Hairstyles Feed has been the go-to hairstyling solution in recent times for many styling enthusiasts. Even though we’re relatively new in the fashion industry, our experts have been in the sector for the major portion of their lives.

From unique hairstyles, care guides, DIY tutorials to hair extension, color and safety protocols – we demonstrate a wide array of creative takes on latest hairstyles while at the same time revive the most iconic ones from the past.


Our mission is to take care of your every hair styling needs and establish you as one of the most presentable and gorgeous looking individuals in popular culture.

With sound knowledge and the right design for your unique taste, it’s guaranteed that our guides and routines are going to upgrade your fashion sense and land you with the most ravishing looks!


As an organization, our vision is to delve further into the fashion industry, especially in the hair styling area, not only to promote styling ideas that already exist, rather go beyond that to inspire unique hairstyle generation from our subscribers to feature them in our future featurettes.


Hairstyle Feed endorses the values of inclusion across all races and hair types. Thus, the hairstyles and styling guides we feature contain hair types from fine hair to the most kinky hair possible. We tend to highlight the most captivating dimensions of each hair type to enhance the beauty that often goes amiss and promote the authenticity as part of our organization’s value.

Our Team

The Hairstyles Feed team is composed of six highly qualified members, each of whom specialize in different sectors of women’s hairstyling and beauty consultation.

Jabed Hasan



Jabed is the prime example of entrepreneurship success and Hairstyles Feed is the living proof of his understanding of the business and excellence in marketing. Apart from being a great writer himself, he founded the organization by collaborating with the most experienced and creative minds to help out ones needing hair styling guidelines.

Knowing how to proceed the company’s goals is something not every individual carries, and Jabed has been in that position since the inception. He is an inspiration and idol for the rest of the crew members and without him, this enterprise wouldn’t be the grand success that it is today.

Natasha John

Chief Editor, Women’s HairstylesNatasha John

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Natasha has worked in the editorial sector for over 10 years now with ample knowledge in the field of women’s hairstyles. Initially starting as the owner of chain beauty parlors all across Brooklyn, Natasha has spent longer time in the field performing first-hand hair styling than the rest of the team members.

Her experience tied with expertise has led the Hairstyles Feed team into the path of a clear-cut vision of providing styling-related support and ideation. With a veteran belonging to a class of her own, Natasha’s contribution to the organization stands as one of the foundation stones that’ll carry on the momentum of the company in the coming days.

Anika Tahsin

Cosmetologist, Beauty ConsultantAnika-Tahsin-Binte-Amjad

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Anika’s enthusiasm and interest in cosmetology began at a very early age and she didn’t let the aspiration die out for years. Someone who chooses to work for the underprivileged communities, her knowledge on beauty and styling has initially derived from personal practice and later on, from receiving Natasha’s mentoring directly.

From that point onward, Anika has professionally consulted on styling and beauty aspects for women with a learning curve that’s befitting to her creativity as well as talent. Hairstyles Feed is privileged to have someone with Anika’s caliber onboard for her keen take on popular hairstyles and fashion ideas.

Mahasweta Bose

Professional Hair BraiderMahasweta-Bose

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Braiding is probably one of the most challenging endeavors a professional stylist has to undertake, and that’s why we value the presence of M. Bose in HairstylesFeed team more than many other things. As a professional hair braider, Bose has more than adequate knowledge of braiding at the top level and generating the most captivating styles for all hair types.

A mother of two daughters, Bose likes to write poetry during her leisure time. Her sunshine personality welcomes her customers in a refreshing manner, some of which is reflected in her braiding blogs. She is an inspiration for the company and an example for the younger staff members to follow.

Nafiur Ahmed

Lead Writer, Men’s HairstylesNafiur-Ahmed


Although Nafiur hasn’t always been in the hairstyle business professionally, his knack to work with different styles in the most creative ways have opened his door into becoming the Lead Writer for Hairstyles Feed.

While he specializes in interacting and collecting information from prominent hair stylists across the globe, his output renders some of the most unorthodox and easy-going styling guides the company has ever promoted. With great articulation of procedures and design tutorials, he remains as an integral part of the writing team with ample knowledge on the concerned matter.

Nasif Khalid Swadheen

Content Writer, Men’s Hairstyles


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Nasif has one of those beautiful minds who identifies the smallest of things that enhance the beauty of each hairstyle. His keen observation along with the skill in writing, he has composed countless articles for Hairstyles Feed with the aim of providing styling ideas for ones who aren’t certain about their choices with the most profound phrasing.

Reading through his blogs is nothing short of reading a beautiful written composition, and it’s this charm that always reminds the company why he is an irreplaceable part of the team. A teacher during the first hours of his day and a writer at his leisure, Nasif has made the most challenging hairstyles look easy-to-achieve and inspired many to apply them.

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