21 Magnificent Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Long & Medium Hair

Starting from a bridal shower to a bachelorette party, all the major arrangements for the bride at a wedding function is taken care by a bridesmaid. Well, she can be your best friend, cousin, sister, etc. I must say she has an integral part to play at every wedding function. Even though after managing such a hectic responsibility, she needs to look beautiful. Worried about your look?? Forget about it, Just get an attire that suits your complexion and figure, and a perfect hairstyle that can make you look flawless in the party.

Even though after managing such a hectic responsibility, she needs to look beautiful. Worried about your look?? Forget about it, Just get an attire that suits your complexion and figure, and a perfect hairstyle that can make you look flawless in the party.

Glam Up With These Magnificent Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Let it be Updos or Downsdos, French braid or dutch braid, sleek or curl we are rather more concerned about the way we look. Especially at a wedding party and this becomes more specific for a bridesmaid. Redefine your beauty with some of these hairstyles in no time.

Bewitching Bridesmaid Updos

Updos are never out of fashion. We have already covered amazing Updo Hairstyles in our previous article. Well, a simple updo with some creativity can do wonders. On this spectacular occasion try some of these fabulous updos and drive other crazy with your beauty. Tick-Tock! Countdown started.


  1. Magnificent Milkmaid Updo

Were your hair up with this gorgeous updo to please the wedding party. Divide your hair symmetrically from the middle of the head and make ponytails on both the side. Now, do regular braid or rope braid according to your choice. Finally, secure both the braids on the top of the head with bobby pins.


2. Side Swept Bun

Feel the ease of this relaxed hairstyle. This is as simple as it looks in the picture. Go for a relaxed bun and secure it with lots of bobby pins. The side swept hairs grazing your face and teasing your ears is actually magical. Well, set your bun down and diffuse in the mood of the music. The dance floor is waiting for you!


3. Sophisticated Top Knot

Are you still worried about your look in the party?? Well, this hairstyle can calm you down. Yes, this super stylish top can add a flavor of elegance to your personality.  This hairstyle is easy to do at home. However, I would suggest to take an appointment at a salon and share this idea with your beautician.


4. French braid Updo

This captivating hairdo gonna give you princesses look on this spectacular occasion. Frankly speaking, this is one of my favorite hairstyles, and hardly anyone can say a ‘No’ to this. Save the bucks which you suppose to spend at a salon. Yes, you heard right! This easy to do hairstyle can be done in no time at your place. Start with a french braid and end it up with a messy or curled bun. Yes, you’re done.


5. Rustic Roll (Medium Hair)

Mid-length hair?? Stop worrying. Ohh, yes here is your stuff. Roll on your sleeves to try this rustic roll. This hairdo looks even more exciting with caramel and coffee highlights. Hairs at the back are twisted together and made into a swirl. Offcourse, a comfortable yet stylish hairstyle for all the girls with medium length hair out there. A redefined beauty!


6. Brisky Bouffant Hairstyle

This fantastic bridesmaid hairstyle is gonna make your day. Well after the bride, you are the only person who is gonna steal the show at the party. Keep the bun sleek and use some hair accessories to add life to the bouffant. Don’t forget to use hairspray to maintain the bun in shape and make the hair frizz-free. Some curls grazing the face will be wonderous.

7. Crisscross Messy Updo

Confused whether to go with a messy Updo on a wedding day?? I would say you are on the right path. This bridesmaid hairdo is a masterpiece among all the above. Pick up some hair strands from both the side of the head and bring it towards the bach. Crisscross the left side over the right side and right over the left. Go on this way and finally tug the hair with bobby pins to secure it tightly. Add some flowers to the locks to add freshness and charm to the bun. Simplicity at its peak.


8. Side Bun with Braid

One side hairstyles have always been a sign of feminism and add glamour to the personality. Well, that blend of bun and braid works tactfully to give you a flawless look. Start with a braid (French, Fishtail, Dutch) and incorporate it into a bun in one side. Some flowers behind the ears would be magical. This is one of my favorite style among all the bridesmaid hairstyles.


9. Cute Curly Updo

Add a voluminous texture to your updo and stun the guests with your flair.Beautify your beauty with this cute bridesmaid hairstyle. I would suggest taking an appointment for this hairstyle at a salon. Because this hairstyle is too delicate and difficult to do at home. It requires hair curler iron and hairspray to keep the updo intact. Ahan!! You lovely princesses.


8. Tucked Twisted Chigon

Dramatic look?? Then give this hairstyle a go. And I am sure it won’t disappoint you. A beautiful Chignon gets an youthful twist and tuck update. From the name, only you could imagine the picture of this hairstyle. Collect all the hair to the back and tie a ponytail at a lower note. Then twist it and tucked it with lots of bobby pins to save the bun properly.


9 . Faux Hawk Updo

This tricky hairstyle could give you an illusion of short hair. Take the advantage and puzzle every one out there at the party. This hairstyle holds the ultimate shophostication. Well, recreate this hairstyle with the help of some easy tutorials. Faux Hawk is wid enough to bewildered others at the party. Rock on !


10. Low Bun with Florl Touch

Simplicity is always appreciated. Yes, you guessed right. This simple yet stylish looking hairstyle can make your day memorable. So, ditch your fashion sense and go for this rustic hairstyle with some natural flowers. And here it is, you are looking way more beautiful than any other fancy stuff. You are in right path, go for it. Thumbs up!


Ravishing Half Up, Half Down Braidsmaid Hairstyle

Confused whether to go for an Updo or a Downdo?? Yes, your question is justified. I would suggest going for a duo of half up and half down hairstyle. Be assured with your style on this big day. Well, don’t waste time and rush for the hair essentials (comb, bobby pins, etc.) and start with one of the best bridesmaid hairstyles among the following.

11. French Twist with Cascade

This enchanting hairstyle is the master of all hairstyle. Beautiful yet easy hairstyle on this busy occasion. Within no time you can have this by turning your hair at the back into a french twist and leaving the remaining hair down.Use your hair curlers and give some sexy curls to the end of the hairs. You’re the lady love in the party.

12. Twisted Down with a Fishtail Braid

Twisting and tieing is an easy task for anyone to do. However, Fishtail braid could be a concern for you. You can take help of some to have this or can follow some tutorials on how to make a fishtail braid. The falling locks are wonderous. You can finally comb your hair softly to remove knots. This could make your hair look bouncy and playful.


13. Half Up High Pony

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful on a special occasion? However, you can now think of getting such charm without much effort. This easy hairstyle can do it. Grab half of your hair from the front part and tie it to a higher note leaving the lower hair falling freely downwards. You can add some curls to the end of your hairs too.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles


14. Half-up Crown Braid

Give your hairstyle a meaning. Being a bridesmaid is not an easy task. After so much f responsibility, you need to compliment the bride with the style and attire too. So, this hairstyle would worth its value. Gather the hair from the front part and make a braid around the crown. Secure the braided crown with pins and leave the rest hairs falling freely.



15. Half-up Bumped Crown

Bumped hairstyle will never go out of fashion. Its a familiar style in the past and a hit till now. So girls pull up your sleeves and start imitating the hairstyle. Tease the hair at the crown and make a bump up there. Well, don’t forget to set the hair properly, or else the bump would be ruined quickly. Secure the bumped crown with pins. Comb the rest hair properly to remove all the frizz.


16. Half up Cute Curls

Curls are being synonymous to wedding hairstyles. Yes, you heard right. Because curls are the sexiest thing in the hairstyle. So a simple half up and give your locks some curls are absolutely a good go. Don’t be late. Rush to a salon immediately and ask for the best curl half up hairstyle. You are sure to dumbfound the guests with your look.


17. Criss- Cross Half Updo

Well, the name suggests the style. Brides and bridesmaid normally prefer half up, half down hairstyle rather than leaving the hair down. As Half -up add some extra feature to their style. Divide the hairs into sections and wrap the strands over each other in a criss-cross manner. Secure each strand with bobby pins and you’re done after setting the locks with a hairspray.


18. Semi- Bouffant with front Bangs

The visual instict of this hairstyle gonna captivate everyone out there in the party. The simplest hairstyle of all which will take you to the next level. The bump up add spice to the whole personality. The front bangs grazing the foreheads looks stunning. Now its the time to try it on. Hurry up!


19. Waterfall Braid with Curls

I am enchanted with this hairstyle as it looks complicated but it is not really. You can follow some ”how to make waterfall braid” tutorials and can were this style within no time. This classy hairstyle is enough to add a feminine flair to your personality. Give some visible curls to the hairs at the back and don’t forget to make it frizz-free (Hairspay is a must).


20.  Middle-parted half up with hairband

This romantic and stylish hairstyle is super easy to do. Just divide the hair into two sections symetricaly. Then take a small section of hair from the front and tuck it with bobby pins. Finally, garnish your hairstyle with a lovely hair piece. You will look way more beautiful, if the hairstyle is paired with a long gown. Stunning look!



21. Romantic Half-Up hair Bow

A perfect hairstyle that stands out with its creativity. Who doesnt want to be the centre of attraction?? Offcourse everyone. A romantic hair bow can bow down many guys for your love. Its better to opt for a salon to get ready for the party. As the bow needs to look perfect and locks free from frizz.



Hey gals, end of the list here. Hope you got the solution after reading this blog. Now, its your turn to have the best one out of all and try it on. Stay tuned to hairstylesfeed to get trendy hairstyle stuffs. Happy wedding. Cheers!

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