15 Fabulous Asian Dreads to Dazzle Everyone

Dreadlocks, often shortened “dreads” or “locs,” are mostly considered a hairstyle for African and Caribbean cultures where the hair is tightly twisted into creating rope-like strands. This style has gained worldwide fame and is embraced by individuals from different backgrounds; Asians are not excluded.

Asians have a long tradition of wearing dreads style that can be found in Vedic scriptures. That tradition went out of custom but has re-emerged again through its massive popularity in recent years.

The style of Asian dreads varies significantly; some choose thick, bold dreads, while others opt for thin locs. Using various accessories like beads and threads can create a more personalized style to stand out in the crowd.

If the Asian tradition of dreads interests you, stop dillydally and join in this reading adventure. You will learn everything you need to know and can decide whether you want to go for this style.

Dreadlock Tradition in Asian Society

Even though dreadlocks are usually known as an African or Caribbean hairstyle, it has deep roots in Asian culture, dating back thousands of years. In Indian Hindu Mythology, Shiva, the god of destruction, is described with dreads that he wears with a top bun on his head. His worshippers also sport dreads on their heads by following his footstep.

Hinduism has significantly impacted many prevalent Asian religions like Buddhism and Zeinism. So it comes as no surprise that locs were used by people all over the Asian region. There are stories about Chinese noblemen who left their wealth behind and started living a secluded life, wearing dreadlocks.

Dreads tradition went off in recent years in Asia, but that does not erase the long history of dreadlocks present for thousands of years.

15 Amazing Dreads For Asian Men

When you think about dreads for Asian men, you must believe there are not enough hairstyles out there, but that is not the case at all. There are numerous styles out there that can be implemented by Asian men, and discussing all of them here will bore you to death. For that reason, I will give you a list of 15 dread styles that are perfect for Asians.

Bantu Knots with Skin Fade

Bantu Knots with Skin Fade

The first dread hair design that you should try out is Bantu knots. They are one of the most fabulous hairstyles with dreadlocks that can give you a unique look you will cherish no matter your face shape or personality. The side and back hair are cut in a skin fade.

For this hairdo, the hair must be turned into locs for a long time. You must create multiple small knots with your dreads and bind them using little hair ties. This style is originally from the Bantu people from Africa, but it is widely used by Asians as well for its fantastic look.

Mohawk Dreads with Shaved Sides

Mohawk Dreads with Shaved Sides

Mohawk dreads are another extraordinary hairdo that you should contemplate getting if you are interested in dreadlocks. The simple hairstyle will provide a bold, edgy look that will instantly improve your appearance. The hair on the sides is trimmed very short using a hair clipper.

The hair on the front is worn in spiky locs with beads that create the perfect mohawk dreads. I will recommend you this hair design for radically changing your appearance. The locs already give you a daring look that the mohawk dreads will intensify tenfold.

High Top Dreads with Bald Fade

High Top Dreads with Bald Fade

High-top dreads are one of the most exciting ways to wear your hair in the dreadlocks style. This hairdo is pretty close to the previous hair design, but there are some dissimilarities that make them distinguished from one another. The dreads are kept relatively short for this style.

The side and back hair are completely shaved for this design or trimmed really short with a hair clipper. The hair on the top is twisted into short locs and can be styled in numerous ways. Using different beads can further ornament the hair and give it a more grandeur look.

Wavy Dreadlocks

Wavy Dreadlocks

If I tell you that wavy dreadlocks are one of the most unique hairdos you can get, you will not believe me. But looking at the image will help you to change that decision. The hair on the sides is trimmed with a hair clipper and turned really short, almost non-existent.

The rest of the hair is twisted into thin, delicate locs twisted in a pattern that will create a wavy flow on those thin dreadlocks. This hairstyle will give you a bohemian vibe that is desired by many with hairstyles like dreadlocks. Get this design and embrace that bohemian style without regret.

High Top Dreads with Taper Fade

High Top Dreads with Taper Fade

Taper fade hairstyles are one of the best designs to combine with your dreads. The hairdo in the image is an excellent example of dreads with taper fade that will give you a distinctive look you can wear on most casual occasions but will not be accepted in a professional setting.

The hair on the sides and the back are cut in a taper fade hairstyle, giving a clean and polished appearance. The top strand is twisted into spiky dreads and worn with a slight side part. If you want to make the hairdo more distinctive, I suggest you wear them with beads.

Freeform Dreads with Frosted Tips

Freeform Dreads with Frosted Tips

Freeform dreads are a simple way of turning your hair into dreads that is quite popular for the unique look it can provide to the wearer. The dreads are twisted only the first time, and then the strands are left alone to create a natural twist for the hair. That is the reason behind this hairstyle’s name, freeform dreads.

The freeform dreads are later highlighted with blonde color creating frosted tips. It is a great way to look unique from the rest. The freeform dreads will give you such a distinct look that you will appear close to an anime character.

Dreadlocks into Ponytail

Dreadlocks into Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are popular among long hair enthusiasts, and they often get them to protect their hair from breakage and moisture loss. Instead of wearing regular ponytails for your hair, I will encourage you to experiment with a dreaded hairstyle and turn it into a ponytail.

The hair on the sides and the back are cut with a number 3 guard of a hair clipper and turned into a disconnected undercut. The hair on the front is turned into dreads and worn as a ponytail. This hairdo has a close resemblance to the man bun undercut hair design.

Long Dreads with Beads

Long Dreads with Beads

The fabulous hairdo I am discussing is a straightforward hairstyle where the front hair is twisted into dreads while the sides are completely shaved. This long top shaved sides hair design will take a long time to implement properly, but the amazing look it will provide is worth the effort.

By the use of beads and ribbons, you can further accessorize your hair and make the hairstyle more personal to your taste. If you have black hair, I recommend using colourful beads to ornament your hair truly. You can also ignore the beads if you feel it does not go with your persona.

Barrel Dreads with 1 on the Sides

Barrell Dreads with 1 on the Sides

Barrel dreads, also known as barrel rolls, are one of the newest ways of wearing one’s hair in a dreadlock style. The sides and the back are cut with a number 1 guard of a hair clipper, while the hair on the top is kept longer and turned into dreads.

The dreads are then retwisted using hair extensions and created into barrel dreads that look close to devil horns. For that reason, this fabulous hairdo is also called devil horn dreads. No matter where you go, you will definitely be the center of attention with this style.

Black and Silver Dreadlocks

Black and Silver Dreadlocks

Sometimes wearing your hair in a simple style will provide you with the most astonishing look. If you do not believe me, you need to see the hairstyle described in the image. The hair is just simply twisted into medium-sized dreadlocks, but it looks fantastic because of the color combination.

The natural black locs are highlighted with a silver color, creating a black and silver dreadlock style that will provide a unique appearance. You can try different colors if you have any problem with the silver color, but it is one of the best colors to combine with black hair.

Finger Coil Dreads

Finger Coil Dreads

Finger coils are similar to dreads but can not be called proper dreadlocks. Finger coils are created by twisting the hair with the finger and giving them a close appearance to a locs style. The hairdo I am discussing is a finger coil dread that is retwisted into a massive dreaded tail.

You will surely get a fantastic look with this design, but there are some cons you will face with this style. This style is suited for every hair type but can not be kept for more than two weeks. Keeping it more than this period will result in the hair turning into actual dreadlocks.

Short Half Knots Half Dreads

Short Half Knots Half Dreads

The hairstyle I am discussing here is unique as it combines two dreadlock hair designs into one. I hope I have grabbed your attention with it. The hairdo is a half knots, half dreads style where the sides are cut short with a hair clipper, and a razor line is used to design it further.

The hair on the top is first twisted into dreads and then separated into two parts. The front dreads are knotted, tiny Bantu knots are created, while the latter half is kept loose. That makes this fantastic look ideal for any informal setting, whether outing with friends or going on a date.

Jellyfish Cut with Half Dreads

Jellyfish Cut with Half Dreads

Jellyfish cut is a hairstyle for women, but it is becoming gender-neutral with the progression of time. In this style, the front and side hair is cut like a bob cut while the back hair is kept longer, making it look like a completely different design. That is the case for the hairdo seen in this image.

The front hair is cut with a shoulder-length bob cut while the hair on the back is kept longer. It is styled with long dreadlocks that give a unique hairdo where the hair is styled in a jellyfish cut while the lower half of the back is twisted into dreads.

Side Shaved Long Dreads

Side Shaved Long Dreads

There are numerous bold hairstyles out there that you can achieve with dreads, but none of them is as daring as this one in my opinion. Look at the hairstyle where one side is completely shaved while the rest of the hair is kept longer and turned into dreads.

Not all of the hairs are turned into dreads. The roots are kept at their natural straight state while the ends are turned into dreads. The shaved side alongside the head tattoo makes this hairstyle bold and will make you stand out in any crowd. Do not overthink too much, and go for this fabulous hairstyle.

Middle-Parted Dreads with Highlights

Middle Parted Dreads with Highlights

The last hairstyle I will discuss here is a long middle-parted dreads style that is worn with blonde highlights. Long dreadlocks were the original locs style before it became mainstream. With this style, you can create traditional dreadlocks and look unique because of the highlights.

The dreadlocks are dyed blonde, creating a pattern where the upper half is black while the lower half is blonde. This hair design is basic, but there is a reason it is so popular. The long dreads can be styled differently with ease by creating a man bun or a dreaded ponytail.


If you are an Asian and thinking of getting dreads for the first time, it is understandable that you will have a lot of queries about this style. In this section, I will answer some frequently asked questions about this topic which should help you to find some of the information you were searching for and help you make your decision.

Question: Do dreads look good on Asians?

Answer: Dreads have a history in African culture and are worn mainly by people of African descent. But that has changed a lot; people from different backgrounds are trying this hairstyle.

Asians are trying out dreadlocks for their hair and getting surprisingly good results. They usually have straight or wavy hair, which makes it hard to create dreads as they need longer hair and more time to finish the hairstyle. Locs look phenomenal on Asians, which is one of the reasons behind their sudden popularity in the Asian community.

Question: How long does creating dreads on straight or wavy hair take?

Answer: if you want to create new dreadlocks on your hair, you are in for a lot of work and will have to wait a long time to get mature dreads. Different hair types take different amounts of time to twist into locs properly. For example, kinky hair will take way less time to turn entirely into dreads compared to straight or wavy hair.

Turning your hair into locs is lengthy, especially for straight and wavy hair. You must twist your hair for at least a month to create the baby loc stage. It will take a year to mature your dreads fully.

Question: How long does the hair need to be to create dreads?

Answer: You will need appropriately sized hair to create dreads. If you have kinky hair, you will need at least 3 inches of hair to start twisting your dreadlocks. You will need at least 6 inches of hair on your head for straight and wavy hair to begin twisting correctly.

Question: Do Asians wearing dreads be considered cultural appropriation?

Answer: There is an ongoing debate about whether Asians should wear dreads or not and whether it’s cultural appropriation or not. NBA player Jeremy Lin faced a similar situation where he was accused of cultural appropriation for wearing dreadlocks with his hair.

He responded uniquely to it, saying if the intention is pure, it is not appropriating the culture; instead, it is a homage paid towards that community. Plus, there are examples of locs in Asian society, like Indian mythologies. So it should not be considered cultural appropriation.

Concluding Statement

As we have reached the concluding part of the article, I hope I have discussed everything about Asian dreads that will help you decide which hairstyle you want. There is no denying that there are many trendier hairstyles out there for Asian men that they can easily implement other than dreads. But few hairstyles can give you as fantastic as dreadlocks, that’s for sure.

Dreadlocks will not suit everyone’s personality, and many of you will find it challenging to wear them because of the issue of cultural appropriation. For this reason, you should make up your mind before starting this style. It is a lengthy process that can take up to 1 year, so make sure you are well-prepared for the long procedure and do not have to get out in the middle of that.

There is a saying that once you are accustomed to dreads, you keep that style for life! Are you ready for that commitment? Tell us in the comment below!

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