Bixie Haircut

Bixie Haircut: The Go-to Hairstyle To Look Trendy

Nowadays people are choosing short haircuts for the sake of convenience in styling and low maintenance. Among these haircuts, different versions of bob, pixie, crop, etc. are famous for their versatile styling options. The Bixie haircut is the delightful combination of two of the most loved short haircuts, the bob cut, and the pixie cut.

Love for Bixie haircuts has rejuvenated after the 90s and spread among women of all ages for its refreshing vibe. The playful feminine side of this hairstyle stole everyone’s heart.

This article consists of some of the bedazzling Bixie hairstyles that you can try out this summer. The female celebrities have a soft for this haircut as well. So we have exhibited a few celebrity-inspired hairstyles and a FAQ zone near the end.

Get your coffee ready and skim through the end of the article to get you fired up for your next hairstyle.

Bixie Hairstyles To Bedazzle Everyone This Summer

The Bixie hairstyle that fell out of favor after the 90s has made a majestic comeback in the 20s era. Everyone is obsessed with its adorable carefree look. Whether you are into quirky hairstyles or sophisticated ones, Bixie has almost every style stored for you.

Hence, we are here with some hair inspirations for your next trip to the hair salon.

The Charming Bixie

The Champing Bixie

For those who want a surreal charming aura, this haircut should be their go-to. With the middle part and textured hair on the back, the extra volume gives off an innocent good girl vibe.

With this haircut, everyone will be mesmerized by your soft and elegant look. It will really bring out your youth. You will immediately steal the spotlight regardless of where you might visit. You will be able to maintain your playful side.

This is a style that we absolutely recommend! You should wear this haircut at least once. So trust us on this one and get it today!

The Vintage Bixie

The Vintage Bixie

Everyone is going crazy over vintage fashion these days. And getting vintage-styled hair in short lengths is everyone’s top priority. In this hairstyle, you will be able to get just that. You will easily rock a side vintage hairstyle with loosely set curls with this one.

The not-so-subtle curls of this hairstyle will amplify your volume giving a glamorous look even with short hair. This is a great hairdo for any face shape but the ones with a longer and slimmer face shape will get a widening effect on their forehead with this one.

Dress up a little queen! And look like the main girl on every occasion with this hairdo.

The Chic Bixie

The chic Bixie

Wide foreheads and square faces can look extremely bold and attractive. However, some people are not really a fan of these facial features. For them, this haircut is a must!

For this haircut, you are going to make your bangs hide your whole forehead. It’s a great hairstyle for an interview and a casual hangout. Your refined charm will make quite an impression on both these settings. If you think that the bangs might be a bit too much then you can just use a setting spray to keep it in one place. It will help brighten up your whole look.

Be bold and sassy with this haircut today!

Curled Up Bixie

Curled Up Bixie

Bixie with curls is one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. It looks flattering regardless of face shape, age, or curl type and you can add plenty of shaping in the back. It requires minimal styling. Hence, it’s a go-to for your busy schedule.

The back side of this haircut is kept longer which creates a mullet meets Bixie vibe. But the extra bit of texture retains the name of the Bixie haircut. It’s a great pick to make a phenomenal fashion statement.

So, don’t hesitate girl, and revel in your natural curls with this haircut!

The Long Bangs

The Long Bangs

The side-swept Bixie requires long bangs like this one. So people might think that they are the same. However, the difference between these two haircuts is that the long bangs one has more textures and a mixture of short and long strands in the bangs part.

It will require minimal time and effort to make your bangs picture perfect. The messy and classy vibe of this haircut is tricky to achieve on other ones. You can even get out of bed go out and still look fabulous with this one.

Don’t forget to get this one as you can easily pull off a sophisticated classy vibe with this one.

The Tom Boy Bixie

The Tom Boy Bixie

This hairstyle will turn you into an instant girl crush. Everyone will swoon over your dope haircut. You can flair up your style by pairing it up with an edgy outfit. But regardless of your outfit, you are going to look lit.

For this haircut, you will have to go a little shorter than your usual bob length and have a side part. Most of your hair will be swept back while leaving two or three strands on your forehead to get that extra snazzy aura.

To look flawless and sharp this hairdo is a must!

Sleek & Chic

Sleek And Chic

This sleek and chic Bixie haircut can transform your whole look. All you have to do is make your bangs extra short to get that extra texture and pair it up with a bit of undercut on the side. And voila, now your own the haircut that will make you look like the model of a fashion magazine.

You won’t need to add any other accessories to glam up your haircut. This hairdo alone is powerful enough to grab everyone’s attention and leave a long-lasting impression. The breathtaking chicness will make everyone awestruck.

To look utterly exquisite with your short hair by getting this one!

Tousled Bixie

Tousled Bixie

To get maximum volume on your Bixie this haircut is a must-try. This is not your basic Bixie. It exudes immense confidence and style. This haircut itself is a statement and puts that much-needed additional zing to your styling.

This laid-back haircut will provide an emo punk moment with its asymmetrical bangs. These bangs also give a bit of a futuristic vibe. It will transport you to the future with its graceful imbalance textures.

It might not be the best look for a business meeting but if you want to try something new and get a bit of volume then this hairstyle is highly recommended.

Beat the summer with this sensational haircut!

Highlighted Bixie

Highlighted Bixie

We are a huge fan of highlighted hair as it has the ability to spice up every outfit there is to exist. For this haircut, you will have a fantastic juxtaposition of blonde and purple on your Bixie creating a visually aesthetic appearance.

The unique part about this highlight is that only the crown part and your bangs will be in a contrasting color to create artistic appeal. You can customize it any way you want and you will never fail to create an extraordinary look.

This hairdo will compliment your bubbly energetic personality. So why not get one today!

The Artsy Bixie

The Artsy Bixie

It’s all about the asymmetrical parting of your bangs for this haircut. This haircut screams ravishingly gorgeous without spending hours in the mirror. Just imagine, having glossy dream-like blue hair like this one! It’s bound to make you feel excited.

You will literally look like an angel descended straight from heaven with this look. However, remember to get your stylist’s opinion while trying out the look. It will give off an air of simplistic and timeless styling to your whole ensemble. If you can achieve this hairdo perfectly then you are going to be the talk of the town.

Show off your dreamy charismatic self with this haircut!

Face Shaping Haircut

Face Shaping Haircut

Undecided on your next look? Then getting a haircut that only enhances your natural beauty could be your answer.

For this haircut, all the hair on your front will be textured in layers to help you accentuate your face shape. This is without a doubt a flattering hairstyle for anyone and everyone. It’s a morning-routine-friendly look that doesn’t need much time, energy, and effort to look to bring out its divine beauty. It will ensure an extremely stylish and modern look. With this one, you can flaunt your volume with confidence.

Get over your confusion already and look dazzlingly picturesque with this haircut!

Bixie With Sidetails

Bixie With Sidetails

Need a bit of dramatic transformation? Then get this haircut and you won’t be able to stop obsessing over your look if you do decide to get this one.

For this unique haircut, all you have to do is keep your side tails longer than your bob and you are good to go. This haircut is bound to look beyond cool.

To be honest we will give this hairstyle an 11 out of 10. So, be your vibrant quirky authentic self with this haircut!

Bixie With Undercut

Bixie With Undercut

Bixie with undercut deserves a spot in the realm of haircut Hall of Fame. It’s a wash-and-wear look that’s great in any kind of attire.

This is a sassy short hairstyle that is perfect for everyone. It will give a boost to your self-confidence. For this hairstyle, you will get an undercut in the back. And you can jazz up your edginess by making a small bun with the rest of your hair and showing off your undercut.

The feminine tomboy vibe works in perfect harmony in this haircut. It is just the right amount of edgy that will look great in any setting as you can easily flaunt your undercut or cover it up with the rest of your hair.

This hairstyle is the epitome of the coolest of cool for your girl’s night out. We can assure you that you won’t regret getting this one.

Your Favorite Girl Bosses In Bixie

Are you still fretting over whether or not you should cut your hair short? Then we are here to help you decide on the ultimate Bixie haircut for you.

The hottest celebrity of this era has more or less tried this one out. So what’s stopping you? Let’s look at the hairstyles of these female heartthrobs so you can get one as well.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke, the English actress famously known for her Khaleesi role in Game of Thrones has swept everyone’s heart with her version of the Bixie haircut. Her side-swept-edged bangs make the haircut more unique.

This haircut has a bold elegance like the actress’s personality. Hence it will work as an instant confidence booster. You can easily bring the “wow” factor to your overall look with this one.

You will look undeniably chic and stylish with this version of Bixie. For something that says simple yet elegant, this one is a great pick!

So, trust us and go get your girl boss on with this haircut.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat

Doja Cat, the American singer, and songwriter take everyone’s breath with each o her new songs and unique fashion sense. Her dark bubblegum pink-colored swept-back hair captivated everyone’s attention. And you can get this hairdo as well to look drop-dead gorgeous.

The usual Bixie haircut provides a lot of texture and movements and volume to the hair. However, in this particular hairdo, the volume is minimized and most of the hair is swept back while some strands of your bangs are loosely kept on the forehead.

This haircut gives the pure cool-girl edge with minimal effort. Once you get into it there’s no going back. So get your hair done and look absolutely hip!

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, the American filmmaker and one of the highest-paid actresses git her whole look changed with a short haircut. And everyone was too stunned to speak.

For this haircut, you are going to have a bewitching combination of blonde and brunette. Moreover, all of your hair including your bangs will be swept back but with a tousled and messy effect. This is quite unique for back brushed hairdos. Because most of the time they give a more refined and kept-together vibe. You are going to look fashionably au naturel.

Is there any reason to miss out on the opportunity to look stunningly messy with short hair? If not, then get this one today.


Zendaya Bixie Cut

Zendaya, the American singer and songwriter never fails to amaze her fans with her awe-inspiring hairstyles. Especially this vintage-inspired finger-waved Bixie haircut is to die for!

This hairdo is rather easy and less time-consuming because your hair will be shorter. And the result can make you cry happy tears. You will feel like the protagonist of a 50s black and white movie.

Most importantly it will enhance your natural facial features to make you look more alluring. Hence we think this juxtaposition of 50s and 90s classy hairstyles should be your next inspiration.

Without further ado, get this version of the Bixie hairstyle and be undoubtedly fabulous.

Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard, the American actress, and all the 90s kids’ childhood crush look good no matter how she wears her hair. In this hairdo, she paired up her Bixie haircut with adorable hairclips looking adorbs.

This is pretty easy to maintain and a youthful look for everyone. With this haircut, no one will be able to compete with your loveable good girl charm. This haircut requires little to no maintenance and can become your new signature look.

Don’t deprive yourself of looking stylishly charming. Get this haircut and bring out your adorable cutesy side with an edge.

Úrsula Corberó

Ursula Corbero

The renowned Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó, from Money Heist, made everyone fall for her with her badass charm and short haircut. This haircut is unquestionably an attention-grabbing one.

For this haircut, you will have extra short bangs and a similar look to a mullet. It will look best if you pair it up with a leather jacket but will make you look strong in casual wear as well.

You can create a show-stopper look with this haircut and look effortlessly cool. The gorgeous volume of your short bangs will look impressive no matter what you decide to wear.

Bring out your badass alpha female vibe with this haircut today! It will surely win the hearts of everyone.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh is always rocking her natural look and with this short hair, she looks prettier than ever. The English actress makes everyone squeal with her pleasant smile and unbothered Bixie hairdo.

Her haircut will look best on slightly wavy hair. It’s a winning pick for everyone regardless of age. You can cherish your youthful appearance with this haircut. You are going to look different with a 90s summer vibe.

This youthful hairstyle is flawless for sure! So try this one out asap and be your usual charming self with ease while you wear your hair like this!

FAQ Zone

As previously mentioned, the Bixie haircut is now part of the trend. But you can’t just follow the trend without knowing the basics about the hairstyle. Therefore, in this part of the article, we are going to answer a couple of questions that might help you decide on your haircut.

Question: What is the difference between a Bob and a Bixie?

Answer: The main difference between a bob and a Bixie is in the “laid backness”. While the bob haircut gives off a more refined with less texture, a Bixie on the other hand will give a tousled textured effect.

Question: How much does Bixie haircut cost?

Answer: Depending on your customization, hair type, stylist, location, etc the price range of any hairstyle can change. But the basic Bixie haircut usually costs between $60-$80.

Concluding Remarks

Just because a haircut is trendy doesn’t mean you HAVE to do that right away to not feel left out. However, the Bixie haircut is special because of all the convenience and versatility it offers. So you can trust us and get it right away. It will look good regardless of your face shape or hair type.

As you have already seen in the article, the Bixie haircut has been popular among celebrities of all countries and regions as well. It will make you look effortlessly cool with sophistication. Moreover, you can always customize your haircut to showcase your uniqueness.

Your haircut has the ability to boost your self-confidence at any given moment. Hence find a skilled professional and show one of the styles as an example to get one of your own choices.

So do not hesitate any longer and get your hair done today to bedazzle everyone.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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