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23 Trendiest Asian Mullet Haircuts To Bedazzle Everyone

In this era of gender fluidity, having an edgy and stylish yet gender-neutral fashion sense is the trend. Asian mullets go hand in hand with this trend with a stylish retro vibe as an addition. This 80s-inspired modernized hairstyle can transform anyone’s look completely.

Moreover, the overwhelming presence of Korean media has influenced people with their hairstyles as well. Now people all over the world are getting used to the versatility of hairstyles and encouraged to try them out for themselves. That is how Asians with mullets have portrayed aesthetic versatility that’s appealing to everyone.

In this article today we are going to help you get inspired for your next big haircut that will impact your whole look. There are mentions of some mind-blowing Asian mullet ideas for men and women separately. But these ideas will work for any gender, to be honest.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Inspiring Asian With Mullet Hairstyles For Men

Mullets have been in the heart of fashionistas for ages. Asian mullets are just a modernized version of it. In the resurgence era of retro fashion, this hairstyle made a shockingly good comeback. If kept in the right way, these kinds of mullets will bring adoration from everyone.

Let’s dive into the dose of inspiration!

Short Mullet

Short Mullet

Everyone must think mullets are bound to be extravagant and overdramatic. But Asian short mullets have proved them wrong. In this case, the front part of the mullets stays pretty long as well, and it’s paired with a fade or undercut. The length of the backside is smaller which tones down the dramatic bit of the hairstyle.

This type of mullet will give off a subtle yet bad boy aura. And this type of subtlety is its strong point. It will look good on any occasion and you can wear this to professional events without any worry.

So get your short mullets in Asian style today and steal everyone’s heart away!

Textured Mullet

Textured Mullet

Textured mullet is also a member of the subtly stylish mullet team. The layers of your textured mullet will add volume and give an out-of-the-bed type of casual vibe.

You can pair it up with your checkered shirt or a T-shirt and look like a k-pop idol. The effortless stylish vibe will make everyone look your way. You will stand out in a cafe or at a party.

You will look absolutely dashing and boyfriend material with this haircut. Don’t wait up and get this haircut today!

SVT The8 Inspired Mullet

SVT The8 Inspired Mullet

The8, the member of a boyband Seventeen has added his own sophistication to his mullets. His versatile mullets always portray a soft boy chicness which is hard to pull off with a mullet.

This haircut will bring out your self-confidence and make you fall for your own look. No one will be able to take their eyes off of this haircut’s undeniable charm.

So why not get inspired by the touch of sophistication from The8’s version of the Asian trend of mullets?

The Avant-Garde Mullet

The Avant Grade Mullet

This haircut will definitely change up your boyish good look and give a bit of edge to your style. The spikes at the back and the straight lineup add an extra bit of edge to your Avant-Garde mullet.

You can tell your stylist to add some intricate designs on your fade to make things more interesting. However, keeping the originality of this haircut will also make you feel like the main lead of an action movie.

With this hairstyle, you will feel like a member of a biker gang. So feel your inner power and make your confidence blow up with the extra edginess of this haircut.

The Dreamy Boy Mullet

The Dreamy Boy Mullet

Yeonjun, a member of TXT, took everyone’s breath away with his pink mullet. His use of accessories with the otherworldly juxtaposition of retro and modernized Asian mullet made him look absolutely ethereal.

This hairstyle creates a dreamy alluring aura. You can flare up even your usual outfits and brighten up any room you enter with this haircut.

However, having professional help while creating this look is highly recommended. And make sure to ask your professional if the color will complement your skin tone.

It will surely make everyone squeal out of happiness. Get your hair this style without hesitation.

Half And Half Mullet

Half And Half Mullet

In this hairdo, you have to choose two opposite complementary colors that suit your skin tone the best. Then all you have to do is color your hair in half and half. This iconic hairstyle will flare up your style and add a bit of spice to your everyday life.

This hairstyle has been the talk of the town in Hollywood as well but has never been done with a mullet. This iconic styling however will need some professional guidance. So make sure to have proper consultation before getting this absolutely majestic haircut.

Get this hairstyle today and feel the power of a diversely astounding hairstyle!

BTS Kim Namjoon Mullet

BTS Kim Namjoon Mullet

Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS, pleasantly shocked all his fans with his dashing sense of style with his appealing neon-colored mullet. This flashy yet strikingly beautiful styling will give a boost to your confidence.

This hairstyle will make you look cooler than ever. It will surely be a game-changer and help make a fashion statement. With your brave choice of colors, you are going to turn into a great source of inspiration among your peers.

Everyone will go crazy over your bold sense of fashion with this haircut.

The Kokobop Summer Mullet

The Konobop Summer Mullet

When the KoKoBop music video by Exo first came out, everyone flipped out seeing Baekhyun’s gorgeous mullet. His untamed bad boy look made the fans lose their minds.

His sweeping bangs swept everyone’s heart away.

This particular hairstyle has different layers. The front part of the hairstyle looks almost like an ordinary short haircut. But the surprising mix of bright red and maroon and mullet in the back takes the whole hairdo on a different level.

However, don’t be afraid to make your own version and switch up playful colors in between your mullet to customize.

Big Bang G-Dragon Inspired Mullet

Big Bang G Dragon Inspired Mullet

G-dragon, a member of the band called Big Bang is said to be one of the pioneers of bringing the revolutionized form of such unique mullets. He is the king of playful versatility. His bold hairstyles never failed to amaze everyone.

In this hairstyle, his reverse fade combined with extra-long mullet makes him look like a king. If you ever try this one out all eyes will be on your majestic hairstyle for sure.

Be bold and powerful with G-Dragon-inspired Mullet.

The Wavy Mullet

The Wavy Mullet

BTS member Kim Taehyung-inspired wavy mullet is enough to make anyone fall head over heels for you. The pure angelic aura it exudes can melt anyone’s heart.

The elegant softness of this hairstyle will make everyone speechless. It might take a while to style out your hair if you don’t have naturally wavy hair. But we suggest you look at the hairstyle again and we believe that you will understand why it’s worth that extra few minutes.

This hairstyle is to die for! Bring out your soft boy era and melt the hearts of thousands with this hairstyle.

 The Sophisticated Mullet

The Sophisticated Mullet

The half-up ponytail with a peaking colored mullet is making everyone lose their minds for S.Coups, the leader of the Seventeen boyband. The au naturel yet edgy suaveness gives a professional and stylish aura.

This will complement almost any face shape and deeply impress everyone with its refined vibe. The simple uniqueness of this hairdo will help you stand out in any crowd.

This sleek business-style mullet is of peak sophistication. So, style up your hair and look sizzling hot with this haircut today!

 The Back Brushed Mullet

The Back Brushed Mullet

This hairstyle falls in the official look category as well but the pairing up of back brushed hair and mullet makes it look more like a prince charming hairdo. It gives off the perfect red carpet vibe.

Back brushed hair is already considered classy. So, this haircut will only add laid-back sophistication to your visuals. The fun yet debonair look will make a great first impression on you at any event or date or dressed-up casual hangouts with friends.

Look sleek and chic with your back brushed mullet now!

 The Boho Mullet

The Boho Mullet

This is the ultimate example of a business in the front and a boho in the back. And, it added that hint of bohemian flavor with some braid in the back.

The artistic touch of boho mullet will surely make you look hip and edgy. Moreover, it offers a stylish comfortable fashion choice.

Don’t be shy to use accessories as much as you want. From hats to rings on each finger, jazz up your style to your heart’s content.

Flair up your boho fashion with this look.

 Curly Straight Mullet

Curly Straight Mullet

A combination of curls in the front and dead straight hair in the back is what makes this mullet. The delightful straddling between laid-back and sleekness creates a fine dramatic effect on your fashion statement.

This hairstyle will make you feel like a model on the cover of a magazine. The aesthetics are to die for! You won’t be able to stop admiring your look once you get this hairstyle.

However, styling this hairstyle might take a bit of your time. But you can sacrifice a little time for your fashion aesthetics, right?

Maintain your casually playful look with this cute combination.

Stunning Asian Mullets For Women

The best kind of fashion is the kind that works for everyone. And as we have mentioned before, these mullet hairstyles are just like that. You can definitely try out some of the haircuts in the men’s section. However, in this part of the article, we are going to present some ideas that are more popular among women.

The Pointy Bangs Mullet

The Pointy Bangs Mullet

Lee Joo Young, the popular Korean actress gained immense popularity for her cool-girl charm with her mullet. She made all men and women lose their cool over her effortlessly.

Making your bangs comparatively longer and pointy than ordinary mullets is this hairstyle’s main charm. This quick and easy hairstyle will go with your flower-patterned dress, your leather jacket, or your sweatshirt. It’s elegant enough to wear anywhere yet gives a bold smart look.

Get your mullet today, Queen!

The Textured Mullet

Asian Womens Textured Mullet

For this hairstyle, all your hair will be textured giving you proper volume. You won’t have to spend that much time styling it. This haircut offers a maximum cool and chilled look.

The effortless casualness will make you feel refreshed and lightweight. Moreover, with the fantastic change in your styling, you’ll certainly feel empowered.

No matter how you decide to wear this one, you will exude super cute chicness. The disheveled hair will only add to your natural charm.

Unravel the glory of your manes with this haircut!

The Side Parted Mullet

The Side Parted Mullet

Gen Zs are all about keeping their hair in the middle part. Don’t let them scare you from enjoying your side parts. Mullets with side-parted hair look powerful and gorgeously feminine.

You can easily portray your quintessential fashion sense with the haircut. As a plus point, it is even ideal to carry on with your formal or a relaxing getaway. So you can flaunt your new hairstyle anywhere and everywhere with ease.

Get this haircut today and look edgy and powerful.

The Punk Mullet

The Punk Mullet

If you’re looking for a drastic change in your style, then this should be your go-to hairdo. This haircut is for the truly brave and adventurous souls.

For this haircut, you will need to color only the crown part of your mullet while leaving the rest of them as it is. You can even add neon color to make your features eye-popping.

We can assure you that you are not going to get bored with this haircut ever. If you do get bored though then just change up the color of your crown and enjoy the fun pop of colors.

Do not hesitate girl and get this haircut ASAP!

The Long Mullet

The Long Mullet

The best part of making your long mullet in Asian-style special is getting blunt bangs with it. It will not look like an artificially styled hairdo no matter how you decide to wear it.

If you want a neat and clean look with your mullet, then this is your answer. This timeless haircut will look sassy yet elegant. This is more suited for straight or light wavy hair. But you will be able to put a different spin on your hairstyle if you try something new.

If you have trouble explaining the haircut to your stylist, then just show this photo as a visual example. Listen to your feminine urge and get this one today!

The Messy Mullet

The Messy Mullet

Having a haircut that will look good if you don’t style it is everyone’s dream. This is the ideal haircut carrying that dream laissez-faire vibe.

The fresh and youthful vibe of this haircut will energize you automatically. It’s already a messy hairstyle so you don’t have to make a fuss about its styling. You can literally get out of bed and go out. Moreover, they will give beautiful volume to your hair and make you appreciate your look every day.

Carry your innocent tousled look with this haircut.

The Casual Mullet

The Casual Mullet

If you are not too sure about mullets but still want to try one out, then this is your ultimate hero in confusion. The casual mullet is the least adventurous Asian mullet on our list.

This type of mullet will help you with framing your face shape. Moreover, the curtain bangs add multiple layers to your mullet and add a hand to your defined face shape.

Slay in your casual wear and rule your queendom with this haircut today!

Mixed Highlighted Mullet

Mixed Highlighted Mullet

The dreamy and fun combination of blonde and purple in your vibrant mullet could be life-changing. It will transform you into a pretty girl from a surreal dream.

This whole hairstyle looks completely ethereal. People will be pleasantly bound to look your way twice.

However, for this haircut, we suggest you choose two complementary colors that suit your skin tone best. And having professional guidance through the whole process is highly recommended.

We assure you, if you can get the perfect vibe of this hairstyle then your day will get 25% better just by looking at your hair in the mirror.

Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho Inspired Mullet

Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho Inspired Mullet

In the Demon Slayer anime, the character Shinobu Kocho has long hair and bluish ends. This haircut is more of a short and reddish version of the character’s style.

This iconic hairstyle will suit any hair type and help define your sublime facial features.  If you want to take it to another level, then don’t be shy to be fun and creative with color while recreating this hairstyle for yourself.

Don’t forget to add a pair of statement accessories to your attire to flaunt your style. Get this haircut today and feel powerful like our anime girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter how much of a fantastic haircut a mullet might be you are still going to be curious about some basic inquiries. And so in this part of the article, we have answered some of them for you.

Question: What face shape is best for mullets?

Answer: Diamond-shaped face is best suited for mullets. But ALWAYS remember if you are confident enough you can wing any style regardless of your face shape, hair type, age, gender, etc.

Question: How much does an Asian Mullet cost?

Answer: It costs about 15$ to 40$. However, the price might vary according to your customization, hair type, location, and your stylist.

Question: How much maintenance does a mullet need? 

Answer: If you have a decently cut mullet then your mullet will be super low maintenance. You can get the messy textured vibe without styling or maintaining it and the hairdo will still exude its greatness. However, if you paired your mullet with a buzz cut or a fade, getting a trim once every other week will help keep the shape.

Final Verdict

As we have reached the end of the article, we hope we have shown you how these mullet hairstyles can act as a blessing to your fashion statement. This 80s or 90s-inspired look with a few twists will help you rock in retro.

Even though it’s a little controversial hairstyle, nowadays this hairdo has become an almost mainstream trend. So it’s a must-try for everyone. Enjoy the retro vibe and you can even be a fashion inspiration to your colleagues or friends.

Be a part of this phenomenal trend and flaunt your iconic fashion sense with this hairstyle. Don’t be shy to showcase your uniqueness and get your Asian mullet right away!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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