Anime Girls With Brown Hair

20 Cutest Anime Girls With Brown Hair To Inspire Your Look This Season

We have all been asked at least once in our life if we have watched a particular anime. I’m sure your friends have asked you whether or not you are familiar with Naruto.

Anime movies and series have become very famous since the late 2000s outside of Japan. It has been famous in Japan for as long as they have existed. Children, teenagers, and even adults seem to have participated to entertain themselves with a good anime movie.

These Japanese animated movies have become so popular that people are obsessed with their characters to the point where they have started to copy them.

The anime movies have so many different characters that you could never run out of options if for some reason you have a change of mind.

If you are among the anime lovers, then you must have thought of looking like your favorite character or you must have at least tried to copy their style. And if that character happens to be an anime girl with brown hair, then guess what? This article is exactly for you.

In this article, we will come across all the amazing anime girls that have the most beautiful brown hair. We know how much you adore these characters, and hold them dear to your heart. So this special piece of writing is for all my anime enthusiasts.

20 Stunning Anime Girls With Brown Hair

You might feel like anime is more famous amongst boys because of the action-packed series like Naruto and My Hero Academia, but that doesn’t leave the girls behind.

Anime is equally popular amongst the girls and they obsess over how “Kawaii” the characters look. Girls all around the country are trying to recreate their looks into looking more like these beautiful anime girls.

At this point in time, the trend is to look anything like an anime girl with brown hair. TikTok is overflowing with influencers looking like them and there are tons of tutorials showing how to look like these characters. This indicates that the anime girl with brown hair looks super hot right now.

Below are some of the most often recreated and loved hairstyles worn by anime girls with brown hair:

Izumi Akazawa

Izumi Akazawa

Izumi Akazawa In Real Life

Izumi Akazawa is the antagonist of the action/drama anime series Another. She is a powerful character in this anime.

She is a 15-year-old girl who is the class officer of class 3-3. Izumi possesses power like proficiency in metal rod reading and her unnerving intelligence.

Even though Izumi’s character is a villainous one, she can single-handedly outsmart all her classmates.

Izumi has amazing brown hair, which is long in length.

She usually goes for two ponytails to keep her hair away from her face. She has a great sense of style along with her quirky personality.

Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto Anime Cosplay

Sakura is the main lead of the anime Cardcaptor Sakura. She is a magical girl who loves to collect cards. She is a very fun-loving and energetic character, given that she is on the cheerleading team and she will occasionally go for a run.

She is a young fifth grader who goes to Tomoeda Elementary and has been chosen to be a cardcopter by the beast of the seal, Cerberus.

Sakura Kinomoto has short brown hair with bangs in front. She ties her hair in two tiny ponytails, leaving the rest of the hair to fall freely just above the nape of her neck. Her sense of style exudes cuteness.

Shizuka Minamoto

Shizuka Minamoto

Shizuka Minamoto In Real Life

Shizuka is a character from the famous anime Doraemon. She is a very smart and kind kid. She loves spending time with her friends and going on adventures from time to time.

The protagonist Nobita has a soft side for this lovely character, but so does Dekisugi. This causes some issues in the anime, but the main theme of the anime is a futuristic robotic cat and his phenomenal gadgets.

Shizuka has brown hair, which is of medium length. Usually, Shizuka ties her hair in two ponytails, but she has been spotted in a single ponytail, and with no ponytails as well.

Ochako Uraraka

Ochako Uraraka

Ochako Uraraka Anime Cosplay

Uraraka is an anime girl from the anime My Hero Academia. She is a very powerful character and one of the most loyal friends to Midoriya who is the protagonist and also Uraraka’s love interest.

Uraraka is amongst the nicest people in her class and is always very happy and positive. She has a very sweet hairstyle that is brown and short. This anime girl with brown hair has a different charm to her style that a lot of the girls are attracted towards.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu In Real Life

Momo Yaoyorozu is a character from the anime series My Hero Academia. Momo goes to UA and is liked by all her classmates and juniors.

She is the brightest first in her class and is also the class president of 1-A. Alongside studies, she is also very powerful and knows how to make use of her power in combat.

Momo’s hairstyle is very unique not because of how it looks, but of the way she carries it. Her thick luscious brown locks fall beautifully over her face. She rocks the single ponytail like it was meant only for her.


Holo Brown Hair Anime Girl

Holo Girl Cosplay

Holo is the protagonist of the anime series Spice and Wolf, also known as the wise wolf. She is a half-human and half-wolf who resides in wheat.

In some places, it is also mentioned that her human form is a hoax and that she is a wolf in real life.

She lives in Pasloe as the wheat goddess and possesses great powers and responsibilities.

Holo’s style is very simple. It suits her look. She allows her brown tresses to let go, and they find their place by themselves. Holo doesn’t bother about the way they look, yet she is confident enough to stride down the streets.

Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa Furukawa Real Girl

Nagisa is one of the main leads of the anime Clannad. She gets married to her partner Tomoya and gives birth to a daughter.

She has a very admirable personality. Nagisa believes in spreading love, and she cares about other people a lot. Even though people love her, she still has a bad quality which is her self-deprecating habits.

Nagisa is the epitome of the word Kawaii. Her eccentric hairstyle is a favorite amongst many. The unique part about her hairstyle is the two antenna-like shapes coming out and forming a bunny shape.

Shimura Tae

Shimura Tae

Shimura Tae Model With Brown Hair

Tae is Shinpachi’s oldest sibling in the anime Gintama. She marries Kondo who later on becomes the commander.

Kondo promised to marry her when she lost her eye and said that he would become her new eye. She is a very positive character, and most other characters seem to love and respect her a lot.

Tae has lovely brown hair that is medium length, and she wears her hair in a ponytail and lets them down as well from time to time. She has fringes which makes her look more alluring, and girls are obsessed with her look.

Naho Takamiya

Naho Takamiya

Naho Takamiya Girl In Real Life

Naho is the main protagonist of the anime Orange. She is a very simple girl. Naho is very down-to-earth and has an extremely shy personality. And the cutest part is that she has a crush on her classmate Kakeru.

She ends up marrying Kakeru when she receives a letter from her future self. Her character is pretty rewarding to watch throughout the series.

Naho is a beautiful anime girl with short brown hair. She leaves her hair down making her look even prettier than she already is. This hairstyle goes perfectly with her personality.

Manaka Mukaido

Manaka Mukaido

Manaka Mukaido Anime Girl Real Life

Manaka is the female lead of the anime series A Lull in the Sea. She is best friends with Hikari, Chisaki, and Kaname.

She is a 14-year-old, who goes to Nami elementary and enjoys spending time with her friends.

Manaka can be quite indecisive when it comes to decision-making and may end up crying at the end of the day due to her gullible temperament.

Her hair is a nice shade of brown and auburn. It is a lovely hair color, and people are taking inspiration from this anime girl’s hairstyle to try it out in real life.

Kayo Hinazuki

Kayo Hinazuki Brown Hair Anime Looks

Kayo Hinazuki Brown Hair Anime Cosplay

Hinazuki is a character from the anime Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Wiki. She is amongst the three other people who were kidnapped during the killing.

She is an anti-social character with childhood trauma that makes her different from the rest. Hinazuki is a very quiet person, and she keeps everything to herself.

She lived a cruel life and desired to set free from it and live on the islands where no one would bother her.

This anime girl has short brown hair, and people love her character so much that they are trying to recreate her look in real life. It goes perfectly with her personality and allows her to blend in with the crowd to avoid attention.

Kyouko Hori

Kyouko Hori

Kyouko Hori In Real Life

Kyouko Hori is one of the main leads of the anime Horimiya. She is a seventeen-year-old brunette who is in class 3-1.

Kyouko goes to Katagiri Senior Highschool with her friends. She is very popular in her school, and the kids love her because of her happy-go-lucky attitude.

Other than looking after her brother and herself, Kyouku has a great sense of style. She has splendid long brown hair that makes her look absolutely stunning. She wears her hair in many ways, but mostly she likes to let them fall freely and frame her tiny frame.

Touko Nanami

Touko Nanami

Touko Nanami Anime Cosplay With Brown Hair

Touko Nanami is one of the main characters in the anime Bloom into you. This anime is about an aromantic/asexual person and how they deal with emotional and physical attraction daily.

Touko falls in love with a girl who happens to be aro/ace, and this anime further shows how both the characters build up their relationships with each other.

Other than being the president of the student council and falling in love with a junior, Touko is also very good-looking. Her sense of style is off the radar.

The entire school’s jaw drops to the floor when they are in Touko’s presence. This anime character has long brown hair, and she knows very well how to make them look perfect.

Nui No Kata

Nui No kata Brown Hairstyle

Nui no kata, also known as Oku, is one of the main protagonists of the anime Dororo, among the other two. She is very kind and peaceful. Oku hates violence and despises hurting others. She always has a very calm demeanor.

Other than her personality, she has a great sense of style. She has beautiful brunette hair. Her hairstyle is admirable just as much as her personality.

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami Model In Real Life

Yumeko is a manic protagonist of the famous anime Kakegurui. She is an honest gambler unless you get on her nerves.

Yumeko is an anti-hero, but she is well admired amongst the young people because of her undying passion for gambling and how she exposes the cheaters through it.

Other than gambling, Yumeko is a great looker. She has a fantastic sense of style, and people love her style.

She has brown hair that she can style anyway she wants, and she does exactly that. Yumeko is aware of her charm, and she uses it for her benefit.


Lenore With Brown Hairstyle

Lenore Real Girl Behind The Scene

Lenore is a villainous character from the anime Castlevania. She is the queen of Styria. She feeds on human blood that lives in the city.

She is a vampire and needs blood to live. Lenore portrayed herself to be a very caring and sensitive character, but it was all a trope to make people fall for her lies and support her in her endeavors.

Lenore had pointy ears, red eyes, and beautiful brown hair that looks perfect and tidy throughout the series. She has a very pleasant way of taking care of her hair and styling it perfectly.

Komi Shouko

Komi Shouko

Komi Shouko Cosplay

Komi Shouko is the main female lead of the anime series Komi Can’t Communicate. She appears to be a very shy and quiet girl in her school. She is a mathematics enthusiast who has solved the Riemann hypothesis.

Komi’s quirky style includes her lovely black hair, which she styles accordingly with her school uniform. She has amazing brown hair, and she doesn’t stop herself from flaunting it whenever the chance arrives.

Mei Aihara

Mei Aihara

Mei Aihara Behind The Scene

Mei Aihara is one of the main protagonists of the yuri manga anime series Citrus. It is a controversial anime as it is about the love between two women. However, the anime is well-liked amongst the community and has been appreciated for its openness.

The characters are beautifully presented in this anime, especially Mei. Mei is a fearless and badass character who knows how to deal with things on her own. She is smart, charming, and cunning.

Mei has a great style, and she wears it like a boss lady. That doesn’t leave behind her beautiful brown hair. She flaunts her hair on every occasion by letting them fall down like a waterfall. Mei looks amazing the way she carries her hair and inspires a lot of the kids to do the same.

Nezuka Kamado

Nezuka Kamado Hairstyle

Nezuka Kamado Real Anime Girl

Nezuka Kamado is a demon from the anime series Demon Slayer. She used to be a human, but later she was turned into a monster when Muzan attacked her. She is amongst the good demons who want to help out the people. Nezuka refuses human flesh and helps the demon slayers to achieve their missions.

Nezuka is a very polite and lovable demon. Not only is she a great demon, but also has a few hairstyle tricks under her sleeves. She has brown hair, and she prefers to keep them in a half updo.

Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu Cosplay

Mitsuha is the lead character of Your Name. She is a very courteous and well-mannered 17-year-old. She is a dreamer who lives in a rural area of the country and wishes to step foot in an ever-growing city filled with skyscrapers.

She has a very understanding and empathetic character. Mitsuha is portrayed in this anime with brown hair that is almost shoulder length. She can go quite crazy with her hair sometimes, but most of the time she looks pretty amazing.

How To Wear Your Hair Like An Anime Girl

Anime Girl Hair Wearing Guide

If you are someone who has tried to wear their hair like these cute, beautiful, and feisty anime girls, then you have my support. I will help you style your hair like these anime girls.

Maybe you have that Comic-Con coming up where you want to look like one of your favorite anime characters, but you have no idea how to look like them.

Well, all your prayers have been answered because I am here to help you out of your misery. Follow the steps below and shine bright like a diamond as Rihanna would say.

So, to begin with, the steps we have to first choose our character. I have decided to show you how to style your hair like Mitsuha Miyamazi. She is an adorable character, and people love her a lot, and I am sure her hairstyle will look superb on anyone.

The hairstyle that Mitsuha wears is a braided bun updo. It is a super cute and fun hairstyle. So, without further ado, lets how you can achieve her iconic hairstyle:

Step 1: Comb your hair and free them from all tangles and knots, so that you have a clean hairstyle.

Step 2: Section your hair in the front, on both sides. Take a small amount of hair for this section. This section stays loose in front.

Step 3: Now, make two parts just like a regular center parting down the back.

Step 4: Braid the 2 sections at the back.

Step 5: Take the left braid over to the right side, at the back, and secure it with a lot of bobby pins.

Step 6: Now wrap the right braid over to the left side and secure that as well with bobby pins.

Step 7:  The tails of the braids should line up at the top. Now, take an elastic and tie up the tails of the braids so it looks like a ponytail.

Step 8: This is the defining step of the hairstyle. The red ribbon. Take a red ribbon and tie it around the ponytail and make a bow at the top.

Now that you know how to achieve this style, you should get on with your practice to perfect it before your special day.


The article has all the answers to your questions regarding anime girls with brown hair and shows you a variety of hairstyles that are trending right now. Anime hairstyle has made its way to the western culture, and it is here to stay. Below are a few more questions that I have answered, go ahead and have a peek and satisfy your souls

Q1. Who is the most beautiful anime girl with brown hair?

Ans. Everyone has a different answer to this question. It depends on who you find the most beautiful. It could be anyone from Shizuka to Lenore. You just have to find the character you relate to most, and you’ll know who is the best anime girl with brown hair for you.

Q2. Which anime girl with brown hair has the longest hair?

Ans. Mei has pretty long hair amongst many others, but there is no clear answer to identify who has the longest hair. A lot of these characters have very long hair which looks beautiful. We know a lot about these characters, but there is no definite answer as to who has the longest hair as of yet.


Watching an anime with your best friend on a weekend and admiring the beautiful anime girls with brown hair is an intimate moment.

Not everyone will get you guys, but it’s okay because as long as you get yourself it’s worth every season of the anime that you’re watching.

Anime is not everyone’s cup of tea, let alone their hairstyles, but if you like what you see, go for it without another doubt.

This article is for enthusiasts who appreciate different cultures and genres and has the guts to proudly show off how positively these animes have affected their lives.

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