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27 Sporty Baseball Haircuts To Wear Before Your Next Game

Baseball is a sport that is loved by many around the world. Unlike the other forms of sport, the game of baseball doesn’t come with a deadline. The uncertainty the rules bring to the table is one of the reasons why baseball has continued to grow its fanbase and gain popularity since its establishment.

While the game has created limitless memories on the field for the teams as well as the spectators, the players in MLB have also tried to set new fashion trends by wearing and showcasing multiple haircuts that are considered to be ageless these days. One haircut, the mullet to be more specific, was worn so often that it earned itself the title “The baseball haircut”.

Over the years, while the signature look did maintain its consistency and impact, more haircut variations made their debut in an attempt to take its crown. In this article, we will be covering all our favorite baseball haircuts that even an Average Joe will be able to pull off. We will also be sharing some useful tips on how one can pull off their desired look in an easier manner and save themselves from receiving a botched haircut.

What is the Baseball Haircut?

The baseball haircut gained its recognition in the 70s, right when mullets were a staple amongst men’s fashion. Since long hair was one of the trendsetters back then, athletes didn’t really have a problem with incorporating the look, which kick started the movement of keeping long hair in baseball. Some of them also believed that their form and performances were better when their hair was long and voluminous near the ends.

With the exception of its trendy and laid back appearance, the mullet was mostly known as the go to haircut at first. It was also worn due to how durable it was for athletes to wear. However, shortly afterwards, a new haircut, known as the flow, took the sport by storm.

While it is still around and remains a regular haircut for those with long hair, it was initially worn by baseball players due to the resentment they had towards receiving a haircut.

Moreover, since one of the major rules of baseball was to wear a hat at all times, baseball players loved this look, as it allowed them to show the ends of their luscious head of hair. Before losing out to modern hairstyles in the present day, this hairdo was a staple amongst the athletes, mainly because it catered to all hair types.

To this day, the baseball haircut remains a signature look for athletes and fans of the sport. While the name and the purpose it serves are still the same, the layout of the design has changed by a tad bit.

These days, people also move more towards a modern mullet or even shorter cuts due to the harsh and uncertain weather conditions in spring.

Despite the weather conditions, baseball players do pay homage to the initial mullet by adding two or three decals to each side of the mullet. They even sport a Mexican mullet, which involves a regular mullet with a skin fade and a faux hawk all around.

27 Baseball Haircuts to Step up Your Hair Game

Since it’s baseball season, we figured it’d be a good idea to help you with picking your next haircut! The list below contains a series of baseball haircuts that are voluminous, appealing, and convenient for everyday use.

Metro Mullet with A Faux Hawk

Metro Mullet With Faux Hawk

This hairstyle is a great option for all hair types. It contains the perfect amount of density and length for enhancing one’s physical appearance. Due to how low maintenance it is and its short length, this hairdo is extremely manageable.

The wet look is usually obtained through the use of water based hair pomades, which also helps the hair with staying in place during nail biting games and looks good during post-game interviews.

Short Platinum Mohawk with Mid-Fade

Short Platinum Mohawk With Mid Fade

The color platinum has recently gained a massive amount of popularity in the fashion scene. Indeed, the vibrant nature of the color tends to give life to even the most bland haircuts. Light colors also give people’s hair a boost in volume and make the texture more full, which is great for those that are suffering from hair loss or even have a mature hairline.

In the game of baseball, it is solely popular because of its visuals and how adjustable it is during games. It often tends to stay in place because of the short length, allowing the players to perform without worrying about how they look. It also gives the face a more flattering appearance by popping out one’s cheekbones and giving more definition to their jawline.

Mullet with a Temple Fade

Mullet With Temple Fade

This mullet is very common in the game of baseball. Since athletes always have to attend interviews and face media attention, looking good is a priority. While looking presentable is necessary, athletes also take comfort into consideration. That’s when this variation comes in.

A mullet isn’t just known for being adaptable, but is also very low-maintenance, which is good for athletes since they rarely have any time in hand.

Grown Out Side Part Slick Back

Grown Out Side Part Slick Back

This variation isn’t just for adding memorable performances to one’s belt, but to also garner all the attention at high-end events and shows. Not only does it carry an ample amount of density, but it is also the perfect look for those with long hair. This is due to the fact that it can be paired up with anything at any time without looking out of place.

Don’t worry about running late to a party and having to get ready in a hurry, as this hairdo will always stay in place. Just make sure to apply some matt clay and hair mousse to seal the look.

Surfer Slick Back with Waves

Surfer Slick Back With Waves

After the iconic baseball look which involved wearing hats, a bandana is often resorted to by athletes. As the fabric of a bandana is usually more friendly to one’s hair and hairline, unlike a hat, which might cause traction alopecia.

Wearing a bandana not only keeps the hair in place but also allows the hair to absorb a lot of sunlight, which is good for stimulating new and old hair follicles. Let your hair breathe a little. Allow it to have a bit more freedom by dropping the snapback and wearing a satin bandana.

Side Part Quiff with Undercut

Side Part Quiff With Undercut

Bryce Harper is undoubtedly the best baseball player in the game right now. Apart from his relentless consistency and MVP-level performances, he is known for his luscious head of hair.

For this look, the length is quite short, which gives the follicles a ton of volume, even without the use of hair products. The undercut blends in and adds more appeal to the uneven strands of hair on the top by enhancing its contrast. It also complements the scruffy beard perfectly.

Modern Mullet Combover

Modern Mullet Combover

Over the years, a modern mullet has really taken the crown for the best hairdo in the fashion scene by eliminating the rest of the options. Unlike a regular mullet which is more frequently catered for casual events, this mullet contains the charm that only a few other variations could dream to have. Pairing it up with a glossy combover will not only keep the hair in control, but make it look flawless till the end of time.

Voluminous Man Bun

Voluminous Man Bun

While growing out hair is a ritual amongst baseball athletes, no one can deny how frustrating it might be for one to grow their hair, especially during the awkward stages. To make things easier, however, this is the solution they often take up. Not only does a bun keep their hair in its place, but it also allows them to look good for the press.

E-Boy Haircut with Skin Fade

E Girl Haircut With Skin Fade

Whoever said the e-Boy haircut is meant for the “softboy” aesthetic should  swallow their pride and admit defeat. To be honest, while most e-boy haircuts are elegant, this variation in specific is probably the king of the hill out there. The middle-part looks enriched with density and goes really well with the color blonde. It can also be rocked without the use of hair products and can definitely make one’s face more narrow. In addition to all the pros mentioned previously, the main reason why athletes wear their hair this way is because of how short and easy it is to style.

Curly Top with Taper Fade

Curly Top With Taper Fade

Even after having hectic schedules and putting in the work for upcoming games, baseball players have loads of time for trying out new fashion trends. Although this hairstyle has probably been achieved through the use of multiple styling tools and required a visit to the hair salon, a similar one can easily be incorporated by regular individuals. Make sure to plump the hair after it’s wet to give it a new-found wavy texture. Use a diffuser to dry the hair till it’s manageable. Apply some hair custard to style the curls and give it a more natural appearance.

Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour

A side part pompadour is a style that is for the books. It contains the perfect amount of shine and control, which tends to give the wearer an impactful presence. While it is more favorable to those that have silky smooth hair with loads of thickness, it can easily be styled by those with other hair types through the use of different pre-styling routines. Regardless of how the recreated version looks, make sure to pair the haircut up with a suit or a semi-formal attire for achieving the best results.

Medium Length Wet Look with Waves

Medium Length Wet Look With Waves

The more we add to this article, the more we understand why baseball players have long hair. Not only does having long hair save time, but it also looks good even when it’s uneven and messy. While this wet look was probably achieved through the use of water in the middle of a game, it can easily be recreated at home. Just take an ample amount of water based hair pomade, and run it across all the hair strands. While the hair needs to be at least 4 inches long to recreate this variation, it can also be recreated by those with longer hair.

Medium Length Side Part Comb Over

Medium Length Side Part Comb Over

 A side part comb over has always been a fan favorite. Known for its low-maintenance nature, it is very easy to recreate and is known to enhance one’s hair. It is a great choice for formal and semi-formal settings, as well as for those that are growing out their hair. Since the sides are usually tough to ignore and control when growing out hair, seal the follicles by using matte clay. Detect your hair’s natural part and comb it towards the opposite direction to give it more fluffiness and texture.

Long, Luscious Waves with A Hat

Long Luscious Waves With Hat

Growing your hair out but having a hard time dealing with the awkward stage? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Achieve this look to eliminate the chance of showcasing your bad hair to the public while simultaneously showing off the length. Comb the hair down the middle or push it back gently before covering it with a cap. Not only will the hair stay in place, but you’ll also gain more confidence before stepping out.

For best results, use a hat that is made of lenient materials and has tons of space on the inside. This will allow the hair to breathe and reduce the chances of traction alopecia.

Short Classic Slick Back with Blends

Short Classic Slick Back With Blends

You can never go wrong with a classic slick back. It shapes up one’s facial structure and looks perfectly placed each time it is worn. Since shorter hair has healthier strands, the slick back looks more full on one’s head.

While it can be rocked with a beard, those struggling with growing facial hair can also obtain this hairstyle. The requirements are very lenient to recreate the hair, making it one of the best choices amongst this list.

Hard Part Quiff with Undercut

Hard Part Quiff With Undercut

Introduce some uniqueness to your appearance by incorporating this look! It is suitable for all hair types and remains unfazed for a long period of time. Pair the hair up with a subtle undercut to unlock the presentability. To style the hair, take some hair gel or water based hair pomade and work it through your hair. Let it fall out of place naturally to give it a more generic feel.

 Afro Mullet Mohawk with Frosted Tips

Afro Mullet Mohawk With Frosted Tips

While afro hair looks all bouncy and playful from afar, maintaining it might be immensely challenging. Chopping off the length a bit and giving it some spice by pairing it with a fade will definitely keep the discomfort away and maintain the groove of the initial look.

To further enhance the density and make it look less bland, add a hair dye to the ends of the follicles. Doing so will also make one’s hairstyle look more lively, gaining attraction as a result.

Short Faux Hawk with Skin Fade

Short Faux Hawk With Skin Fade

This haircut is a sublime choice for those with fine and thin hair as it will enhance the density and make the shaft look more full. The skin fade will play a crucial role as well, since it will disconnect the sides from the top, adding to the look’s visuals. Complete the look by growing a stubble or a full-on beard and do the look some justice!

Short Caesar Mullet with High Skin Fade

Short Caesar Mullet With High Skin Fade

Caesar haircuts are often compared to bedhead hair due to how messy they tend to look. The intent of the messy texture is to make one’s hair look more full and add to the hair’s contrast. Rocking a mullet with this hairdo and adding a high skin fade definitely helps the overall look. Not only is the hair presented with loads of density, but is easier for users to manage the style as well.

The short length also brings to the table versatility, as users can change up their hairdo as much as they please.

Messy Wavy Top with Taper Fade

Messy Wavy Top With Taper Fade

Wavy hair and curly hair have one thing in common. The messier they are, the more natural they look.

This hairstyle features a wavy hair type and jet black hair, which could be the two crucial requirements that one needs to mirror this look.

Although it contains a subtle taper fade, one can also utilize this hairstyle’s potential to the fullest extent by replacing the taper with a skin fade as well. Doing so will also shape up their face in a more favorable manner, as well as give their facial hair a more noticeable impact if they have one.

Tight Quiff with Subtle Fade

Tight Quiff With Subtle Fade

Quiffs have always shaped up the fashion trends in baseball, and we’re all for it. Not only do they look good on one’s head, but they also give one’s face a slimmer effect, adding more definition to the structure and enhancing their features as a result.

They are also very easy to maintain and don’t require frequent readjustments, which explain why they are one of the more favorable haircuts for baseball players to this day.

Swept Back Braided Mullet with Patterned Fade

Swept Back Braided Mullet With Patterned Fade

If the viking haircut had a close relative, this haircut would definitely be it. Comprising the combination of a swept back look, a mullet, and braids at the back, this hairstyle isn’t just for the field, but also for major events. The braids give the hairdo a playful vibe, which makes it a great choice for those that have a laid back attitude with loads of composure.

On the field, this hairdo is incorporated since it keeps the hair in check and prevents the follicles from falling in one’s face, reducing the chances of getting distracted during tight games.

Platinum Flat Top For Afro Hair

Platinum Flat Top Afro Hair

The flat top has been around for quite some time now. While it is often known for its length and puffiness, pairing it with decals and a high skin fade has become pretty old-fashioned. In recent times, while the hairdo is created in the same manner, people tend to add a new hair color to it in order to make it more interesting.

Amongst all the colors, they almost always choose platinum blond. Truth be told, even we feel that this duo is unbeatable. It gives tons of volume and texture to the wearer’s hair and makes things easier for them to control their afro.

Afro Mohawk Mullet with Designed Skin Fade

Afro Mohawk Mullet With Designed Skin Fade

Blue has always been a favorable color. It has the perfect amount of tone and contrast to drastically change the appearance of anything for the better. While it is extremely uncommon to find in one’s hair, those who wear it always face positive feedback and are showered with compliments. It is indeed a bold move with multiple rewards.

As a mohawk mullet is pretty common to find amongst the players of baseball, standing out is important. This is when the color and the patterns come in. Although this pattern only follows the layout that was asked for, one can also make use of their creative thinking and create a design of their own. Not only will the outcome be favorable, but the hair will also look marvelous in its own way.

The Baseball Haircut

The Baseball Haircut Most Common

This is the look we’ve all been waiting for. Consisting of nothing but a hat and long hair, this has been the signature look in baseball for years. Players as well as avid baseball fans around the world have pulled this historic look off over the years.

It’s not just the visuals, but the sentimental value that plays a vital role behind its popularity. It is no less than one of the essentials that a person needs to truly enjoy and appreciate the game of baseball.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to mirror this look, then this is it. Grow the hair out. Condition it on a regular basis so the strands are consistently healthy. Finish the procedure by purchasing your team’s snapback and wear it with pride!

Short Soft Curls for Mature Hairline

Short Soft Curls For Mature Hairline

Losing hair is probably the saddest phase that one has to go through in life. While it is extremely common, when one’s hair falls out, the chances of growing the lost follicles back are always low. However, losing hair doesn’t mean you can’t pull off majestic hairstyles anymore! Just look at this haircut, for example!

Regardless of what it looks like, this variation can be recreated by all hair types. Just remember to keep it short in the front and slightly short on the other sections. If you don’t have short soft curls, crunch your hair after washing your hair. This will restart the texture of your hair and allow the follicles to change their shape, forming subtle curls as a result.

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

A triple zero buzzcut involves shaving all of it off till the hair is barely visible. Since the requirements are extremely lenient to begin with, this hairstyle can be worn by everyone and anyone. Even though the short length will hardly amuse people at all, it is an excellent haircut that adds tons of shape to one’s face, and gives their whole appearance a slimming effect.

Baseball athletes not only wear it to boast about their lean and muscular builds, but because it saves loads of time. A buzz cut doesn’t require a long shower, regular maintenance cut, and a lengthy hair care routine to look good. Whether you’re having a hectic day or in top form on the pitch, your hair will never look or feel out of place.


Feeling confused when picking the right haircut is normal. Indeed, a hairstyle can make or break the confidence of a person. Getting the wrong haircut or even a botched one might be one’s worst nightmare.

To make things easier, however, we have prepared and addressed a set of questionnaires that are attached right below this segment.

Question: How do you do a flow haircut?

Answer: In order to be eligible for getting a flow haircut, you have to grow your hair out. The hair needs to be 6 inches long before you can recreate the flow haircut perfectly. After the first phase is done, visit a reliable hairdresser and ask them for a maintenance cut. This will get rid of damaged and split ends, which will give your hair a boost in volume. Trim the sides if the length of your hair is even throughout the head. Ask for a temple fade if you want a flow haircut that is more volume-oriented.

Once you’re done with receiving the haircut, invest in good hair products, like hair clay and hair mousse. Investing in such products will give your hair more volume without weighing it down. Once you’ve found the right hair clay, apply it throughout the hair, from the bottom to the top. Close out the look by applying hair spray. Make sure your hair is damp when creating this look so that it’s easier to control and style.

Question: Why do baseball players have long hair?

Answer: Apart from the aesthetics long hair carries, baseball players usually wore them to save time, and their hair! Turns out, multiple superstars of the sport received a botched haircut prior to growing out their hair. The haircuts were so bad that they hampered the performances of the players. To bring back their form and make the placebo effect positive, they made a vow to grow their hair out.

Question: How do I get a baseball haircut?

Answer: This mainly depends on your hair type.

For example, if your hair is more on the finer end, choosing medium length and short length haircuts will really benefit you. It will give your hair tons of shape and frame your face in a positive manner. The hair will also look healthier and be easier to style and control.

On the other hand, those with thick hair can pull off most of the hairstyles in this article. As thick hair has more density, it is more resilient to frequent changes in hairdo. Those with thick hair can pull off these hairstyles effortlessly, as it won’t hamper the quality of their hair in any way, shape or form.

Final Verdict

There you have it, folks! We hope we have done enough to enlighten you with our knowledge on baseball haircuts. We also hope everything we’ve covered helps you with finding your new hairdo! Your hair should look as good as the team you root for. Pair your new astonishing haircut with the jersey of your favorite team. Wear both of them with unstoppable pride!

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