Blonde Box Braids

31 Snazziest Blonde Box Braids That Are On Fleek

Box braids have always been a top-tier hairstyle. But you can easily flair them up even more by adding a touch of blonde into the mix!

Whether you want full blonde box braids, blonde ombre, or a mix of black and blonde braids, the possibilities are endless!

You can wear this hairstyle any time of the year as it will protect your hair from the jarring cold while keeping your head cool in the heat. Once you decide to oomph up your box braids with blonde, no one can stop turning heads at you!

Follow this article till the end to learn how to do these particular hairstyles at home by yourself, things that you should be aware of during the styling process with some of the most unique box braids with blonde overtones. It also explores some common care guides that you can apply for maintenance, and answers some of the most commonly asked questions.

So let’s not wait any longer as so many signs are telling you to go blonde box braids right now!

DIY Blonde Box Braids At Home

If you are not sure about spending bucks at a styling salon for blonde box braids, we recommend you try it at home first!

Whether you are a regular box braid enthusiast wanting to spice up your locks with some highlights, or a complete newbie who wants to try blonde box braids for the first time, here is a complete guide to trying this superior hairstyle at home!

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

Prepare your hair before you start with the braiding. Wash your hair thoroughly and dry it well. You wouldn’t want your hair to be damp when you braid them!

You may apply your usual hair care routine before starting the process. Hair oil, serum, or any type of conditioner to nourish your hair would be great!

Step 2: Gather Your Tools

Box braiding your hair would require a lot of your time and patience. So, it’s better to gather all of your tools beforehand to skip the interruptions. You would need:

  • Loads of rubber bands
  • A hair straightener or a blow-dry
  • A brush
  • A sectioning comb
  • Hair pomade or gel
  • Blonde hair extensions (Or of any color you prefer)

After you’ve gathered all these, you can start with the next step!

Step 3: Arrange Your Hair

You need to arrange your hair first to make the braiding process easier. If you have straight or wavy hair, you may skip the process of straightening them.

But having curly hair would require some brushing out and heating up to loosen some of the tightness of the curls.

Once you’re done with that, you can start sectioning the hair any way you want! Take small sections of your hair and divide them on your scalp in preferred shapes.

You would want to save the sections by tying them with rubber bands. Don’t worry if your sectioning doesn’t look as clean as you expected! You’ll get better in time, and who would judge your braid parts anyway!

Step 4: Start With Braiding!

Take each of the sections and add a tiny bit of hair gel to the roots of that part so that it stays nice and tight.

Now some of the hair extensions wrap their middle part around your real hair to lock it up. Then continue with braiding in the usual way with one part of your real hair and two parts of the extensions.

Step 5: Seal The Braid

Once you’ve reached the end of your hair with braiding, tie it up with rubber bands and cut off the excess of the extensions.

It’s better to choose extensions longer than your real hair as you can always cut the extensions off, but not your real hair!

Step 6: Repeat With Patience!

Now repeat steps 4 and 5 with the other sections you’ve prepared! It’s a lengthy process but once you’re done, you’d slay for weeks! So don’t give up in the middle!

If you want a visible tutorial of DIY blonde box braids, you may watch this brilliant video to get a glimpse of how easily you can achieve this style at home!

So, try out this DIY hairstyle to check your comfort before you jump into your decision to go queens-y!

6 Things To Be Wary Of While Doing Blonde Box Braids

While doing your blonde box braids, there are some tricks you need to focus on for avoiding any possible mishaps! Here are some things that you might wanna watch out for!

  1. Dry your hair completely before starting with the braids.
  2. Avoid making the braids too tight at the scalp. It might hurt and loosen your roots in the long term!
  3. Nourish your hair before braiding them. It would lock all the goodies into your braids.
  4. If possible, avoid putting too much weight on your braids to cut off the tension on the strands.
  5. Measure and cut your extensions beforehand to avoid unevenness.
  6. Brush the hair well to make the braids look cleaner.

So, prepare beforehand and have fun doing your blonde box braids at home!

31 Unique Blonde Box Braids Styles

Blonde box braids can give you an elegant yet free-spirit look. You can keep your braids down for a casual zing, or you can tie them up into a ponytail or a bun to look a little polished.

So are you wondering how to take your blonde box braids up a notch? Worry not as we have gathered some unique blonde box braid hairstyles to go with your vibes!

Classic Blonde

Classic Blonde

Let’s start our list with the classic blonde style which is enough to give you a simple and elegant look. To become a blonde baddie, we recommend choosing a bleached blonde pre-stretched braiding hair as it will be the perfect choice for a classic style.

The box braids are beautifully done throughout the hair using the perfect shade of blonde. This is a great choice for beginners to avoid extra confusion because this style will be the perfect first choice.

We love the length of the hair as well as the size of the braids. If you are a fan of box braids that reach beyond the waist, give this style a try!

Small Blonde

Small Blonde

Box braids that are smaller in size are one of our favorites, as the outcome of styling is quite appealing and intricate. You can be bold while adorning your hair, so choose different shades of braiding hair along with the classic black ones, such as the blondes and browns.

These small box braids with a mixture of blonde, black, and brown are one of those hairstyles you need to try asap! It is so chic and is neatly done using different techniques such as combining brown and blonde braiding hair in the same braid.

The hairstyle includes both square and triangle box braids for that extra elegance. The blonde braiding hair has created a mesmerizing effect that we just can’t get enough of!

Medium Blonde

Medium Blonde

Medium-sized box braids are larger than the smaller ones, but they are just as exclusive as the other ones. It actually depends on which size of braids you would like to try out, so if you are thinking of changing your hairstyle, medium box braids can be a good pick.

For instance, this hairstyle with blonde and black medium box braids is quite gorgeous. The length is amazing but what makes the hairstyle stand out are the blonde braids made throughout the hair.

These black and blonde knotless box braids in medium size are complemented by the slayed edges done at the front, which makes it look cleaner and more beautiful.

Large Blonde

Large Blonde

Large box braids are always extra beautiful as they give you a chunk vibe with an instant baddie look. The hair is sectioned off in larger parts for the large box braids, so the braids look beautiful from the roots to the ends.

Classic black braids are the most popular ones when it comes to large box braids, but for an exclusive and fancy look, you can try out blonde pre-stretched braiding hair. Remember to choose a blonde shade that matches your personality and vibe.

If you love the golden blonde color for your hair, this style can be a great option. The knotless braids perfectly match her features and the slayed edges create that extra sophisticated look for a gorgeous day out.

Jumbo Blonde

Jumbo Blonde

What’s the thickest box braid in the town? Well, jumbo box braids for sure! And when it comes to jumbo braids, the jumbo knotless ones are the most famous ones that ladies have flaunted from time to time.

Jumbo box braids are thick in appearance and they are preferred by many women as these braids require comparatively less time to be done. So if you love to go for quicker hair styling sessions, jumbo box braids can be your best choice.

These blonde jumbo box braids are done using two different shades of blonde, which makes her hairstyle modish and fashionable. The chunky feeling of the braids is what captures our attention the most. Overall the style is very neat and precise, so you can give it a try.

The Long Bob

The Long Bob

Lobs are always a good option for women who love to keep their hair within short to medium length. We have seen women of different ages carrying their black long bob box braids gracefully, but to upgrade your hairstyle, you can go for the blonde look this time.

This long bob with the combination of black at the roots and blonde down the length is a recommended style for all the classy ladies out there. Not only are the box braids neat, but they have also been given a different look at the ends without the classic style of sealing.

We recommend this hairstyle for summertime if you want to keep things short and compact. This is a great option for regular activities as well.

Red and Blonde

Red And Blonde

We always think that trying out vibrant hair colors is a great way to elevate your hairstyle. It takes a lot of guts to switch up your entire hair color, so our suggestion is-start small. Just add a few braids in vibrant colors such as red to take your hairstyle to another level.

This hairstyle combining black, blonde, and red braids is so cool to look at. It totally screams festive vibes and the neatly done box braids are gorgeous to look at.

You can adjust the colors according to your preference, but these bold shades are absolutely stunning for starters. If you are a player or support any specific team in sports, then you can choose those colors to adorn your hair as well.

Pink and Blonde

Pink And Blonde

Another one of our favorite colors to try on box braids is the subtle shade of pink. If your intention is to look classy and cool at the same time, then try out pink box braids along with your blonde ones.

For instance, this hairstyle is all about that funky vibe with a dash of elegance, the bubble gum pink is so cute to look at, and the intricately done box braids are all about those neat and tidy styles.

For a girls’ night out to a rock concert, this hairstyle will be a great companion!

Blue and Blonde

Blue And Blonde

Blue is that color that expresses royalty, but when you incorporate this color into your hairstyle, it becomes the ultimate statement of boldness. Let’s be honest, trying out a shade of blue takes a lot of guts. But once you achieve that vibrancy on your hair, you will never want to go back to your regular hair color!

Box braids are versatile on their own, so you can experiment with different colors and styles on these braids to make them more attractive. This particular hairstyle with blue and blonde box braids is our new favorite because of its coolness and elegance.

We love how some braids have been done combining both blonde and blue hair, and the highlight of this entire hairstyle is the curly ends for us. With this hairstyle, you can rock the world with confidence like never before!

Blonde Multi-Colored

Blonde Multi Colored

We believe there should be no rules when it comes to choosing colors for your hair because coloring hair is all about expressing your inner self. Just like that, you shouldn’t have to worry about sticking to the regular styles while going for box braids.

Choose different colors of braiding hair to make your style more stunning. You can pick darker and lighter shades of blonde, or take different shades of brown into account. Combining these colors with regular black box braids will make your hairstyle a showstopper.

This multicolor hair look with black, brown, and blonde box braids is all about being trendy and classy. The way these shades are playing throughout the hair makes us want to try this hairstyle right at this moment!

Blonde Top Bun

Blonde Top Bun

Box braids are popular for their length and flowy vibe, but it is no longer a secret that you can style your box braids to your heart’s desire. One of the most popular ways to style your box braids is doing a classic top bun.

Buns made out of box braids are so exquisite because of their beautiful size. It doesn’t require much to do these buns, all you need to do is gather all your hair together and take them to a bun position and make a gorgeous bun out of your braids.

This beautiful blonde bun sitting on top of her head is so elegant to look at. You can try out this hairstyle on formal as well as informal occasions.

Ponytail with Blonde Box Braids

Ponytail with Blonde Box Braids

Another way to style your blonde box braids is by making a ponytail out of them. A high ponytail is always cute and chic, so when you make a ponytail out of your box braids, it looks super exclusive.

This combination of black and blonde box braids is so gorgeous, and the ponytail looks perfect for any occasion. The ends of the braids are beautifully curled, so this is a hairstyle that you can try out for sure!

Blonde With Peeking Black

Blonde With Peeking Black

If you have naturally black hair but want a blonde box braid, then this is THE most convenient box braid hairstyle for you.

Two parts blonde extensions with one part of your natural black hair will create a depth in your blonde box braids.

This gorgeous combination of golden blonde and black box braids will definitely make you look majestic!

White Blonde Box Braids

White Blonde Box Braids

If you want to go full snowy with your blonde box braids, then try this luscious mix of platinum and golden blonde!

You can go different shades of blonde with this one. Milky white, warm blonde, moon silver, or a mix among these three to increase depth – literally anything would look eye-catchy!

The Honey Blonde

The Honey Blonde

Mix your natural black hair with golden honey blonde box braids to get a glow you’ve never seen before!

If you have a naturally warm skin tone, this honey blonde box braid would suit you like your significant other!

Black And White Blonde

Black And White Blonde

Give your hair a cool Black ‘n White effect with this edgy black and white blonde box braid style!

Make some of your braids with black and the rest with pure white extensions. You can try slightly silvery white shades as well if that suits your taste more.

Either way, this black and white combo would add a dash to your blonde box braid style!

Brown and Blonde

Brown And Blonde

You can skip the black braids and try out brown and blonde box braids to give your hair an extra dose of style and elegance. When the sunlight hits your hair, it will be a perfect time to click a selfie with this glamorous hairstyle.

This look is an example of the beauty that brown and blonde box braids carry. This combination is the best pick if you love lighter hair colors. You can also see that a few baby pink braids have been added to the style, which gives it that cool and funky vibe along with the polished look.

Burgundy and Blonde

Burgundy and Blonde

Burgundy is a commonly used hair color for its luxurious elegance. Combining it with streaks of blonde can give you an outstanding result. So for your next box braiding session, choose burgundy and blonde braiding hairs without giving a second thought.

If you are still worried that these colors won’t be suitable for you, keep your worries aside and see how gorgeous this lady looks with a head full of chunky burgundy and blonde box braids.

The jumbo braids are beautifully done and laid out, plus golden hair rings are placed randomly throughout the braids to make this look more gorgeous.

Black and Blonde

Black and Blonde

Combining black and blonde in box braids has been going on for a while now, so this can be considered as one of the classic hairstyles in the realm of box braids. Adding blonde braids along with your black ones make your hairstyle more charming and elegant, so this one is a must-try!

In this picture, a lighter shade of blonde is being accompanied by the darker black shade, which creates a clear contrast and makes an outstanding first impression. The blonde braids are distributed randomly to create a dual effect.

We recommend trying out this hairstyle with different shades of blonde to match your preference.

Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids are the new rage as it lessens the weight on the scalp. So, if you’re afraid of the tension pulling at your hair strands, then knotless blonde box braids are the perfect solution for you!

Knotless box braids don’t require any knot at the root, and neither at the end. Keep your braids open and seal the ends of the extensions with hot water. Your knotless blonde box braids will carry you as light as a feather!

Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Enhance your blonde box braids and give yourself a surreal look with beads. Add hair extensions over your natural hair, be that a matching color or a daring blonde to build a phenomenal effect with your crystal beads!

And on top of that, adding rows of beads to those blonde box braids will look as expensive as you are, your majesty!

Mixed Blonde Box Braids

Mixed Blonde Box Braids

If you’re the type of person who believes in life being a box of chocolates, then this mixed blonde box braids style can be your icon!

You can mix different shades and levels of blonde extensions to your natural hair, and your braids will look unpredictably bold! No one will ever know which shade they’ll get if they pick one!

The Blonde Ombre

The Blonde Ombre

Ombre blonde box braids will give an extra definition to your hair and face. Build your braids with extensions with a blonde ombre effect.

You may keep the ends knotless or knotted to suit your taste. Your ombre blonde box braids would look great either way!

Cruella De Vil Blonde Style

Cruella De Vil Blonde Style

If you’re one of those children who grew up loving Cruella de Vil, then this blonde box braids style is a sine qua non for you!

Do your right half of the box braids with black extensions, and the left half with pure white blonde extensions and your fashion icon now lives within you!

Unicorn Blonde

Unicorn Blonde

Going all rainbows and unicorns is a great choice to lift up your own spirit as well as others around you!

Make each braid with an unpredictably different color to achieve this cute unicorn-y style. Try to choose light and bright shades of sky blue, pink, orange, lavender, and yellow.

You can also try this unicorn blonde box braids style with pastel shades of these colors to make them extra cute and bubbly!

One-Sided Blonde

One Sided Blonde

If you have intense confidence in a particular side of your face, then you can dare to try this one-sided blonde box braids style!

Braid one side of your head with cornrows that lead the braids to the other side of your face. Then box braid the rest of your hair with blonde extensions.

With clean edges and waxed baby hairs, this blonde box braid style will look polished and elegant. So, try it out for a flair of sophistication!

Half Loose Blonde Box Braids

Half Loose Blonde Box Braids

This half-loose and half braided blonde box braid style will make you more unique than the rest of the mob!

Make some of your parts braided and keep some unbraided with the extensions. Curl the unbraided ones to give an extra textured effect. Try this out if you ever run out of your box-braiding patience!

Blonde Box Braid With Bangs

If you want to go a little Harajuku with your blonde box braids, then try out this box braid style with heavy bangs at the front!

You may add flares of bright colors to your blonde box braids to bring more of the spirit of Harajuku fashion.

Go, live your fashionable dream with these blonde box braids now because no one can stop you!

Blonde & Wavy Ends

Blonde & Wavy Ends

You can spice up your knotless blonde box braids with a curling iron in a flash! Just curl up the knotless open ends of your braids and it will instantly give you ultra-modern volume and texture!

You can try loose waves, tight curls, beach waves – experiment with the types of curls to create new vibes! You will look like a badass goddess anywhere you go!

Blonde & Messy Top Knot

Blonde & Messy Top Knot

If you want to go a bit corporate yet nifty, this blonde box braid messy topknot will give you an elegant, chic impression!

Tie up your blonde box braids into a topknot and bring parts of some braids out of the knot to create a messy look. It is as easy and effortless as a regular messy bun is.

So top up your casual fashion with this blonde box braid style!

Sakura Pink Micro Knotless Fusion

Sakura Pink Micro Knotless Fusion

You can achieve this insanely surreal blonde box braid look and become a candy-floss pink goddess!

For this look, you need to choose the shade of the extensions carefully. Pastel shades of pink will enhance your elegance and give you a dreamy look. Try micro box braids instead of regular to soften up the look even more.

So, make everyone worship you like they romanticize a fully bloomed cherry orchard!

How To Maintain Your Blonde Box Braids

Blonde box braids might take a lot of time when you do it, but trust us when we say that it is one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles ever!

It will save your time every day when you don’t feel like styling your hair at all as it is already styled! And it will also save time when you do want to style up for a bit!

And when it comes to hair care for your blonde box braids, it is actually easier than it looks!

Here’s how to maintain your blonde box braids so they can carry your looks every day!

  1. Wash your blonde box braids when you need to. There is no fixed rule to how frequently you should wash your hair, so no rule for your box braids as well. It differs from person to person, so don’t believe otherwise!
  2. To wash your blonde box braids, dampen your hair at the shower first. Make sure to dampen the roots carefully.
  3. Apply your preferred shampoo to the roots of your hair. We recommend this moisturizing and restorative shampoo for your blonde box braids as it would treat your damaged and color-treated naturally curly hair.
  4. You can also try this spray-on shampoo for your blonde box braids for easy application.
  5. Try to emulsify the shampoo in your fingers before massaging them onto your scalp. Avoid lathering the shampoo on your braids as that would create frizz.
  6. Once you’re done with covering all of your scalps with shampoo, rinse it with water. Don’t worry about cleaning the braids. The shampoo will glide down through them when you rinse and clean the braids in the process.
  7. After rinsing the shampoo thoroughly, gently apply your favorite hair conditioner to the braids. Try this conditioner specifically formulated for moisturizing and defining frizz-free curly hair.
  8. Rinse the conditioner off your hair according to the instructions of the bottle and wrap your braids gently in a towel.
  9. Once the towel absorbs the excess water, dry your hair with a blow-dry.
  10. While your scalp is still a little damp, apply your regular hair care product to lock the moisture in. You can apply this braid-styling mousse to give your braids a frizz-free, sleek shine.
  11.  Applying a little bit of hair oil can go a long way. It would nourish your scalps more than you can imagine!

So, now that you know how easy and effortless caring for blonde box braids is, keep jazzing up your style as much as you want!


At this point, we guess you are filled with some questions about blonde box braids. So here are the answers to some common questions that you might be thinking of right now!

Q: How Long Do Blonde Box Braids Last?

Ans: Blonde box braids usually last for 4 to 6 weeks. They usually start to come loose at the roots when the hair grows a little.

Q: Do You Need Extensions For Blonde Box Braids?

Ans: Usually, yes. Adding extensions would make your braids full and thick. Normally, none of our hair is bulky enough for clean box braids. Moreover, if you have naturally dark hair, you may need blonde hair extensions for your box braids.

However, if you want to try blonde box braids just for fun, or for your child, you can skip the extensions and just have fun with braiding!

Q: Can I Dye My Hair Over The Blonde Box Braids?

Ans: No, it’s a bad idea to dye your hair after making blonde box braids. It will make your hair look patchy and nasty when you unbraid your hair later. So, dye your hair before doing the braids, or use colored extensions.

Q: Are Blonde Box Braids Good For My Hair?

Ans: Blonde box braids can be good for your hair depending on your hair type. They give you and your hair a little break and will save your hair from external pollution. They can be more versatile while saving your time.

Q: Do Blonde Box Braids Feel Painful?

Ans: Your blonde box braids may feel painful for a day or two at first. But then it will get better as the hair keeps growing, it will get loose. However, if it hurts unbearably, then it means your braids are too tight.

Q: Do Blonde Box Braids Damage Your Hair?

Ans: Blonde box braids may cause major hair loss if they are done too tightly. They would pull at your roots and make them loose over time. A nice alternative can be switching to knotless blonde box braids as they lessen the tension pulling at your hair strands.

Q: How Much Do Blonde Box Braids Cost?

Ans: It depends on your location, the professionalism of your stylist, and the size of the braids you want. Blonde box braids can cost anywhere between $75 and $450. As it is a long-term investment in your hairstyle and hair care, don’t be scared to try it once in a while!

Final Verdict

Our final verdict after this journey through the article is – you MUST try out one of these hairstyles at least once in your lifetime, rest assured it’ll be worth it. And additionally, our guide & instructions will help you perfectly achieve your desired style of braids precisely!

This South African hairstyle started off with long, flowy, pitch-black braids for women of high class, but now it will speak for you when you style it the way you wish!

Blonde box braids will carry you with style, elegance, and culture while resting your hair until they gain all the life back from a deep slumber.

So, play with your blonde box braids to your heart’s content as if you’re back to your colorful childhood!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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