Blonde Buzz Cut: 19 Ways To Look Unapologetically Sexy

Are you looking for a short haircut design but worried that it might compromise your styling potentials as most of the cuts under this category do? Then I have an easy yet powerful solution for you – get yourself a blonde buzz cut.

Whether you’re an influencer, work at a corporate office or an individual who prefers a low profile, a blonde buzz cut will certainly cater to each of your tastes. I can guarantee 100% that this haircut will instantly elevate your whole look.

That said, I recommend you to keep your natural features in mind and get a hairstyle that plays in hand of your authentic traits more, like your facial shape or the texture of your hair.

Moreover, trimming your beard or growing a stubble can help you be the trendsetter in any given context, and there are a lot of choices out of which you can place your consideration.

The detailed list I’m providing here consists of iconic samples to help you navigate through a variety of options. Moreover, male celebrities in blonde buzz cuts should aid you through your ideation process with their impactful looks.

So chop chop and get scrolling!

Bold & Blonde Buzz Cut Concepts

In my opinion, buzz cuts dyed in blonde oozes edginess and bold arrogance. With the relaxed and effortless vibe, I swear you are about to bless everyone with your stunning haircut.

I opt for this trend of hairstyle whenever I am in the mood for a drastic change. Now it’s your turn!

Induction Buzz Cut

Induction Buzz Cut

Induction buzz cut with a blonde tone is one of the most famous takes on the classic buzz cut.

This lies at the shorter gradient of buzz-cut lengths.  However, this look incorporates the statement “the lesser the better”.

With hair this short, you will get the benefit of less maintenance. A 0.5 or 1 guard all over is enough to get this look at home.

I usually opt for this hairdo when it’s scorching hot outside. And I make it blonde on purpose to match the energy of summer. The fresh breeze feels good on my scalp. Moreover, I feel like a new person and more youthful than ever.

I lend my personal design to the clients who have receding hairlines to make them appear more natural.

Go Platinum

Go Platinum

Whoever thought that whitish hair makes you appear as an old person clearly hasn’t seen platinum blonde. This hair color exudes an expensive taste.

Platinum blonde and buzz cut pairs can enhance anyone’s look in an instant. I usually suggest this one for customers who have a darker shade and want to opt for a drastic change.

To make this haircut appear stylish, I make a shape up creating a beautiful hairline. The more precise the shape up will be the more masculine you will look. It helps make the haircut look nice and clean.

As this haircut is comparatively on the longer side, I think this one is safer to incorporate for beginners.

Shade With Fade

Shade with Fade

A buzz cut with fade alone can create an exceptional hairstyle. To elevate this look, getting it blonde is a superb idea.

I have had my fair share of buzz cuts in my store. This is one of the most commonly requested haircuts I was the recipient of. Hence, I try to use my creativity to make it unique every time.

Among all the experiments, creating a faint shade of blonde with a fade buzz cut is my favorite.

For this haircut, I make sure to keep the crown a little darker. And as the hair moves down to the forehead it keeps getting lighter.

This small yet unique touch is what makes the simple hairdo into something special.

Cold As Ice

Cold As Ice

The shade of this blonde buzz cut is similar to the shade that Elsa has in Frozen. This icy blonde shade oozes a powerful aura like no other.

Not many people opt for icy blonde. However, each individual I applied this style on looked like a fashionista whenever they wore one.

I urge you to keep a shape-up beard within a dark shade to make it look more attractive.

Remember, this shade of blonde is a tad bit harder to achieve at home if you have no prior experience. Hence, I suggest paying a visit to your nearby salon to perfect this top-notch hairdo.

Blonde And Black

Blonde And Black

A combination of dark and light shades might not work all the time. But I can state with certainty that blonde and black always go hand in hand.

For this look, I usually sport buzz cuts and fade. Keeping the faded sides black or in any other dark shade while making the hair on top blonde should be the way to go about.

The important thing is keeping the scalp in a darker shade for this hairdo. And the rest of the hair can be as blonde as you wish.

This blend never fails to look seamless. To maximize the contrast, a well-groomed beard in black or dark shade will never disappoint you in any circumference.

Summer In Your Hair

Summer in Your Hair

A number 3 with a skin fade look is a fabulous haircut in itself. But incorporating this one in blonde just makes everything better.

To keep the summer vibe, I create a yellowish vibe. I suggest this one for clients who want to go for a sophisticated neat military look.

Because I keep the well-kept vibe of the military hair with an immaculate lineup while keeping the crown hair a bit longer than usual.

I can assure you, people won’t be able to stop admiring your hairdo if you get this one.

Ivy League Buzz Cut

Ivy League Buzz Cut

Yellowish blonde might not be everyone’s favorite. In my opinion, it matches the energy of autumn flawlessly. Moreover, it provides a youthful allure.

Moreover, with a matching set of beards, this shade of blonde resembles the renaissance artistic vibe. They did not have exactly this hairdo per se.

However, if the renaissance period was happening in this century then there definitely would be a buzz-cut guy with this shade of blonde present in the painting.

So go for this shade of blonde and have a modern take on the renaissance hairstyle.

Super Fun Blonde Buzz Cut

Super Fun Blonde Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is a timeless hairdo that has been trending since it came out. Straight blonde hair in a buzz cut can look playful and super fun.

As I keep the length long enough to be noticeable but not long enough to slick it back, the straight hair tends to get spiked up.

This creates a fun and bouncy look making the hair appear thicker than usual. It creates a more casual laid back style.

To create a more sophisticated look, I style it up with some gel and spike up only the front part.

Flaunt your super straight hair in this style today!

Iconic In Blonde

Iconic in Blonde

Most buzz cuts look common nowadays. But the blend of blonde and darker shades can create the perfect amount of uniqueness in simplicity.

In my opinion, a number 3 buzz cut looks the best.

And for this particular number 3 haircut, I chose to keep a darker shade of blonde on the crown while making it lighter on the back and near the forehead.

Instead of making this dark to a lighter shade transition straight, I do this like a swirl making it appear more original.

However, I suggest getting this hairstyle done by a professional. Because the shading will require proper experience.

Fashion Boss

Fashion Boss

No matter what anyone says I am an avid fan of yellow-toned blonde. In my opinion, it makes you look like intimidating sunshine.

As the color is distinctive, the haircut needs to be perfectly shaped. The bold and daring hairstyle will make you appear unconventionally beautiful.

I never got to incorporate this look into my clients. However, I would love to try out this one.

I assure you that this avant-garde hairstyle can transform you into a fashion king.

Embrace your inner fashionista with this hairstyle!

Unleash Punk Era

Unleash Punk Era

I love customizing my hair every time I cut it. May it be a small or a big hint of design. I admire my clients who go for unique haircuts as well. This is one of those haircuts.

While opting for a buzz cut it is usually paired up with a fade. However, for this haircut, I let out my artistic freedom.

I made a clear sign to where the buzz cut ends and made a sharp straight line at the back with enough hair to create a striking design.

I must admit the bold, edgy, and punk aura this haircut gives off is out of the world. And it looks even better up front.

So opt for something different at least once.

Designed Buzz Cut

Designed Buzz Cut

As I consider myself an art lover, I have always loved doing distinctive designs on the scalp.

And with a blonde buzz cut it feels like I get a clean slate to let my imagination fly high.

Nowadays, heart designs and jewelry sets are one trend.

Hence I did some hearts on my blonde hair as well. And the result truly deserves some kind of award.

The contrast of dark red on blonde creates a haircut beyond compare.

As I don’t use permanent hair dye to create this design, I can change up the patterns and experiment to my heart’s content.

Let your creative mind fly high and make more designs!

Scalp Bleach Buzz Cut

Scalp Bleach Buzz Cut

I never knew icy scalp bleach could look so fantastic until I saw someone pairing it with an icy-bleached beard.

Ice bleach is already attention-grabbing enough. Now, if anyone gets this specific look I am sure all eyes would be on that person regardless of any setting.

I am especially fond of the hairstyle’s dramatic effect. I am sure to get a confidence boost out of this look.

I was looking for something funky and refreshing for my new look. And now I know exactly which hairstyle to go for.

Celebrities Flaunting Blonde Buzz Cut

Blonde buzz cuts can be incorporated into a fabulous red carpet hairstyle as well as a phenomenal everyday look. Even celebrities can not refuse the allure of blonde buzz cuts.

Let’s check out some strikingly gorgeous blonde buzz cuts sported by celebrities.

Effortless Like Ryan Gosling

Effortless Like Ryan Gosling

Literally, no one does it like my favorite homeboy Ryan Gosling.

Over the course of his brilliant career, he has morphed into a lot of characters and changed his hair in accordance.

Among all the haircuts, his semi-buzz cut is one of the fan favorites. His defining clear haircut makes him look poised and refined.

While doing this hair on my clients, all I do is make the sides really short and long on the top.

Sport your hair like Ryan Gosling. And I assure you that you will get yourself nominated as the one with the best haircut.

Sensational Maluma

Sensational Maluma

Maluma, the sensational Colombian artist is known for his fashion sense and versatile hairstyles. He sported all kinds of haircuts from buns to buzz cuts.

I must admit among all these, my clients mostly preferred his short blonde buzzcut and you can see why.

With Maluma’s angular jaw and almost oblong face shape, he rocked this haircut like a pro.

For this hairstyle, I don’t dye the roots blonde. It creates a beautiful juxtaposition of blonde and dark brunette making the hairstyle appear more expensive.

Like Maluma, this haircut will suit the ones with defined face shapes to elevate their natural features.

Heartthrob Justin Bieber

Heartthrob Justin Bieber

Needless to say, Justin Bieber’s hairstyle never fails to awe-inspire his fans. This buzz cut matches his neat and clean image.

The face-shaping ultra-short buzz cut looks immaculate on him. To make it look better he has made the buzz cut the same size all over.

As Justin Bieber has an oval face shape, this hairstyle brings out his coolest form.

This is one of the most demanding haircuts in my salon for its face-shaping feature. Most of the clients opt for this hairdo without realizing its fame.

Now that I have informed you, why don’t you try this one as well?

Gorgeous Channing Tatum

Gorgeous Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum’s hairstyle is known for its dreamy effect. His buzz cut hairstyle complements his masculine aura.

This classic buzz cut in blonde makes his dreamy green eyes pop. Moreover, the super short hair enhances the beauty of his strong jawline and cheekbones.

I never got to try this one out on any of my clients. Because they don’t usually opt for the classic buzz cut with blonde hair.

However, seeing how stunning it looks, I will surely suggest this one.

The best thing about this haircut is if you have a good pair of clippers then you can sport this haircut easily at home.

So what’s stopping you from having a gorgeous hairstyle like Tatum’s?

Angelic Zayn Malik

Angelic Zyan Malik

I could go on and on about how Zayn Malik looks super fine in any hairstyle out there. His angelic features create show-stopping looks in all kinds of haircuts.

Zayn Malik has sported buzz cuts in his career a lot. However, this particular icy-blonde buzz cut is still talked about among his fans.

I never knew blonde buzz cuts could look so attractive until I came across this one. Hence, I hurried to get myself this look.

And let me tell you, my friends could not stop talking about how good it looked.

Are you willing to try this phenomenal hairdo as well?

Powerful Phil Foden

Powerful Phil Foden

Phil Folden with a light platinum blonde Caesar-cut is what everyone needed in their lives to make it 10% better. This hairstyle is one of his top fan-favorite haircuts.

With the right amount of texture and fade, this haircut is the epitome of a badass hairstyle. This daring look gives off a fashionista bad-boy vibe.

After Phil Folden sported this look, my dm got flooded with requests and appointments from clients eager to try this one out.

I have sported this one for my clients and as a City fan; I couldn’t resist getting this haircut.

Feel the power of platinum blonde and get this haircut today!

Frequently Asked Questions

A blonde buzz cut sounds easy enough. However, you might have some questions regarding this topic.

In this part of the article, I will let you in on the basic info that will help you get started on the hairstyle.

Question: What face shape is suitable for buzz cuts?

Answer: The diamond, square or oval-shaped faces are the ones best suited for a buzz cut. However, with a bit of trimming and grooming of the beard, anyone can incorporate this hairdo with ease.

Question: Does buzz cut damage hair?

Answer: DEFINITELY NO. A buzz cut will never be responsible for damaging your hair or your hair growth.

Question: How much does going blonde cost?

Answer: Getting your hair blonde may vary depending on length, texture, current hair color, etc. A mid-length hair however might cost from about $150 to $200+ to make blonde.

Final Statements

Blonde buzz cuts can transform anyone’s look into cool, edgy, and modern. This style represents a practical styling take on contemporary hair design.

I love how the possibilities seem endless with such a short hairstyle. This is why anyone can match it up with their preference and personality to make into a unique hairdo.

From guys with a receding hairline to guys who are bothered by hairstyling, this haircut suits almost everyone.

Have confidence in yourself as well as the potential of this look since it will transform you into a visual inspiration for everyone around you.

This is a straightforward, masculine energy radiating hairstyle which is all you need to survive the summer in style.

However, I must suggest using toner, purple shampoo, and some hydrating products to maintain the perfect shade of blonde in your hair. Don’t worry, the hairstyle is not that high of a maintenance as it’s a variant of easy going buzz cut.

So don’t fret and get a blonde buzz cut today!

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