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Big Sean Braids Journey: All You Need To Know About His Hairstyles

Taking into account the individual accolades he has under his belt, it seems as though Big Sean was always meant to be a superstar. Big Sean first gained recognition when he was just in high school, and as of 2023, he’s considered to be one of the biggest rappers with the smoothest flow in the eyes of many.

During his early days, Big Sean would always rock a buzz cut, but as soon as he started embracing his natural afro hair, he started wearing braids, which turned out to be quite memorable. In fact, they’re so memorable in this day and age that they’ve got their own name titled “The Big Sean Braids.”

Moving on, in this article, in addition to covering the braids of Big Sean from top to bottom, you will also find all the patterns and braids that he’s worn so far, which could very well be remarkable looks to mimic if you’re tired of your own braids!

A Deep Rewind On Big Sean’s Hair Transformation

Big Seans Hair Transformation

Big Sean is definitely a prominent face in the game of Hip Hop at the moment, but started pursuing a career in music as a teenager in 2006. While his flows were yet to become legendary, the hair he wore back then was also yet to reach its prime.

Since focusing on his career and rising to stardom were easily the two biggest primary goals back then, Big Sean used to take it easy on his hair. He would typically wear a buzz cut, which would often be paired up with a fade.

As the years progressed, his taste in fashion became more experimental, and his hairdo changed accordingly. Instead of wearing a manageable buzz cut, Big Sean started growing out his afro to a certain length, and sealed the short length hairstyle with a blowout. To manage the length of the sides, he would install a taper fade or a high fade, which fit like a glove with his facial hair at the time.

In 2020, shortly after Covid-19 took the world by storm, it was revealed that Big Sean had stopped manipulating his afro hair and began growing it out instead. The release of Tee Grizzley’s “Trenches” didn’t just please the fans of Tee Grizzley and Big Sean, but also allowed Big Sean to unveil his newly polished braids, which turned into an iconic look afterward.

Perhaps the pandemic brought to the table a series of negatives and also made it difficult for us to maintain our grooming routine, but the discovery of Big Sean’s braids, also known as the Big Sean Braids, wasn’t one of the inconveniences.

Big Sean Braids To Consider Before Changing Up Your Hair

Big Sean is indeed a big name in Hip Hop at the moment. From releasing memorable tracks like “Bounce back” to signing a deal with Kanye West, the Michigan based rapper has done almost everything that many can only dream of achieving.

Additionally, now that you’ve gathered a better understanding about Big Sean and all the hairstyles he tried out prior to transforming his naturally playful afro hair into remarkable braids, below is a series of braid variations that he didn’t just showcase to the world, but could also be patterns that you can incorporate into your life and wear them as your own!

From fishtail braids to zig zag braids, here is every kind of braided hairstyle of Big Sean that you can very well replicate today!

Big Sean “Trenches” Braids

Big Sean Trenches Braids

Big Sean’s braids were definitely perceived in a normal light at first, but took the music industry by storm when the music video of “Trenches” hit the shelves. Alongside the marvellous pattern that the braided hairstyle contained, it was also the contrast of the outfit, the disconnection between the hair and the beard, and the neatly put fade that made Big Sean’s braids from “Trenches” so revolutionary.

Additionally, if you too want to give the look a go, you may want to take a look at the video placed below:

Big Sean Cornrow Stitch Braids

Big Sean Cornrow Stitch Braids

Big Sean has been dating musician Jhene Aiko for quite some time now, and while the lovebirds surely don’t shy away from letting their followers know just how obsessed they are regarding one another, they also twin every now and then by rocking the same hairstyle.

While this hair is a bit mild in contrast to most braids, it contains more texture and thickness than the rest of the entries. It is a good look to go forward with if you’re seeking a simple transformation, and your perfect match if you’re all about density!

Zig Zag Braids

Zig Zag Braids

Revealing intricate personality traits is extremely easy when you’re wearing braids, especially when they’re zig zag braids! On top of containing multiple strands that are a bit slanted, these braids are often incorporated because of how easy they are to incorporate.

They’re also extremely weightless to wear, and could be the perfect braided hairstyle to go forward with if you’re shooting a commercial like Big Sean!

Multi Pattern Braids

Multi Pattern Braids

Despite being difficult to wear, braids are beloved in the fashion scene due to how good they are when it comes to protecting the hair. However, you don’t necessarily have to keep it simple when installing braids. Explore your taste in fashion by installing this braided look with multiple patterns.

To increase the contrast of the hair, pair it up with a fade. The fade should be done with a zero guard clipper if you want your braids to look less flat, or be created with a 3 guard to blend in with the multi patterned look on top.

Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids

One thing that people love about braided hairstyles is their versatility, and Big Sean happens to be one of them. They can be worn to showcase complex hairstyles, but can also be designed in a sophisticated way.

While this variant is rather basic in contrast to the previous entry, lemonade braids are mostly worn in formal settings. They also look great when worn with casual getups, and don’t look too loud to take up all the spotlight.

Maintaining Big Sean Braids: 4 Easy Hacks To Consider Trying Out

Consistency should be the main priority if you do start wearing braids like Big Sean. Achieving that trait, however, could be challenging more often than not, but that’s where we come in! Listed below are 5 rules that you should definitely follow if you want your braids to look as healthy as the Big Sean braids!

Moisturise your hair

Since hydration is key when it comes to braids, make sure to moisturise each strand on a day-to-day basis. You may do so by using a leave-in conditioner. To make sure the moisture really locks in and hydrates the cuticles, sprinkle a small amount of water to the hair before using the product.

Consider using oil on your scalp

Since maintaining blood circulation to the scalp is absolutely compulsory to grow out your afro-textured hair without any repercussions, utilise the benefits of peppermint oil and coconut oil to keep your braids as good as new at all times. On the other hand, if your scalp produces loads of sebum naturally, make sure to oil your scalp in moderation.

Protect your hair when you sleep

Since using a cotton pillowcase on the regular dehydrates the hair and scalp, wear a headscarf made of satin or silk before going to bed to keep your hair healthy at all times.

Let your hair down every 6 weeks

Wearing braids can drastically improve your appearance overnight. They’re definitely the best hairstyle to incorporate if you’re craving attention, but could be too stressful for your scalp if they’re worn for a lengthy period of time. To prevent being in an unfortunate scenario, however, untie the knots and set your hair free every six weeks to allow the strands to breathe a little.

Big Seans Natural Hair

What Does Big Sean’s Natural Hair Look Like?

If you’re wondering what Big Sean’s braids look like when they’re not tied into knots, you’re not the only one! Big Sean’s hair journey has been nothing but remarkable, and the series of braided hairstyles he has showcased so far can easily be worn by admirers of his without any complication. However, the appearance of his natural hair should also deserve some appreciation.

Although Sean always wears cornrows or braids when attending high-profile events, he unveiled what his hair looks like behind the scenes on social media rather recently. Sure, the braids always look elegant, but if he ever chooses to pick his hair out and pair it up with a trendy outfit, we’re sure it won’t look too bad!


It’s always easier said than done! So, in order to make things a tad bit effortless, here are some questions regarding Big Sean’s braids that we’ve effectively solved!

Q: What kind of hair does Big Sean have?

A: When they’re not neatly styled through the use of braids and cornrows, Big Sean’s hair is the same as afro-textured hair, otherwise known as kinky textured hair.

Q: Does Big Sean have a hairstylist?

A: Although it was never unveiled to the public eye, it is believed that Big Sean’s go-to hair consultant is the same as Jhene Aiko’s, which doesn’t come as a surprise since the two have been together for quite some time now.

Final Verdict

Big Sean’s music might have inspired many people in his hometown to make changes to their lives and pursue a career in music as well. However, if the existence of his iconic braids, commonly known as the Big Sean braids as of 2024, doesn’t inspire you to grow your hair out, we don’t know what else will!

Additionally, when picking a braided hairstyle, make sure the option you resort to goes with your face shape and hair type. While braids are known for being one of the best protective hairstyles out there, they could also be a bit inconvenient for your scalp and your hairline if the designs don’t pair well with the quality of your hair.

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