Braid Hairstyles With Weave

18 Braid Hairstyles with Weave to Seal the Deal

Whenever it comes to our hair, we always think of trying out trendy hairstyles and keeping the hair in its best condition. While regular hairstyles done with natural hair have their own appeal, there’s just something unique about protective braided hairstyles. So, yeah, we keep coming for them time after time!

And can you blame us? In recent years, black girls have added so many creative options to the list of braided hairstyles that you will get fascinated every time you take a look at them!

While traditional box braids are still on the top, the lemonade, tribal, and stitch braids have also earned their fair share of popularity. And if you combine two or more braiding methods in a single style, it just takes your hair to the next level.

There are many ways to braid your hair if you are opting for a protective hairstyle. While some prefer to do it on their natural hair, some love to go for hair extensions. And yes, braids with weaves are quite popular considering the current trend.

This is why in today’s article we are going to talk about fascinating braid hairstyles with weaves that will make you fall in love with your hair again and again. But before that, let’s know the process of braiding hair with weave in detail.

Fabulous Braid Hairstyles with Weave for Snazzy Divas

As you can see, braiding hair with weave is a piece of cake if you just practice for some time with dedication. This is why this style of braiding has become so popular. And to keep up with the trend, you need to try out a braided hairstyle with weave as soon as possible!

Wondering which hairstyle will be the perfect pick for you? Worry no more because we have come up with a list of gorgeous hairstyles that will win your heart for sure. So let’s check them out together without wasting any moment!

Brown Bob

Brown Bob

Even though most braided hairstyles consist of black braiding hair, you can always switch up your style by choosing brown or blonde braiding hair. And if you love short hairstyles, a braided bob look will be great for you.

This simple yet chic brown braid hairstyle has been done with weave, and the bob length is super cute. We love how she added transparent beads at the ends to give her braids a touch of glam. Plus, that middle part style is totally trendy for any occasion.

Large Knotless

Large Knotless

When it comes to the box braids with weaves, the knotless ones have become quite popular. You can do box braids in any size you prefer, so choose it according to your preferred look.

These large knotless box braids have been done using black and pink braiding hair, and you can just see how neat the partings look. Apart from the amazing length, the color combination is quite catchy. You can also mix pink and black together in random braids to make things even cooler.

Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids

Beyoncé wore the famous lemonade braids in her 2016 album titled ‘Lemonade’, and since then it has become one of the most popular hairstyles for black girls. So if you are looking for a perfect braid hairstyle with weave, you can definitely pick the lemonade braids.

This style is surely something you need to try out. That amazing parting shows the skill of her hairstylist, and we love that she used transparent beads to enhance the beauty of her braids. You can go for lemonade braids in long or short lengths, and everyone’s going to love your new hair look in an instant!

Purple Ombré

Purple Ombre

As ombré has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives, you don’t need to cry about not having the perfect ombré style just because your natural hair doesn’t let you flaunt it properly. With protective hairstyles, rocking any type of hair look is just a matter of time.

So lately, if you have been thinking about getting an ombré style, you can take a look at these box braids with perfect purple ombré. Seriously, what’s not to love? She went for a colorful braided hairstyle with weave and placed hair rings in some places for extra glam.

On top of that, the fact that she matched her attire with her color has totally convinced us that this hairstyle should be tried out at the earliest convenience!

Money Piece Cornrows

Money Piece Cornrows

Think about a hairstyle that’s so trendy that even your hairstylist will be glad that you picked it. Can’t find one? Well, we have the blonde money piece for you. Combining it with your regular black cornrows will make you the diva of every occasion.

As seen in this picture, those blonde money pieces are surely on fire! Apart from her perfectly braided hair with weave, we love that she went for that particular style to take care of her edges. All in all, this hairstyle will be a winner on any glamorous event.

Top Bun

Top Bun

What’s the easiest and classiest way to style your braided hair? Turning it up into a top bun for sure. Braided buns are super fuller-looking in appearance because your hair is divided into sections and individually braided. Plus, it will only take you a few minutes to make this top bun, so give it a try right now!

In this picture, the black braids with a subtle touch of blonde look so pretty! The box braids are done quite neatly, and we totally love the vibe of the bun. For parties and glamorous occasions, as well as for just chilling at home, this hairstyle is going to be a lifesaver!

Half-Up Top Bun

Half Up Top Bun

We are always about going that extra mile with our hair, and this is why fancy hairstyles are always our favorite. Stitch braids fill up that quota quite well, and if you turn them into half-up styles, then the beauty will be indescribable.

The lady in this picture has the perfect stitch braids, and we are just drooling over that amazing half-up top bun. Form neatness to precision, this style gets 100 out of 100. And if you ask us, this one will be a great pick for a girls’ night out.

Brown Highlights

Brown Highlights

What can lift up the beauty of your regular black braids without even giving much effort? It’s the brown or blonde highlights for sure! While it’s true that blonde highlights are more popular than the brown ones, they look equally appealing and beautiful.

For your next braiding session, make sure to pick brown braiding hair to create the highlights. You can create a similar style as shown in this picture, and add beads at the end to elevate your braided hairstyle with weave. Trust us, you will fall in love with how pretty your style looks!

Medium Goddess

Medium Goddess

Goddess braids are quite popular among Instagram girls because these braids look quite unique compared to regular box braids or cornrows. This is because pieces of curly hair are added to the braids, giving them a gorgeous appearance.

For your next braided hairstyle with weave, choose these medium-length goddess braids without thinking twice. Keep the ends curly to make things even fancier, and you can do a half-up style out of the braids for a chic vibe.

Hearts and Stitch

Hearts And Stitch

While doing braids with weave, you can always choose to step up your game by combining different braiding techniques in a single style. Stitch braids always look great with the heart ones, so try them out this time.

Looking at this picture, you can already tell that the level of skill required to perfect this one is surely something else. Those stitch braids and heart braids look perfect combined together, and the slayed edges have done their job perfectly to give her a polished look in total.

Brown Ponytail

Brown Ponytail

With weave, you can create ponytails easily without thinking about which braiding technique you will be opting for. These ponytails are so versatile in nature that you can wear them while you are running errands or even when you are attending a glamorous event.

Here is a ponytail hairstyle to get your braided hairstyle with weave journey started. These lemonade braids are done to perfection, and we love the brown shade she went for. On top of that, those curly ends look totally glamorous, and have given her ponytail a fuller appearance.

With Pink Beads

With Pink Beads

Ever tried out an all-pink hairstyle? If you haven’t, now is the time to rethink. Pink braids not only look cute, but they also give you the perfect barbie vibes in a matter of time. So this time, ask your hairstylist for pink cornrows like these.

The middle part hairstyle with the perfect pink braiding hair can be your best pick for achieving a braid hairstyle with weave. Make sure to grab your packs of pink hair beads beforehand, and choose them in different shades for an eye-catching look. You can also add transparent beads to the style for making things even more glamorous.

Black and Blonde

Black And Blonde

Combining both black and blonde braiding hair into your style is one of the classiest options available at present. And as we speak of weaves, you can try out the fulani braids this time to step up your hair game.

Fulani braids basically consist of cornrows braided in different ways, a braid that is wrapped around your headline, and they often include beads. For black and blonde fulani braids, you can take inspiration from this picture.

Starting from the length of her braids to the beads she went for, this style looks super chic. We literally cannot wait to give it a proper try as soon as possible!

Zigzag Cornrows

Zigzag Cornrows

Keeping up with trend is what we love to do the most, so we definitely recommend you to try out the zigzag braids asap! These are super trending on social media because the braids look cute and glamorous at the same time.

Zigzag braids are done using a unique technique that gives them the particular style they have. You can recreate a style similar to this one, and then add beads at the ends of your braids for beautification. Also, don’t forget to style your edges before you move on with your day.

Colorful Braids

Colorful Braids

One of the chicest trends in doing box braids is going for vibrant and colorful braids on a specific area, whereas the rest of the braids will remain similar to the natural hair color. To recreate this hairstyle, you can choose super vibrant red or blue braiding hair.

Take this picture for instance. While most of her braids are black and match her natural hair color, only a few braids at the side have been done using red braiding hair. You can also combine both red and black braiding hair in some of your braids. Also, don’t forget to add those transparent beads at the ends for proper glam.

Double Buns

Double Buns

When it comes to stitch braids, making two braided buns out of them is one of the most popular ways to wear these braids. You can do creative styles on the head by using different techniques, but the buns will make you look like a gorgeous lady within minutes!

In this braid hairstyle with weave, amazing stitch braids have been done by the hairstylist using creative partings. Although the main attraction is the heart braid in the middle, we totally love the double buns she went for. All in all, this hairstyle will be the perfect pick for any formal or informal event.

Low Pigtails

Low Pigtails

With braided hair, the possibilities are infinite so you can easily turn your regular hairstyles to the most fancy ones. This is why you will find many pictures of girls rocking ponytails and pigtails with braids quite gracefully.

This middle part hairstyle with the low pigtails look so fascinating, that we just can’t keep our eyes off of it! The two dutch braids on the sides are complementing the intricate cornrows in the middle pretty well. And if that wasn’t enough, those curly pigtails look like they are ready to take over the party with their beauty!

Heart Half-Up Pigtails

Heart Half Up Pigtails

Imagine being so creative that you combine a heart style with your half-up pigtails! Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because it’s quite possible. If you do not trust us, take a look at this braided hairstyle with weave.

The combination of vibrant blue and black braiding hair in these braids is literally everything! The eye-soothing colors have been perfectly complimented by using those beads. And for that half-up style, we just ‘heart’ it!

Make sure to keep two pieces of braids at the front separated for a cutesy vibe, and then style your edges properly to achieve a super glam-girl look!

How to Braid Hair with Weave in 6 Steps?

Box braids are literally the easiest braids you can do on your hair, so we will be talking about how to use weave for your box braids. This process is quite easy and you will get the hang of it after a few practices.

Step 1: Section Your Hair

Start the process by sectioning your hair using a rat tail comb. Use your gel to make the partings precise, and start from the very bottom part of your hair. Create small sections in square shapes for making the perfect box braids.

Step 2: Prep Your Braiding Hair

Take the bundle of your pre-stretched braiding hair and separate a small section of hair for your first braid. The amount will depend on the size of the braid you are willing to go for.

Divide this piece of hair in a way so that you have ⅔ of hair on one hand and the rest of the ⅓ on the other. Simply put, twice the amount on one hand. Wrap the smaller piece of hair around the bigger piece, and you will get a uniform distribution of hair in all three pieces.

The next thing you need to do is pinch the knot right in the middle. Pinch between your middle finger and thumb, and place the next strand between your index finger and thumb. Let the third strand of hair just lay there.

Step 3: Attach the Braiding Hair 

To start braiding, you need to attach the braiding hair to your natural hair. Take your first mini section of natural hair and place the previously prepared section of braiding hair right on top.

The process is a bit tricky, so we will be talking about it in detail. First of all, separate the top half part of your natural hair and place it with the middle strand of your braiding hair right at the scalp.

For the second strand, separate a piece from the bottom-left section of your natural hair and take these two pieces of hair together. As you are now remaining with the final piece of your natural hair, you need to take and separate it to the right.

To do that, just reach that piece of hair under from the left, and grab both your natural and braiding hair at the same time. Pull these two pieces of hair back on over to the right.

After that, go back to the left and pull that piece of hair to the middle. Take the other piece of hair and pull it to the middle as well. Lock the braiding hair into your natural hair, and the hard part is done!

Step 4: Start Braiding

Now that your braiding hair is attached properly, braid for about an inch, and then flip your hands. While braiding, make sure to run your hands through your hair so that you can avoid facing tangles. You can use your gel or pomade if you need to as well.

Step 5: Pay Attention to the Ends

As you braid down the length and reach the place where your natural hair is almost at the end, make sure to braid down slowly. Ensure that the ends are tucked in properly so that the whole style remains tidy.

When you reach just past your natural hair, speed up the braiding process like before because your ends are now all taken care of.

Step 6: Finishing Touch

If you feel like any one of the pieces of hair has become thinner compared to the others as you reach the end, just borrow some hair from the strand of hair next to it. This will make things all even. Just a little bit, that’s it.

Complete all your braids following the entire process, and you will be left with beautiful-looking braids as an outcome.


After knowing about all these awesome braided hairstyles with weave, let’s find out the answers to some of your common questions regarding these braids.

Which hair is best for a braided hairstyle with weave?

Kanekalon hair is considered to be the best for these braided hairstyles. This is because they burn and melt easily, so you can give them proper curly shapes. Plus, they are quite affordable so you don’t have to worry about spending extra bucks.

How long should I wait before doing a ponytail if I go for a braid hairstyle with weave?

If you are willing to do a ponytail, just make sure to wait for about one week, and make the ponytail loose to avoid the risk of having traction alopecia.

Final Words

Braids are beautiful no matter which style or length you choose. So when it comes to your precious hair, don’t hesitate to experiment with colorful looks and intricate braiding patterns to make the best out of your style.

We hope you will be trying out the braid hairstyles with weave that we have mentioned above pretty soon, because you are guaranteed to fall in love with each of them. So stop whatever you are doing right now, and get into the work asap girl!

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