Bradley Cooper Haircut

Bradley Cooper Haircut: 12 Sublime Hairstyles Of The Hollywood Actor To Try Out Today!

Even though Bradley Cooper only started pursuing a career as a professional actor due to the love he had for filmmaking and art, it didn’t come as a surprise when he became a household name in Hollywood in 2018, shortly after the release of A Star is Born.

In addition to amassing quite the following due to winning various individual accolades, Bradley Cooper also garnered an admirable amount of fame due to the haircut he wore in the movie. However, that isn’t the only hairstyle that the actor should be known for.

In fact, there are loads of haircuts and designs that Bradley Cooper tried out before he gained recognition for the gelled up curtains in 2018. Curious to learn more? Make sure to check out the entries below to learn everything and anything on Bradley Cooper’s hair and replicate all the fascinating hairstyles that he’s worn as of 2023!

12 Hairstyles Of Bradley Cooper That Reek Of Elegance And Sophistication!

Since Bradley Cooper made his debut as an actor in 2001, it’s safe to say that he did experiment with his hair multiple times before finding the right look. Although his original look comprised an unpleasant faux hawk that was grown out from all sides and sealed with a blowout, the shape of his hair got better with age. From wearing classy butch cuts to becoming the ambassador of the bro-flow, here are the best hairstyles that Bradley Cooper has worn since his rise to prominence!

Textured permed hairstyle

Textured Permed Hairstyle

While the star was born with naturally straight hair, Bradley Cooper manipulated the texture and changed it for American Hustle in 2013. While he obtained this permed hairstyle by using spiral rods, one can easily create it at home if their hair type is curly.

To enhance the texture, you can use a diffuser on damp hair and create the shape using curling cream. Additionally, if you do want more bounce and elevation at the top, you can ditch the grown out sides and replace it with a fade cut.

On the other hand, if you do want to create this on straight or wavy hair, reach out to a professional to mimic the look perfectly. You can even skim through our guide on perm rods if you want to work with rods that pair well with your hair type.

Relaxed Bro-flow

Relaxed Bro Flow

Once you grow older, a relaxed bro-flow could be the safest hairstyle to go forward with is a relaxed bro-flow due to the subtlety that it has. It is also a great option to try out if you’re seeking flexibility, since you can wear all sorts of hairdos, starting from a slicked back look to the eBoy hairstyle.

In addition to being adaptable, a bro-flow is a fan favourite due to its procedure. Creating the look requires the use of no products. The elevation is created with the help of a blow dryer, which can work wonders for those with fine yet full hair like Bradley Cooper’s.

Butch Cut

Butch Cut

Bradley Cooper also debuted his hair in the form of a butch cut at a red carpet event. While it was obviously obtained to make his hair more low-maintenance, the butch cut gave his hair loads of density and a series of healthy strands; two facts that are evident in the photo.

Although the actor didn’t use anything to further boost his strands, one can easily amp the overall hairdo up by using texturizing powder, especially if their main aim is to add some fullness to thin hair. To give it some volume and playful visuals, using hair clay would be more than sufficient.

Soft Faux Hawk with Blends

Soft Faux Hawk with Blends

Before Bradley found his signature look, which happens to be the formerly-mentioned bro-flow haircut, it’s obvious that he loved experimenting with his short hair.

This matte-esque faux hawk didn’t just pair well with the structure of his face or his hair type, but could also be the perfect match for you if you’re looking for an option that is easy to take care of.

The structure was most likely created with a volumizing comb, and the firmness of it was either sealed with hair mousse, or cemented with hair styling spray.

Grown Out Middle-parted Hair

Grown Out Middle Parted Hair

Lazy days are pretty common when you’re growing your hair out, and sometimes, you don’t even have to put much effort in to look great. Just look at this hairstyle, for example!

While it isn’t necessarily the most voluminous hairdo, the messy nature of it could be a great element to look forward to if you’re attending a casual hangout. The subtle middle-part on the top can be created with a comb, but can also be formed when the hair is a bit damp using one’s fingertips.

Furthermore, if you do want to change the hairdo, you can obviously replace this cooperative look in multiple ways through the assistance of a comb.

Gelled Up Curtains

Gelled Up Curtains

If you think that the resurgence of the curtain hairstyle is only good for the youths of this generation, think again, and give this look a chance.

Since Bradley’s hairline is a bit slanted and isn’t placed at the centre, this curtain look can also pass as a gentleman’s comb over. The polished visuals are often added with hair pomade on slightly wet hair, but that component shouldn’t be experimented with if your hair is on the finer end.

Additionally, when you do wear this look, don’t be too worried about the outfit you’re pairing it with, as it can be a great sidekick to an edgy look, and can also be used to pull off a classy and elegant outfit.

Tamed Spikes For Short Hair

Tamed Spikes for Short Hair

Growing your hair from scratch can be a challenging task nonetheless. The amount of awkward strands you have to deal with during the time could get a little overwhelming, but can easily be dealt with if you replicate this look of Bradley Cooper.

The spiky texture of this haircut was formed naturally, but was transformed into a look with more definition using a dime-sized amount of a water based hair gel. Although the sides are slightly grown out, you can definitely drop that feature if you want more bounce, fullness, and a great amount of volume in your hair.

Chopped up Shag Cut

Chopped Up Shag Cut

Even though Bradley barely changed his hair in recent years, one of the very few times that he did experiment with it was in 2021, when he portrayed Jon Peters for the 2021 movie, Licorice Pizza.

Since the actor was expected to look the part in the movie as well, he not only replicated the hairdresser turned producer’s outfit, but also chopped his hair up to wear the same shaggy haircut that Jon Peters had during his early years as a hairdresser. While this option was solely created for the movie, this hairstyle can be the perfect look to create if you feel like wearing something other than a mullet from the mid 70s.

Uniform Buzz Cut

Uniform Buzz Cut

For those that don’t know, Bradley Cooper also fell victim to male pattern baldness when he was in his late 30s. However, that was rarely apparent, mainly due to the hairstyles he wore to manage that flaw of his; one of which was a uniform buzz cut.

This is an excellent hairdo to switch to if you’re looking for something with a minimal hair care routine, and could be the perfect option to resort to if you’re searching for something that has natural density and gives your face a slimming effect. To make your jawline pop a little more, consider incorporating a fade or a 2 on the sides; a topic that we’ve covered in another article!

Messy Comb Over with Framing Fringes

Messy Comb Over With Framing Fringes

This year’s Oscars was surely monumental due to the exchange that Will Smith had with comedian Chris Rock, but it also comprised marvellous fashion statements and great hairstyles that can be showcased with ease at high-end events; such as this messy comb over.

The comb over is mostly desirable due to the laid back nature, but should also be credited due to the framing fringes it contains. The framing strands around the face not only makes the hairdo more casual, but can also be used to give one’s face a naturally slimming effect.

Greasy Curtain Hairstyle

Greasy Curtain Hairstyle

If you think that old people can’t pull off wet hairstyles as well as young people can, grab a slice of humble pie, take a seat, and get a glimpse of this greasy curtain look that Bradley Cooper is currently rocking without an issue!

Additionally, if you do want to replicate this look, in addition to growing your hair out for a considerable period of time, you should definitely invest in a good container of hair gel. Prior to applying the hair gel, make sure your hair is damp.

Furthermore, to add some elevation without hampering the polished visuals, use a hair dryer and near the roots of your hair. You can even apply some hair wax if you want the hairdo to have curly ends!

Gentleman’s Side Part

Gentleman's Side Part

Since Bradley is almost always in the spotlight, wearing a good hairstyle is typically necessary. While he mostly wears hairdos that require no products, he usually creates this side part with the help of his hairdresser when going for a look that caters to formal events.

On top of looking neatly put, this hairstyle could be a great option for you to consider if you want to make the stubborn strands on your scalp a tad bit more manageable. Create the side part with some styling paste and seal the firmness of the hold by spraying some hair spray around the ends of your hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bradley Cooper has worn a handful of looks over the course of his career, but the questions that you might have regarding his hairdo might come with no limits. If that seems to be the case for you, make sure to go through the questions and answers placed below to free yourself from all the curiosity!

Q: Who is Bradley Cooper’s hairdresser?

A: From the looks of it, Bradley Cooper most probably styled his hair until he landed a role in the 2009 film, The Hangover. He subsequently started taking hair advice, and officially hired Andrew Fitzsimons as his go-to hairdresser sometime around early 2010.

Q: Did Bradley Cooper have a hair transplant?

A: Although Bradley’s team has yet to respond to such claims, it is believed that Bradley Cooper did have a hair transplant in 2008 to recover all the hair that he lost prior to that year and refrain from becoming a victim of male pattern baldness. In the photo below, you can see the progress of his hair transplant, and how his faux hawk had more density in 2014 at the Oscars in contrast to the photo above, which was taken in the mid 2000s.


Bradley Cooper is without a doubt one of the best actors in Hollywood at the moment. While his charming persona is surely evident on screen and is the main reason behind his never-ending fame, his hair is also a part of his appeal, and another key factor that further increases the volume of his fan base with each day.

The best part about all his hairstyles is how achievable they are. As long as you have the length, the products, and a little bit of confidence, you too can replicate one of the various hairstyles that Bradley Cooper has worn and use it on a regular basis!

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