76 Asian Men Hairstyles Ideas for Men in 2022

In recent years, Asian culture has gained popularity throughout the world, and this time it is more than ever. A part of it is because of people stuck at home in quarantine. They are discovering anime, K-pop, Korean drama and are gradually falling in love with the culture and fashion. Modern Asian men hairstyles, which are unique and attractive, also gained attention and have become popular. So, we compiled a list of 15 hairstyles for Asian men to choose from before your next salon visit.

Make sure you’ve a triangle face to look Asian.

Asian Forehead Bangs

First up on the list is one of the most popular hairstyles among Asian men, the straight forehead bangs. Since Asian hair is naturally straight and silky, Asian men find almost zero difficulties keeping them as long or short bangs on their foreheads. It also helps cover your face if you have a long or oblong face, giving dying this symmetrical look. You can always straighten your hair or keep them a little wavy like Kento Yamazaki did to achieve this hairstyle.

Asian Half Up Ponytail

If you have medium-length hair, you are going to love this half-up ponytail. Many Asian men are sporting long to medium-length hair these days, so they have many such Asian men hairstyles in stock. Half up ponytail is a popular choice among people in bands as it gives that rock look. And above all, men hairstyles with half a ponytail look way too cool for his good. Stying this hairstyle is effortless and quick. However, taking care of the hair can take you more time in the shower than you are used to.

Asian Side Part Long Bangs

Another men hairstyle with bangs, this time, the bangs are more extended, i.e., they go past the eyebrows. This is one of the common men hairstyles in Asian countries. They are easy to style in a side sweep or side part, keeping the hair out of your eyes. You might need to apply setting spray to keep them in place.

Side part long bang men hairstyles look good on people with any face shape. This hairstyle will help bring out your face shape by framing your face. Yuki Yamada here kept his hair a little wavy instead of straight so that they don’t stick to the face giving it a flat look. You can also grow out some hair near the neckline to compliment the overall look.

 Asian Mohawk

Mohawk is the perfect men hairstyle for when you are feeling bold and want a complete look change. It styles your hair short at the back and sides, whereas the top of the head has long hair. This cut gives a very edgy, punk, and rebellious look, this had made it a popular choice among rockstars, athletes, and rappers.

The best feature of the mohawk is that it can be carried by straight, thick straight hair, curly, wavy, any kind of hair, and it will look equally good on every hair type. It is a perfect style if you are aiming for the cool and rebellious Japanese Yankee look. You can also go ahead and dye the longer hair to make it stand out even more. In this style, you need to hard part top hair.

Asian Mullet

Mullet is one of those Asian men hairstyles that have stayed around for decades yet never went out of style. And why would it? It is such an elegant and charming haircut, gradually gaining popularity among Asian men. It features longer hair and noticeable hair on the neck and forehead. It has a very princely, 90s charming boy look to it.

It has also become a popular choice of haircut among K-pop stars. It is a good hairstyle when attending college classes, giving you a sober yet stylish look. It can be a little tiresome to style them every day to achieve a presentable look, but the efforts are worth it.

The top, sides and back hairs should be longer for this hairstyle. Perhaps, longer back hair is mandatory.

Asian Crew Cut

The perfect, stylish yet no maintenance cut doesn’t exist? Did you think so too? Let’s see if it is the same after you are introduced to the crew cut. The hair is kept very short and low fade on sides, and when we say short hair, we mean it. You won’t be able to grab them, that short hair. Which makes it very low maintenance, more like zero maintenance, haircut. And at the same time, there is no compromise on the style. This hairstyle will especially compliment people with strong jawlines and cheekbones.

Asian Fringe With Undercut

Fringes are kind of like a trademark of any Asian hairstyle. Like you can easily imagine an Asian man or a boy with a side fringe, no part fringe. One of the ways to style that fringe is to add an undercut to it. It gives a very chill and relaxed yet bad boyish look, perfect to wear on casual clothes.

It is a popular choice of hairstyle among younger men like college or university students. The haircut is convenient with minima maintenance and styling. You will just have to keep trimming the undercut, which you can easily do at home with a razor.

Asian Blonde Hair

The admiration for the West and American pop culture led many Asian men to strongly like dyeing their hair blonde. The number of shades and options that come with blonde is vast, giving the Asian men a variety to choose from. You can do a dip-dye, get streaks, or peek-a-boo highlights. No matter in what style you add the blonde in Asian hair, it contrasts well with their black, dark locks and looks fantastic. And if you get bored of the blonde shade, since the color is really light, you can always get a dye of different colors to layer on it and change your look.

Asian Messy Waves with Undercut

Messy waves always look good and fashionable, no matter when or where you wear them. The messiness of the hair gives a relaxed look. Combining it with an undercut will add to its chic look while shortening maintenance and styling time. It gives you a relaxed and beachy look, so wear it when going to pools or the sea.

This hairstyle will be the easiest to style for people with naturally wavy hair-type. If you have straight hair, you might have to use a curler first to curl your hair. Then loosen the curls with your finger to achieve the perfect messy look. If you have slightly long hair, a heatless way to achieve the wavy messy look is to braid your damp hair and let them dry, and then untie them.

Asian Curtain Hair Look Asian Men Style

Curtain hair is named so because it looks like a parted curtain over your forehead. Don’t worry about how it sounds funny because once you start wearing this look, you will be hooked. It is a popular hairstyle among Asian men for formal gatherings like office parties, weddings.

Many Asian celebrities sport this hairstyle on the red carpet and promotional events. Its ease of maintenance and styling is one of the few factors contributing to its popularity. You can, of course, wear this hairstyle with casual outfits too! The versatility and minimal styling time of the curtain hairstyle is the reason Asian men love it.

Asian Purple Mohawk with Undercut

Want to look edgier with your existing mohawk? Dye it purple. Purple is a strong and color associated with punk and sassiness. So dying your hair this shade will give you that badass look you have been wanting. The purple mohawk looks even more prominent with a black undercut. Most Asians have black hair, so this half hair dyeing is a popular choice as black looks good with almost every shade of dye. You can dye your hair in a different shade that contrasts purple for a bolder and striking look.

You can use any hair styling product like wax or gel to hold the mohawk look.

Asian Samurai Bun

Which hairstyle can depict the Japanese Samurai heritage more accurately than a samurai bun? Many young and old Japanese men bring back this unique and manly hairstyle by wearing it more often. And with the trend of long hair spreading among Asian men like wildfire, this bun easily climbed the ranks and became one the most liked man buns. Popular among Asian men who are not Japanese but love Samurai, it is perfect to wear traditional Japanese outfits like Kimono, Haori, etc. But since it looks equally handsome on daily outfits, style it without a second thought. If you like this Asian hairstyle, you may also like top knot hairstyles.

Asian Long Feathered Haircut

If your hair is on the medium to the long side of the length and you don’t know which haircut to get, feather cut is your answer. Kind of like a little shorter and more voluminous version of mullet; the feather cut has your hair cut in layers. The front bangs are long and fall into your eyes. This hairstyle makes a face look more full so if you have a small face, get this haircut without hesitation. Feather cut looks good when paired with curtain bangs or side bangs with slightly wavy hair as they bring out the layers in the hair.

Asian Copper Emo Hairstyle

There was a time when the emo hairstyle was going strong in Japan among the Japanese rock band stars. And it did not take long for the hairdo to spread among common folks, and it has been a trend until now. The hairstyle covers your whole face from forehead to cheekbones, so it’s a good hairstyle to make your face look more symmetrical.

A long top and shirt sides are a must for this hairstyle.

Giving your hair a copper color will make it look more shiny and voluminous. The copper hair also suits all skin colors, and you also have many shades to choose from. Copper color can also be paired with yellow undertones or red undertones dye if your hair has some color variation.

Asian Straight Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is one of those hairstyles forced in military and strict schools as the dress code, giving it the tag of a lame hairstyle. But in recent years, it got rid of that tag when people started wearing it out of the need for new styles. And this haircut makes you stand out in the room and in a good way. The hair is cut in the form of an inverted bowl and is of equal length. The hair on the sides is shorter on the sides. Some people choose to shave off the side hairs; some keep it undercut or taper fade. So, with these many options, take your pick and make the roads your runway.

Asian Pastel Pink Shades Hair

Gone are the days when pink was labeled as the color of girls and women. In present times, men wear pink confidently and boldly. Getting it dyed is a nice option if you have a bowl cut and want to take it to the next level. Going with the pastel pink shade is a bold step, but you won’t regret your decision; we can assure you that.

This pink hair gives a very punk, edgy look contrary to the cute look they are associated with. You can also throw in some deeper and lighter shades of pink to make the hair look more stylish. Adding an undercut or high taper to your bowl cut and keeping it in the natural hair shade will highlight your colored bowl cut.

Asian Voilet Blue Side Part Hair

Blue and its shades are universal favorite hair colors, and they especially look fantastic when paired with black hair. This is why blue hair is popular among Asian men who have lush black hair naturally. Blue color has various shades which are versatile enough to suit every skin color and undertone, so you can always find your perfect shade. Long blue bangs with side parts look very classic and stylish. It is a popular choice of shade among K-pop and J-pop artists who have ever-changing hair colors. It might not be the best hair color if you are aiming for a more formal look.

Asian Brushed Back With Side Fade

This is a classic Asain bad boy look, gelled and set hair pulled back with short sides or a fade cut. What can look cooler than this? This hairstyle looks very natural on Asian faces, and no wonder they rock it so well! Asian countries tend to get very humid and hot, and this hairstyle helps beat the heat while looking stylish.

Instead of faded sides, you can also go for an undercut. It might take a little extra time to take care of the long hair on the top and style them, but once you get used to it, it will be a matter of few minutes.

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