Bohemian Box Braids

16 Gorgeous Bohemian Box Braids Hairstyles To Try Out In 2022

Men and women everywhere are obsessed with the versatility of box braids. This hairstyle is considered one of the trendiest and most iconic of all time. Bohemian box braids are part of this trend.

This hairstyle is an amazing combination of sleekness and breeziness that can match up with anyone’s personality. The boho vibe it can portray is out of the world and sure to enchant anyone and everyone.

Bohemian Box braids will provide you with just the right amount of vibrance to go with any setting and any outfit. The flexibility of this hairstyle is limitless.

In this article, we are going to help you visualize your hairstyle, some products to help you during the braiding process, and some maintenance tips.

We will also answer some of the commonly asked questions at the end of this article to further help you out.

So start scrolling and be an expert on bohemian box braids with us!

What Are Bohemian Box Braids?

Bohemian box braids are the queen of casual hairstyles. It provides length and volume to any type of hair.

Bohemian box braids aka boho box braids or goddess box braids are lightweight hairstyles that only braid a few inches of hair. The rest of the hair is kept loose on purpose to provide a bit of unruly structure.

You can style up the undone part of the hair or the braids to give this hairstyle a touch of individuality.

Bohemian Box Braids: Super Easy Tips & Guide

Bohemian Box Braids Tips & Guides

If you are looking for a chic and cool upgrade to your box braids, then boho box braids are the one to go for.  This hairstyle is easily attainable and looks immensely flattering to lengthy hair. You can always add synthetic hair if you fall short on the hair length as well.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the next part to create stunning bohemian box braids.

Recommended Products

To make your hair ready for bohemian box braid, shampoo and conditioner are must-have products. You can buy any type of rat tail combs for your sectioning as well.

Apart from these basic products, the additional products mentioned below will help you get your braids done more perfectly.

  • Premium Kanekalon Braiding Hair is an affordable and easily attainable synthetic hair for your box braids. This is a must-have for your boho box braids. Make sure you are not allergic to synthetic hair.
  • Braid Gel Max will aid in keeping your sections in place.
  • Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Curl Refreshing Spray helps to rehydrate any type of curls and keep them fresh. It helps maintain sleekness while reducing frizziness and providing moisture.
  • You can use nail glue to easily stick the ends of your hair after finishing a braid.

These products will be enough to make your boho box braids look flawless. After gearing up with all the necessary stuff we are going to start preparing our hair for braiding.


Executing the bohemian box braids of your dream will require some organizing. For this make sure to at least ensure the aspects mentioned below:

  • Make sure to have at least 4 to 5 hours at hand.
  • Plan ahead on how many braids you want to create.
  • Decide your favorite synthetic hair to use during the process.
  • After getting settled with all your tools and time, rinse and shampoo your hair thoroughly.
  • ENSURE the cleanliness of your scalp to possess healthy braids. Then, moisture your hair with conditioner and hair oil.
  • Blow-dry your hair and if you want you can iron out your hair if you are a beginner. It will help to make the braiding process easier.

Now that your hair is all neat and ready, let’s move on to the next part.

Steps To Follow 

After ensuring you have clean hair you are all set to start your box braiding. The 8 steps, in this case, are mentioned below:

  • First of you have to section your hair and use hair gel to hold the sections in place.
  • Then part the hair from your sectioned hair.
  • Apply gel on top of the parted hair and braid as you normally would.
  • At this part, you would have three strands of hair from the braids. And after getting down to five braids grab the first piece of the synthetic hair strand and add it to your braids. Remember to add them from the smallest to largest sections in between the two strands of your braid.
  • Once the braiding strand without the synthetic hair gets in the middle, add another piece of synthetic hair like before and start braiding.
  • Keep braiding till you are satisfied with the length of your bohemian box braid.
  • Once you get to the end, use some super glue or nail glue to make the ends stick.
  • After you are done with all your braids, create two or three simple large braids with them and dip them into boiling water.

Now all you have to do is untangle the large braids and blow dry them. And Voila! You now have incredible box braids with curls at the end.

You can watch this detailed video to take visual help!

Pro tips: 

Here are some additional tips to make your bohemian box braids more glorious:

  • You can place two mirrors one in the front and one at the back to do your actions more perfectly
  • While adding synthetic hair to the ending point of your main braiding strand add gel to keep them stuck together
  • Use a rubber band to keep all your braids the same length
  • Use oil and mousse to provide extra shininess to your braids

Bohemian Box Braids: Getting In Touch With Your Inner-Boho

The effortless elegance of bohemian box braids is tough to ignore. Once you get to know about this look you would be tempted to experiment with it. Hence, in this part of the article, we are here with 16 different types of hairdos.

Don’t hesitate and try out the bohemian box braids mentioned below, or mix and match according to your preference and be a part of the trend!

Short Bohemian Box Braids

Short Bohemian Box Braids

These super stylish short bohemian box braids can be worn in the office or on a casual hangout with friends and family. This is an instant head-turner with its casual chicness.

If you already have short hair and don’t want to add up any extensions, then this could be your go-to hairdo. Wear bohemian box braids on your short hair today and be iconic.

Jumbo Bohemian

Jumbo Bohemian

This is the easy bohemian vibe everyone’s digging nowadays. As the braids are super thick it creates volume and effortless sleekness.

Moreover, if you do not have enough time at hand and want to do a quick glam look then this should be perfect for you.

Rock out any outfit with this hairstyle!

Bohemian Knotless

Bohemian Knotless

Bohemian knotless box braids are going to make sure that you look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. The carefree knotless braids can make you belong at any place effortlessly.

This hairstyle is always going to bring out the “wow” factor. The simple yet subtle sensational vibe is sure to take away all your hesitations about your outfit and make you fall in love with yourself.

Medium Bohemian Box Braids

Medium Bohemian Box Braids

Most people think that mid-length hair cannot look glorious. But having bohemian box braids on your hair will elevate your styling to a whole different dimension.

Moreover, if you like a free-flowing carefree hairstyle then this is the hairstyle to go for. Don’t hesitate to experiment with your mid-length hair with this hairstyle.

Bohemian Box Braids With Color

Behemian Box Braids With Color

Not to be overdramatic but dyed bohemian box braids are to die for! The amount of variations you can get is almost literally limitless.

You can mix and match any color or turn your hair into one color to have an out-of-the-world look. You can add blonde highlights, rainbow drops at the end, or color your hair in beautiful burgundy or red to showcase your eccentric personality.

You can also consult your stylist to have further information on which color will suit your skin tone the most.

The Bohemian Goddess

Bohemian Goddess

This super glam hairstyle is sure to make everyone’s head turn. Wearing this will surely make you look ethereal. You are going to feel like a powerful goddess and have an instant fashion boost up with bohemian goddess box braids.

Don’t wait up anymore. And get your glamorous outfit out to go with this hairstyle and be devastatingly stunning.

Bob Bohemian Box Braids

Bob Bohemian Box Braids

Bob cut hairstyles are already on-trend. A combination of bohemian box braids on your bob hairstyle will make you look the trendy queen you are!

This relatively low-maintenance hairstyle will make you look seamlessly exquisite. So show up with your boldest self, wearing this hairstyle.

Ponytailed Bohemian

Ponytailed Bohemian

If you’ve got a day of socializing, then this is the style you can go for. Spruce up your traditional bohemian box braids by tying them up into a ponytail.

All you have to do is take your loose hair and turn them into a high or loose ponytail matching your preference. So get sassy with this hairstyle today!

Up ‘N Down Bohemian Box Braids

Up N Down Bohemian Box Braids

This hairstyle will provide you with the laid-back allure for your next hangout. Half up & half down bohemian box braids is a versatile hairstyle that will make you look in style and eternally beautiful.

To get this look all you have to do is tie up half your hair in a bun or a ponytail and let loose the rest of your hair. And BOOM! You now own a bewitching hairstyle making you look like the queen of mermaids!

The Side Swoop

The Side Swoop

The Genz look is all for middle parting hair. However, this side swoop can blow everyone’s mind with its chic elegance.

This is one of the dopest hairstyles to try out. Don’t be afraid of the younger population calling you out for your side-swooped bohemian box braided hair. Get your millennial sass back with this hairstyle.

Bohemian Box Braids & Cornrows

Bohemian Box Braids & Cornrows

Bohemian box braids and cornrows are part of the traditional fashion trend. However, the combination of both hairstyles can bring out immense sophistication.

Both the hairstyles allow a versatile amount of mix and match. Don’t fret and just go for it. Because this combination of hairstyles has a phenomenal gradient effect.

Micro Bohemian Fusion

Micro Bohemian Fusion

Micro bohemian box braids are already a fantastic hairdo. However, when Zoë Kravitz wore this hairstyle she turned this hairstyle elegantly famous and everyone became OBSESSED with it.

However, as this is a very intricate hairdo, you might have to spend an extra bit of time to attain this look. So make sure you have extra time and energy on hand.

This fabulous hairdo is worth all the time and energy. And you are sure to notice compliments pouring all over you with this striking hairstyle.

Bohemian Box Braids With Space Bun

Bohemian Box Braids with Space Bun

What’s better than one bun? Two absolutely charming space buns with bohemian box braids. With this hairstyle getting your trendy boho vibe will be easier than a pie.

Get your cutest outfit ready! Because this super adorable and elegant hairdo is going to melt everyone’s hearts.

Wavy Bohemian

Wavy Bohemian

Keep the classic bohemian vibe alive with wavy bohemian box braids. This hairstyle is super feminine and a fabulous choice for having an artistically casual look. A bit of both the beach and festival vibe of this hairstyle makes it more special.

So get your wavy bohemian box braids today! And ensure you are a flourishing beauty with this hairdo.

Triangle Bohemian Style

Triangle Bohemian Style

Are you already tired of creating traditional boho box braids? Then this hairstyle will amp up your style tenfold instantly.

All you have to do is make your box braids triangle. And Voila! You have striking designed box braids on your head. This smashing gorgeous hairdo will make you look fleek no matter what you wear or how you wear it.

Top Knotted Bohemian

Top Knoted Bohemian

This particular hairstyle will help you embrace the length and the volume of your strands while keeping hair out of your face. Having top knots are great for the work environment as they keep a sleekness.

So make everyone awestruck and add an extra bit of flair in a short time with this hairstyle.

Designed Bohemian Box Braids

Designed Bohemian Box Braids

Looking for a boho braiding style that will make a great first impression? Then get designed bohemian box braids.

You might need to consult a skilled stylist for this one and spend an extra bit of time and money. But the end result will be worth it.

Bohemian Box Braids Hairstyles With Accessories

How much accessory is too much? There is no definite answer to his question in the case of bohemian box braids. The hairstyle’s carefree vibe can pull off almost any accessory and customization you can think of.

So gear up with all your creativity and mix and match the accessories and be the trendsetter you were meant to be!

Floral Arrangement

Floral Arrangement

The combination of artistic and easy-going bohemian box braids with floral arrangements is bewitching. Moreover, people nowadays are obsessed with the cottage gore vibe. And this combination will effortlessly create a cottage gore ambiance for you.

You can wear a flower crown on your head or around your updo or you can place fresh flowers in between your braids to look absolutely ravishing. Hence, wearing floral arrangements in any way with your bohemian box braids is sure to make you look like a queen. Why wait any longer? Get ready with your flowers today.


Bohemian box Braids In a Hat

For a beach-inspired look, wear your hat on! Hats can make you look seamlessly fabulous. This is also the perfect go-to accessory if you have a long day ahead of you or when you are too busy to maintain the sleekness of your braids.

With just a few seconds of placing your hat, you can look quite put together and super cute. Do not hesitate to relish your fashionista self today with beautiful hats.

Using Scarves

Using Scarves

Let your imagination be your guide to creating an exquisite hairstyle. It is a classy and time transcending accessory to make a chic fashion statement. Bohemian box braids with scarves will elevate your boho look and create an alluring look.

Scarves are great for covering up for a bad hair day and protecting your hair from dust. Style up your braids with scarves in any way you want.


Bohemian Box Braids with Beads

What’s better than some good old-fashioned beads as your accessory? Beads of different types are the classiest go-to accessory for your bohemian box braids. They will help you slay your outfit anytime in any setting.

The combination of beads and boho box braids is perfect to create a sensational summer look. Depending on the variation of your styling beads will make you look regal and trendy.

Have fun while playing with the size, type, and placement of your beads!

Head wrap

Head Wrap

Head wraps with bohemian box braids can easily turn any outfit from 5 to 10 in the blink of an eye. With any kind of patterned or flower head wrap, you can create a myriad of styles. Skillfully tied head wear can go with any attire you want and ooze elegance and sophistication.

If you want to keep your hair out of your face, then this could be your go-to accessory. Try out every range of styling options with this accessory and enjoy the gloriousness.

Hair Strings

Hair Strings

Kick your fun-loving vibe up a notch by adding different kinds of hair strings in between your braids. They are quite temporary and easy to pull off if you get bored with them.

More importantly, you can never go wrong while playing with your hair strings. So add hair strings today to instantly up your game.

Braid Rings

Braid Rings

Let your braids look charming by adding braid rings. Place them wherever you see fit and look effortlessly radiant. You can stack them up in a row or place them one by one at each braid to elevate your sophisticated glam.

Use braid rings on your bohemian box braids and bedazzle everyone!


Crochet Bohemian Box Braids

You can easily add a little bit of flavor by adding different types of crochet hair with your bohemian hair. They are super easy and affordable to use.

The variations of crochet hair are limitless. They can be used in any type of hair and create variations in lengths. This is a great accessory for your busy days. So don’t wait up and get your crochet hair today!

Maintaining Bohemian Box Braids

Bohemian box braids, the evolved version of box braids, do not take more maintenance than the traditional one. This protective hairstyle is as low maintenance as any of the box braids.

Keeping your scalp clean and well moisturized and hydrated is the key to having incredible bohemian box braids. Use a nozzle while using shampoo to properly spread it out on your scalp. Thoroughly clean your scalp with fingertips.

AVOID rubbing your braids to prevent extra frizziness. Use a leave-in moisturizer and natural lightweight oil to keep your braids properly hydrated. You apply a bit of mousse to maintain the sleekness of your braids.

Use a scarf or bonnet made of silk or satin while sleeping to prevent frizziness as well. You can use it in the daytime while at home to seal in the moisture and keep your braids smooth and shiny.


Achieving these dreamy bohemian box braids might be a bit expensive and time-consuming. Hence, instead of being impulsive, you should get to know more about this hairstyle.

In this part of the article, we are going to answer some faqs to inform you more about bohemian box braids.

Q: What type of hair is best for bohemian box braids?

Answer: To get the perfect bohemian box braids, you would have to have synthetic hair. Your look can vary depending on the quality and quantity of the synthetic hair.

Kanekalon, xpressions, or crochet hair extensions are the most commonly used brands for synthetic hair. They are also easily affordable. However, if you are allergic to synthetic hair then you can use human hair extensions as well. But these types of hair might cost a bit more.

Q: How long do bohemian box braids last?

Answer: Bohemian box braids are protective hairstyles. So they last a long time while giving you a sleek look with proper maintenance. It can last from 2 to 10 weeks. But most professionals recommend taking them out after 8 weeks.

Q: How long does it take to make bohemian box braids?

Answer: It can take from 2 to 8 hours to make bohemian box braids depending on your hair type, length, and customization of your braids. If you want to achieve micro bohemian box braids, then you might have to sit for about 7 to 8 hours to make it perfect. On the other hand, getting jumbo bohemian box braids will take about 2 to 3 hours.

Q: Can you dip bohemian box braids in hot water?

Answer: It is highly recommended to AVOID dipping your bohemian box braids in hot water. This might cause your braids to lose their perfect curly and sleek texture. Moreover, the braids will end up looking messy and flat in an unappealing manner.

Q: What is the difference between goddess box braids and bohemian box braids?

Answer: The main difference between goddess box braids and boho box braids is that the latter one is free-spirited and can be done regardless of the hair length. On the other hand, goddess box braids are sleek and cornrow-styled braids with curly tendrils.

Q: How do you prevent frizziness in bohemian box braids?  

Answer: Moisturizing your braids is the key to preventing frizziness and having healthy braids. So, apply light oil or conditioner to keep your braids moisturized.

Q: How much do bohemian box braids cost?

Answer: The price will vary depending on your hair length, styling, customization, and type of synthetic hair. Generally, it starts from 100 USD and can go up to 450 USD or more.

Q: How to prevent itchy scalp while having hair extensions?

Answer: The crucial factor in preventing itchiness is keeping your scalp clean. You should thoroughly wash your hair before installing synthetic hair. If possible, wash your braids and scalp regularly to avoid any itchiness.

Your scalp might be itchy because of an allergic reaction to synthetic hair as well. So make sure you use the ones that suit you.

Q: Can you swim with boho box braids? 

Answer: You can swim with your boho box braids. However, you MUST MAKE SURE to have the perfect brand of synthetic hair that can withstand the situation.

Final Remark

The best thing about bohemian box braids is how they make your hair look voluminous. The protective hairstyle is easily attainable and sure to make you look like a goddess.

Now that you are at the end of the article, you have a grasp on the amount of time you might have to spend on this hairstyle’s maintenance. Moreover, you can now get inspired and let your imagination run free with its customization.

We are sure you are going to rock this hairstyle no matter how you wear it. So get your bohemian box braids confidently and enjoy it all year-round. Captivate everyone’s heart while being creative and bold.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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