Box Braids for 7-10-11 Year Olds

Box Braids For 7,10,11-Year-Olds: Super Fun Ways To Style Your Kids

Are you getting overwhelmed with creating fun hairstyles for your kids amid a busy morning every day? Then I have got the perfect solutions for you!

Box braids with their protective variations can last for weeks with super fun twists. The limitless styling flexibility with low maintenance is the one thing you will need to make you and your child happy with the perfect hairstyle.

Mainly I am interested in making the perfect hairstyle for kids as I have a kids’ hairstyle special section in my salon. And I have 3 nieces to impress as a stylist.

Hence, I am always in search of the best variation of the box braid hairstyle.

If I start sharing all of the styling options I have found, then this one article will not be enough. Let me share some of the fanciest box braids for 7,10,11-year-old kids.

Let’s scroll through!

Exciting Box Braids For 7,10,11-Year-Olds

The kids can incorporate any of the box braid hairstyles and still look cute as a muffin. I assure you the variations I am about to discuss are all top-notch.

I have separated the hairstyles into three major sections based on age. It’ll help you pick out your kid’s age and an appropriate yet fashionable box braid for their age!

Adorable Box Braid Hairstyles For 7 Year-Olds

I have found out that these hairstyles look best on 7-year-olds and they are easy to incorporate. Moreover, these hairstyles are not too heavy to carry for a 7-year-old. So let’s just jump into it.

Super Cute Goddess Box Braids

Super Cute Goddess Box Braids

I don’t know about you but I am a lover of mid-length goddess box braids. I usually do this braid for adults. But I can guess why kids would love this as well.

This braiding hairdo gives a beautiful solution to strictly tie up the unruly curls while still embracing some originality of the curls.

The important aspect of this hairstyle is its length which is perfect for kids. They take less time to install compared to other protective hairdos.

I use curl wave rods to curl the ends. However, you can always use your curling iron as well.

Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down

Box braids for kids have never looked more effortless than when in half up half down. I usually start these braids nice and tight and after creating the braids with all the hair I just simply make a small bun.

To make it look fancier I combine thick and thin braids. It creates a striking visually pleasing symmetry.

Personally, I recommend this because the half-up helps the kids keep all the braids from the front to the back. As they tend to be more active at this age, this helps them with their movement.

And if you want you can easily redo the half updo at home as well.

Fun With Knotless And Beads

Fun with Knotless and Beads

I am particularly fond of this knotless braid hairstyle because the partings in this hairstyle are more prominent and there are fewer braids to create.

Moreover, the boxes are created while maintaining a particular distance from each other which just adds to the beautiful symmetry of the hairdo.

Hence it looks fabulous and doesn’t take that much time to make it look perfect.

For the knotless box braids, I use a mix of colorful beads. So when the kids run or move their braids the beads make a sound that seemed more appealing to my child clients.

Moreover, I have noticed that knotless box braids are more or less weightless and pain-free. So my child clients never complained once while making this hairdo.

Jumbo Detailed Box Braids

Jumbo Detailed Box Braids

Jumbo partially side-swept box braids are like a dream come true. When I create this hairstyle, I usually make the partings asymmetrical and eye-catching where the beauty of the box braids is hard to go unnoticed.

To make the braids nice and thick I use extensions. There are some comparatively cheap ones on the market.

However, the ones with non-sticky and nontoxic materials tend to get a bit pricier which is what I use for my clients.

So it might be a tad bit more expensive than most other box braids. And from my experience having a hot oil treatment before washing jumbo box braids helps freshen them up.

But I can assure you with confidence that it’s all worth it.

Side Parted Box Braids

Side Parted Box Braids

I instantly fell in love with side-parted box braids when I first discovered them. Because I had fun customizing this hairstyle for each of my clients and each turned out great.

My nieces like it when I put vibrant-colored ribbons and beads on their braids. And I recommend this.

Because it just enhances the adorableness of the kids on a whole different level.

I always recommend that my clients moisturize their hair properly the night before a hair appointment.

If you want to incorporate this hairdo for your kids at home, then I suggest you try this tip to help with your braiding processing as well.

PonyTailed Box Braids With Heart

Ponytailed Box Braids with Heart

I literally screamed when I first saw this hairstyle up front. Because it looks so charming and wholesome. I don’t think any picture would do justice to it.

When I saw this hairdo on one of my social media platforms it looked like a pretty normal design. But I assure you it’s not.

As I haven’t got to try this one out on any of my clients yet, I have looked through a lot of samples. And I think stitch braids look the best for the heart shape.

As the design itself looks extra I don’t think I have seen anyone put on any other sort of accessories on the braids.

To make the ponytail look good, I suggest using colorful rubber bands or a scrunchie. I can not tell you how thrilled I am to try this one out.

Super Fun With Low Bun

Super Fun with Low Bun

I did this one for one of my nieces and I could not stop hearing about how she loved her hair every time we met.

The low buns not only look phenomenal but pairing them with side-parted braids just enhances the whole style on another level.

My niece loves braids but hates it when they are on her back. This is one of the main reasons I chose this one for her.

I am sure the stylish yet cute fashion statement will only enhance a kid’s natural features. These buns and side parts look funky and add a bit of flair to the kids’ appearance.

Pink Ombre Box Braids

Pink Ombre Box Braids

I don’t get to do ombre for my child clients as the parents usually don’t allow their kids to have dyed hair at such a young age, let alone an ombre.

However, Enid Sinclair, the character from the new Netflix series Wednesday immensely inspired me to try it out.

So when I finally got to try this pink ombre one out I got super excited.

The colors looked better on my child clients’ hair than I expected. It matched her cheerful and vibrant personality, so that was a win.

Moreover, I put on a few statement accessories as well. And needless to say, my client was beyond happy.

Charming Box Braid Hairstyles For 10 Year-Olds

So let’s look through these box braid variations now that are perfect for 10-year-olds.

Micro Lemonade Box Braids

Micro Lemonade Box Braids

Lemonade braids can provide an aesthetic finish like no other. To make it appear posher I put it together with the style of goddess box braids.

Moreover, if there’s an event to attend I style the baby hair strands as well. It gives a cute vintage touch.

Despite being lemonade braids, the neat precision of the micro ones makes them more slick and stylish.

I love the fact that this stunning style can create a stunning look on any occasion.

When I made this hairstyle for my clients I could not stop taking pictures of the hairstyle because it looked that good. I hope you guys can try this one out as well.

Row Patterned Box Braids

Row Patterned Box Braids

Have I mentioned my undying love for symmetrical hairstyles? If I haven’t, let me show you the hairstyle I love the most!

Row-patterned box braids with beads can create an awe-inspiring look for everyone. I usually do it for my clients who are adults as the braids look nice and neat and are a perfect braiding hairdo for any professional event.

Moreover, it provides a big dose of personality. Hence, as it has an aesthetically pleasing symmetry to it, I am certain it would be perfect for school-going kids.

I adore the exquisiteness of this hairdo. And I hope to try this one out for my child clients as well.

Charming With Pink Braids

Charming With Pink Braids

Pink no matter which shade it is looks absolutely heavenly on hair regardless of people’s age. And baby pink on kids looks beyond adorable.

Whenever my clients want suggestions for their kid’s hair color, I usually recommend they go with pink.

However, as I have mentioned before I usually don’t get to dye my hair. So I use a colorful extension or crochet hair to create beautiful shades.

With middle-parted box braids, it’s easier to create symmetry. I try to create a bit of crisscross parting on both sides while maintaining the straight middle part. It makes the hairdo look more gorgeous.

Mix And Match

Mix and Match

I had this child client once who wanted to dye their whole hair but their parents would not allow them no matter what.

So after a lot of negotiation, I mixed and matched colorful extensions only in some of the braids. And the result made both my client and their parents happy.

I generally use vibrant extensions on my child clients. The more vibrant the cheerful it looks. However, it can vary depending on personalization.

Box braids with beads as accessories are always a nice funky touch to the cheery vibrant colors.

I always love to see the smile on my client’s faces after a beautiful turnout of box braids. Even adults can get this for themselves as well.

Box Braids With Tribal Touch

Box Braids with Tribal Touch

Cool doesn’t even begin to describe this hairstyle. The uniqueness of tribal braids always amazed me. But I have yet to try this one out.

Among all the samples of braids, I have seen this hairstyle look the best. In this variation of box braids, the parting is done with a single braid in the middle.

And the sides stay put on the scalp nice and tightly.

To revitalize the look, the braid in the middle will get only a seashell or jewelry at the front.

I can say with certainty that your kid will definitely be treated like a princess even among her friends.

High Volume Half Pony Tail

High Volume Half Ponytail

Half ponytail with chunky box braids gives a low-key Ariana Grande hairstyle vibe. It’s a great confidence booster for little kids.

It’s the most requested for child clients as it’s easier to handle. However, a ponytail with jumbo box braids could create a lot of tension causing heart breakage.

Hence I make sure to keep the ponytail a bit loose. And if the clients request a tighter one then I simply put more bobby pins to set it properly.

As the front part of the braids will be high up, I curl the baby hair strands to enhance my client’s natural features. It provides an angelic aura to the whole look.

Intricate Vertical Box Braids

Intricate Vertical Box Braids

Horizontal box braids with intricately designed micro braids are the goat. It’s just the perfect amount of extraness for any event, attire, or place.

As it has a bit of intricacy to it, hence I mostly get to do this as a set for both my child client and their parents. And the results are amazing.

My favorite part about this hairstyle is the combination of the different-sized braids as they create an impressive hairdo.

And every time I made this hairstyle, my clients mentioned that they felt like real stars.

So I hope you try this one out as well. And don’t forget to embellish the braids.

Too Many To Count

Too Many to Count

Whenever I have clients with extra thick hair, I love to see how their box braids turn out. They have like a bouquet of braids on their head and it looks extremely pretty.

For the child clients, I make sure to keep the braids out of their faces as they tend to get irritated about them after a while.

If a particular style is not requested, then I just make a simple loose ponytail. It helps with the tension. I can not help but fawn over how phenomenal a kid’s simple hairdo can look.

If you want something, then you can just turn the braids into buns or anything that you like. The styling options would be unlimited with this one.

Dope Box Braids Hairstyles For 11 Year-Olds

These variations of box braids might be a bit heavy for other kids but let me assure you they are perfect for 11-year-olds. Let’s check them out!

Top Knot With Sea Shells

Top Knot with Sea Shells

Looking for a dazzling yet simple hairstyle with box braids for your kid? Then I have got just the one for you.

With this hairdo, it was love at first sight. To create this unique variation of the box braid, I do the front part neat and tight while keeping the rest of the braid chunky and free.

Then I turn the tightly braided front part into a top knot. And I place some statement pieces right in the middle of the top knot.

Trust me when I tell you that this single act changed the simple top knot into a fabulous one.

After I posted a picture of my clients I got a lot of requests to recreate this one for my child clients. And not one of them left my salon with discontent.

Space Buns With Box Braids

Space Buns with Box Braids

I do these half-up space buns with box braids for my nieces at our annual family meet every year. Mostly because I find space buns truly cute and I feel like I grew out of them.

So I try it out on them. And my nieces love it as well. Moreover, I use pretty scrunchie and small claw clips around their buns to make them more adorable.

Their faces light up with these accessories as they are material girls like me.

If your kids are material girls, then they could check it out as well. I almost forgot to mention this.

The most important thing is that as the space buns are put high on top, I don’t use all the braids. Because it might make their heads too heavy. I make certain to keep some braids down at the back.

Extra Among Extras

Extra Among Extras

I am not going to lie but this might be one of the most striking hairstyles among all the box braid variations I have mentioned. And believe me, it deserves all the hype it gets.

The combination of side-swept braids and a high pony was not enough for this particular style.

I had to add 3 colored beads matching the royal blue extensions and tie up the ponytail with a ribbon. When I did this style my clients literally squealed out of happiness.

The hairdo itself gives a dramatic look and adding the extra bling is just the cherry on top.

I wish you would never let anyone tell your kid to put their bling down to match the boring societal hairstyle standards.

Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids with a blonde touch make the kids look absolutely gorgeous.  Whenever my clients want suggestions about which box braid to get for the first time, I always recommend this one.

Because knotless medium box braids are an excellent choice for first-timers for their lightweight and smallness. It’s easier to handle and style.

Sometimes I purposely make the braids from one a tad bit longer than the other one. It creates a breathtaking hairstyle.

Now you can diversify by mixing this hairstyle with some other ones. However, for me, the simple one is the best.

Black Pink Box Braids

Black Pink Box Braids

Black and pink mixed crochet box braids as a style will sweep off your feet with their bold cuteness.

I assure you that the preppy and fun hairstyle will help your kiddo make a fashion statement.

As I am a die-hard fan of the K-pop group named ‘Black Pink’, I try to incorporate this idea into any styling options I can. And it looks fantastic.

When I style this hairdo I start with black and pink but end it with only pink braids. I make small and distinct boxes to make the braids stand out even more. The whole look is out of the world.

Designed Box Braids

Designed Box Braids

Box braids but make it with as many designs as you want and the asymmetry will blow your mind. I am a fan of symmetry however this combination of designs looked appealing even to me.

From my perspective, the hairstyle itself can glam a kid’s whole aura. So I don’t add any extra ornaments. I love its original multidimensional look.

It provides refined sophisticated glam to your kids’ fashion. I can assure you that this hairstyle will make your kid ready to attend a daytime birthday party or even a red carpet event.

I should warn you that to create intricate designs the braids might be done tightly which might cause hair damage.

Layered Braids

Layered Braids

I think this is one of the most unique hairstyles in this whole article. Because the box braids don’t usually come in such layers. The two layers of braids enhance the beauty of the hairdo twofold.

Kids usually want long hair and so it is the perfect style for them. The layers can be turned into different-shaped buns.

Half-down styling becomes easier while making the hair look longer. So it’s a favorite for both my child’s clients and their parents.

Layered braids don’t necessarily mean the hair would have to be cut into layers. I simply use extensions to create the layers.

And with extensions, I can create as many sensational layers as my clients request.

Incorporating Accessories Of All Kinds

Incorporating Accessories of All Kinds

I love that anyone can use add-ons or accessories on their box braids, even the kids. That means it leaves the chance for the moms to get a mother-daughter matching set of accessories as well.

Whenever I do this braid for my child clients I make sure to take their opinions when I choose the accessories. It always makes my child clients extra cheerful.

I especially remember this one client because she chose a whole lot of accessories including, plastic and metallic beads, colorful ribbons and metallic ring shells, and colorful extensions as well.

So I matched the color of the accessories to the extensions and the hairstyle looked divine.


Box braids look heavenly on kids and save a lot of time for the parents. But you might have some questions regarding this hairstyle. So I am here for it.

Question: Are box braids good for kids?

Answer: YES! Box braids for kids are famous for their protective time efficient quality. These are comfortable and pretty and help reassure the healthiness of your kids’ hair.

It locks the moisture in and protects the hair from breakage promoting healthy hair growth as well.

Question: Do braids damage kids’ hair?

Answer: No, they do not. However, I must warn you to keep the braids loose. Because tightly braided hair can result in hair loss and breakage.

Question: How long can you leave kids’ braids in?

Answer: For adults, the box braids can last between 1 to 2 months. However, for kids’ they usually last from 2 – 6 weeks.

Concluding Thoughts

The key aspect that I love about box braids is that even kids with mid-length hair can get them. Usually, kids like these hairstyles because they make them feel like an adult.

And if a kid has a bit shorter hair then you can always add an extension. You always have the option of add-ons to make it cuter as well.

However, box braids take a little more time than most other hairstyles. But it is worth every second.

As a stylist, I experiment with a lot of hairstyles. Box braids have different variations and so I tried and experimented a lot with them on my clients and my nieces.

And I researched a whole lot more so that I can try out different variations. Among all of them, I have gathered only a few and presented to you only the best.

So, I hope that all this information and styling flexibility will help you choose the right one.

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