Broccoli Haircut

20 Broccoli Haircut Ideas To Look Fabulously Versatile

Broccoli might not be most people’s favorite thing as a vegetable but as a style, the Broccoli Haircut has won the hearts of millions. Thanks to social media like Tiktok, this new haircut has become a new craze among young people.

Regardless of your face type, this haircut will enhance your confidence and fashion concept in no time. This controversial hairstyle gives off a messy wild spirited aura that looks appealing to everyone. It’s a great hairstyle to create volume.

So, today we are going to give you a brief introduction to this haircut. And, some key elements that make the haircut special are mentioned as well. It will help you describe it to your stylist when you get one.

Moreover, we are here with some fantastic hairstyle ideas that will help you visualize your ideas. And lastly, a bit must-knows about this haircut in the FAQ section.

So get ready with your Boba tea and enjoy the article till the end.

Broccoli Haircut: Brief Intro & Key Elements

This particular haircut is mainly popular among the Gen Zs or Zoomers. Because of its appearance, it is also known as the Bird’s Nest haircut and Zoomer perm. Another haircut called the Wet Mop is essentially a version of this haircut.

Celebrities and influencers started wearing this haircut in 2015. However, it got popularized due to the e-boys in TikTok in 2021.

Now let’s get into the bits and pieces that make the basic broccoli haircut so special.

First of all, the front part of your hair should be longer than your back or sides. The key to this front side is that you have to create LOADS of texture and layers. The textures will reach almost your eye level. The short side fades are sometimes faded or left alone. The whole look will create a fashionably au naturel vibe.

Fabulously Evolved Broccoli Hairstyle Ideas

People are going crazy over broccoli haircut and its low maintenance. For those who are blessed with curls, this is a great opportunity to let your curls or perms be free. However, even if you don’t have curls we got your back. We are here to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to look trendy. So, let’s get down to business and look at the super cool hairstyle ideas together.

The Conventional Hairstyle

Conventional Hairstyle

This is the basic broccoli hairstyle where all the main elements are present, appearing like a reversed mullet. The textures and the beauty of messiness are maintained with some setting spray. That’s all there is to it.

Once you get this haircut, you’ll understand the convenience of having a natural-looking trendy haircut that is both minimalistic and dramatic. It should be your go-to if you want to have a fuss-free morning. Moreover, it will make you look effortlessly fun and fresh.

This hairstyle has basically become part of mainstream fashion now. So don’t hesitate to experiment with your haircut and just get it today.

The Casual Punk

The Casual Punk

Being punk and casual simultaneously is a pretty hard job. But this haircut does the job with ease. To get this type of appearance, you would only have to add high razor fade with your Broccoli haircut.

If you have a bit of an edgy emo side to your personality, then it would suit you well. This bad boy haircut will make you stand out in a crowd. As a plus point, you won’t even have to spend much time styling it.

You can always accessorize to accentuate your look. You can get a matching eyebrow slit with your haircut to enhance your swag.

Be the heartthrob among the Gen Zs with this haircut.

Too-Cool-For-School Haircut

Too Cool For School Haircut

This haircut exudes maximum charm for its laid-back vibe with low bald fade and curls all over your hair. It suits most people with afro hair.

You can easily embrace your own facial features by showing off your fade with an edge. Moreover, you will look super cute and youthful with this one even if you just pair it up with a sweatshirt. It will bring out your fun-loving witty side.

If you want to bring a notable change to your look then this could be your go-to hairdo. So, sweep away the intimidating business look off of your face and get this haircut today!

Straight And Textured Broccoli

Straight And Textured Broccoli

This unique haircut comes with a little twist. You will get the same texture as the basic one but you won’t need to perm your hair for this hairstyle. Just get your natural hair into small layers and you are good to go.

The got-out-of-bed energy only intensifies with this haircut. The messiness only flares up your effortless fabulousness. The best thing about this one is that it looks fantastic on people with thinning hair.

We can assure you that this will not disappoint you. Get this haircut and watch everyone be impressed with your fashion choice and simplicity.

Quiffed Broccoli

Quiffed Broccoli

If you want to spice up your usual look, then a quiffed-out broccoli haircut is an excellent choice. It creates an amazing balance between business and party style.

For this style, you will have to spike up the front layers of your hair. The higher up you can get your hair the higher and mightier you will appear.

It’s a great look for your Saturday night event or even a dressed-up hangout between friends. You will easily turn some heads in your direction no matter where you go.

Get bold! And mix up your strict and fun sides while doing this hairstyle.

The Ready-To-Party Haircut

The Ready To Party Haircut

Coloring your hair in half and a half has become part of a new trend. And you can never go wrong with mixing up two trendy hairstyles together, right? Hence, emerged the stunning juxtaposition of two of the trendiest haircuts.

It looks so cool that the spontaneity of this hairstyle can even work as a conversation starter for you. Try using the opposite color spectrum on your hair to create a visually appealing combination. But be mindful of your skin tone while coloring it.

Don’t hesitate to get funky with your styling. And bring your wild and party-loving personality out with this hairstyle.

Broccoli With Shape Up

Broccoli With Shape Up

Shape-up hairstyles make everything ten times better as they help enhance your facial features. The broccoli haircut is undeniably a wild and messy-looking haircut. Therefore, the combination of these two can spice things up for your appearance.

There is a certain elegance to this hairstyle. The flawless lines and untamed permed hair will create a harmonious symmetry.

Do keep in mind that you can create soft and rounder-looking or sharp shapeup according to your preference. Get your stylist’s opinion while making this decision.

Keep your crown as a majestic fashionista. And look gorgeously edgy with this haircut while slaying every style there is, King!

James Charles Inspired Haircut

James Charles Inspired Haircut

James Charles, the renowned Beauty content artist on YouTube never fails to create a sensation with this hairstyle. He is popular for his risky choice of fashion as well. So, if you decide to get inspired by this haircut, then be prepared to become the talk of the town.

For this hairstyle, you will have to use gel and setting spray to make it perfect. There will be a lot of layers but they will have a similar length and will go spiked up all the way. It creates a bird’s nest-like appearance on your hair.

Take a little risk and let your hairstyle make a fashion statement for you!

The Artistic One 

The Artistic One

Are you connected with your inner artist? If so, then this haircut is perfect for you. Let us explain how.

Well, when getting this specific haircut, you naturally make your sides smaller and create a gap. Now you can fill the gaps on your sides with intricate designs. It will make you look fashionably edgy and bold.

However, if you are a shy and socially awkward individual then this haircut might not be the one for you. Because the clever artistic side of this haircut is sure to attract people.

Make your haircut a work of art with broccoli. Embrace your YOLO mindset and let your creative side be free while getting this haircut.

V-shaped Broccoli

V Shaped Broccoli

This eye-catching haircut leaves the back of your hair in a strictly shaped fashion. All the hair in the back is gathered together in a v shape making the whole haircut more decent.

It will draw attention to the nape of your neck making you look attractive. And if you have neck tattoos then this will be like a godsend styling to show off your tattoo. In addition, it will make you look appealing in any kind of outfit, especially the retro or punk ones. It’s a suave haircut that will look good on everyone.

Dazzle everyone and appear extra bold with this hairstyle!

The Sizzling Hot Haircut

The Sizzling Hot Haircut

You will get a beautiful chaos of blonde and brunette with this haircut. The messy part of your hair will be blonde making you look like a ray of absolute sunshine.

This versatile look will take you to the party floor. You are going to look sensational with your new look. The picturesque haircut will give a boost to your confidence bringing out your warm personality.

Your sheer divine features will look more majestic. Moreover, your enigmatic sense of style will be intensified with this haircut.

With this haircut, you will be too hot to handle for anyone. So just get this one, will you?

Ready-For-Red-Carpet Haircut

Ready For Red Carpet Haircut

This one has a unique twist to the usual broccoli haircut. You will look drop-dead-gorgeous with this haircut. Hiding your glam will be a hard task. People will be bound to acknowledge your breathtaking fashion sense.

The front part of your hair will be longer but they are huddled together with gel making your hair look almost like a flat cap. The sides will be shaven off creating an edgy look.

This aesthetically pleasing haircut will make you look irresistible to everyone’s eyes. However, the styling might require some extra time and a little helping hand.

Get this hairstyle and enjoy your evenings with style!

Tempting With Turquoise

Tempting With Turquoise

Turquoise is a bewitchingly beautiful color for your hair. It has the ability to elevate your styling to another level. You will end up looking like an emperor of the sea with this hairstyle.

With this hairstyle, you will never blend in with the crowd. Despite its exceptional intensity, it will look ravishing on anyone regardless of their hair type. You can have a little silver to turquoise transition for a softer touch.

This hairstyle is a must-try for the ones who need a new change in their life. Everyone would be tempted to try this look. So be the trendsetter.

Look extra hot with this haircut today!

Line Up In The Back

Line Up In The Back

The best thing about this hairstyle is its powerful subtlety. The lineups are cunningly artistic. It’s just two cuts on the back of your head but it will never go unnoticed.

Your style will be heart-melting to everyone with its subtle edginess. It is not going to overpower your appearance. Rather draw everyone’s attention to your styling.

This will add an extra bit of zest to your hairstyle. Your legendary visuals will get their deserved attention from everyone with this one.

Make your outfit striking, be extra and dramatic with this hairstyle and make everyone believe in the power of laid-back style.

Side Swept Broccoli

Side Swept Broccoli

Who says a broccoli haircut is only for casual settings? With a bit of styling, you can look charmingly sophisticated.

Subtle, sleek, and a little disheveled, for this hairstyle, you will only need to side sweep your hair. And voila, this haircut will transform you into a prince. It has a vintage vibe as well that only adds to your elegance.

Obviously, you can wear it with your informal attire, in an informal setting. But the haircut poised vibe is to die for. You can wear it for an official event or a date. People are bound to be impressed by your look.

Beat the summer with this charismatic haircut today!

The Good Boy Haircut

The Good Boy Haircut

No matter the gender, Gen Zs are all crazy for middle parts. We are not going to lie; a middle part does add extra charm to your hairstyle. With this styling on your hair, you will look alluring in a white shirt.

The dazzling aesthetic of this hairstyle will make everyone squeal with happiness. It provides a well-groomed look. You are sure to steal the show and everyone’s heart with this one.

The delightful laissez-faire vibe of this look is enough to step up your styling game. You will exude adorable hotness in no time.

Show your fluffy cute boy side out to the world with this hairstyle.

Up High Hairstyle

Up High Hairstyle

The higher you make your hair go the cooler you will look with this hairstyle. This will give a playful cutesy vibe to your whole personality.

With this haircut, you will look ultra-handsome in no time. You can show off your funky and quirky side as well. It is definitely not a subtle take on the look so it will certainly draw attention to you.

It might not be the best idea to wear this one to an official event. But it is perfect for a casual outing with friends.

Fashion is just a way to express your individuality a little more. So, have zero hesitation and bring out your snazziness with this haircut.

Out Of The Shower Hair

Out of The Shower Hair

The main point of this hairstyle is using loads of gel to make your hair look wet. And your haircut will do the rest of the job for you. Your already textured hair will fall separately on your forehead giving the out-of-the-shower look.

Your stunning styling will make you look like a god of casualness making everyone devastated over your look.

This simple and fresh look is quite addictive for its low maintenance. You won’t need to spend that much time styling your hair as well.

Enhance your bad boy charm and get ready for your next hang-out with this hairstyle.

Justin Bieber Inspired Haircut

Justin Bieber Inspired Haircut

Justin Bieber, the genre-melding sensation of all time, tried this hairstyle even before it became popular all over the world. He was the talk of the town for his hairstyle.

This hairstyle looks chic because of the back brushing. You can easily pair it up with any kind of attire and appear effortlessly stylish. And depending on your preference for clothing you can look angelic or bold with this hairstyle.

Additionally, this is a safe hairstyle that will transform into a fashionista. So, don’t wait up on this hairstyle and just get it.

Be the superstar you’ve always thought you would be by getting this haircut.

BTS Jungkook Inspired Hairstyle

BTS Jungkook Inspired Hairstyle

BTS member Jungkook’s hairstyle is similar to the less textured broccoli haircut with a Korean twist. There is a clear parting in the hair and the ends are blue with a turquoise hue.

The whole look has a refreshing vibe and a hint of a mysterious aura. The striking and smart use of color will give a super fun and snazzy feel. You will feel like a k-pop star yourself if you try this one out.

Accessories are very important while maintaining your outfit of the day. With this hairstyle, you can always add a bucket hat to look stylish.

Look like an absolute king of fashion with this hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering how much sensation this haircut has created, most people tend to get this without even questioning it. However, in this part of the article, we are going to answer some of the basic questions that you should know before doing something new to your hair.

Let’s get some answers now, shall we?

Question: How long does a broccoli haircut last?

Answer: To keep your mess perfectly, you can trim your hair at home once every 1 or 2 weeks. Usually, hair grows out and gets back to its previous size and shape in 3 to 4 weeks. So, you can easily try this one out.

Question: Can I wear broccoli hair at an official event?

Answer: YES of course! With a bit of styling and back brushing, you can wear it anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Being trendy with a hairstyle is the easiest and most economical way to make a fashion statement. The Broccoli Haircut is low maintenance and minimalistic. It’s the perfect go-to hairstyle for people of every age to feel youthful and refreshed.

This hairstyle is mostly worn by young guys. However, it will look very cool and angel-like on people regardless of their age and gender. Moreover, it’s a good look for people with intimidating faces. The casual messiness of this haircut brings warmth to your whole look.

Moreover, it gives natural texture and volume to your hair which looks great on any hair type. The bouncy effect of the hair gives super fun spontaneity.

So don’t sit back and join in on the trend with others. You can customize your style and bring out your individual charm as well. Don’t hesitate and just give one of the styles suggested in this article a try and look absolutely fabulous anywhere you go.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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