14 Best Neymar Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas With Picture

When we talk about hairstyles of football players, we can’t ignore Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior or simply Neymar. From his classic mohawk style, Neymar  Hairstyles is evolving day by day. Neymar put much effort on his hairstyles just like in his game. Due to this craziness about hair fashion, Neymar is emerging as youth style icon.  So if you are into hairstyle fashion, Neymar can inspire you a lot.

But how he make this hairstyles?

The answer is simple, may be using chemicals, Iron or blow dryers etc. But before you do this haircuts, I will suggest you to go any saloon and know much about your hair first. Its not that easy anyone can simply make spike hairstyles having thin hair. Fortunate are those people who have hairs available to maximum hairstyles.

You will need perfect hair products & tools to get these type of Curly/ Angular Fringe/ Side bun etc hairstyles. Here we will show 14 Neymar hairstyles inspirations in year to year manner.

14 Neymar HairCuts

The Mohawk Style

Neymar’s Signature Mohawk Style is probably the best style to start our list. This hairstyle is the most famous one from this footballer.

The style starts with a stripe of straitened hair coming from whorl of the head towards forehead. 4-5 inch will be the perfect length of the hair stripe, but can vary upto a inch according to your head. There is another stripe in backward side of head stating from Whorl to till your last hair at back neck. The two side of the head will be Low/ Medium Fade.

What you have to do is get your normal haircut at saloon (You must have some inch of hairs falling in forehead). Then wash and clean your hair. Blow air dryer & comb hair in a very straight from whorl to front head simultaneously. Now shave sides to give a stripe look of medium hair. You can use your hand for better job. After 1-2 days you will have a great Neymar’s Mohawk hairstyle look.

Neymars Mohawk Hairstyles

Gelled High with Side Shaved

This hairstyle consists of gelled hair with top high & the sides shaved.  The hair will be parted on the side with longer hairs on the the top to make a height.

For this you have to grow top middle hair longer and shave the sides to shorter. After you have enough long hair in top size it and apply a hair gel for perfect look. You can your hand to give hairs a height on the top.

Neymar Gelled High

Combed Forward

This is actually Neymar’s everyday cut. You should have spiked hair combed in forward manner and lying over forehead. The sides are mid-faded with having stubble beard will give a perfect look.

Combed Forward


Undercut Hairstyle is normally done with full shaved side with upper hair short and straight. It is a very old style btw but Neymar reinvented this hairstyle in a better way. You need to put hair wax to straighten the upper hair. Must remember the upper hair will be combed to a side.

Simple Short

Simple short hairstyle with upper middle hair little spiked. Normally if your hairs are hard & short then you don’t need to put more wax to hold the hair. A blow after hair wash can do the job.

Brushed Up

The hairstyle is named as it looks like a tooth brush upside. Wax+ Blower+ Comb will be the key tool for this hairstyle. After wax, simultaneously you have to blow and comb upside your hair.

Angular Fringe

Similar to Mohawk, but here there is regular backside hair, not long.  Angular Fringe style normally have long front hairs lying on forehead & regular cut on other sides .  Here Neymar choose blonde look but you can try with original hair color.

Mohawk with Braids

So you have an idea about Mohawak style. Now Mohawak with braids is nothing but a ponytail braid at backside. Make sure the braid will be thin & Boxing braid look.

Upper blonde with Side Mixed Tone

Upper part is normally blonde bleached but the side part has fine mixture of small black + blonde hair. You need to hire a hair stylist to do this. It is almost impossible at home.

Thin & Tight Cut

Its almost same as classic black hairstyle. Very thin haircut with low fade full head. We will suggest this haircut is not for summer.

Gelled hair Mafia Look

If you know classic mafia look then this is just the upgraded version by Neymar. The upper hair will be gelled combed to a side and sides will have low fade cut. If you don’t have gel, then you can put wax also.

Messy Look

This one is made of same length of hair all over the head. For professional look  just resize the hair will be sufficient.

Clean Cut 

Nothing special just full head trimmed to root.

Dual Tone Mohawk

This hairstyle is nothing but mohawk with dual tone. Here, the upper part of hair is blonde and all others are black.



So we just covered Neymar’s 14 hairstyles. We hope you will try at home and give us feedback how well you made it. We love to see pics of your hairstyles too. Thank you.

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