Braids For Kids

Braids For Kids: 30 Energetic Styles To Try Out In 2022

It is never easy for you to find a hairstyle for your kids that looks pretty, good for hair, and easy to maintain at the same time. Braids for kids are here to save the day for you.

Braids offer you all at the same time. They are not just for grown-ups. Fulfilling all three criteria mentioned above takes a good effort, and braids for kids take you there seamlessly.

The effectiveness of braids for hair, in general, resides at the top level. They protect hair from breakage, promote hair growth, and make one hit it out of the park with their look.

When you think about it, kids’ hair is perfect for braids in terms of efficiency and maintenance. But this is one side of braids that is not talked about enough.

Braids discussion revolves around adult hairstyle, usually. It is hard to find a good tutorial or style guide on braids for kids.

We understand the scenario. This is why we curated a style guide dedicated to braids for kids only. You can find all about how you can prepare your kids for the process and what style you can pick up.

We suggest that you go through our article to find an effective and pretty-looking braid style for kids in your home; be it your child, siblings, nephew-niece, or any kid at all!

We’ve got you covered! Let’s jump into it.

Kids Braids: A Brief Look

Kids Braids Brief Looks

Kids do love to play and get dirt in their hair. In turn, the hair becomes damaged. Would you let it stop them from flying like the angels that they are?

We all know the answer, don’t we? This is why braids offer a good solution in terms of keeping their hair great. As mentioned earlier, braids are popularly thought to be for adults only. We are here to make you think again.

Braids save you from redoing hair within a short period of time. They last pretty well for at least a month before there is a need for them to be redone. You can let your kids do whatever they want without needing to worry about the hair.

Kids Braids also promote hair growth in one of the most effective ways you can find. They keep the hair ends in good shape and help grow the hair long.

We know that kids want to look stylish too. Braids offer that opportunity with unlimited styling options. Also, have we mentioned the lower maintenance part yet? You can easily try out different braids styles without breaking a sweat!

To provide you with enough information to get your kid their cool braids, we are going to present several styles; from simple braids to box braids to crochet braids, and so on.

Sit back, relax, and let us show you the way!

Braids For Kids: Where To Begin?

It is easy to mix things up when you want to do something for the first time. We are not going to let that happen to you.

We gathered a copious amount of information for you so that you may give your kids the bedazzled braids in no time!

Hair Types And Length

Let’s get this straight. Any type of hair is good enough for braids. Although not every style is doable on all types of hair, there is always something for everyone.

Having said that, Afro-textured hair is perfect for braids. Nevertheless, if we want to put it in a more defined category, 3A-4C (Curly-Coily-Kinky) type hairs are great for braids.

Don’t be disheartened if your kid has other types of hair, because there are braids styles for that as well! Just follow us and find out.

For length, at least 2 inches long 3A-4C type hair just cut it for braids. For straight hair, at least 5-6 inches are good to go. The longer the hair is, the easier and better it is to get those bewitching braids!

Things You Need

Braids are simply art. And it takes the artist some tools to get the intended look. Accordingly, you will need to get some supplies before you start the braiding process for your kids.

One thing to note is that irrespective of the style you choose, some items are common for all types of braiding processes. We are going to talk about those in this section. If anything else is needed depending on the style, they will be discussed in respective sections.

  • Shampoo: A good moisturizing shampoo is needed to clean the hair. Getting rid of all the residues and starting with the moisturizing process is extremely important in the braiding process.
  • Leave-In Conditioner: Pick a good leave-in conditioner for your kid’s hair. You want the hair to keep the moisturizer locked in for a good amount of time.
  • Edge Control: An edge control balm or gel is necessary if your kid’s hair is in the Type 3-4 category. The balm will help with the precise sectioning of the hair.
  • Wide-Toothed Comb: This will be needed to get the hair detangled. You can pick up a plastic one for this, but we recommend a wooden one for a smooth operation.
  • Rat Tail Comb: A rat tail comb will help you with separating the hair more carefully so that it looks neat and clean!
  • Hair Clips: Keeping your kids hair sectioned while doing the braiding is important. Get some good hair clips to make the process easier. You can do without them if you have the patience of a saint, but we definitely recommend some hair clips.
  • [Optional] Rubber Bands: In order to secure the base of braids, you may use some rubber bands. You don’t need them if you have well-coordinated finger movements. We still recommend that you get some rubber bands if you are new to braiding.

Step By Step Guide

From preparing your kid to getting the braids done, you will need to follow some steps. In this section, we are going to discuss in four easy steps how you can achieve the desired braids for your kids.

We suggest that you pick up a style from the list given below this step-by-step guide and then follow the directions given here to achieve the look.

Step 1: Preparation

Thoroughly wash your kid’s hair. Remember, the cleaner the hair is, the longer the braids will keep the moisture locked in.

Use a shampoo for maximum cleanliness. Make sure the hair is completely clean. After washing is done, let it air dry or use an old cotton t-shirt to tap the hair dry. Alternatively, you can blow-dry the hair.

Now, the hair may still be tangled after washing. Use a leave-in conditioner in an adequate amount and comb through hair with the wide-toothed comb. Detangling is necessary before we move on to the next step.

You can keep the hair slightly wet for braiding, but it is not recommended. Braiding on wet hair makes them heavy and may cause hair breakage.

After washing and detangling are done, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Sectioning

Braiding takes patience and time. It is helpful in this case if the hair is sectioned.

For braiding, it is recommended that you first section hair horizontally from one ear to the other. Following that, divide those parts again. Use the rat tail comb to help you with the precise sectioning of the hair.

Depending on your style, your sections could be any size. Pick up a style and follow the steps accordingly.

As a rule of thumb, we can say that if you have picked up a style that has big braids, part your hair at least in 4 sections. Go with 6 or more sections for smaller braids.

Now, when you are doing the sectioning, make sure to keep sections properly separated with hair clips.

If strands of hair stick out, re-do the sectioning for a clean look. It may take a bit of time, but you will be proud of your work when it is done!

Let’s move to the next step when you are done.

Step 3: Braiding

In this step, we are going to discuss how to do the braiding. Remember that the hair must be detangled.

Make sure that the hair has a good amount of moisture from cleaning or leave-in conditioner. It will make the process easy for you.

In general, for braiding, you need to divide hair into three sections. You want them to be as even as possible.

Now, hold the right and left sections. You can leave the middle section as it is.

Move the left section over the middle section and hold it in your right-hand fingers. While holding those strands, move the initial right section over the middle section. Finally, move the initial middle section between those sections.

Repeat the process until you reach the end of the hair.

Step 4: Maintenance

Maintaining braids requires some easy steps to follow. They are excellent if you want your braids to last long and your hair to be healthy.

First of all, avoid any extremely tight hairstyle that may cause hair breakage. Every few weeks, try redoing the braids’ edges to make you look clean and fresh.

Make sure to keep your braids clean and hydrated by washing them every few days. Use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of dryness and any residue buildups. Use a towel to gently tap your braids to make them dry. Using a blow dryer in the lowest settings is also suggested.

Remember to keep your scalp moisturized for a good, protective, and hair growth experience.

30 Exclusive Braids Styles For Kids

Braids in general are one of the most versatile hairstyles you can find. There are also so many styles available for you to pick one for your kid.

We are going to present the best braids styles for kids for your convenience. You may simply choose one style from below and have no regret at all.

Let us amuse you with some of the cutest braids for kids.

Single Braid

Single Braid

The simplest braid you can do is also one of the best you can find.

A single braid is appropriate for those who have long hair. It depends where you want the braid to be. Some people prefer it on a side while the traditional way is to do it down the middle.

To do this, you just need to follow the braiding process mentioned in the step-by-step guide above. Sometimes, you can do a cornrow if the hair is extremely thick and long, and achieve a mohawk look even.

The possibility is endless!

Two Braids

Two Braids

Two braids (also known as double braids) style is also a traditional look for your kid.

This style requires long hair as well, but it is also possible to do on medium-sized hair. Here, you can do cornrow into a double ponytail, or you can go with a simple double pony with loose ends.

For two braids for kids, you need to follow the standard braiding process mentioned above in the step-by-step guide, and you are good to go.

You may use colorful rubber bands and big beads to elevate the look further. Do what suits best for your kid!

Box Braids For Kids

Box Braids for Kids

Box braids for kids offer you one of the neatest looks you can find for your kid!

Being a good hairstyle for natural hair, box braids add some character as well. A perfect one for Afro-textured hair.

The size of the boxes in box braids depends on how big the sections are. For a standard, 12-16 sections seem most common.

After diving the hair is done, take a section and apply styling gel at least halfway through. Then wrap a rubber band around that section of hair. Repeat it for all the sections. Then do the braiding following the standard method given in our step-by-step guide.

Voila! You are done.

Medium Box Braids

Medium Box Braids

Medium box braids are excellent for your kid if you want them to have quite a good number of braids on their head.

In medium box braids, you can either go with a simple square-shaped box or twist it a little and go with triangular boxes. You have to create shapes when you are sectioning the hair.

For the braiding process, follow our step-by-step guide and give your kid one of the finest looks there are!

Big Box Braids

Big Box Braids

If you are looking to give your kid 7-9 braids, choose this one.

Big box braids require less time than standard or medium box braids because of a low number. It is also good for people with less curly hair.

The process is straightforward. Section hair into 7-9 sections and then put styling gel on every section. Use the technique for simple braids and there you have it!

To add more life to the braids and make your kid happier, you may add highlights and beads to the braids.

Happy kid, happy life!

Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids are a good choice for your kid if the hair is heavy and fuller.

This style requires at least medium-sized hair with a very thickness present in hair quality. In a standard 12-16 sectioned box braids combination, the final braids will look jumbo-sized.

This is not for everyone, but be sure to try it. Remember, if your kid’s hair is not heavy enough, you can always use extensions to make it fuller.

Let nothing stop you!

Zigzag Braids

ZigZag Braids

Zigzag braids for kids incorporate the classic African braiding technique known as cornrowing.

In this style, mostly horizontal sectioning of hair is needed. Then, creating cornrows from the frontmost section and adding later sections to the braids is the way to go.

Zigzag braids can be done on short hair as well. It requires a bit more patience than usual.

But the end product is an amazing sight to behold!

Zigzag Braids With Heart-Shaped Part

Zigzag Braids With Heart Shaped Part

If zigzag braids look too simple for your kid, how about adding some heart to them?

There are multiple ways you can add twists to a standard style. Adding braided hearts has always been in the top 3 of the popular chart.

To create the heart, at first create two small braids side by side from the bottom towards up. Develop them in a circular motion but make sure that they are mirroring them. Once the braids come down, create a mono-braid using those two braids.

There, the heart is present!

Lemonade Braids For Kids

Lemonade Braids For Kids

The side-swept style with the flowy look makes lemonade braids one of the biggest attractions for people of all ages!

Being one of the traditional African braids, the lemonade braids are especially good for those with long hair.

The braiding begins with the cornrow technique and ends in a traditional braiding style.

If the hair is not long enough, use extensions and highlights to create an amazing look as you go. To add something extra for your kids, be sure to use some colorful beads.

Ponytail Braids

Ponytail Braids

Kids look stunning with the pretty pony. Now make that in braids, and you have a wow machine!

Doing ponytail braids for kids requires a bit of a different approach. You start braiding from outside and go inwards. Continue braiding till they are done and then make them into a ponytail.

Your kid’s hair must be long for the pony braids. If the hair is short, you can tie them up into a top knot bun if you like.

You will always have options with the braids!

Cornrow Braids For Kids

Cornrow Braids For Kids

Cornrow braids are one of the most popular African braids. It is also in the top three spots in terms of protecting the hair.

Cornrows look adorable on kids. Although these are simple cornrows we are talking about, do not underestimate their power!

You get a number of options with cornrow braids for kids. You can do a stitch braid from front to back.

You can also do a parting style with the cornrows. Pick one and give your kid the look they want!

Feed-In Braids For Kids

Feed In Braids for Kids

Feed-in braids are one popular hairstyle we would like to discuss for your kid.

This style uses a feed-in technique where more hair (or extensions) is added little by little as braiding progresses. This is yet another fabulous protective style for kids.

Feed-In Braids Into Bun

Feed in Braids Into Bun

If simple feed-in braids seem too plain, elevate it by doing a feed-in into a bun for your kid!

The braids can be of any size, but big braids would help a lot in the process. It will save time as well.

For this style, start braiding from the outside and come towards where you want the bun to be. Finish the look by wrapping the braids around.

Heart-Shaped Part With Braids

Heart Shaped Part With Braids

The heart-shaped part has a good modern history of working pretty well with braids.

Adults have done it for years. It is a look that can put a smile on others’ faces. Your kid will be delighted if you give them lovely hearts!

For this style, pick a side and do a braided heart. You can add extensions and accessories to make it look livelier.

The rest of the hair could be braided in any style. That is the beauty of heart-shaped parts!

Braids With Double Bun

Braids With Double BUn

Buns not only make people look good and taller; it is also excellent for protecting the braids.

Kids may not rock bun as much as we think. But be sure to give it a try! When a single bun is not giving the look you prefer, try the double.

Heart Box Braids

Heart Box Braids

Hearts work pretty well with braids. You can hardly find a braiding style where heart-shaped modifications or sides don’t look awesome.

Heart box braids are a great fusion if you like. You are doing a traditional box braids style on your kids, but instead of creating simple boxes, you are turning those boxes into hearts.

For this astounding style, section the hair into boxes as you do for box braids. Then, instead of starting the braiding in each box, do the braiding in heart shapes.

It is that easy!

Heart-Shaped Braids With Top Bun

Heart Shaped Braids With Top Bun

Another heart-shaped braiding style that we cannot recommend enough!

This time, you are doing hearts on the sides and back. You are also going to add a top bun to complete this massive look.

For this style, do the braided heart at the back first. Then do the side hearts.

To complete the look, complete braiding the rest of the hair and tie them into a top bun.

You may use accessories to uplift this look. We recommend using highlights and beads.

Braids With Beads

Braids Wth Beads

You are going with a simple braiding look for your kid but want to add something extra at the same time? Just add some colorful beads!

Beads on braids keep things minimalistic but at the same time, they lift the mood. This is a customization you can do on any type of braid.

A truly free and colorful look to get!

Goddess Braids For Kids

Goddess Braids For Kids

Don’t you get a special feel from just the name of this style? That’s right. Goddess braids are one of those special mighty looks.

For goddess braids for kids, you may have to use extensions if the hair is a bit on the short side. The high, wavy, and fuller look of goddess braids can still be crafted with Kanekalon extensions.

This requires extra work so we recommend getting this from an expert stylist. Sit back and see the magic unfold!

Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids for kids sure are a special one. It was used by Africa’s Fulani people, and they carry great weight.

The braiding process for standard Fulani braids starts with a cornrow down the center of the head. Then some cornrows are braided from the back to the front close to the temples of the head. Hair in the back is braided downwards. Optionally for a final touch, the last braid is wrapped around the hairline to complete the process.

This is one of the best braids for kids we always recommend. Give it a try.

You will be amazed.

Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids

If your kid has short hair then this is definitely for you.

In crochet braids, hair extensions are attached to the natural with a crochet hook to create length. Sometimes, it is done to protect the natural hair too.

Easy to maintain, the braids look excellent from the usage of different types of extensions.

Rainbow Lemonade Braids For Kids

Rainbow Lemonade Braids For KIds

Lemonade braids are one of the original African braids you can get. Its side-swept look makes the wearer stand out.

Sometimes, the traditional lemonade braids may look a bit plain. This is when you can add some colorful beads to them and create a new look.

You may also add beads later on if you want. Nevertheless, kids look amazing with this braiding style.

Knotless Braids

Knotless Braids

Knotless braids offer braids that are knot-free. This is the obvious part and now, let us explain.

If you take box braids, a knot is made to secure the braid. In knotless braids, the hair itself is used for braiding till the end.

This technique ensures a relaxed braiding for the hair of kids.

Side Braids

Side Braids

Side braids for kids are a top variation for you to try on your kids.

They look somewhat similar to lemonade braids. In reality, they are different. Side braids are much fuller than lemonade braids and more secured.

Use highlights and beads to add something more to the look.

Mohawk Braids

Mohawk Braids

Mohawk braids are a great combination of braids and mohawk style. Your kid is getting two styles in one.

For this mohawk braids style, do the braiding as it is done usually, but keep adequate hair for some big braids down the middle. As a final step, do those braids aligned to the center of your kid’s head and let the braids hang when they are done.

Going with a look that has two great styles at heart is never a wrong move!

Ladybug Braids

LadyBug Braids

Ladybug braids are a favorite braiding variation for kids.

In this style, you are going to need to use red extensions to craft the ladybug look.

After separating hair for braiding, add the extension at the start of braiding and work your way through.

You just need to create some simple braids, but the addition of the highlight helps you develop a style that your kid will thank you for!

Double Ponytail With Crochet Braids

Double Ponytail with Crochet Braids

A double ponytail with crochet braids for kids offers a voluminous look that is hard to get from other styles.

As we discussed in Crochet Braids For Kids, these braids require a good number of extensions that are attached with crochet hooks.

For the double ponytail with crochet braids, you need to add twice the number of extensions.

The double ponytails will create a high-key look that you won’t be able to take your eyes away from!

Fishbone Braids

Fishbone Braids

Fishbone braids for kids is a beautiful braiding style that uses the cornrow technique.

As the name suggests, this style got the name due to its look resembling fishbones. It uses small cornrows that go to the sides, and a big cornrow going through them perpendicularly. Usually, there are two braided fishbones done for this look.

This is a unique style that we highly suggest for your kid.

Pop Smoke Braids For Kids

Pop Smoke Braids For Kids

Pop Smoke braids for kids are inspired by the famous rapper Pop Smoke’s style.

This style uses a feed-in braiding technique. The braids are usually jumbo-sized.

The thing that distinguishes this braiding style from others is that there is a middle part. These sometimes are also called the middle-parted braids.

Fan of Pop Smoke or not, you must admit that this style is a legendary one for sure!

Coi Leray Braids

Coi Leary Braids

Coi Leray Braids for kids are yet another style that is inspired by a rapper. This time, we are talking about Coi Leray herself!

This iconic look is achieved by creating jumbo-sized knotless braids. What makes it unique is that the ends of the braids are kept curly.

There are already some variations to this style. You may use highlights to add something more to it.

Braids For Kids: Care Tips

We have seen some wonderful braids styles for your kids. Now, it is time to talk about how you can take care of the braids. We are going to talk about the necessary steps you should take to ensure a long-lasting braiding experience for your kid.

  • Kids do not give attention to their hair. Their hairs gather residue faster than adults. Always make sure to wash their hair with a good clarifying shampoo once a week.
  • You should also use a leave-in conditioner on their hair to keep the hair and scalp properly moisturized.
  • For good care, you can choose a hairstyle that is not too tight for them.
  • When they are going to bed at night, use a silk scarf to wrap their head. It will protect their braids for longer.
  • For a refreshed look, make sure to redo the edges of their braids every two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have already tried to cover A-Z of kids’ braids. There might still be some questions that you have. We are going to give answers to those in advance, for your pleasure.

Are Braids good for hair growth?

Yes, braids are usually excellent for hair growth. Depending on the style, some braids offer more growth than others.

Are braids bad for your hair?

Braids are usually not bad for your hair. You have to take proper care of them to serve you well.

How long do braids last?

Braids usually last four weeks to ten weeks. It depends on how much you have taken care of your braids. We have mentioned some good tips for braids in the care tips section. Follow those for the braids to last long.

Are braids protective?

Yes, braids are protective. They offer one of the most effective protections for your hair.

Can braids be washed?

Absolutely. Use a clarifying shampoo for a good cleaning. Blow-dry your hair afterward. You may also use a cotton towel to tap them dry.

Can I get my braids wet?

Yes, you definitely can. But be sure to dry them up later on. Don’t let the braids be wet for too long. It will cause damage to your hair if they are not dried properly.

Why do braids hurt?

Braids do not usually hurt. But some styles require tight braiding which may damage your scalp. If your braids hurt, be sure to let your stylist know and opt for a different style.

Concluding Words

We have reached the end of our article on braids for kids. We made this article based on in-depth research for your pleasure.

Braids are good for kids. We can say that with confidence on the basis that braids promote hair growth and protect hair. Not only that, there are some excellent styles available that your kid will love. And we presented you with the best braids styles you can get for your kids right now.

We highly recommend braids for your kids. And the styles we have discussed here were picked on the merits of effectiveness and stylishness. Pair them with the fact that braids protect hair, this might just be the thing you are looking for your kid at this moment.

Get your kid braids and make them look stylish right now!

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