A-Line Haircut

20 Amazing A-Line Haircuts that are Super Trendy

Remember the days of our vintage bobs with the perfect bangs at the front? Most of them consisted of a straight cut from the back to the front. Those haircuts are still worn by many women out there, but we have indeed seen noticeable changes in recent times.

If you are a fan of trying out creative and modern haircuts, you might have already heard of the A-line haircut. Although it’s mostly seen in bob-length hair, this versatile haircut can be tried out on different hair lengths and hair types as well.

Although A-line haircuts came into the scene some time ago, they are still in their A-game and preferred by many women. This is why trying out an A-line haircut should be on your list now, because it makes you look fancy, and you should never skip an opportunity to try out something new!

What is an A-Line Haircut?

What is an A-Line Haircut

An A-line haircut is basically those fancy-looking cuts with shorter hair at the back and gradually longer hair at the front. So, whenever you are looking at someone with an A-line haircut, the amazing combination of long and short hair will surely surprise you.

This haircut is basically praised for its ability to make the face look elongated and point up your jawline. The angular shape provided by an A-line haircut makes you look super chic, and your facial features are nicely complimented by this haircut.

Basically, A-line bob haircuts are worn by women as this haircut complements bob-length hair pretty well. However, you can expand your options and try out this angled haircut on different lengths of hair without thinking twice!

Snazziest A-Line Haircuts to Try in 2022!

A-line haircuts are best to get done by a professional at the salon, so don’t forget to book an appointment if you want to get it soon. But before that, you need to determine which A-line haircut style you are going to opt for.

Although we love all of these styles, it’s better to select one that matches your hair type and vibe. Wondering how to figure that out? Well, we have gathered all our favorite styles for you, so let’s check them out right now!

Basic Black

Basic Black

Let’s start the list with something simple, popular, and chic. If you search the internet, you will find plenty of bob hairstyles specifically great for dark or black hair. And one of our favorites among those is the A-line haircut.

Just look at how amazing this simple hairstyle looks just because of that perfect A-line! From the heath of her hair to the texture and shine, we love everything about this particular hair look. Plus, it’s a super sleek style so don’t think twice before carrying it to any elegant occasion with you!

Short Stunner

Short Stunner

A-lines are perfect for those who love to wear their hair in a bob length. But apart from that, a short A-line haircut is the perfect option for women who love super short hairstyles. Moreover, if you are searching for a comfy yet trendy hairstyle for summer, then an A-line is going to be your best pick.

This amazing side part A-line haircut is everything we need in our life right now, so there’s no need to explain further. From the color of her hair to that short style on the side, everything about this haircut is marvelous!

Shaggy Style

Shaggy Style

Ever thought of combining your shaggy haircut with an A-line? If you haven’t, then now is your time to shine! A shaggy A-line is going to be the trendiest haircut in the town, especially if you choose to color your hair with a vibrant shade!

This pink shaggy-style hair with the perfect touch of dark hair looks super cool, and we just can’t get enough of the chicness of that A-line haircut. It’s compact enough for warm weather, and the color is giving us candy vibes! Trying out this hairstyle should only be a matter of time now.

Over 50

Over 50

For all the amazing women who are well into their 50s or over that age, it’s time to spice things up with a trendy haircut. And for that, we definitely suggest the A-line because it will make you look like a diva in no time!

If you want to recreate the hairstyle in this picture, we suggest keeping things natural with your gray hair. With your dark base, the gray will act as natural highlights. To make things even more pretty, add bangs at the front like the one shown in this picture. Trust us, you will become the queen of every event with this hairstyle!

With Highlights

With Highlights

What’s the best way to flaunt a new hair look? Opting for the highlights for sure! We always love a pretty highlights situation going on, so try them out now with your A-line haircut. Opt for the blonde ones, or simply the brown highlights will also look great against black base hair.

This chic hairstyle is something you need to try out right now because it’s going to make you look like a superstar without giving much effort! Apart from the amazing A-line, we love that her hairstylist gave her those trendy waves that we see everywhere right now. So, to be a part of that style, this A-line with the perfect highlights is a must-try!

With Layers

With Layers

Be honest and tell us one thing: have you tried out the layered bob hairstyle yet? If you haven’t, then now is the proper time to try out an A-line haircut with layers. This will add a unique touch to your style, and you will fall in love with your hair instantly!

This brown and blonde hairstyle looks perfect not only because the hair color is top-notch, but also because the layered style is giving us major hair goals! On top of that, she has a perfect A-line haircut. For medium hair lovers, this style is going to be a great pick!

Medium Length

Medium Length

Are you a fan of medium-length hairstyles, but simply cannot figure out which one’s going to work out the best for you? Well, then we have a solution for you: it’s the A-line haircut for medium-length hair! No matter if your hair is wavy or straight, you can rock an A-line haircut like a diva without any doubt with your medium-length hair.

For a brunette, this particular hairstyle is a must-try because it looks amazing. The angular appearance of that haircut is so elegant that we can’t keep our eyes off it. Plus, the sleekness of her style makes it a perfect pick for any fancy event or date night. So girls with similar taste in hairstyle, give this one a try asap!

Long Hair

Long Hair

Women with long hair, are you frustrated and thinking that an A-line is just not meant to be for you? Well, worry no more because the A-line haircut looks just as exclusive on long hair as it looks on short or medium-length hair.

For those willing to try out a long A-line haircut, here is a picture to take as your guide. The perfect combination of blonde and dark in her hairstyle looks amazing, and we love how she’s rocking the A-line with such long hair. Apart from that, those curled-up ends are giving us super chic vibes!

Curly A-Line

Curly A Line

Having curly hair doesn’t limit your options for trying out trendy haircuts, rather you can flaunt these in several ways if you opt for the right technique. There’s always the option of letting your hairstylist do the job perfectly, so just sit down and relax!

If trying out an A-line haircut on your curly hair has been a dream for all these years, then take inspiration from this picture to get your journey started! We totally love the curls she has, and that A-line haircut has done proper justice to her hair. All in all, this hairstyle is going to be a winner any time of the year!

Purple and Blue

Purple And Blue

We always, always love to try out vibrant colors and recommend you to give them a try as well! There’s nothing more fun than getting creative with your hair when it comes to color, so choose ones that will reflect your inner spirit.

Talking about colors, this time, combine your A-line haircut with shades of purple and blue to achieve a great style that will be appreciated by everyone. If you are thinking about what it will look like, this picture will clear all your doubts. Compact and colorful, this hairstyle is everything you need in your life right now!

Bangs and A-Line

Bangs And A Line

We have already mentioned a classy A-line haircut with bangs at the front that you can try out any time you want. But some girls just love to keep things funky and cool with a touch of emo. For those, this next haircut is going to be a jaw-dropping one.

The amazing A-line haircut with the perfect bangs at the front looks super cool, especially because of the blonde highlights she chose to rock. We just love the haircut from the top to the bottom, and if you want to keep the emo vibes intact, we definitely suggest you give this one a try.

Purple Balayage

Purple Balayage

Here is a great tip for medium-length hair lovers: if you haven’t tried out the classic balayage style yet, it’s time to give it a proper try. But instead of choosing common looks, you can decide to play with colors and opt for a purple balayage to spice things up.

To get you started, here is a classic balayage hairstyle with the uniqueness of purple. This hairstyle looks best if you do the purple over a perfectly dark base color. Moreover, opting for that A-line haircut just made things even more beautiful in this style.

Lastly, don’t forget to add that wavy style to your hair in order to flaunt your balayage the best way!

Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo Hair

Have you heard about the trendy peekaboo hairstyles that have won the hearts of thousands of ladies out there? A peekaboo is basically a hairstyle where the highlights are applied underneath the upper layer of your hair. So whenever you tie up your hair, the highlights give you a mesmerizing style.

For A-line haircut lovers, trying out peekaboo hairstyles should only be a matter of time now. You can combine pink and blonde hair together in order to achieve this style. Take this picture as your guide and ask your hairstylist for a similar look; we are sure you will fall in love with how glamorous your hair looks!

Red with Dark Roots

Red With Dark Roots

You might have heard about the famous blonde hair with dark roots, but the red one is just as amazing. And if you want to add an even more fancy touch to your style, then choose to go for an A-line haircut with this fancy hair color.

When choosing your hair color, we suggest you pick something vibrant and bold. Make sure to ask your hairstylist to keep the roots dark, and try out the A-line haircut with this fearless hair color this time. Finally, give your hair those fancy waves and you will be all set to take over the world with your gorgeous style!

Dual Colors

Dual Colors

Although the famous split-dyed hair looks are always in trend, you can choose to wear two different colors on your hair in creative ways. Instead of going for half and halves, this time, try out something cool like a partially split-dyed style.

To understand what we are talking about, here is a hairstyle with two opposite colors that look cool enough to steal any show! With her medium-length hair, she chose to rock the A-line haircut which totally complements her hair color and texture. And the combination of ash blonde and black in this style has got our complete approval!

Celebrities with the Classiest A-Line Haircuts

If you are still unsure about whether an A-line haircut is going to be your perfect companion, then here’s something to inspire you. Your favorite celebrities have graced many events with their glamorous A-line haircuts, so you ought to try this haircut out right now!

But before that, let’s take a look at some of our favorite celebrity moments with A-line haircuts.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

If you haven’t seen Victoria’s famous A-line bob hairstyle yet, then stop whatever you are doing because the beauty of this hairstyle is going to leave you awestruck! Victoria literally set the bar too high for A-line bobs, and we are glad she did!

Being lovers of short hairstyles, we simply cannot express how overwhelmed this haircut makes us feel. It’s the perfect A-line bob with amazing hair color, and the haircut has totally done justice to her facial features. From the red carpet to regular wear, this hairstyle will be the center of attention without any doubt!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Pastrow

Thinking of which haircut to try out on your blonde hair this time? Well, Gwyneth has the best bob haircut inspiration for you with the amazing A-line haircut we are all raving about!

Gwyneth’s blonde hair has always inspired us, so we went crazy when she tried out this medium-length A-line bob. The sleek, straight look of this haircut is enough for convincing us to try out this hairstyle right now! For all the sophisticated ladies out there, this hairstyle is surely going to be a great pick!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Back in 2012, Katy Perry stunned everyone with an amazing blue bob hairstyle, and we are still rooting for it a decade later. As we are always about going vibrant and bold when it comes to hair colors, blue is definitely one of our favorites. Plus, blue A-line bobs are literally one of the most popular hairstyles out there.

Katy’s hairstyle consisted of a perfect shade of blue that surely gave off a cool girl vibe. The A-line cut was perfect and precise, and she carried it with utmost confidence. With this side-part style and the dark roots, she totally looked like a diva!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim is always presenting us with gorgeous hairstyles that she knows how to rock perfectly at any event. From the popular braided styles to the regular middle part hairstyles, Kimmy has got a solution for all our worries.

This is why when talking about A-line haircuts, Kim’s A-line bob is surely something we would love to mention for all fashion lovers. Simple yet classy, this bob haircut looks super elegant on her. So if you have similar hair color and texture, you can definitely try out this hairstyle.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Another famous celebrity to rock the A-line haircut is Keira Knightley, and she has presented us with many amazing moments where she flaunted her A-line bob with grace. The ‘Pride and Prejudice’ actress surely is a diva, and her A-line haircut just adds to the truth of this statement.

Keira’s hairstyles are quite simple yet chic. You will see her carrying the regular hairstyles with sophistication, which will inspire you to give them a proper try as well. In this picture, she wore a perfect A-line bob with an amazing brown color, and we believe there’s not a single soul that didn’t fall in love with this middle-part hairstyle instantly!


At this point, all you need to do is try out an A-line haircut asap! But before that, let’s answer some of your common questions regarding this popular haircut.

Which coloring techniques are best for flaunting an A-line haircut?

Apart from the blonde highlights and perfect balayage, you can try out the money piece as well as the ombré style with your A-line haircut. Just get creative, and you will be surprised!

Are A-line haircuts out of style?

A-line haircut is still trendy enough for women to try out, so there’s no doubt about the fact that this particular haircut is not out of style!

Final Thoughts

As we have reached the end of this article, we hope that it has been enough to prove why an A-line haircut is something you need to try out right now! This haircut is classy, and it gives you an elegant look quite effortlessly. Plus, it is a suitable option for all hair lengths, so you need to give the A-line haircut a proper shot this time.

In any hairstyle, it’s important to look at features such as whether it’s going to make you look properly presentable, and whether it has the capability of complimenting your age. An A-line haircut does all that and more, so there’s just no more space for excuses!

That being said, we would love for you to take a look at the amazing hairstyles we have mentioned above with the perfect A-line haircut. Try out different coloring techniques, and make your hair stand out from the crowd. Take inspiration from your favorite celebrities as well, and flaunt your A-line haircut with grace every time you step outside!

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