Baby Girl Hairstyles

Baby Girl Hairstyles: 27 Adorable Styles for Your Little One

Baby girls look excellent in almost any hairstyle. But there is time and occasion for everything. Sometimes finding the perfect hairstyle that elevates your baby girl’s looks is hard to do. And we are here to lend you a hand in his matter.

Getting it right simply based on looks is not always the main part. When choosing a hairstyle for babies, some things must be kept in mind. Thinking needs to go into whether a style goes with the outfit of your baby girl to what the occasion is and if the focus should be on the ease of maintenance or rather go with a “heavy” look.

It is also important to consider whether the baby girl will be able to handle it, or if it would be a pain for her to carry. Our guide covers them all so that you have a relaxing experience while choosing a hairstyle for your baby girl.

27 Cute Hairstyles for Baby Girls

Despite looking great in any hairstyles, we have picked the best of the best hairstyles for your baby girl to discuss here. They have been selected based on how they look, how comfortable it is for the little girl, and how effortless they are in terms of getting the style as well as maintaining it.

Go through the guide below to choose the right one for you based on your needs. Let’s do it!

Simple Braid for Baby Girls

Simple Braid For Baby Girls

A simple braid is something that goes with your baby girl regardless of the hair length. It is suitable for any occasion. It also does not take much effort and can easily be maintained.

If you want to modify the braid into anything, that is also possible. For instance, you may use a single braid in a traditional way. You can also use more than one braid and let them hang or design them into a garland. The choice is yours.

Cute Pigtails

Cute Pigtails

Kids are adorable by nature. To elevate the cuteness, if your baby girl has short hair, you can do cute little pigtails. Just like simple braids, pigtails don’t require much effort and can easily be maintained.

Sometimes the look is enhanced through the use of various accessories like headbands, bows, etc. The pigtails may also be very tightly done so that your baby girl can play freely, or you can tie them loosely to ensure good ventilation for the scalp. Do not forget that even kids need good airflow for their hair.


Baby Ponytails

Ponytails are yet another classic hairstyle that does not do discrimination with age. This is one of the hairstyles that can be done very easily. And if it gets messed up, it takes only a few seconds to redo it.

When we are talking about baby girl hairstyles, convenience is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Kids do not give attention to how they look or if their hairdo is getting messed up. Their attention is somewhere else.

Therefore, a little more thought goes into how to keep the hair safe, but not in a way that would require extra work. Ponytails are one of those styles that is extremely nifty.

Little Braids for Baby Girls

Little Braids For baby Girls

When we talked about simple braids, it was for medium to long hair for most of the part. If your baby girl has short hair, a lot of little braids may turn out to be the solution. For this hairstyle, sometimes hair types also play a role.

It is slightly difficult to do little braids if your girl has straight hair. The reason is that straight hair does not help with holding the braids in shape and place. For this, you may have to use a couple of hair bands in each braid.

If your baby has wavy or curly hair, little braids are easy to do. To uplift the mood, you can pick up a particular braiding style based on your expertise and needs. To choose one, you can go through our website.

We have discussed many braiding styles. Although those guides are for adults, the processes are the same. Give it a go!

Simple Layered Style

Simple Layered Style

Layered hairstyles require hair length to be at least medium. As a result, this style is suitable for baby girls who are around the age of 4 or 5. This is an underrated hairstyle for baby girls.

Strictly speaking, a simple layered style is a traditional layered hairstyle. If your baby girl is calm enough to let her hair grow for a few months, you can easily give her this haircut. It stands out without much effort, and it also looks good on your girl.

Layered Bob

Layered Bob

If your baby girl’s hair is not long enough for a classic layered hairstyle, go for this layered bob. It is also appropriate in case your girl has a hard time maintaining long hair.

This is an easy-to-do hairstyle. You can even do it at home. You are just combining a bob haircut and a layered haircut. For this, cut your baby girl’s hair to give her a bob cut but keep the bangs to at least nose length.

When the bob cut is done, cut the bangs to eye length and then from there, start layering the rest of her hair. It does not take more than ten minutes to do this. Be sure to try it out.

Layered with Bangs

Layered With Bangs

Layered with bangs is another variation of layered hairstyle that heightens the look of your baby girl. Preferably, it is done on long hair because the contrast is good with the bangs. The hair also has to be straight for a good look.

For this style, the age of your baby girl should be around 5 at the very least. This is an excellent first-day-at-school style which will make your girl stand out. For a little confidence boost, this is the least you could do for your baby girl.

Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytail With Bangs

Yet another hairstyle that combines two different cuts into one. And it is an excellent one for sure! Ponytail with bangs has been a thing for a long period of time. But the charm of it is still the same.

This hairstyle is suitable for baby girls who are not even a year and half old. And there is no limit as to the age they may wear it. It is an all-time favorite hairstyle. Be careful while cutting the bangs because babies don’t tend to stay still. Apart from that, it is done without any problem.

You may create your own variation by changing the placement of the ponytail. The room is always there!

Double Ponytails with Bangs

Double Ponytails With Bangs

Double ponytails with bangs hairstyle is a more polished version of the previous ponytail with bangs. It is also a pretty-looking style in its special way. It is fun, it is clean. This is a look that all the baby girls and their parents love.

Unlike a straightforward ponytail with bangs, this double ponytail version looks better on girls who are around the age of one and a half or two. This is another first-day-at-school hairstyle that delivers every single time.

Victorian Buns

Victorian Buns

Who thought an old-fashioned bun would look that good on baby girls? It might be surprising to some, but the fact is that this old-school bun hairstyle on little girls enhances their cuteness by numbers.

This is one of those styles that require long hair. It should be medium-long in length at the very least. Enough volume is needed for this ageless beauty of a hairstyle. The puffy, twisted hair in a Victorian bun always produces a delightful look for your baby girls.

Easy Afro for Black Baby Girls

Easy Afro For Black Baby Girls

This is a special one for black baby girls. Depending on the length, this style goes with whatever time of the year it is. But particularly, it is a favorite for the holiday season. Your baby girl’s curly hair has the freedom to grow during this period.

Although it is easy to let the hair get longer, the maintenance part could require a bit more work. If your girl likes to play in the sand, you are going to have a hard time cleaning up your hair.

Nonetheless, it is a convenient style if we think about how you can just let it grow. For alternatives, you can get stylish braids after the holiday is over.

Curly Layers

Curly Layers

Let’s say you are a fan of layered hairstyles. But after some time, simple layered hairstyles may seem a bit plain to you, especially if your baby girl wore that style before. But you or your girl love layers and want to try something new. In comes curly layers to save the day!

Curly layers hairstyle refreshes the look in the simplest of ways. If your baby girl has curly hair, it does not require extra work. You just need to cut her hair into perfect layers. On the contrary, if the hair is not curly then you may use curling rods to curl the hair and give her the ultimate curly layers look.

Curled Bob

Curled Bob

Bob haircuts are usually thought to be appropriate for straight hairs. We beg to differ. It looks excellent with curly hair. And curled bob style is an extremely quick-to-do hairstyle for your baby girl.

If your girl’s hair is naturally curly and the length is medium, you don’t have to do much. Just cut the hair appropriately for a traditional bob hairstyle and you are done. But if the hair is not naturally curly, you might have to put in extra work and curl your baby girl’s hair for this style.

Or you may simply go for a standard bob style if you want. For a charming look, we suggest the curled bob. It is worth that extra effort for sure!

Long Bob

Long Bob

The long bob hairstyle is a variation of the standard bob haircut that offers something new for your baby girl. From its name, you can easily guess that this style is suitable if your girl has long hair.

The standard bob style cuts the hair just at shoulder length. This long bob style for your baby girl goes beyond that. It is preferable that at least 3 inches of hair are left below the shoulder level for this one.

The hair is to be cut all around at that length to create that bob-cut look. Sometimes, a little bit of twist creates a new exciting look for your girl, doesn’t it?

Short Bob

Short Bob

A short bob hairstyle for your baby girl is the opposite of a long bob hairstyle. In this case, hair is cut a few inches above the shoulder to create the bob-cut look.

This one is especially for baby girls who do not like long hair. Shoulder-length hair may irritate your girl because some kids are sensitive to the touch they get from their hair on the neck. A short bob style solves that problem yet holds the sleek look of a perfect bob cut.

Bob with Bangs

Bob With Bangs

In this variation of the bob hairstyle, the focus is mostly on getting the perfect bangs. It is typically thought that bob haircuts come with a perfect bang. From our experience, we can say that this is not the case.

In bob cuts, the focus is elsewhere. Sometimes, bangs do not get a perfect look because they might be cut in layers or may have a one-sided placement. This bob with bangs style produces a flawless round-ish bob hairstyle for your baby girl.

It requires less amount of work to maintain. You just need to redo the bangs every other week with a pair of scissors to keep the look clean.

Fountain Pony

Fountain Pony

Baby girls love a fountain pony! It is one of the most coveted looks for little girls. Irrespective of the occasion, this hairstyle fits everywhere. This is best suitable for girls from babies to infants to toddlers.

There are some variations of this fountain pony look. To tie the hair, rubber bands are usually used. To enhance the fountain, different types of clips and bows can be used. They add a new flavor that the baby girls absolutely love!

Shining Shags

Shining Shags

Suitable for any age, the shaggy hairstyle for a baby girl is one of the cutest you could ever find. It is also a reliable one that you can always go back to if you are unable to pick up a hairstyle for your little girl. To say as it is, there are also not many hairstyles that you can get for your baby girl regardless of the volume of hair she has.

A shaggy hairstyle for baby girls is mostly appropriate for little ones who have a round type of face. An oblong or rectangular type of face would not rock a shaggy look as much. Depending on hair length, this exquisite style can be modified according to your needs.

For faces other than round, the shags can be layered in order to accommodate the face type. And if you are bored with this look, there is always an option to do a fountain pony. Shining shags give you many options, unlike other hairstyles.

Double Knots

Double Knots

Double knots for baby girls is a simple, easy-to-do hairstyle for little girls who have long hair. This one is an ageless hairstyle as well. From toddlers to edgy teenagers to yappy youths to tiresome midlifers to grandmas; you can see anyone rocking this look.

One thing to keep in mind for this style is that the hair must be at least medium-long. Doing this one with short hair will not produce the perfect look. And this hairstyle goes with any shape of the face which makes it an excellent go-to style.

Adorable Pixie for Baby Girls

Adorable Pixie For Baby Girls

Pixie cut for baby girls holds various advantages within it. Primarily, this one offers a great option if you are looking for a short hairstyle for your little one. Mostly suitable for hot places and therefore summertime, pixies for baby girls always deliver.

When you are on the lookout for an excellent style for short hair, never miss the chance to give adorable pixies a go. Instead of getting a plain short haircut, getting pixies provides a look that does not compromise with looking good.

Top Knot Half Up Half Down

Top knot Half Up Half Down

For baby girls, the top knot half up half down hairstyle is another one that falls under the ageless category. It is also another one for the little ones with long hair. The miniature look of this particular style on baby girls makes it extra cute!

However, there is one thing to be aware of. The top knot looks excellent. But your girl may need some directions regarding how to be a little careful when running around with loose hair. Their hair may get stuck into something or get tangled and in turn, may hurt them. Therefore, this hairstyle is mostly an excellent choice for formal occasions or parties.

Baby Girl Hairstyles: Styling with Accessories

There is a plethora of accessories for baby girl hairstyles. Using any of these, or even combining some, may surprise you how the simple use of one or two accessories produces a new look. We are going to discuss the best ones below.

Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are probably the most versatile hair accessories for infants to baby girls. They come in various colors and designs. The range is so wide and always gives you something to work with. There are even assorted packs of butterfly clips available for you to use.

If you want to go beyond simply using butterfly clips on plain hair, know that you can use them in most of the hairstyles we have discussed above. They are the extra touch that sometimes you don’t realize that you need.

Bow Clips

Bow Clips

You have seen butterfly clips come in many colors and designs. Bow clips come in different sizes as well. You can use them as little clips just as they are typically used. Sometimes, parents get them in big sizes and attach them to headbands to create a fuller look. There are options to work with according to whatever way you want your baby girl to look.

Pigtails with Bows

Pigtails With Bows

Baby girls look excellent in pigtails in their own right. Adding bow clips to that produces a cute new look that is not realized until done. Usually, mini-sized bow clips are used with pigtails as they are not the focus and are rather complementary to the hairstyle.

Matching the color and design of the clips with outfits matters most here. In this case, it is suggested to go with the same color as the outfit for your bow clips.

Pigtails with Rubber Bands

Pigtails With Rubber Bands

Using rubber bands with pigtails is another variation of pigtails that can never get overlooked. The rubber bands are helpful if the hair you are dealing with is curly in type. Additionally, simply using rubber bands to tie the pigtails only is another way to go for it.


Baby Headband Style

Headbands are the best friends of newborn baby girls. They come in different styles and colors as well as are made from different materials. For newborns, headbands made out of wool or soft cotton are the best choice.

Sometimes, headbands come with flowers made of the same materials. They magnify the presence of headbands and add an extra cuteness to the already cutest of newborn baby girls.


Flowers Headband

Flowers made from cloth and some other materials work as great accessories for baby girl hairstyles. They can be used by combining with other accessories as well. Flowers typically come as attachable clips which can be used with headbands, rubber bands, or simply as an attachment clip.

Just like it is with other accessories, flowers offer various choices, from colors to designs to sizes to numbers. It is entirely up to you how you want to utilize this excellent choice of accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To make the guide complete, we are going to answer the questions that are frequently asked by parents regarding the hairstyle or hair of their baby girls.

Q: What age should a baby girl get her first haircut?

A: There is no specific information as to when she should get her first haircut. But we suggest that it should be around when she is 7-8 months old.

Q: Which hairstyle is good for baby girls?

A: It depends on the baby girls’ age, hair length, volume, etc. The safest way is to go with the bob cuts and pixie styles if you are unsure. They work with short hair and are easy to do.

Q: How often should I give my baby girl haircuts?

A: Not more than three or four times a year. Let them love their hair as it is. Changing the style too often may cause confusion as well as cause damage to the hair growth.

Q: Why does my baby girl’s hair grow upwards?

A: It is mostly connected to genetics. To deal with it, make sure that the baby’s hair is properly moisturized. Let the hair grow long and comb it down regularly. With time, the upward growth will change.

Q: Does using accessories impact the hair growth of my baby girl?

A: Not necessarily. If the accessories are used in a way that does not damage the hair due to extra pressure or bad placement, the hair growth will be fine. To be extra safe, make sure to not use accessories for a prolonged time.

Final Words

It is understandable that among everything that a parent has to do daily, spending too much time thinking about what should be your baby girl’s next haircut might seem time-consuming. The root is in the confusion as to what hairstyle would be good for your girl as well as how they would look.

As we mentioned earlier, our comprehensive guide has been curated for you only for this reason, to make things easy for you. We recommend absolutely any hairstyle from the 27 baby girl hairstyles we have discussed above.

You will be able to pick up the perfect one for your little baby girl especially depending on the hair length. We also recommend that you try to combine a few hairstyles to create a new one if anything seems super straightforward.

It is often a great idea to let yourself surprise yourself!

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