Brown Hair With Blonde Hairstyles

33 Gorgeous Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights To Try!

The classic appeal of brown hair with beautiful blonde highlights can never go out of style. This look has been reigning in the world of hairstyles for many years now, and women love to try it out for its versatility.

Brown hair with blonde highlights is a style that is suitable for both formal and informal occasions. This hairstyle is so modish and chic that you can carry it with grace no matter if you like short or long hair.

You can visit a salon to get the perfect brown hair with blonde highlights, but going for DIY options is also on the table. It depends on your confidence if you want to try it out yourself, but we recommend taking help from a friend or simply visiting the salon if you are too scared that you will end up ruining your hair.

Ahead are some of the most exclusive hairstyle ideas for brown hair with blonde highlights that we have hand-picked for you. But before jumping into the details, let’s know how you can do this style right at home and make your hair gorgeous in no time!

How to Achieve Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights At Home?

We know that coloring hair is not an easy decision to make, especially if you want to go for a DIY session. But with the right products and correct guidelines, achieving a beautiful hairstyle will become less complicated. So here is a simple explanation of how you can go from dark to brown hair with blonde highlights on your own.

Step 1: Dye Your Hair

If you have naturally brown hair, then you can skip this step. But for those with black hair, it is necessary to dye your natural hair and turn it brown for the best styling outcomes.

If you are afraid of bleaching, we recommend using a simple brown hair color. Although the color show-off will be very subtle, it will end up giving your roots a brown shade that will complement the blonde highlights.

Step 2: Wait, Wash, and Dry

After applying the brown hair color, wash it when it’s done and dry your hair to see how it looks with the color. As we mentioned before, without using bleach the color show-off will be quite subtle. So you can try bleaching your hair and turning it brown if you are confident enough.

Step 3: Prep for the Blonde Highlights

Now onto the fun part. Take your hair bleach powder and developer in a mixing bowl and mix the two products properly as instructed. We recommend starting with a 20 volume developer to avoid damage as much as possible.

Step 4: Apply the Mixture

Once your mixing is done, take your hair coloring brush and start applying the mixture to your hair. Start a bit further from the roots and apply properly down the length.

Highlights are fun to do so you can get creative. You can take all of your hair into account or just go for pieces of hair here and there to achieve your desired look. After applying the mixture, make sure to wrap your hair with hair foils.

Step 5: Take Off Your Foils

Read the instructions for how long you need to keep the mixture on your hair. When time’s up, take off your foils. If your application was proper and uniform, the color will sit beautifully throughout the hair.

Step 6: Wash and Apply Toner

Wash away the hair bleach properly. After washing the hair, apply your toner. A hair toner helps to take care of the warm tones so that your hair looks much more natural in appearance. Toner is a must-use product after you bleach your hair.

Choose the toner shade carefully for the best results. Mix your toner with your developer and apply it all over your hair. Keep it for around 30 minutes and then wash your hair properly again.

Step 7: Dry and Style!

Now that your hair is completely washed, dry it out properly and then style it as you want. You will notice the beautiful blonde highlights popping up and the subtle hint of brown will add elegance to the entire style.

And that’s it. This is how simply you can do brown hair with blonde highlights in 7 easy steps only!

33 Styling Ideas for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Hairstyling options are unlimited when it comes to brown hair with blonde highlights. Although the classic long hair with waves at the end is our absolute favorite, there are amazing options for those who love medium and short hair as well.

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump into our best picks for you.

Classic Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Classic Brown Hair with Blonde Hairstyles

Let’s start the list with our forever-favorite classic brown hair with blonde highlights. If you are a brunette, this hairstyle is sure to rock your world. The hair looks sophisticated and elegant with the highlights at the end, plus the length adds a dash of style instantly.

The hair in this picture has wavy vibes all down the length which looks so charming at the very first glance. This is a hairstyle that can be easily carried on red carpets as well as formal and informal events.

The play of brown and blonde throughout the hair is so attractive. The amount of highlights is just perfect to complement the brown hair, so this is a must-try for all those brunettes out there!

Dark Brown Hair

Dark Brown Hair

We love it when someone combines blonde highlights with dark brown hair. The darker the base color, the more the highlights pop up. So your next hairstyling session should include this amazing style.

We love everything about this hairstyle, especially the dark brown color of the base. The highlights at the front kind of create that face-framing vibe and perfectly matches her style.

If you have weddings or formal events upcoming, we recommend this style without a doubt! Make sure to add the waves for that extra elegance.

Light Brown with Blonde

Light Brown with Blonde

Many ladies out there prefer light brown hair color over the darker ones, but it doesn’t mean they cannot opt for blonde highlights. Rather the outcome is quite brilliant if you love lighter shades on your hair.

This light brown hair with blonde highlights is so lovely and a perfect option for those who are fans of shoulder-length hair. The style has been defined by doing curls and the end, and it looks perfect for occasions like weddings and formal events.

The blonde highlights look amazing on her hair and the healthy luscious strands are quite admirable!

Short Brown with Blonde

Short Brown With Blonde

If you are a fan of short hair, a bob haircut will be the best option to flaunt your brown hair with the perfect blonde highlights. A short bob is always classy and appealing. Giving it a touch of these beautiful colors will make you look like a diva.

This amazing bob haircut has won our hearts. The sweet and chic appearance of the bob has been accentuated by the presence of the beautiful brown shade along with the warm highlights.

This short bob cut is suitable for women who want to flaunt their hair while keeping it compact. So next time you visit the salon, don’t forget to give this style a try!

Medium Brown with Blonde

Medium Brown with Blonde

As we mentioned before, brown with blonde highlights is suitable for all hair lengths. So if you have medium hair and are wondering if this style will suit you, then we are here to tell you that you can opt for this hairstyle without thinking twice.

This picture shows how attractive it looks when brown with blondes is done on medium-length hair. The hair has a great volume and the highlights are done beautifully by adjusting with the brown hair.

We also love how the curls are done on the entire hair. The contrast of the highlights and the beautiful-looking strands are everything we need right now!

Long Brown with Blonde

Long Brown with Blonde

Long hair is always elegant and appealing if extra care is taken. And with hair that reaches your waist, the styling options are infinite. So what better way to adore your long strands than by giving them the ultimate blonde highlights!

No matter if your hair is dark or light brown, you can rock blonde highlights without any extra effort. The length of your hair adds a touch of glam, and the style and color complement each other quite well.

This hairstyle is fascinating to look at! The length is amazing and the blonde highlights make the hair stand out. Also, the curls at the sides and ends are what make this entire look more fabulous.

Curly Blonde Money Piece

Curly Blonde Money Place

If you have seen celebrities with a distinguished hairstyle where a few strands of hair at the front are highlighted in a lighter shade than the rest of the hair, then that’s what the money piece is. You can part your hair in the middle or at the side, and the money piece will instantly make you look like a model!

We have witnessed many of our favorite ladies rocking this hairstyle with grace. So if you want a style update on your curly brown hair, then this might be a great option!

Look at this beautiful curly hair with blonde highlights and the money piece. The volume of the hair is simply amazing and the curly money piece defines the hairstyle quite well. This entire combination of brown, blonde, and honey is absolutely stunning!

Straight Blonde Money Piece

Stranght Blonde Money Piece

We have talked about the curly blonde money piece, now let’s know about the straight blonde money piece. If you are a straight-hair lover and also want to try out the money piece style, then we are here to tell you that straight hair looks absolutely stunning with a money piece!

This picture says it all. The length of the hair is so amazing and the entire style is sleek and shiny. We love this shade of brown which is her base color, and the blonde at the front totally matches her style.

Caramel Brown with Blonde Money Piece

Caramel Brown with Blonde Money Piece

Looking for a classy and cool upgrade to your hair? Well, you can start with caramel brown hair and add the blonde money piece to make your style cooler.

You can take inspiration from this hairstyle for starters. Look at the caramel brown hair color that is working at the base. It looks deliciously beautiful and is a great option for those who want to color their hair with lighter shades.

Apart from that, the show stopper is the money piece done at the front. It has created a bang-like appearance, and we love how the colors and styles are complementing each other!

Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

You must have heard about blonde highlights a million times, but do you know what blonde lowlights are? Well, highlights are generally lighter shades whereas low lights are darker shades compared to your base color. They are done for giving your hair the illusion of depth.

You can achieve a gorgeous hair color by combining the highlights and lowlights. Especially if you want the strands to have a deeper look, this is your best shot at achieving the hair of your dreams.

This strawberry blonde hairstyle looks so cute and elegant with the highlights and lowlights. The combination of brown and blonde is so beautifully done, and this is a hairstyle you should definitely try!

Straight Brown Hair

Straight Brown Hair

Generally, brown hair with blonde highlights is given a wavy look to make the colors pop out and define the style. However, you can also try out this color combination on straight hair. If you are worried about how the colors will look on hair that is straightened, we are here to tell you that it looks as gorgeous as any other style.

This simple and straight hairstyle has been done using brown and blonde shades in a gorgeous way. The hair length is great and the transition of the colors is quite eye-catching. We also love how the blonde highlights provide the hair with a pop-up effect!

Long Bob Balayage

Long Bob Balayage

A straight and sleek long bob is always elegant enough to steal the show. We have seen many of our celebrities rocking their long bobs on red carpets. What makes a long bob more gorgeous is balayage.

If you haven’t tried balayage yet, then let us tell you that it is one of the most popular hair coloring systems for a reason! The smooth transition of colors in a perfectly done balayage is always praiseworthy, and a long bob haircut truly complements it.

This straight and long bob balayage has captivated our minds for a while now. The cut is so precise and clean, plus the highlights are also quite impressive.

Chocolate Brown Hair

Chocolate Brown Hair

One of our favorite shades of brown is the chocolate one because it makes the hair look deliciously gorgeous! Since chocolate brown is a deeper shade of brown, the highlights look fabulous.

If you have long hair, we recommend trying out the chocolate brown hair with blonde highlights, although it is suitable for other hair lengths as well. For instance, this hairstyle has completely captivated our minds.

The chocolate brown base has been complemented with perfect blonde highlights. To give the ends a fuller look, curls have been created in a beautiful manner. We appreciate how healthy and shiny the hair looks.

Chunky Blonde Highlights

Chunky Blonde Hairstyles

If you ask us what can be done to elevate your blonde highlights, we will reply with chunky blonde highlights for sure! If you don’t know what chunky highlight is, it’s basically what it sounds like. Unlike regular highlights, chunky highlights are done on large sections of hair to provide you with that dual effect.

If your base color is brown, then you can opt for chunky blonde highlights to give yourself a cooler vibe. Chunky blonde highlights look great on all lengths, but shorter hair looks more elegant with it.

This hairstyle is one of our favorites because we love the brown shade along with the chunks. The colors are so eye-soothing and the waves are a must recommend if you try out this look.

Caramel Brown Hair

Caramel Brown Hair

Caramel brown hair with blonde highlights seems like the perfect option for your next hairstyling session. We love the caramel brown shade as it is a bit different from regular shades of brown, and this color helps the blonde highlights stand out.

This medium-length hair with caramel brown base and blonde highlights is so modish that we undoubtedly recommend it for your precious hair. The ends have been given a wavy touch for that extra glam, and this is a hairstyle you can rock at your upcoming events.

Blonde and Red Highlights

Blonde and Red Highlights

Seasonal hairstyles are always our favorite. Adding a touch of colors can indicate that you are ready to welcome a particular season, such as red highlights for fall. Combining red and blonde highlights takes your hairstyle to another level.

What’s not to love in this gorgeous fall hairstyle? The length is perfect, the base is beautifully brown, and the red highlights are the centerpiece of this entire look.

We love how the red and blondes are beautifully aligned throughout the hair. Also, the casually done waves have given the hair a new meaning.

Blonde and Purple

Blonde And Purple

You can always make your hair fabulous by experimenting with different colors. Try out bold options such as purple, which will be perfect to accompany your blonde highlights.

In this picture, the combination of purple and blonde highlights is simply spectacular. The base hair is a beautiful brown. Before the transformation, she had brown hair with blonde highlights. However, the choice of purple for highlights totally stunned us after the hair was done.

The length of the hair is also quite compact, and we love how different colors are vibing on her hair. Additionally, the curls have given the hair an extra dose of volume. We recommend you try out this style for giving yourself a cool and bold appearance.

Pink and Blonde

Pink and Blonde

When was the last time you dyed your hair pink? Let us guess, maybe during your emo phase? Well if you think that adults can not try out pink on their hair, then we are here to tell you that you can rock pink and blonde highlights gracefully and provide your hair with a little bit of fun.

This hairstyle doesn’t require any explanation. The amazing brown base has been totally uplifted by the presence of the blonde and pink highlights. Just look at the color combination. Doesn’t it make you want to run to the salon right now?

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Strawbery Blonde Highlights

If you are planning to go on a hair coloring session very soon, then we suggest you try out the strawberry blonde highlights this time. Trust us, it won’t disappoint you and maybe you will keep coming back for this style!

Curly hairstyles define the highlights beautifully, so you can try curling your hair this time. This amazing combination of strawberry and light blonde highlights has made her hair fabulous, and for us, the best part of this entire hairstyle is the beautifully done curls.

Burgundy and Blonde

Burgundy and Blonde

To add a pop of color, burgundy is always the preferred option for many ladies out there. The good news is, you can combine your blonde highlights with burgundy ones, and give your brown base a cooler look.

This medium-length hair with the touch of blonde and burgundy highlights is a must-try. All the colors are playing gracefully throughout the hair, and it is a great option for adventurous women who love to try something new every day!

Ash Brown Balayage

Ash Brown Balayage

One of the most sophisticated shades of brown is the ash brown color. When done, it looks a little bit different compared to other brown hairs, and we personally recommend you try out this color once in your life, because it won’t disappoint you.

This ash brown balayage is sophisticated to look at. The length and volume of the hair have left us awestruck, and we just can’t get enough of the waves.

Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash blonde is that one soothing color that we just can’t get enough of. From weddings to regular days, this hair color is always a stunner. Although ash blonde highlights are preferably done on black hair, you can easily combine brown and ash blonde.

For starters, this hairstyle is quite impressive. We love the chocolate brown shade because it is not too dark but quite sophisticated. The ash blonde highlights are doing their job quite well, plus the touch of lowlights makes this entire style charming and chic.

Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey Blonde Highlights

The combination of brown hair with honey blonde highlights is another classic one. It looks even better when done on short or medium-length hair. So if you are thinking of chopping off your hair soon, give this combo a try!

We love how beautifully the color has been done on this hair. The golden honey blonde highlights are so mesmerizing, and this entire style is complemented by the precise haircut.

This is a look that can be carried gracefully everywhere, starting from the red carpet to a girls’ night out.

Icy Blonde Balayage

Icy Blonde Balayage

As a brunette, you can rock blonde highlights naturally. So why not try out different shades? For instance, the icy blonde shade can be your next companion, as it is so beautiful and complements the brown base quite well.

Look at this long hair with the icy blonde highlights. The balayage has been done to perfection and the extra addition of waves makes it more appealing. We love this shade of brown as it has been a great choice to make the highlights stand out.

Dark Chocolate with Platinum Blonde

Dark Chocolate with Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a color that we just can’t stop recommending because it looks soothing and bold at the same time. So for your next DIY session, don’t forget to try out the very famous platinum blonde highlights.

This sleek and straight hair is so gorgeous and elegant that we feel like trying out this style right now! The base is a lovely dark chocolate color which is finely complemented by the platinum blonde highlights. The shine and health of this hair are making us go aww!

Partial Blonde Highlights

Partial Blonde Highlights

If you’ve never heard of partial highlights before, it’s basically highlighting a particular area of the hair and not all of it, which is why it gets the name partial highlights. A partial highlight is normally done on the hair around the face to give it a frame.

Partial blonde highlights are trendy and chic. Combining them with beach waves will give your hair an instant upgrade. As seen in this picture, the hair around the face is lightened and it looks quite appealing.

Light Blonde Highlights

Light Blonde Highlights

Highlights are all about giving your hair that instant pop-up effect. But have you ever tried out light blonde highlights? Well, this one here is our new favorite because when the base is dark, the highlights shine like streaks of stars!

This elegant hairstyle is all about the highlights stealing the limelight. The brown base is stunning itself, but adorning it with the light blonde highlights has taken this hairstyle to another level!

Copper and Blonde

Copper And Blonde

If you haven’t tried incorporating copper highlights with your blonde ones, go out and try already! You won’t regret opting for this modish combination as it is perfect for every occasion.

This straight hair with copper and blonde highlights has everything we love. Brown base, blonde, and the hint of copper-what else do you need to pamper your hair! The hair is beautifully straightened, but you can try a wavy look as well if you want to.

Auburn and Blonde

Auburn and Blonde

We know blonde highlights look more defined when they are done on long hair, but that doesn’t mean short hair cannot slay the game. Here is a short hairstyle inspiration if you were looking for one.

The hair has a combo of auburn and blonde highlights. What makes it special is the curls that are beautifully done on the hair, as it gives us a peek of the base color along with the highlights. This hairstyle can be a great option for summertime as it is cute and compact.

Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Who doesn’t love a surprise! For us, pampering hair should not mean that you need to stick to the traditional styles only. Rather we suggest you go for experimental hairstyles that will look stylish and cool, such as these blonde peekaboo highlights.

The fact with peekaboo highlights is that they kind of remain hidden under a layer of hair with your base color. So when you sway your hair, the peekaboo effect takes place.

Try out this hairstyle with the gorgeous brown base and the blonde highlights underneath. When you do a slo-mo video, your hair will look so gorgeous that you will thank us for recommending this style!

Textured Bob with Dirty Blonde

Textured Bob with Dirty Blonde

Icy or platinum blondes are all the rage and in trend, but the classic dirty blonde highlights are still loved by many women. We think that these highlights look even more sophisticated when they are paired with a textured bob.

For instance, this hairstyle is all about that classic evergreen look. The brunette has dirty blondes which are done to perfection. And on top of that, the textured bob is a must-try hairstyle for short hair lovers.

Subtle and Heavy Blonde Highlights

The choice of highlights depends on your preference, but the options are infinite. Some women love to go for the heavy blonde highlights, whereas some just prefer to keep it simple and subtle.

Subtle Blonde Highlights

When the base color is dark in nature, subtle blonde highlights look so exclusive. You can take notes from this hairstyle. The length is medium and the highlights are subtly done, which makes it a stylish choice for casual and formal occasions.

Heavy Blonde Highlights

However, if you are looking for something fabulous and bold, heavy blonde highlights are the right option for you. These highlights allow you to make a style statement, and their fancy vibe never goes out of style!

Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

Although we have exclusively talked about brown hair with blonde highlights up until now, you can do the exact opposite as well, which is blonde hair with brown highlights. For this particular style, your base will be blonde and the highlights will be brown in color.

You can opt for different styles in this case. A basic blonde with brown will do the work perfectly. Choosing different shades of brown is also a good option. You can try colors such as red for highlights, and go for the combo of highlights and lowlights as well.

Celebrities with Brown Hair and Blonde Highlights

Our favorite celebrities have gracefully carried their brown hair with blonde highlights on different occasions. So you can take inspiration from their hairstyles and try them out on your hair for the ultimate diva vibe!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo is the queen of brown hair with blonde highlights. She has stunned her audience and the world with her amazing hair for years, especially her blonde highlights. This recent picture of J.Lo flaunting her beautiful brown hair with the highlights has won the hearts of millions!



Beyoncé’s iconic money piece has inspired many women out there to try out these highlights, as they look bold, classy, and gorgeous at the same time. Beyoncé has been rocking this hairstyle for a while now, and we recommend that you give this style a definite try!

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Beiber

Hailey’s gorgeous hair has always been the talk of the town. She has flaunted her simple and chic hairstyles on many occasions, and our favorite is her hair flowing with the blonde highlights around her face and down the lengths. This is a hairstyle that anyone can try out for a simple and elegant look on the go.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Mila has been an inspiration for those who love to wear their hair dark. Her brown with blonde highlights has made her a style icon, and you should try out this hairstyle once if you like to keep your base dark brown.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

The famous movie star Margot Robbie slays her hairstyle just like she slays her roles. She has gracefully carried her brown hair with blonde highlights in many events, and one of our favorite looks is this one from the Paris Fashion Week 2022.


Do blonde highlights fade away?

Yes, your highlights will fade away after a certain amount of time and wash. Typically they stay up to two to three months.

How can I take care of my brown hair with highlights?

We recommend using a good hair mask that hydrates your hair. Choose shampoo and conditioner that are exclusively made for colored hair. Washing your hair time and again can fade the highlights, so keep that in mind. We also suggest you limit the amount of heat styling to keep your hair in a better condition.

How to keep my brown hair with highlights shiny?

You need to get a gloss treatment to maintain the shine of your hair. This treatment also takes care of the tone, and the worry for damage is not present.

Final Words

So these are some of the style ideas for brown hair with blonde highlights that you can try to upgrade your hairstyle. Brown with blonde is always a classic, you can make it stand out from the crowd just by changing the color of your base and highlights, or by adding waves and curls to your style.

Make sure to choose the best products for aftercare because your hair is precious, and don’t forget to protect your strands from daily pollution. Remember, healthy luscious hair is the key to a great hairstyle!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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