29 Bridal Hairstyles For Short, Medium & Curly Hairs 2018

Countdown started?? Ok, Relax and take a chill pill.I understand it is high time to be concerned about your wedding outfit and hairstyle as well. So here we are with 29 fantastic bridal hairstyles for you. So, take some time to read this beautiful article with amazing hairstyles.

Bridal Hairstyles Tips for To Be Bride

Some days left for your wedding. Now you should learn how to manage your hairstyle during the ceremony.  So have a sneak peek to these simple tip to give a lively look to your bridal hairstyle throughout the party.

  • Choose the best hairstyle which you like and go for a trial. So, that you could know whether you are comfortable with the hairstyle or not.
  • Let it be any hairstyle, try to keep the hair loose and relaxed. So that it could breathe and look lively round the party.
  • Trim your hair before some weeks of your big day to remove all the split ends. Go for hair spa before some days to keep the hair smooth and silky.
  • After you are done with your hairstyle on your wedding day, ask for help from bridesmaid or relative when required.
  • Finally, the most important tips from all ”Be Real, Be Beautiful.”

Check Out these Chic Bridal hairstyles for the beautiful bride.

bridal hairstyles

Updo Bridal Hairstyle

Updo hairstyle is always the best pick for a bride. Because it keeps all the hairs up from the nape of the neck and this hairstyle needs less maintenance too.

1.Top Knot with Front Bangs

Ahan! It is your big day, and you are worried about your hairstyle?? Time to enrich yourself with this phenomenal hairstyle. The stunning bun up there is perfect for your wedding look. Pull some sexy bangs in the front teasing your cheeks.


2. Wonderful Woven Waves

This hairstyle, floor-length gown and drop down earing is a deadly trio. The woven curls are really stupendous to look at. Take your hairstyle to the next level by giving the updo a floral touch. Never forget to pull out some tendrils in the front for a romantic look.



3. Low Messy Misty Bun

If your fashion sense is leaning towards something messier look, then this one is for you. This chic low bun is messy and hence low in maintenance. Well, keep the bun loose and set the hairs with hairspray. A hairpiece with the bun would be a fabulous duo.



4. Complicated Mixed Braid Bun

This hairstyle will give you a romantic appeal to the sense of your dressing. Forget about any other updo, this gonna be the cutest for you ever. It looks complicated with several braids and bun. However, it is very easy to recreate. Take an appointment at a professional salon and get yourself perfectly done.


5. Top Bun with Braided Crown

Give a touch of difference to your hairstyle by putting a braid on the crown. Well, this is going to be a unique style and sophisticated too.  Start with doing a single or double braid at the crown. Then after simply do a bun at a higher note. Set the bun with hairspray to make it frizz free.


6. Beautiful Braided Bun

This is simple yet sophisticated. Go for several braids and surround it the bun. It looks incredible with a sparked hairpiece. Never forget to put an earring that matches with the hairpiece, it would look absolutely stunning.



7. Beautiful Beehive

This hairstyle would definitely come down to your expectation. As a beehive hairstyle is a king in the realm of the hairstyle. It would never ditch your expectation and would give you an elegant bridal look. The tendrils framing the face oozes the feminism within the bride.



8. Crossover Twisted Updo

This elegant hairstyle is gonna to take your look to the next level. This is a tight hairstyle which will keep stress free regarding its maintenance. The sleeker look, crossover hairs and high ponytail is a deadly captivating trio.



9. Swift Swirl Updo

Till now you must be confused with which hairstyle you must go. Well, this enchanting swirl updo can give you an enchanting look. Don’t forget to ask your hair stylist to give a perfect swirl. Pin up the extra hairs with bobby pins. It’s your day girl!



10. FirecyFrench Twist

The French twist is always the top choice of a bride. Well, a messy and loose french twist could be the most fashionable pick for you. Trust me this is simple yet stylish among any other hairstyle of all. Give a finishing touch to the updo with a sparkly hair accessory



Down Do Bridal Hairstyle

Down Do gives the best opportunity to represent yourself as a bride. You could get a feminine appeal as a bride from these hairstyles. So, don’t waste time and dive into the chic hairstyles.

11. Sweet Side Swept Locks

Holding your hair down on your wedding day is indeed a bold step. As it needs some attention and needs to keep it frizz-free. However, trust me a down do is genuinely amazing and it adds an extra glamour to your personality. A touch of side swept bangs grazing the face is very romantic.


12. Bridal Beachy Waves

Beach Wedding?? No Doubt this hairstyle is for you. The lively sexy messy locks with a floral crown going to to make you a perfect beachy bride. This hairstyle along with an off shoulder white gown complementing the sea waves is utterly charming. Beach Beauty!

Down Do Bridal Hairstyle


13. Sleek and Straight hair down

Sleek hairstyle never goes out of trend. Grabbing its position on the hairstyles list, it is always the top choice for many brides. Were this hairstyle along with a long beaded gown and it will slay the wedding party. Simplicity at its peak!


14. Little Twisted Hairstyle

Aww!! So cute. Yes, this super cute hairstyle gonna to win many hearts on your big day. Part your hair asymmetrically and pin up some section of hair from the front towards the back and it’s done. Cuteness overloaded.


15. Pretty Pulled Back Hairstyle

This effortless and wavey hairstyle with highlights gonna captivate your guest for sure. Give it a professional touch by curling the locks at the end. Never forget to set your hair with hair spray or gel after pulling back your hair.


16. One Side Tresses With Extra Curls

Extra curls, extra shine, extra bouncy. Yes, you will get everything extra with this hairstyle. Offcourse extra beautiful. Swipe all the hairs on one side and set it with hairspray.  Flaunt your hair with style. The beautiful you.

Half up Half Down Bridal Hairstyles

Planning to do Half Updo?? Here is the best choice. This is a beautiful option which you can think of too. So get some ideas from below options.

17. Bouffant Puff Down Do

Any bride will fall in love with this hairstyle. It is tempting, elegant and stunning to look at. Those sexy bangs in the front along with the bouffant bun are really eye soothing. Put that lustrous hair accessory to add more charm to your hairstyle.


18. Side swept with Down Curls

The face-framing side swept bangs adds bling to your outfit. Those sexy curls falling freely on the shoulder on an off-shoulder gown is not less than a princesses look. No doubt you gonna slay the part with your fabulous style.


19. Romantic Curls with Tiara

Cute tendrils tumbling about her cheeks is phenomenal. Half up with a teased crown and pinned up with bobby pins. Next step is to add a pearl white tiara surrounding the crown. The last step is to give curls to the end of your tresses. One word for you… FABULOUS


20. Braided Half up

Ahan! It’s beautiful. Yes, the hairstyle is capable of oozing out the beauty inside you. Visualize this hairstyle for you and you can see the difference. A touch of a braid to the hairstyle never ditch the expectation of its admirers. Here is the result beautiful as always.


21. Beautiful Braided Twist

Thinking of your wedding hairstyle?? Take some time to look at this stunning and outstanding hairstyle. Well, this both side bride will work stupendously on your wedding. No doubt you will gain a lot of appreciation for this hairstyle.


22. Twisted Hair Knots Half Updo

A simple twist in your hairstyle will give you a beautiful twist in your look. So,  roll your sleeves up and take an appointment with a good hairstylist in your big day. Ask him to recreate this amazing hairstyle for you. And yes you will look stunning.


23. Bumped Beautiful Half Updo

Bump to your hairstyle always give an extra lift to your style. If you are a fashionista then should be a staple for you. Bumped hair, smoky eyes and strapless gown gonna make the party super romantic. Get ready for your big day. Guests are waiting for your grand entry.


24. Cute Half Ponytail

Well, this is not at all a bad idea to do a high half ponytail. It is a blend of childishness and glamour. Do some curls at the end to give the tresses a bouncy and playful look. Ahan! Love is in the air. Ok, get ready soon he is waiting for you.


25. Rolled Wavey Knots

This is one of the super stylish hairstyles among all which will make you a drop-dead beauty in the party. I do fell this is simple yet stylish to look at. So, Go for this stunning and stupendous hairstyle those girls are fond of natural beauty. Enjoy your day.


Veiled Bridal Hairstyles

Well, the last section of our bridal hairstyles. A veil defines a bride. It gives a classic touch and beautiful definition to the bride. So, hold your breath and look forward to the hairstyles that work well with a vile.

26. Fiercy French Twist updo

Wearing a vile is easy with a twisted French updo. As you can easily pin up the vile to your hairdo with pins. The vile keeps the updo protected. Take an extra care of the vile while sitting. A vile enhances your beauty and pulls out the feminine bridal appeal out of you.


27. Low Updo with Cascading Viles

A low updo with twisted front hair is beautigful combo. Well a cascading vile adds an extra charm to the bride. The viles falling on the soulder with a strapless gown add a grace to the bride. The vile is were below the bun. However, it can also be wore above the bun and it all depends ob the length of the vile.


28. Side swept with tulle vile

Side swept with front bangs always give a feminine appeal. Finely brush your hair, give some bounce and lustre to your hair by putting some serum. After you are done with your hairstyle cinch your tulle vile to the tresses. Secure it properly and give some attention to your vile during the wedding ceremony.



29. Vile inspired Half Updo

Butterflies in the stomach ?? Why not?? its your wedding day and it is normal to feel like that. Never forget to give a proper attention to your hairstyle in anxiety. Were a half updo with some front bangs grazing the cheeks. Now give an elevation to you look by addding a vile. Beautiful soul with a charming face


Finally, this is the end to all the bridal hairstyle. So girls don’t waste your time and pick one of the hairstyles from the list and run to take an appointment at a salon on you big day. Happy Wedding. Cheers!!

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