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8 Fanciest Barbie Hairstyles With Easy To Follow Tips

Have you always loved barbies? Did you want to style your hair like your barbie dolls too? You have nothing to worry about because your dreams are about to come true.

The Barbie doll is a fashion doll which is manufactured by an American company, Mattel Inc. The dolls were first launched in March in the year 1959.

The creator of the Barbie doll is Ruth Handler, who was inspired by the German doll Bild Lilli and created Barbie off of her.

If you are looking for barbie hairstyles, and how you can do these hairstyles on your own, you are reading the perfect article.

In this article, you will find everything about Barbie hairstyles accessories that go with these hairstyles, and how to DIY these hairstyles.

Many of us have played with barbie dolls while growing up. We used to brush their hair, play dress-up with them, and even maintained their love life with Ken dolls. Oftentimes their hairstyles looked pretty unrealistic even though they were spellbindingly beautiful.

Those beautiful hairstyles led us to want these hairstyles for ourselves, but as we were too young and had no clue what to do, we usually just played with them and could only wish for our hair to look like a Barbie doll.

I will personally add some tips and tricks in the article for you to benefit from. Read the article to find out all about Barbie hairstyles and spot the tips and tricks hidden in this article.

Coolest Barbie Hairstyle For All Occasions

Barbie hairstyles have always been a hot topic because they are too stylish to not notice. These hairstyles are too creative, and it makes one wonder whether they can possibly try these out on themselves. Well, good for you, you have me to show you the hairstyles that you can, in fact, do on your hair.

These extremely crazy chic hairstyles are to die for and it is about time we start wearing and flaunting our hair like Barbie. She is a popular doll that every girl, boy, and everyone in between, knows about her.

Barbie is basically the influencer who didn’t come to life because it would be game over for everyone else if that happened.

If you like Barbie and the way she is styled and modeled, you will be glad to know that I have curated a bunch of hairstyles inspired by Barbie, and are possible to do on your hair.

Below you will find the greatest of all time Barbie hairstyle that will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing:

Barbie Ponytail

Barbie Ponytail

This hairstyle for barbie dolls has been very famous from the beginning. There are a lot of barbie dolls that wear their hair in a ponytail. This sleek barbie ponytail hairstyle is everything you would want your ponytail to look like.

It is a high ponytail with a side-swept top and wavy sideburn. The end of the ponytail is styled to curve outwards for the cute vibe. The ponytail has no visible hairband or elastics, which means you have to use your hair to cover it up.

The most important part about this hairstyle is that it should look super sleek and straight. You can not have tangles in your hair. Your hair must be smoothed out with a frizz control spray, and it would work best if you could shampoo and condition your hair before you go for this hairstyle.

You can wear this wonderful Barbie ponytail to a club or a fancy dinner. It is also a perfect hairstyle for themed parties and cocktails. If you like this hairstyle you know it is super easy to do on your own. So, go for it and show some love to your favorite Barbie hairstyle. It’s time to show off that you are a barbie hairstyle enthusiast too.

Lauren Jauregui Barbie Hairstyle

Lauren Jauregui Barbie Hairstyle

Mattel Inc. has a variety of Barbie dolls of its own, but the company did not stop at them, they also made Barbie dolls of famous people including people of color and a lot of minorities to make it a safe and inclusive space.

Mattel is a favorite amongst children because they have dolls that look like them, and they can relate to them. It did start with dolls that only looked like white people with blue eyes.

Since then, there has been significant growth, and they have incorporated a lot of multicultural Barbie dolls with various barbie hairstyles, which includes celebrities that have various backgrounds.

Lauren Jauregui is a Latinx American Singer-Songwriter who was first introduced in Hollywood with her famous band of 4 other singers called Fifth Harmony. The girl band was so famous that Mattel decided to make Barbie dolls for all of the members of the band.

Lauren’s Barbie Doll has jet black hair and wears a hat and cross pendant. Her Barbie doll hairstyle is iconic because of the jet black color it has, and a lot of brunettes relate to it. This also makes it easier for us to wear Lauren-inspired Barbie doll hairstyles because at the end of the day it is still a Barbie doll hairstyle and who doesn’t love a good hairstyle that resembles a Barbie right?

Half-Up Half-Down

Half Up Half Down

Half-up half-down is an iconic Barbie Hairstyle because this hairstyle was loved by everyone. This was different from the usual open hair hairstyles that Barbie usually wore. This lovely hairstyle inspired by her has multiple versions, but this one is by far the best depiction of the Barbie doll hairstyle.

The fringes on the front hug your face in the right spots to make it look more toned and adds dimensions to your face. It makes your face appear more contoured.

Half your hair is gathered and pulled into a high ponytail, and it is feathered to give it a baddie look. The rest of the hair at the back is just beautifully let down to flow over your shoulder and fall perfectly on your torso.

If you love this hairstyle as much as I do, you must try it on your natural hair. If you do not have naturally long hair, you can always find extensions that you can use to recreate this enigma.

Classic Barbie Hairstyle

Classic Barbie Hairstyle

The classic Barbie hairstyle is everyone’s favorite. You can randomly go around and ask anyone which is their favorite, and they will tell you the classic barbie hairstyle where her hair is open, and a little wavy is their absolute favorite.

This is also a classic because the very first Barbie doll had this hairstyle, and over the years this hairstyle was perfected, but the same essence has been maintained throughout.

If you like this hairstyle, I’m sure you have seen celebrities and other famous personalities rocking this hairstyle. It is very easy to achieve.

If you want a step-by-step guide to achieve this beautiful hairstyle on your own, you have to stick with me because I will deliver you the steps to do so that you will thank me later.

Clip Hair

Clip Hair

The clip hair is a cute barbie hairstyle that has been used in a lot of movies and shows because people love seeing this one.

The clip barbie hairstyle is perfect for kids, teenagers, and young adults. Even adults can wear this hairstyle if they think they can rock it like no one’s business.

This hairstyle looks great with colorful outfits and literally any pair of shoes. Using pastel tones for this look will elevate your style, and these colors will give your style a spring vibe.

If you like the clip barbie hairstyle then you can bring your bag of clips and get down to business. You can also get more creative and use various clips to mix and match the style.


Barbie Hairstyle With Headband

Did you imagine Barbie did not require a headband to manage her hair? You could not have been more wrong if that’s what you think because c’mon. Who are we kidding? Barbie is a girl with super long hair, of course, she needs a headband, and obviously, she has an entire look off of it.

The headband look is pretty cool, and it helps to show off your facial features and allows the next person to have a good look at your face. Celebrities love this look and have been spotted sporting it on multiple occasions.

The headband barbie hairstyle is a look for people of all ages and genders because of how amazing it is. This super simple yet elegant hairstyle can be worn in any high-end event because of how elegant it looks.

If you like this look, you should go for it, especially because of how simple it is and because it takes only a few minutes to get the sleek headband look.

Pink Bangs

Pink Bangs

This pink Barbie hairstyle was made famous by the world-famous singer Nicki Minaj. She wore this hairstyle in the music video called Monster. This song was a hit at the time, and rap in the music had the whole world reeling in.

Nicki Minaj made a lot of headlines because of her feature in this song. This is a song by Kanye West and Jay-Z ft. Rick Ross, and Bon Iver.

Everyone loved this hairstyle so much that the number of pink wigs with bangs increased in production by a significant number, and hairstylists got busy reinventing this hairstyle.

Princess Barbie Hairstyle

Princess Barbie Hairstyle

The princess Barbie hairstyle is famous amongst the children because, as the name gives away, this is one hairstyle for Barbie to wear as a princess.

Barbie appeared in this hairstyle in the Barbie movie called Barbie and the diamond castle. This is a famous princess movie, and this movie is about magic, family, and hope.

This movie sends out an underlying message that makes you want to form stronger bonds with your sibling and take care of one another in times of need.

The beautiful Barbie hairstyle was appreciated and picked up from Barbie, and people have incorporated this lovely hairstyle in wedding looks, bride’s maids look, quinces looks, and so much more.

If you want to wear this hairstyle to your event, by all means, you should go for it. This is a great look, and the little messy hair sprinkling out of the beautiful hairstyle allows you to look more vintage and retro.

How To Do The Famous Barbie Hairstyle?

The dream of DIYing a Barbie hairstyle has finally come true. All your wishes have been granted because isn’t this all that you ever wanted as a child?

Do a Barbie hairstyle on your own. There are a lot of great Barbie hairstyles, but today I will give you the step-by-step procedure of the hairstyle that Barbie is famous for. Follow all the steps, and you shall have the perfect barbie hairstyle that you want so badly.

The iconic barbie hairstyle is her hair down. Barbie has very long and beautiful hair that she lets flow down her shoulder and back. This is her iconic look, and I will show you how easily you can achieve this lovely look.

Keep in mind that you might require extensions if you have thin hair because Barbie has super thick and voluminous hair. Now, follow the steps below to achieve this iconic look:

Step 1– The first thing that you need to do is brush out all the tangles from your hair.

Step 2–  Add extensions to you if you have short and thin hair. Adding the extension will make them longer and create a lot of volume.

Step 3– Part your hair in the middle and create 2 sections.

Step 4– Curl each section with the help of a curler or a flat iron.

Step 5– Now, you have to style and set your hair. Use sea salt spray to make your hair look more natural and setting spray to lock your style in place.

You now have the easiest steps to the iconic Barbie hairstyle that you can rock anytime you want.


This article has covered all the aspects of Barbie hairstyles, and you will find everything about these lovely hairstyles.

There is a list of hairstyles mentioned above for you to choose from, yourself. There are a few renditions of the Barbie hairstyles that look better than the actual styles and are simpler to do on your own, so I would suggest you lookout for those.

Below I have answered the frequently asked questions by our readers, give it a read to find out what curious minds would like to know.

Q1. Are Barbie hairstyles hard to bring to life?

Ans. Barbie hairstyles may seem quite tricky to actualize, but they are not as tough to do as they look. These hairstyles are actually pretty easy, and you can do them on your own without going to a salon.

Q2. Can anyone wear barbie hairstyles?

Ans. Anyone with long hair can wear this hairstyle because Barbie has super long hair, which makes it easier to style her hair. If your hair is not long enough, you can always opt for wigs and extensions. There is always a solution for hair problems, so there is nothing you need to worry about.

Q3. Are barbie hairstyles funny?

Ans. Barbie hairstyles are anything but funny. These are creative hairstyles that a lot of people crave to do on their own hair. Barbie is a fashion icon, and everything she does has a purpose, so if you mock Barbie hairstyles, people will question your choices in life.


Barbie hairstyles are a blessing to our hairstyle industry because it is very creative and unbelievably great to look at.

These hairstyles are exclusive and out of the books. People all over the world obsess over Barbie hairstyles and sabotage their natural hair trying to get these hairstyles done.

With this article, you find how to not damage your natural hair and still manage to pull off these extraordinary hairstyles.

Barbie dolls play a huge role in our lives. We grew up playing with them, and every generation after us have been introduced to them too, and the emotions and joy of receiving your first Barbie doll are always inexplicable.

Don’t miss out on these amazing hairstyles. Take some time out for yourself from your busy schedule and revisit your childhood with your favorite barbie hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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