doesn’t do enough. That’s when he merged Mohawk and Mullet into one and made it popular among youngsters.

If you feel your hairstyle too should leave the same impression as Neymar’s, then you should call your barber right now.

You should tell your barber to trim the sides to behind your ears at roughly a 90-degree angle.

The rest of your hair should stay, the top hair has to be spiked up and the back to be brushed down.

And within just half an hour, you’ll end up with a famous Neymar hairstyle!

Neymar’s Curl: with Color

Neymar Curl With Color


If you have curly hair and are looking for hairstyling options, then Neymar’s here to rescue you!

By adding a brown color to your hair, and subtle bleach to the visible curls, you can make yourself remembered with this fashionable Neymar hairstyle.

This style is modern and should make you look more handsome than ever. This hairstyle is the visual sign of your fashion sense and tastefulness.

Neymar Curls: with Highlights

Neymar Curls with Highlights

Highlighting curly hair can often be tricky. But this Neymar hairstyle has done it neatly.

Instead of adding highlights all over the hair and making a massacre of it, you can highlight your fringe hair at a random pattern.

You should follow this pattern with less frequency to the rest of your head as well.

These altogether will leave you with this fantastic Neymar hairstyle that’ll get you all the numbers you’d want.

Neymar’s Spaghetti Hair


Who would’ve thought they’d have to see Spaghetti and Neymar in the same sentence? This man leaves no surprises left for us in terms of hairstyles!

Imagine a dish of spaghetti over Neymar’s head – this is exactly what this style is about.

With naturally curly hair, this hairstyle would be much easy to pull off but don’t lose heart if you have straight hair. Because straight hair can be curled up too in just one session.

Your curly hair should be met with bleach to produce a spaghetti color. You should leave an inch of your hair at the bottom to create a sharp contrast with the top.

At the styling part, you have to make groups of coiled hair strands and curl them up together.

When you have the top of your head full of such curls, this will give you the popular look of Neymar with a Spaghetti haircut.

Neymar Curls: Loose

Neymar Curls Loose

You can style your curly hair loosely and be a part of the Neymar hair train!

Apply cream or lubricant to your curly hair and let it sit on its own. The hair should be cut down to around a couple inches in length.

Neymar Curls: Short


Keep your curly hair short and cool like Neymar.

Nothing over the edge and not much happening on the top, only a low fade with generic curly hair will match you up with a Neymar hairstyle any day!

Neymar Curls: Tight


If you really want a low-maintenance haircut for your curly hair and still be a part of the hairstyle trends, then simply follow this Neymar look.

Tight and short hair on top, with shaved sides and back up to the hairlines.

This hairstyle is adored by many Neymar fans to this day and is an easy-to-do hairstyle if you don’t prefer it too fancy!

Neymar Curls: Platinum Blonde

Neymar's curls platinum blonde


Taking it to the next level is something we know Neymar for. With his styling sense, he can pretty much get away with anything and leave a benchmark for styling enthusiasts to follow.

That’s what he has done with his naturally curly hair. After doing your bleach you’ll have to use a platinum dye for the color.

Once you’re done coloring, you’ll have this unique platinum Neymar hairstyle for your curly hair. You can mess your hair up to add a more casual touch to your look.

Neymar Curls: Pink

Neymar Curls Pink


Neymar’s pink hairstyle has been all over social media and the pages of magazines. It’s as if no matter what this guy tried turned into a trend instantly.

With your natural curls, you can bleach the entire of it and add a bright pink color afterward.

For the sides and back, you can shave them down, as high up to your hairlines at the temple.

As an addition, you can grow a beard that would add a level of depth to this trendy Neymar hairstyle.

Neymar’s Regular Spikes

Neymars Regular Spikes


Getting on the pitch with regular spiky hair has been a common picture in Neymar’s footballing diary.

To get this hairstyle, you’ll have to fade your sides exposing your hairlines. You can even add a sharp line to create a contrast.

For the top part, you must spike your crown hair up with pointed ends to achieve an edginess. The hair behind should follow the same spike pattern but could be shorter in length.

The front hair should be kept a little bit longer, fringes hanging over like an umbrella.

Nape hair can have a fade and a smooth transition between the neck and the spiked back hair. The sides and behind the ear fade can come in an oval shape instead of a flat line.

Neymar and Blonde Bangs

Neymar blonde bangs

With trimmed sides, you can go blonde on top and get this Neymar hairstyle.

From the top to the fringe it should have a seamless brushing pattern directed forwards. The blonde bangs are the main feature of this footballer-cum-fashion icon’s stylish hairstyle.

Having a light beard with this hairstyle can have an added effect on your looks.

Sides Shaved

Sides shaved


With your sides shaved and a drastic A-shaped spiked on top of your head, you can get this neat and edgy hairstyle of Neymar.

This style is very easy to do and comes with low maintenance. All you need to do is set your hair and add a hair setter afterward to keep it in place.

With the sides shaved rather than trimmed, you can create a sharper distinction between your top and side hair. It can also be used as a sharp contrast line between your top hair and your beard.

When it’s done, you can simply walk out the front door with this fantastic-looking Neymar hairstyle that works both at work and parties.

Neymar’s Highlighted Spikes

Highlighted Spikes

If you want to explore one of those more unique Neymar hairstyles, then this might be the one for you.

With shaved sides and trademark Neymar spikes on the back, the entire hair should be highlighted with bleach.

Then comes the interesting part. You’ll brush your hair forward towards your fringe. Instead of brushing down to create bangs, you’ll leave it be right before that.

With the remaining hair at the front, you’ll spike them up and leave a few pointy hair groups lying on your forehead.

When you’re done with these steps, you’ll find yourself carrying this fabulous Neymar haircut in your mirror.

Neymar’s Low Fringe Hairstyle

Neymar low fringe hairstyle

Feeling casual? Don’t feel like spending time on your hair much?

Then just copy this Neymar hairstyle without any second thought. Trim your sides and brush your short top hair towards the front creating a medium bang.

Keeping a number 1 sized beard should lift your look significantly.

Neymar’s High Fades

Neymar High Fade


High fades are one of the prominent features in Neymar’s haircuts.

Whether it’s straight or curly, Neymar most of the time tends to add a high fade to his sides. This is a trick that ones with longer faces can follow.

High fades can only remain on the sides and are restricted till behind the ear. The fade between the nape line and the top hairline could be oval or a blunt 90-degree.

Shaggy Neymar Hairstyle

Shaggy Neymar Hairstyle

A lazy afternoon hangout with friends or a trip outside your city, Neymar’s Shaggy hairstyle is here to save your life.

The basic principle behind this style is the messy vibe it generates. You can lay your hair over the top without using any brush. You may even scruff it up a little to break the seamless hair patterns.

For the sides you can trim down matching the length of your beard should you have any.

On the back and crown, you can randomly spike your hair up.

All of these combined, your shaggy Neymar look is ready to be flaunted.

Neymar’s Designed Fades

Neymar's Designed Fades


Be it straight or curly, trimming the sides of the nape and drawing designs is something Neymar has done with tremendous success.

Ranging from just a small line to a couple of long lines, Neymar tried them all out.

You can try so too by trimming your sides or back and shaving the line patterns. You can even copy Neymar to draw a sharp V on the neck that will stand you out from the many.

Neymar’s Ocean-wave Hairstyle

Neymar's Ocean wave

Want some longer hair on top instead of just keeping them short gripping your skull? Then follow this hairstyle by Neymar to change the way you look completely.

Trim down your sides and the nape leaving only the hair on top. Then brush your hair to one side shaping your hair like an ocean wave. Once you’re satisfied, use a hair setter to keep everything in place.

You’ll find that everyone falls in love instantly with your Ocean-Wave hair. So run straight to your barber now and ask for this Neymar hairstyle today!

Neymar Combed Hairstyles: Forward

Neymar Combed Forward

Do you want to keep it simple yet edgy? Then take a look at this Neymar hairstyle.

Shaved on the sides and the nape, with short hair on the crown and gradually longer hair as it progresses towards the front.

Comb forward neatly and set your hair. This seamless front-running hair texture soothes the eyes but at the same time adds a blunt effect.

Neymar Combed Hairstyles: Backward

Neymar Combed Backward

If you want a more badass look than the neatly combed forward one, this Neymar hairstyle is what you should go for then.

High skin fade on the sides and the back, the top hair does the exact opposite to the front combed style. You comb backward up to the point your hair starts standing on its own, with curls at the hair tip.

The curl helps sell the look as it collectively looks seamless and with a clean shaved face, Neymar’s hairstyle should set you as someone not to be messed with.


Neymar Sideways

To do a variation from a forward or backward combed hairstyle, you can try it sideways for a more casual look.

This hairstyle by Neymar looks better with longer faces like his. You need to shave or do a number 0 trim to your sides and then back up to the hairlines.

On top, you have to pick one side and brush all of your hair to the other. The excess hair on the side can cover your hairline and emit a more casual aura.

The main difference between Neymar’s this and the ocean-wave hairstyle is the straightness of the hair.

The Neymar Fringe

The Neymar Fringe


If you had set your eyes on the Neymar bangs, then feast your eyes with the one where he modernized it.

Instead of pulling the bangs straight down, this hairstyle of Neymar wears the fringes at an angle. It also leaves the fringe hanging and the top hair spiked forward.

For a cool and rocking hairstyle, this is the one you must do to make yourself look instantly good.

Neymar’s Mullets: Regular

Neymar's Mullets Regular


Mullet has been an archetypal aspect of Neymar’s most popular hairstyles. Over the years we have seen a wide array of Mullets Neymar has tried out.

The regular Mullet has been done to perfection by Neymar. Considering his natural hair is curly, the way he has carried out his version of Mullet is mesmerizing.

You can try so too, with long hair on top and the back while trimming down the sides. Flatly comb your hair at the back until it reaches your neck, and in the front, the fringes cover half your forehead.

As an addition, you can add a caramel color for a more ecstatic Neymar look.

Braided Neymar Mohawk

Braided Neymar Mohawk


Ever thought you’d see a Mohawk with braids at the end? In the era of Neymar and his diversity of hairstyles, this one makes you ask “what if” one less time.

This fusion works perfectly with any face shape. You have to grow your back hair down to your shoulder. The sides can be trimmed and the top spiked up like the Mullet.

The nape hair is to be seamlessly spiked to match the length with your top. The fusion takes place starting from the neck, with 4 or 5 braids climbing down to your shoulders.

If you feel like not going through the hassle of growing and making braids of your own, you can grab synthetic ones and tie them up with your hair, and you’ll still look like one with this Neymar hairstyle!

Neymar’s Mullets: with Bangs and Headband

Neymar's Mullets


Neymar is relentless on his run with the ball on the pitch, and off the pitch with his hairstyles. When he felt a regular Mullet has become old school, he went straight to modify it in order for us to have a new Neymar hairstyle to follow.

This hairstyle wears a regular mullet but flattens everything down as much as possible. The back hair is laid back and the front is combed down to emit a wet look.

With bits of spiked hair on top, the bangs cover almost the entire forehead. The bang and the back hair are kept in place by tying everything up with a headband.

This combination with personalized accessories will tell your friends a bit more about your rich fashion sense!

Neymar’s Mullets: Spiked

Neymar's Mullets Spiked

Imagine wearing this Neymar hairstyle and walking among your friends. You’d have all the bragging rights and stylistic approval.

Spiked Mullet is an extension for the regular. Instead of laying down your hair on top and back, you spike them all up, including the hair on the back.

As per the sides, they can be shaved or trimmed down to the skin for a neat distinction and a touch of bluntness.

Moreover, you can highlight the tips to emphasize the edginess that comes with this hairstyle.

Neymar’s Mullets: Messy

Neymar's Mullets Messy

Mess your Mullet up like Neymar! Your long hair can easily be made into a Mullet. You can have even longer sides like Neymar does with this style.

On the top and the back, your hair has to be quite long like the regular one. To complete this look, you can ruffle up the hair tips while maintaining the original shape.

This is one of the few longer Neymar hairstyles that require very little maintenance.

Neymar Crew Cut

Neymar Crew Cut

Neymar’s Crew cut is a distinctly neat hairstyle that can be worn on any occasion.

Shave your sides and back up high till your hairline. Make a small A shape with your top hair and create a little spike if you have the volume.

Office-friendly, low maintenance, and high-performance Neymar hairstyle that’ll charm anyone instantly. Get this easy-going, fashionable hairstyle today!

Sleek and Stylish Neymar Hairstyle

Sleek and Stylish

The Sleek Neymar hairstyle is not only loved by all the girls out there, but is also approved by their parents.

Sleek and stylish, this hairstyle skin fade the sides and brushes the top hair back. As an addition, you can add caramel highlights to the front hair to make this look more elegant.

A look for a formal environment as well as a look for family, get together, this hairstyle has the potential to conquer it all.

Neymar-Messy Highlights

Neymar Messy Highlights

Have a thing for bad boy attitudes? Want to make your inner self reflected through your hair? Take a look at this Messy Neymar hairstyle with highlights and see if it speaks for you.

This hairstyle is done by trimming down the sides and highlighting the hair tips. The randomness in color contrast emits a bad boy aura while the messy pattern adds to this.

This Neymar hairstyle can attract positive attention in the outdoors during the daytime, or the party crowd at night.

Mr. Corporate Neymar

Corporate Neymar

Neymar’s corporate hairstyle is one of the most practiced hairstyles in the corporate world.

Although Neymar’s rendition is a little messy and adds highlights on the top, you can skip these both and wear a neatly formed hairstyle.

The sides need to be trimmed around the back. Only the top hair will have some volume but little length, and it’ll all be standing up seamlessly.

If your workplace is less strict on styling and hair, then you can exactly try out the one Neymar did.

Neymar’s Short Braided Hairstyle

Neymar's short braided


Neymar’s short braids are an inspirational hairstyle that is still popular in the fashion industry.

This hairstyle sees the sides and the back skin-fades all the way around to the top. The top hair is left long in order to create braids.

Neymar’s braids are tied at the back of his head while his face has a number 2 beard. You can try to mimic him, or improvise according to your preference!

Neymar’s Braided Blonde Hair

Braided Blonde Hair


Much like the braided hair, Neymar’s long-braided blonde hairstyle had crashed the internet at its time.

Similar to the braided one, this too shaped the sides, back, and beard similarly. The significant differences lie in the braids themselves.

For one, the braids are relatively longer and should cover your neck nicely. And for the other, the braids are bleached blonde.

These altogether create a signature look that is quite challenging to look after. Nevertheless, it could still become your fashion statement if you’re up for it!

Neymar’s Mullets: High

Neymar mullet high

High Mullet is the next level of spiked Mullet hairstyle done by Neymar. This one is more radical and edgy than the previous one.

High Mullet is similar to the spiked one in terms of hair layout and pattern. But on the top, the High Mullet is shaped up to a higher height to make it stand out from other hairstyles.

If you get this Neymar hairstyle, you’ll see people notice you more and feel a lift in your personality. So grow your hair and run to your barber fast!

Bright & Light Blonde Hairstyle by Neymar

Bright & Light Blonde

Neymar’s one of the most recent popular hairstyles has been his Bright & Light Blonde Hairstyle. This style bleaches the hair completely down to the brightest blonde while keeping the hair short.

The sides are trimmed down to the skin and the back hair is a continuation of the top hair with the same volume. It works better with curly hair because of the diversity in hair textures.

You might have a Number 0 beard with it to have a contrast of colors and style that adds depth to this look.

Feathered Neymar

Feathered Neymar


If you feel like trying out one of the lightest but unique Neymar hairstyles, then you can ponder over this one for a few moments.

Short hair on the sides and back with relatively longer hair on top, this hairstyle runs on the principles of less volumetric, fluffy hair.

You have to deep condition your top hair and blow dry it really well. While using the blower, use a thin nozzle and direct the airflow from the front towards the back.

This way, you’ll be left with a cool and easy Neymar style in just about half an hour!

Neymar’s Number 1 cut

Neymar's number 1 cut

You can try the Number 1 haircut if you feel your top hair is seeing some bald patches.

This style would give an edge to your look, make you look neat and presentable while hiding the bald patches. It will also offer you opportunities to receive hair treatment while still looking dashing!

This Neymar hairstyle would serve all of these purposes at once!

Neymar with Thick Beard

Neymar with thick beard

Neymar’s diverse bundle of hairstyles can easily be paired up with a thick beard.

From the curly highlights to the straight combed, all of them can be complemented by your beard. Sometimes you might have to adjust the beard lines or the density according to the hair volume and lines.

Adding a beard to existing hairstyles has made Neymar look more mature and manly. It has added depth to his personality, and it should do with yours too!

Concluding Remarks

Both on and off the field, Neymar is an enigmatic role model in the hairstyling trend. Be it Asia or Latin America, almost every one of an entire generation has at least once been inspired by this man’s capacious range of hairstyles. Long or short, curly or straight – you name it, this man has tried it.

This article is not only just a styling guide but a tribute to this styling icon for his contribution to us all – both in sports and in the hair industry. With the variety and diversity of hairstyles this man has shown us, we can pick hairstyles for ourselves any day based on our needs and styling preference.

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