19 Stunning Braided Ponytail Hairstyles For Women

Whether it is a party or friend’s engagement, you’ll look extravagantly gorgeous with a braided ponytail for sure. Ponytail is too mainstream. instead, go for braided ponytail hairstyles if you really want to get noticed in the crowd.  The braided ponytail is all about creativity. Apart from your creativity, braided ponytail’s simplicity & variety making it popular.

Bored with messy hairs ?

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Below are some of the most creative and beautiful braided ponytails. Give a try!

A Pretty Secret of Braided Ponytail!

Shhh! You know, the hairstyle has the power to change the beauty of a face. Either it is a braid or a pony, both are common for women in their busy schedule. However, the blend of braid and pony can be wondrous. Hey, beautiful, get some time for yourself and try these 19 phenomenal braided ponytails.

1. Loose Messy Braided Ponytail

Messy?? Don’t go with the meaning. It’s absolutely amazing to give a messy look to your hairstyle. Undone and messy hairstyles are in buzz now. It is worth trying for a casual outing. Confidence counts. The hairstyle consists of straight loose hairs tied at the back.

Loose Messy Braided Ponytail

2. Bubble Braid Ponytail

Update your look with this amazing bubbly hairstyle. Here the tail of the pony used to make hair bubbles. You have to use hair spray and gel to give a proper look to each bubble partition. You need to secure each bubble with an elastic.

Take extra care while sitting, else the pressure from the back can ruin your whole style. Be different and make others envy of you.

Bubble Braid Ponytail

3. Side Dutch Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle is romantic enough to give you a fairy tale feeling. The dutch braid is a variation of French Braid.  Normally a braid goes in upper part of head where as side dutch braid ponytail, braid is done in either side. A Dutch side braid is finally incorporated with a wavy ponytail which is perfect for a themed party or outing.

Side Dutch Braid Ponytail

4. Underside braid with a ponytail

Sporty Look? Oh yes, this one is for you. It is a French braid that starts from the underside of the head and ends with a ponytail tied together on a higher note. And you are ready, either it is a bike ride or trekking! Get set go.

Underside braid with a ponytail

5. Sleek Pony with side braid

Meeting?? Go for a sleek pony with a braid which can give you a perfectly professional look. You can make this hairstyle even in a hurry. A side braid is gradually incorporated with a tight, polished ponytail, and you’re done. To make side braid you can refer this wikihow guide.

Sleek Pony with side braid

6. Loose French Braid with undone ponytail

Yet, another easy braids and staple for lazy girls. A Loose French braid is made with an undone ponytail. You can give some curls to the pony, to add some spice to your hairstyle.

Loose French Braid with undone ponytail

7. Ladder braid ponytail

The cutest hairstyle of all and normally were by girls. It’s for Mothers to learn it and try it on your daughters. This hairstyle is going to gain a lot of glance at the market. You Lucky Girl!

As the picture suggest the braid will be done in a ladder manner.

Ladder braid ponytail

8. Simple long ponytail with braid wrapped around hair tie

According to name, it is the most simple and elegant hairstyle which you can were more often in parties and formal occasions as well. A thin braid is done from one side and wrapped around the hair tie so that the hair band is not visible. It gives an enchanting look to your personality.

Simple long ponytail with braid wrapped around hair tie

9. Boxer Hair braid ponytail

Every time we start with a boxer hair braid but ends up with a French braid. However, boxer braid is completely different from French hair braid. Work out or aerobics, this hairstyle is for your rescue. Now, hairs are not supposed to disturb you during exercise. Go on.

Boxer Hair braid ponytail

10.Top Fishtail Hair braid with Ponytail

This hairstyle is quite famous for being used by popular tennis player Maria Sharapova. Blend of fishtail, and a ponytail can give you an extra cuteness. Yes, this is an all occasion hairstyle that can be were in any dress code. It starts from the top with a fishtail and gradually ends with a ponytail tied on a higher note.

Top Fishtail Hair braid with Ponytail

11.Dutch Mohawk Ponytail

You can get a perfect edgy look with this hairstyle. Just go for a Dutch braid on the top giving it a bump, so as to look like a Mohawk hairstyle. You can also recreate it in your own style. Girls!! Instagram is waiting for your creative clicks. Grab the likes!


Dutch Mohawk Ponytail

12. Spiral Braided Ponytail

Don’t know how to do a braid?? Tuck, Twist and Tie and Spiral Braided Ponytail is all yours. This somehow resembles with French twists and best for a sporty look.

Spiral Braided Ponytail

13. Faux-hawk Ponytail

This sophisticated hairstyle works best with medium to long length hair. Tease the roots at the crown and make a loose French braid working until the end. Gather the braid and hairs together and secure it with elastic. You’re done!

Faux-hawk Ponytail

14. Waterfall braid ponytail

The name signifies how it exactly looks like. I would recommend this hairstyle for the girls who want a classic style. A diagonal waterfall braid is finally incorporated with a ponytail. Vintage vogue!

Waterfall braid ponytail

15. Loose braided pony with scarf

Must to do hairstyle for a fashionista. The scarf counts as one strand in the braid which ends with a loosened braided ponytail and tied it with the scarf at the end. Show the charm to the world with your scarf. Woo Time for girls!. Try this style with variety of scarfs.

Loose braided pony with scarf

16. Braid with Punky Ponytail

If you want something simple yet stylish, this could be a good start. Just go with a french braid at the crown and end up with a simple high ponytail. Wrap the elastic with some hair strands to give a natural look. Denim jeans and t-shirts could be a great combo for this hairstyle.

Braid with Punky Ponytail

17. Two Braids One ponytail

Blend of two hair braids into a ponytail could give you an unexpected stunning look. Either go with a Dutch or a French braid, it depends. However, the final touch with a lower pony could gain you a lot of appreciation.

Two Braids One ponytail

18. Macrame braid with lower Pony

You can say this is the easiest, simplest and quickest hairstyle among all. You could incorporate Dutch braid and regular braid forming macrame, ending up with a lower & shorter ponytail.

Macrame braid with lower Pony

19. Boho Braided Ponytail

If you has been a Cinderella lover, you can relate this style in no time.  Boho braided or Bohemian braid is loosely made braid on either side. This is absolutely a perfect hairstyle for all occasions which gives a voluminous look. The hairstyle looks best in blonde hair.

Boho Braided Ponytail

I honestly feel these are the 19 most beautiful and easiest braided ponytails ever. We hope you will gonna make one of these braided ponytail hairstyles in your next event. Cheers!

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