Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

15 Hottest Blonde Hair with Dark Roots Ideas Trending Right Now

Trends change and so does style. But the power of a classic hairstyle can never be denied. Year after year, many cultures have shown their uniqueness through the way they styled their hair, and some of those styles have become ageless. There’s just something quite appealing about naturally black or blonde hair, and we cannot get enough of the aura they represent when taken care of properly. The timeless beauty of such hair represents that some things are here to stay and reflect their beauty through the passage of time.

Blonde hair has been an epitome of beauty for years, and we have seen women perfecting their hairstyles by incorporating different methods to showcase the beauty of their blonde hair. No one can forget the vintage platinum blonde bob that Marilyn Monroe wore with utmost grace. However, at present, blonde hair has surely upgraded from the classic styles, and the styling options are sure to make you feel mesmerized.

Apart from the classic overall blonde look, blonde hair with dark roots has become quite famous in recent times. Some people literally think that it’s a crime not to keep the roots dark, and the fame of such a hairstyle has surely surpassed borders and continents. So this particular hairstyle truly deserves proper attention from us.

Why is it Suggested to Keep the Roots Dark?

You might be wondering what’s the fuss about keeping the roots darker when you can just opt for a complete blonde look. Well, the answer lies in some of the most prominent things this hairstyle portrays.

Basically, the contrast of dark and light that is created when you keep the roots darker on your blonde hair looks quite appealing. Think of it as adding a touch of depth to your hairstyle. When your entire hair is blonde, the depth and beauty of your hair often remain concealed. Darker roots deal with that problem and give your hair a beautiful appearance.

The most interesting part about having blonde hair with dark roots is that you don’t even have to worry about choosing specific hairstyles. Just keeping your hair untied and letting it flow freely will do the job quite well. And the style statement that you can create with such a simple style doesn’t even require any explanation.

How to Do a Root Smudge at Home?

If you have super blonde hair and it starts looking unreal, then a root smudge can be your savior. Salt Society Education refers to root smudge as a process of creating a transition between the root hair and the lighter shade of hair. The color mixture that is applied to the roots is smudged, and that is where it gets its name.

To get a root smudge at home, first of all, grab your 20-volume developer and demi-permanent hair color for making the roots dark. Choose the color that will be suitable for that contrasting effect. Take a mixing bowl and mix your color and developer in a 1:2 ratio.

Now with the help of your comb, part your hair in the middle from the front to the back down your nape area. With the help of your hair dye brush, start applying the mixture to your root hair, and smudge it for that soft contrast.

Once the front part is done, take one side of your hair into account and start sectioning off your hair horizontally one by one. Apply the mixture to the roots of the horizontal sections and smudge. When you reach the back, apply the mixture to the horizontal parts as well as the middle-parted hair. Repeat the same process of applying the mixture to the horizontal parts on the other side of your hair as well. Don’t forget the bottom part!

Leave the mixture for 20 minutes. After that, wash your hair, apply conditioner, then dry and style to your desire. And that’s it, your simple at-home root smudge is done! This will help to disperse the line of demarcation, as per Refined Beauty Boutique, and your hair will get its desired depth. So if you are willing to try out the dark roots with blonde hair soon, then this is a great option to opt for.

15 Hairstyling Ideas for Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

It’s in the trend to keep your roots dark, so there’s literally no reason why you shouldn’t try out this hairstyle. From Margot Robbie to Hailey Bieber, our favorite celebrities have had their best moments with this hairstyle, so it’s your time to give it a shot. You can darken your roots at home with a little bit of confidence, or simply visit the salon if you want perfection. No matter which option it is, you’re going to look fire!

Ahead are some of our favorite hairstyles for blonde hair with dark roots that you should definitely try. Let’s check them out together!

Light Ash

Light Ash

Many women love to try out the stylish light ash blonde when they opt for bleaching their hair. This color has a classy vibe that is complimented on every occasion. If you have similar hair color and your roots are not in their best shape, then it’s time to go for a darker look now.

This simple hairstyle with darker roots and a lighter shade of blonde looks quite sophisticated. The health and wavy appearance of her hair are totally captivating. And the way that soft transition has taken place makes us want to try out this style right now! For those with medium-length hair, this is going to be a great pick.

Bob Hair

Bob Hair

As lovers of short hairstyles, we always recommend you to try out a short hair look every now and then for a style upgrade. From finger waves to pixie cuts, everything about short hair is fascinating. You can also go for a short bob if you want to keep things minimal but fine.

For your next hairstyling session at the salon, take this picture as your guide and show it to your hairdresser. This blonde bob with the perfect black roots is slaying with charm. Classy and cool, that’s what this style is all about!

Pixie Style

Pixie Style

Do you know how cool it looks when you try out a pixie haircut? We know it’s a bit of a risk you’re taking while opting for this haircut, but trust us, the outcome will totally leave you amazed. And if you go for a blonde look afterward, then that’s going to be a winner for sure!

For your next hair bleaching session with your pixie hair, remember that the ultimate goal will be giving your roots that darker vibe. Such as the one in this picture. The blonde pixie hair with the dark roots and the curls is so fascinating that words are falling short to describe its beauty!

Bob Twists

Bob Twists

To step things up and get a change from your regular box braids, you can try out a twist braided style this time. If you want to look perfectly stylish with those braids, then we totally recommend going for the bob style instead of the long hairstyle.

This blonde bob hair with the twist braids and the dark roots is so amazing that we feel like trying it out right now! The length of her hair has given her such a modern look! And we love how the twist braids have been done to perfection. Give this one a try if you want to look smart and sophisticated all the time!

Sleek and Straight

Sleek And Straight

For something glamorous and ready for the red carpet, you can always give your blonde hair a sleek, straight look. Trust us, it’s as easy to flaunt your hair and everyone’s going to love it. Just make sure you keep your roots darker for the trendiest look out there!

If you have a date night coming up or a girls’ night out planned on the weekends, then this hairstyle is going to be the talk of the occasion. What’s not to love here? The roots? Perfect. The health of her hair? Amazing! The shine? Outstanding. So what are you waiting for?

Icy Blonde

Icy Blonde

Morgan & Morgan suggests that when it comes to lighter shades of blonde, the contrast between the dark roots and the blonde hair should not be strong. They also recommend using the shadow root technique to avoid such consequences. So if you love your icy blonde, go for the right process to make your hair look full of depth.

This picture is a perfect example of how amazing it loos when the right process is followed to darken the roots of icy blonde hair. We love the soft transition that has taken place in this style and the curly appearance of her hair is giving us major hair goals!

Long Hair

Long Hair

If you have naturally healthy long hair, then opting for a bleaching session can bring out great results. A perfect balayage looks quite beautiful on long hair, so trying out the dark roots look if you have blonde hair is a must!

Let’s take a look at this photo and gather all the inspiration we can. First of all, the length and color of her hair are amazing! We love the blonde, and the subtle dark root that has been created in this style is also fascinating. Last but not the least, those waves are looking perfect for a picture for the ‘Gram!

Lace Frontal

Lace Frontal

For black girls, hairstyling is always fun because the options are endless. From classic cornrows to quick weave bobs, black girls can rock it all! So lately if you have been thinking about going blonde with a perfect hairstyle, then you can simply pick a lace frontal wig and your hair will be good to go!

As we are talking about the darker roots, remember to choose a wig that comes with dark roots with the perfect shade of blonde. It is quite normal not to like a completely blonde look the very first time, so picking such a hair will do the job perfectly. Look at this picture and believe our words, because she looks like a diva with that hair!

Creative Braids

Creative Dreads

As you are opting for the darker roots, why not try out some creative hairstyles at the same time? Doing a ponytail or a simple braid is always on the list. But right now, it’s your time to get creative with all the braids for the chicest look out there!

If you are planning a road trip with friends and simply want to look your best for the ‘Gram while you’re at it, then this is a hairstyle you should keep on your radar. Starting from the braids at the front that looks like a crown and the fishtail braids on both sides, there’s nothing we don’t love about this amazing blonde hair with dark roots. The contrast between the root hair and the hair with the fishtail braids is simply amazing!

Top Bun

Top Bun

If you want to look fancy for your date night, then turning your hair into a sleek top bun is always the right choice. This hairstyle is great for formal occasions, and you can do it on your natural hair or opt for a frontal wig. The choice is yours, and you are going to look fire!

The lady in this picture is wearing an amazing frontal wig. The blonde hair with the dark roots has perfectly complimented her makeup. We love that she went for the top bun as it has presented a clear contrast between the dark roots and the blonde hair. This is a style ready to be flaunted on a formal occasion.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Who doesn’t love a perfect strawberry blond hair situation going on? Well, we are fans for sure, and this is why we suggest you give this color a try this time. Trust us, this hair color will give you both modern and vintage vibes and you will fall in love with your hair over and over again.

While getting your strawberry blonde, make sure to keep the roots dark in order to add amazing depth and dimension to your hair. Such as the one in this picture. We absolutely love how her hair has gotten that amazing transition from dark to blonde. Also, the wavy hair looks super trendy in the present context.

Fancy Curls

Fancy Curls

Let’s talk about the stuff curly hair has to offer. Volume-check. Fuller appearance-check. Absolute beauty-100% check! So while trying out your dark roots, you can go for the curly look this time. Or simply grab a wig with perfect curls, and you will be good to go. And if your natural hair has the perfect curls, then the task has already become easier.

This fancy hairstyle with the perfect dark roots and mesmerizing blonde hair looks ready to take over the world! For medium-length hair lovers, this one is a perfect pick. The modern vibe this hair is giving off simply won our hearts, so we suggest you give this a try asap!

With Bangs

With Bangs

Adding bangs to your style is that timeless option that you can always opt for. This time, get your blondes the perfect dark roots, and make sure that your bangs have them too!

If your natural hair complements the curtain bangs, then we suggest you take a look at this picture. The long blonde hair with the perfect dark roots looks fabulous! We love the transition from the dark roots to the light blonde as it is super soft and delicate. Plus, the bangs have added the element of elegance to this entire style.

Half-Up Style

Half Up Style

When you try out a half-up style with your perfect blonde hair that has the cutest dark roots, it looks mesmerizing. This is because the half-up style helps to define the depth of your hair and adds a touch of elegance.

Here is a fancy half-up style that you can try on your blonde hair to look like a princess. It consists of a half-up fishtail braid that has been done quite creatively. We love how the upper part looks amazing with the dark roots and the lower part is all fancy with the blonde. As a bridesmaid, you can definitely try out this hairstyle!

Pretty Pony

Pretty Pony

We cannot just talk about hairstyles without mentioning our forever-favorite ponytails. This versatile hairstyle is suitable for any occasion and any color of hair. So you can try out a chic ponytail on your blonde hair with dark roots as well.

Take this picture for example. The lady has amazing blonde hair with the perfect dark roots, and she has made the cutest ponytail out of her hair. We love that she kept things kinda messy yet perfect with this style, and the addition of that bow has totally given it an adorable vibe!

Final Thoughts

Blonde hair has that classic appeal that everyone loves, and we always want that perfect blonde moment in our lives to cherish our precious hair. From Miley Cyrus to Gigi Hadid, our favorite girls have rocked the red carpet wearing their blonde hair with dark roots. So if you have always wanted to try out this style, now is your time to shine!

Make sure that you bleach your hair in the proper way to avoid damage, and don’t forget to choose the best hair color to give your roots a dark appearance. Shades of brown and black are perfect for creating this style, so pick the one you like and remember to go for the demi-permanent colors.

Last but not the least, give the hairstyles we have mentioned above a sure try! We believe you will fall in love with each of these styles individually, and trying them out will be a matter of time only!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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