Bubble Braids

15 Bubble Braids Styles for Every Occasion

What if there was a hairstyle that is constantly trending on social media platforms and is also super easy to do?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well if these sound tempting, then Bubble Braids are waiting just for you!

Now don’t be scared by the name. Bubble Braids are not like any other braids. These are the least complicated and the easiest braids to pull off by anyone.

If you want to get started with your braids right away, you don’t have to be an expert at doing braids. In fact, not knowing how to do braids will not be a problem at all! Just knowing how to make a ponytail is enough to set your foundation. As an added bonus, you don’t even need to apply fancy hair products.

Bubble Braids are extremely versatile and it only depends on your imagination how you want to style them. Don’t worry about your hair type because Bubble Braids suit hairs of any length or texture.

Stay with this article to find out about different ways of styling Bubble Braids, the step-by-step process for doing this hairstyle and some attractive hairstyles for you to choose from.

Once you’re finished reading this article, you’ll be carrying a fresh and trendy look right out of the oven!

What Are Bubble Braids?

Bubble Braids are technically not even braids. Think of Bubble Braids as a reinvention or even modernization of traditional ponytails or pigtails. That is the reason why the process remains so much simpler than any other braids.

Bubble Braids are made of one or multiple ponytails, which are tied with hair ties (elastics, ribbons, or whatever else you prefer), and there is an even space between each ponytail. The space can be one or two inches.

The bubble effect can easily be created with only your fingertips. Just spread your hair a bit and make it puff out so that the ponytails appear as bubbles.

These separated “bubbles” appearing one after another put this hairstyle under the braids category. That is how the name was created.

Bubble Braids have created a huge buzz on social media. It seems like all the big celebrities are going for them.

When trendy followers are finding out how effortless and versatile these Bubble Braids are, they also cannot stop themselves from trying them at least once.

Which Hair Types Can Try Bubble Braids?

Hair Types for Bubble Braids

Saying that Bubble Braids are friendly and well-suited for every hair type will be an understatement. Because Bubble Braids are an all-inclusive hairstyle, regardless of hair type or length.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, you can go for Bubble Braids. Do not be afraid to use hair extensions if you want, because Bubble Braids go with them as well.

Are you worried that Bubble Braids might not work on your hair texture? Well, do not be worried. It does not matter if you have straight, wavy, curly, or kinky hair. Just pick up hair ties and hairspray and you are ready for Bubble Braids.

It is also not an issue whether your hair is thick or thin. Bubble braids are for all hair types ranging from 1A to 4C. It truly is for everyone.

Currently, Bubble Braids are trendy for women. Then again if you are a man who wants to rock Bubble Braids, do not let us discourage you in any way. In fact, there are some suggestions for you as well in this article.

Why Should You Go For Bubble Braids?

If you are concerned whether Bubble Braids are really all that rage, you can just open your Instagram or look at any red carpet event, and you will need no more convincing.

First, Doja Cat rocked the Bubble Braids at the Grammys Awards. Then, Priyanka Chopra was seen at the BAFTA red carpet event with her Bubble Braids.

After that Griff accepted the award of the Rising Star at the Brit Awards in her Bubble Braids. Later pictures of Gigi Hadid, Tessa Thompson, and Tika Sumpter appeared on social media and their unique Bubble Braids were trending.

So there is no doubt that Bubble Braids have become a phenomenon. It is the trend to follow right now.

On top of that, it is really surprising how easy it is to pull off Bubble Braids. If you do not like to spend too much time on your hair, then you can still go for Bubble Braids.

It is also very affordable and you can do it in your home, by yourself, with almost no hair products.

You can also play with Bubble Braids as you like. You can style Bubble Braids for simple and casual looks for your daily life.

You can go for a more suave style for a sophisticated event. Let the decorum of the occasion be your guide and trust your instinct, and you can find just the perfect Bubble Braids for you.

If you are not the biggest fan of showering every single day, then there is a bonus. Bubble braids are perfect for second-day or even third-day hair.

So you can try one of the biggest current trends without breaking a sweat. Now that you are convinced, want to know how to actually do Bubble Braids?

Products for Bubble Braids

You do not need many products for your Bubble Braids. However, a few products will help you in carrying a fresher look and also protecting your hair.

  1. If you do not want to go for scrunchies or ribbons, you can try basic elastics for tying your hair. Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair Ties can be a great option for you. They have the basic blacks or you go for their colorful options.
  2. You will need a styling cream for creating a foundation for your Bubble Braids. You can try RUSK Designer Collection Wired Flexible Styling Creme.
  3. A light hairspray can help you to hold your hairstyle in place. You can go for Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.
  4. A dry shampoo is necessary for your second-day hair. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light Tones will be an excellent choice.
  5. You will also need a leave-in conditioner for your Bubble Braids on the second day.  You can try Coconut Whip Cream Leave in Conditioner for your hair.
  6. A texture spray will be your friend as well on the second day. Kristin Ess Dry Finish Texture Spray can become your friend.

How to Do Bubble Braids?

Let us go through a step-by-step tutorial that you can do on your own for perfect Bubble Braids.

Step 1:

First, you need to brush your hair to make it smooth. You should use a styling cream to prepare a foundation for Bubble Braids.

The cream will untangle your hair and ensure that it is not frizzy. It will also help in keeping the style in place.

Step 2:

Create a basic ponytail by tying your hair with a hair tie. Your ponytail can be set on a high, medium, or low level. It depends on whether you want a casual hairstyle or a fancy one.

Make sure the ponytail is tied closely to the scalp. This ponytail will be the base for your style.

You can decide what the hair ties should be or what color to choose according to your mood and occasion. For example, the hair ties can match with the color of your dress or you can use different colors to create a contrast.

Step 3:

Leave a space of one inch or two, and wrap another hair tie around the tail of your hair. Congratulations, the first section is done.

You need to keep repeating this action until you reach the end of the tail. You have to make sure that there is equal space between each separate section.

Whether the space should be one inch, two inches, or somewhere in between, depends on the length of your hair.

Step 4:

Now you need to start using your fingertips. Pull and spread the hair of each section. You need to loosen the hair and make it puff out as much as you can. You will realize that each section is turning into a bubble shape.

You can first wrap all the hair ties and then work on each section, or you can work on each section as you are wrapping a hair tie. If you choose the latter process, then step 3 and step 4 will be intertwined for you. It depends completely on you which process you would like to follow.

Step 5:

Finally, you can finish the hairstyle by using a light hairspray after all the sections have turned into bubbles. The hairspray will make extra sure that your style holds in its place.

Using hairspray is not mandatory and you can decide whether you want to apply it or not. However, if you have to keep the style for a long time, then it is wise to use hairsprays.

15 Easy And Fun Bubble Braids You Must Try

Although Bubble Braids are relatively easy to get done, you still might find yourself searching for inspirations. So here are 15 different types of Bubble Braids you should definitely try.

Micro Bubble Braids

Micro Bubble Braids


Gigi Hadid first brought this style to the mainstream. Now a lot of people are carrying this hairstyle. The bubbles will be smaller and not as puffed up as the other Bubble Braids.

This is a rather easy-to-pull-off hairstyle and you can also go for this style on those formal or fancy occasions.

Robust Bubble Braids

Roboust Bubble Braids

This style is the opposite of micro Bubble Braids. Here the bubbles will be big, lush, and round. Griff rocked this hairstyle at the Brit Awards. If you want an elegant look, then this hairstyle is for you.

Double Bubble Braids

Double Bubble Braids

This is a twist on Bubble Braids by creating two tails. You do not need a ponytail for this style and you can create two tails from a basic braid. This style opens a lot of doors for creating fusions. Some of them are suggested in this list.

French Bubble Braids

French Bubble Braids


This is an amazing combination of French braids and Bubble Braids. Here the base will not be a ponytail. Rather, you have to start creating French braids and on their tails, you have to create the bubbles. It can be a brilliant style for both casual and special occasions.

Ladder Bubble Braids

Ladder Bubble Braids

This style looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie. It is a fusion between ladder braids and Bubble Braids. Like the previous style, here the base will be the ladder braids and the bubbles will be created on the tails.

Lace Bubbles Braids

Lace Bubble Braids


This hairstyle is another example of how fusions can work beautifully. This one is a combination of lace braids and Bubble Braids. This is a simple yet elegant style and is appropriate for both casual and festive occasions.

Lazy Bubble Braids

Lazy Bubble Braids


This can be an easy casual style for you. You do not have to keep creating bubbles until you reach the end of the tail. You can just stop after creating two or three bubbles and let the tail loose. You can try this on one or two tails depending on your mood.

Bang on Bubbles

Bang on Bubble


Bubbles braids can work charmingly with bangs. The process still remains as simple as ever. The process of creating bubbles remains the same. You just need to choose appropriate bangs to go with the braids.

Bubble Braids with Rainbow Bands

Bubble Braids with Rainbow Bands


Tired of boring hair ties? Then, you can try something new with multi-colored hair bands or elastics. Just pick up whichever color you like and style your Bubble Braids in your own way. You can decide to match the colors with your dress as well.

 Bubble Braids with Scrunchies

Bubble Braids with Scrunchies


If you want to move on from bands or elastics, you can try scrunchies. You can choose your favorite scrunchies from a plethora of colors and types. Scrunchies will bring a distinctively unique style to your Bubble Braids.

 Bubble Braids with Ribbons

Bubble Braids with Ribbons


Let Tessa Thompson introduce you to another accessory to tie your hair. She rocked social media with her Bubble Braids with black ribbons. Now, you do not need to limit yourself to black ones or even single-colored ones. You can choose ribbons of different colors and lengths.

 Bubble Braids with Metal Rings

Bubble Braids with Metal Rings

This style is a statement in itself. If you are looking for a bold hairstyle, look no further. These metal rings will not just enhance your hairstyle, rather your entire attire. This hairstyle will provide you with confidence like no other.

 Bubble Braids with Flowers

Bubble Braids with Flowers


This is a very soothing hairstyle. You will blossom yourself once you decorate your Bubble Braids with flowers. You can choose any flower you like depending on the day. You can use dandelions on a nice day of spring or cherry blossoms on a chilly day. No matter what you choose, this hairstyle is guaranteed to give you a fresh look.

 Bubble Braids in a Hat

Bubble Braids in a Hat


Your Bubble Braids can look great in a hat. You can put on a simple Sun Hat, Straw Hat, or a Fedora, and it will give more character to your Bubble Braids. If you want a more chic look, you can try a Beret Hat. You can also go for a Bowler hat if you are feeling bold.

 Bubble Braids in a Beanie

Bubble Braids Beanie

You can rock your Bubble Braids with a beanie if the weather demands it. Not only are beanies really trendy right now, but you will also get that cute and comfy look.

Bubble Braids For Second Day Hair

Let’s be honest. Not everyone is enthusiastic about washing our hair every day. Some of you may not even get the time. Bubble braids can be fantastic solutions for your second-day or even third-day hair. However, you need to keep a few things in mind while doing Bubble Braids on your second-day hair.

Matt Newman Bubble Braids

Dry shampoo is necessary for any kind of second-day hairstyle. It will get rid of the excessive oil and keep your hair tidy until the next wash.

Blow drying after washing your hair has no harm, but do not blow dry your hair on the second day. It might overheat your hair and cause breakage. You can opt for air-drying instead of blow-drying.

Viking Bubble Braids Ponytrail

Applying a leave-in hair conditioner is another good idea. It helps especially if you have curly hair and attempting Bubble Braids. It helps to mist and soften your hair without causing any damage.

You can use texture spray on the second day for Bubble Braids. It will make the process much easier. Keep these things in mind and you can have great Bubble Braids on the second day as well.

Protection Of Your Hair

Bubble braids would very rarely do any damage to your hair. However, if you are someone who is very protective of your hair and wants minimum damage, then here are some tips just for you.

You need to make multiple ponytails for your Bubble Braids. Make sure that you are never tying your hair when it is wet. Dents are snags that become strong possibilities if your hair is not dry. So ensure that your hair remains dry.

The hair bands are usually wrapped very tightly for Bubble Braids. It can cause stress to your hair or even cause hair breakage. So it is wise not to repeat Bubble Braids for a long period of time. You should go for other relaxing styles every now and then.

Be extra careful about the base ponytail and do not make it too tight. It can damage your hairline and even create bald patches.

Always untie your Bubble Braids before going to sleep. We do not have any control over our body when we are asleep and your hair can be pulled and damaged.

It is very easy to remove Bubble Braids. Just be a bit careful when untying your hair bands. Do not pull them harshly and gently remove them.

So these are some tips for you to give your hair minimum damage and maximum protection.

Bubble Braids For Men

If you are a man and thinking of rocking Bubble Braids, then there are plenty of options for you as well. Let famous hairstylist Matt Newman be an inspiration to you.

He created a lovely look for spring by simply putting a flower in each hair tie and wearing a bowl cap. His Bubble Braids created a storm on social media.

If you are not a fan of floral styles, you can go for a Viking-like look. Vikings were famous for their braids. You can be a game-changer by trying out Bubble Braids.

You can even create a fusion by combining Dutch braids and Bubble Braids. This killer look will work great if you have a long beard as well.

So Bubble Braids for men can be the next big trend and you can become one of the pioneers of this style by creating your own look today.


Bubble Braids were one of the biggest crazes of last year, and there’s no reason for this style to fade out of the scene this year as well. We are ready to bet on the fact that Bubble Braids will keep running the streets and social media alike for a long time to come.

The fact that Bubble Braids are so effortless and low-maintenance, and still they can provide such chic and elegant looks, will not let them die soon.

You also need to keep in mind how much you can play with Bubble Braids. No matter what the occasion is, there is a bubble braid waiting for you.

Another bonus is that Bubble Braids suit literally all hair types. So these facts will be keeping Bubble Braids trending for a long time.

So our verdict is, Bubble Braids still hold the A-game in the fashion industry, so do not waste another second and rush for your new hairstyle right away!

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