16 Elegant Bubble Ponytails for an Impressive Hair Look

Growing up with the trend of following YouTube hair tutorials and cute hairstyles on Instagram, we definitely have a knack for styling our hair in the best way. We have seen the trends change with time, and many of them have also made a comeback in recent years.

However, while talking about trendy hairstyles, there is a particular hair look that has taken social media platforms by storm. It all started at the Valentino show runway in the 2014 Fashion Week held in autumn. Yes, we are talking about the bubble ponytails.

If you are a dedicated social media user, then there’s no doubt that you’ve already seen tons of pictures where ladies are rocking their bubble ponytails. If you ever wanted to try out one by yourself, then here’s a piece of good news for you: bubble ponytails may look difficult, but they are quite easy to do!

That being said, let’s jump into the basics about bubble ponytails and look into the styling suggestions that will be perfect for your hair!

What’s the Hype about Bubble Ponytails?

There’s no doubt that ponytails are one of the most versatile hairstyles out there. You can literally wear the casual version of them when you are running errands, or simply choose the sophisticated version for a formal event. But when it comes to bubble ponytails, we are going to keep them separated for the aesthetic and fancy vibes exclusively.

So let’s see what’s the deal with bubble ponytails. Basically, it’s just your regular ponytail that is tied down the length using multiple hair ties or rubber bands one after another while keeping space in between. This helps to create the bubble-like shapes, from where it gets its name.

The fun thing about a bubble ponytail is that you can literally style it any way you like. From choosing colorful hair ties to adding dazzling ponytail hair cuffs, your style can be upgraded in many ways. This is why bubble ponytails have become so popular in a short amount of time.

How to Do a Bubble Ponytail at Home?

Doing a bubble ponytail out of your natural hair is quite easy. All you need to do is assemble your hair extensions, hairbrush, hair ties, rubber bands, bobby pins, and a topsy tail right before you start the process.

First of all, make a half-up ponytail style out of your hair and secure it properly using a hair tie. Then grab your clip-in hair extension and attach it around that ponytail. The next hair extension is going to be attached on top of the previous one. Continue this process until you reach your desired thickness for the pony.

Once that’s done, separate your bangs at the front. Then grab the rest of your hair together and take them to the point where your small ponytail and hair extensions are located. Run your fingers through your hair to make sure the style is proper, and then make a regular ponytail at that point using another hair tie.

From the back of your ponytail, take approximately 1 inch of hair and wrap it around your ponytail to conceal the hair tie. Secure it using a bobby pin.

Now comes the fun part. As your main ponytail is already done, detangle it properly, and then grab your pack of rubber bands. Make the first bubble using your rubber band, and take a small piece of hair again to conceal it. You can use your topsy tail this time in order to make the style look more natural.

Repeat the same process for the rest of your length. Remember to make the bubbles more prominent by pulling out the sections properly. This will give your bubble ponytail that ultra-volumized look.

And that’s it, your simple at-home bubble ponytail is all done to be flaunted! This guide is great for those who want to try out a bubble ponytail on their natural hair.

However, if you want a super-extended and sleek look with your bubble ponytail, then you can easily grab your pack of hair from a store and make a gorgeous bubble ponytail at home. Paying a visit to the salon is also a handy option in this case!

Stunning Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles that You Can Give a Shot!

Bubble ponytails can elevate your hairstyle to the next level, and you can try them out according to your attire and mood because of their versatility. Even if it’s just a picture for the ‘Gram, your bubble ponytail is sure to add that ‘in-vogue’ element to your entire look.

We have talked about the basic facts and let you know about the process of getting your bubble ponytail done at home. So now, it’s time for you to pick the classiest hairstyles to make the best out of your stylish bubble ponytails.

Here we have handpicked some of our favorite styles that will make you come back for the bubble ponies again and again. Let’s take a look at them together!

High Pony

High Pony

Whenever it comes to the sleek and steezy styles, we always love the high ponytails because they just scream elegance. So we are going to start our list with a super cool high bubble ponytail.

For this hairstyle, the natural hair is turned into a sleek and high braided ponytail and the braid is wrapped with styling strips. After that, the ponytail extension is wrapped around the braid, and then the bubble style is created using rubber bands.

For that extra volume, you can pull the hair on each section and make the bubbles look even more attractive.

Small and Big

Small And Big

Although we mostly talk about the single bubble ponytails with the big bubbles, you can create a cooler statement by combining the small and big ones in the same style.

Take this picture for instance. The amazing high bubble ponytail at the back looks perfect, and we love the kind of hair she has chosen for this style. However, the interesting part about this style is the small bubbles at the front. Two pieces of hair consisting of braids, bubbles, and an untied look: that’s how intricate a style can get!

Summer Style

Summer Style

When the warm weather comes, updating your hairstyle becomes quite necessary. Everyone wants something comfortable for the summer, so here is a bubble ponytail hairstyle to get you started.

This is a simple low bubble ponytail consisting of one single bubble. Her hair looks perfectly healthy and shiny, and the ponytail looks quite effortless and full of volume and beauty. This style can be easily picked for hanging out with friends, and you can even attend casual parties wearing this.

With Fishtail Braid

With Fishtail Braid

Keeping your bubble ponytail just as it is can be enough to make a stylish statement. But you can always go one step ahead by combining a braided style with your bubble pony.

The hairstyle in this picture is super stylish and perfect for creating an aesthetic vibe. As you can see, a fishtail braid has been made and placed right in the middle of the bubble ponytail. This combination is giving us major hairstyling goals, and we can’t wait to try it out asap!

With Pearls

With Perls

Thinking of a perfect hairstyle for an upcoming wedding or a fancy event that requires your hair to be in its A-game? Then worry no more, because we have the perfect option just for you.

Here is a sophisticated bubble ponytail to get you started. We love the sleek and tidy look of the ponytail because it matches her vibe. However, the center of attention is definitely the style with the pearls. While you can notice the amazing bubble ponytail when you look from the back, the front side will be waiting with that pearly perfection to amaze the crowd!

Beaded Style

Beaded Style

Whenever we think of bubble ponytails, the first thing that comes to our mind is a sleek and neat look. But you can also try out a super voluminous bubble ponytail hairstyle by choosing afro or similar hair, and then add beads to the style for the ultimate perfection.

In this picture, the lady has two fuller-looking bubble ponytails which are super dramatic! She has combined the two ponytails with an interesting braided style at the front.

Apart from the fact that her braids look fabulous because of the use of those wooden beads, we also appreciate how she went for the beaded style on her bubbles to elevate her hairstyle to the next level!

Green and Purple

Green And Purple

Instead of doing a single bubble ponytail, you can always opt for the two-ponytails style when it comes to your hair. This way you can add an extra touch of style, and even more if you opt for coloring the hair beforehand.

The middle part hairstyle with two bubble ponytails in this picture looks extraordinary because of the amazing hair colors she went for. We love how the colors are not vibrant but have a hint of darkness to them for creating a unique appearance. All in all, this one is a style that’s going to stand out from the crowd!

With Ponytail Hair Cuffs

With Ponytail Hair Cuffs

As we mentioned before, you can upgrade your bubble ponytail in several ways starting from picking colorful hair ties to choosing fun accessories. And to give your bubble ponytails a touch of glam, this time you can go for the ponytail hair cuffs.

Here is a picture of a perfectly done bubble ponytail using gold hair cuffs for adornment. Her hair color and the hair cuffs have created an eye-soothing contrast, so you can choose the color and design according to your preference. For any glamorous event, this style is going to be a winner!

Medium Hair

Medium Hair

It’s true that doing a bubble ponytail on short hair is quite difficult because you need the length to create those bubbles. This is why we recommend bubble braids for short hair. However, if you have medium-length hair, then you can surely give bubble ponytails a try!

The lady in this picture has blonde hair in a medium length, and she has made the best use of her hair. Instead of going for a regular ponytail, she made a bubble style and used black hair ties to match her attire. Smart and handy are the two words we have for this totally chic hairstyle.

Scrunchie Style

Scrunchie Style

In the method we have mentioned above, we suggested using rubber bands for your bubble style and then concealing the bands with pieces of hair. But to make things cute and aesthetic, you can choose scrunchies to create your bubble ponytail.

Suppose you have a date in a coffee shop, and you are thinking of trying a cutesy hairstyle. This picture is going to be the best inspiration for you in that case. The nude-colored scrunchies have an aesthetic appeal to them, and the styling will only take you a few minutes. So we suggest giving this bubble ponytail a definite shot!

Sports Pony

Sports Pony

For girls who love to play different types of sports, choosing the perfect hairstyle often becomes a hassle. Especially if the game requires running and jumping, it becomes a great problem if the hair is not tied up properly.

So to take care of this issue, bubble ponytail has become one of the most sought-after hairstyles by sportswomen apart from all the other braided styles. This is because it helps to keep your hair in place and makes your game time comfortable.

You don’t need to go all fancy with your bubble ponytail when it’s your matchday. Just try out something simple like the one in this picture. You can also opt for choosing hair ties matching the color of your jersey. Overall, you will get a look that is cute and comfortable at the same time!

Creative with Scrunchies

Creative With Scrunchies

Styling your hair shouldn’t be limited to certain options. Rather, we always suggest going big and bold when it comes to your hairstyles. Being creative doesn’t know any limits, so your bubble ponytail should not be limited to certain options only.

This time while you are picking your scrunchies for your bubble ponytail, make sure to pick them in different sizes. From super large to the medium and tiny ones, make sure you have picked a variety of sizes to recreate the hair look in this picture.

We love the dimension that the scrunchies have created in this bubble ponytail. Also, the color of the scrunchies is super chic, so what’s stopping you from giving it a try?

With Bow

Bubble Ponytail With Bow


Adding a hair bow to your ponytails or at the end of your braids is not something new. So when it comes to bubble ponytails, you can definitely pick a hair bow or make one out of your hair scarf.

For an upcoming date night, this hairstyle can be a great pick as it looks fancy and adorable at the same time. You can keep the bubble ponytail super casual and low; just remember to make that bow at the end, and seal the deal with this stylish gesture.

Celebrity Hairstyles with Bubble Ponytails

Bubble ponytails have gained so much attention and popularity that our favorite stars have also given this trendy style a try. So if you have ever doubted if this style is going to be the one for you, let’s take a moment to understand the fact that your favorite celebrities have rocked it on the red carpet, so why can’t you? Ahead are some of the fanciest bubble ponytails rocked by our divas, so let’s take notes from those styles!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

At the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, Kendall wore a beautiful black outfit which she paired up with her beautiful black bubble ponytail. The low ponytail had a chic yet messy vibe to it, which we totally loved. So if you want some inspiration for your next bubble ponytail, you can take this picture as your guide.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

If you have a perfect bangs haircut, your hairstyle with a bubble ponytail will be instantly upgraded. So for those with bangs at the front, this hairstyle from Olivia Wilde can be a perfect choice. Just a fabulous combination of blunt bangs and bubbles, and this style is going to win hearts for sure!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Talk about super dramatic bubble ponytails, and our queen Ari will take care of the rest. The bubble ponytail you see her rocking in this picture is accompanied by a fancy black bow that we totally love. Ari has always been the queen of ponytails, so this bubble ponytail can surely be the one to take inspiration from.

Final Thoughts

The changes in trend often lead to the discovery of innovative hairstyles, and the bubble ponytail is surely one of them. Runways are known for the portrayal of extraordinary makeup and hairstyles alongside the attires, so it’s not a matter of wonder that the amazing bubble ponytail earned its popularity from that very platform.

With time, the fame and name of bubble ponytails have transcended borders. From social media to real life, bubble ponytails have been tried and tested by thousands of women out there, and each and every time it has been proven that this amazing hairstyle is here to stay and slay!

So without wasting any more of your minutes, take inspiration from the hairstyles we have mentioned above and give the bubble ponytails a definite try. We believe you will fall in love with your new hair look, so don’t forget to wear it with confidence wherever you go!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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