Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk: 23 Fashionable Styles For Elegant Men

Getting fed up with your existing haircut and wanting to try something completely new is a natural desire. However, finding one that goes with your upbeat personality takes a good amount of effort. This is why you are here, right? Let us introduce you to one of the finest hairstyles you have ever come across.

Welcome to the shimmering world of Burst Fade Mohawks!

This astonishingly cheeky hairstyle completely changes your look. The subtle touch of power to it adds another dimension to the whole thing which might have otherwise been taken as nothing more than a regular hairstyle.

We feel excited to introduce you to this awesomeness. Let us explore a bit about the burst fade mohawk itself and the 23 charming styles that we have picked for you.

Let’s begin!

All About the Burst Fade Mohawks

All About The Burst Fade Mohawks

Burst fade mohawks come from France. As you can guess from the name, it involves getting a fade, but it is not just a standard fade. A taper is used to fade out the hair from the top of the ear to close to the temple of the head for a burst fade.

Now, where does the “burst” fit in? Burst fade is more extreme if you will. The fade here happens very suddenly in a round, outward burst curve over the ears. It stands between a skin fade and a taper fade at an upward angle from there.

Finally, since burst fade mohawks are, well, mohawk hairstyles, the fade only happens at the sides and not at the back.

Feeling thrilled yet? Check it out!

Burst Fade Mohawks: 23 Ecstatic Styles To Wear

The work does not end with just the mention of the hairstyle’s name. Among hundreds of styles out there, only the best ones are made for you. We are discussing the topmost 23 burst fade mohawk styles below. Every single style there is suitable, so pick one that you like!

Medium Top Burst

Medium Top Burst

We begin with a simple yet excellent variation of burst fade mohawk. The medium top burst is a smooth and steady look with more than enough beauty to it.

Men who have medium-length hair are good to try this one. The burst fade area may be modified according to your needs. For a chiseled look, a mid or high-burst fade is preferable.

Burst Fade Faux Hawk

Burst Fade Faux Hawk

When you are not exactly looking for a mohawk because the hair would be almost nonexistent on your sides, faux hawks are your eternal friends. It does not change with burst fades either. The fade goes however short you want it to be, and the rest of the hair turns it into the mohawk shape; minus the extreme fade.

This is also appropriate for you to try out if you think a typical burst fade mohawk may seem over the top for you. Circumstances may not always be in your favor, but we are here to present you with excellent alternatives. It’s all in your hand.

High Fade

High Fade

This high fade is a cracker of a haircut! The burst fade goes really high close to your temple but the shape it creates is so distinct. It almost produces a mullet-y look but is more supreme in nature.

The length of your top hair may be of any length. It does not affect the style. Therefore, if you are searching for a style that would last you long, look no further than this high burst fade mohawk.

Additionally, there are options to use products on your hair while your hair grows. You have the opportunity to introduce a new look every other week. Apply some colors of your choice to get that desired output. Either way, you are set for a good amount of time with this great haircut.

Spiked Burst Motley

Spiked Burst Motley

Spiked burst motley is a valiant haircut to try out. This variation is one of a kind among all the burst fade mohawk hairstyles. The intensity of this look is tough to ignore. This spiked burst adds a special kind of charm to your already existing fierce personality.

The burst fade in this variation is particularly cleaner and more “bursty”. It is almost shaved to the point that it may look too severe. Don’t get us wrong, it is indeed an intense style that is not for everyone.

The way this spiked motley burst fade mohawk style initiates a sense of strong energy coming out of you is barely matched. If you are a ferocious one, be sure to get this one-off brutal haircut.

Loaded Burst Mullet-Hawk

Loaded Burst Mullet Hawk

Meeting in between a mohawk and a mullet is a rare occasion. And it has been possible because of this fantastic burst fade style. It should be noted that to try out this beauty, you need to have at least medium-length hair all over your head. Otherwise, the full look may not be possible to achieve.

The burst fade is done to a bigger area on top of your ears; it is almost a combination of a perfect round and a burst. It creates a picture-perfect mohawk. Some hair is then trimmed on top of your head to create the business in the front look. The party, meanwhile, is going on in the back.

And with that, the ultimate loaded burst fade mullet-hawk look is complete. Don’t miss out on this high-level fun haircut.

Streaky Burst Mohawk

Streaky Burst Mohawk

Feeling the speed yet? Here comes the streaky mohawk with burst fade to give you a boost! With this style, we are also introducing a new type, that is, burst fade mohawks with designs.

Usually, various styles are blended to create new looks or even make an expansion of an existing look. This one is different because it works with a new aspect.

The streak in this style can be modified to any preference you have. Want to have a big mohawk with burst fades, and add several small streaks? Do it! Or, how about a bolt of colored lightning?

Streaky burst mohawk opens a new door to you with unlimited possibilities. Customize it in the way you want it. Draw up the design you have in mind. Let’s get this remarkable haircut!

Curly Flat Top

Curly Flat Top

A top haircut for top men with curly hair. Curly flat top burst fade mohawks are here to cook. At a first glance, it may seem flat. But as you spend more time taking a deeper look, it gets more appealing in seconds! The curvy top lays flat while burst fades play on your sides.

This one is convenient for the ones with medium curly hair of lower medium length. If it is too curly, the mohawk may look too flat. The intention is to keep the curly hair flat on top while creating a mohawk that stays in place. It is also pretty easy to maintain this cut for an extended period.

Stuffed Curly

Stuffed Curly

Stuffed curly is for men with light curly hair. It follows the same principle as the previously discussed curly flat top. Yet, the most important thing to be noted here is that, while a curly flat top does not go with short curls, stuffed curly goes well with it. It is a beauty when done correctly by an expert stylist.

The burst fade also looks very outstanding in this haircut. The burst takes shape well with the light curls helping with staying in place. It is one of the cleanest variations of burst fade mohawks. The no-regret factor also comes with it.

Comb Over

Comb Over

Comb overs are undoubtedly one of the classiest hairstyles in history. Now it comes with burst fades. The mohawk is done by combing over the hair to create a smooth and slick look.

The burst fade also comes into play perfectly, because the comb over points it out non-stop. It is a disconnected haircut that always looks spectacular! To pull this off, you should have medium to long hair length. It enhances the slick look of a comb-over and depending on hair quality, multiplies the good looks.

The tidy appearance of it alone makes this hairstyle a grand one. And when you add a mohawk created by the burst fade and that comb-over, it looks simply superb!

Medium Curly Burst Fade

Medium Curly Burst Fade

Have hair that is of medium length and curly enough? This burst fade variation is exclusively presented for you. We understand that it is not for everyone because of different hair lengths and curl types. Hence, the medium curly burst fade mohawk knocks at your door.

This haircut gives you the liberty to arrange your mohawk as you like. You can comb it any way you want. You may also get a semi-spiky look if your hair is sturdy enough to stand tall.

For enhancement, you can apply some light-yellow color on top of your mohawk as well. It will create a noodle-y look that is on and off popular. Enjoy your freedom and customize your look only the way you want it!

Side-Swept Burst Fade Mohawk

Side Swept Burst Fade Mohawk

If you are an aficionado of classic hairstyles, you might have loved the comb-over. And to extend your number of options, here we go with a side-swept burst fade mohawk! It is appropriate in any circumstances, all you need is a comb, and sometimes, only your hands are enough.

Burst fade is the factor here in this disconnected side-swept style. While the fade looks one of the cleanest in all the haircuts that are being discussed here, the side-swept mohawk is a surprise.

You are making a fusion out of a heavily fearless style and a purely subtle style. The striking contrast is what drives this haircut forward. You are not to be messed with despite that subtle look is the message that you will be spreading with your presence.

Giga Box Burst

Giga Box Burst

Box fade in itself is a notoriously known hairstyle. In the 80s, it got popularized again due to the Jamaican singer, model, and actor Grace Jones’ appearance in the 1985 James Bond movie with the iconic box fade style. The Giga box burst is a take on that iconic look.

In the Giga box burst fade mohawk, the burst fade creates the outline of the mohawk. It works on a smaller box as well. But the more gigantic it is, the better it looks on all fronts.

Not many people in the world have thought of a tremendous haircut like this one where the mohawk is also in play, I tell you. An absolute box office hit!

Short Burst with Lines

Short Burst With Lines

This mohawk with short burst fade is one of the easiest to do haircuts. The burst fade works more like a traditional fade although it is close to a taper fade in nature. The mohawk is refined and almost fainted in this haircut. It is subsequently an overall-focused haircut.

However, the play here is with the lines. Since it is a fine haircut, some lines are created to add some ardor to it. How many lines you would get depends on how many you want, but the number should not be more than four.

You can also play around with the placement of those lines. Sometimes, they start at the front side and slide into the fades. You can choose your own style for this pristine variation of burst fade mohawks.

Long Curly Top Burst

Long Curly Top Burst

Mohawk on curls – who would have thought? Well, certainly we have! If you have long curls, this haircut is the most recommended among all the styles discussed here. If you want to try something completely new, look no further than this one.

Moreover, the burst fade produces an immaculate look for the mohawk. A curly mohawk is not something you see every day. Good quality curls with a good length are needed for this bombshell of a haircut.

If you do not have natural curls, you too can try it out. Just grow your hair long and ask your stylist to do a perm on your hair. Finally, get the burst-fade to achieve this smashing look!

Reverse Mullet Burst Fade Mohawk

Reverse Mullet Burst Fade Mohawk

This is a pure reverse mullet burst fade mohawk we are talking about here. How do these two work together, you ask? We take the best features from them and combine them. In addition to that, we give it a burst fade to achieve the ultimate result.

The reverse mullet is a popular modification of a traditional mullet. Instead of keeping it lengthy at the back, the front is rocking the lengthy hair. This is also what gives it the ammo for a mohawk style.

The mohawk is produced by getting a clean burst fade on both sides. After this, enough hair through the straight on top makes the mohawk look unmistakable to notice. Simultaneously, more hair on top than at the back produces the reverse mullet appearance which is no less distinguishable than the mohawk.

Afro Burst

Afro Burst

An afro burst fade mohawk is an elite style in case you are rocking an afro. It is a very uncomplicated and brisk haircut that does not take too long to produce. Frankly speaking, the burst fade itself initiates the process of a burst fade afro mohawk.

The fade on each side builds up the mohawk look, and this is everything you need. Let’s say you absolutely loved this haircut but do not have an afro. There is still a possibility to try this on.

You need to go through multiple perming sessions with your stylist to create an afro. Your stylist must be very experienced in this work. In the end, the result will be close. If you have the time, you can give it a shot for sure!

Short Pompadour Burst Fade Mohawk

Short Pompadour Burst Fade Mohawk

Pompadours are a style that too comes from France. Making these two meet is an acute task that has been done very well here. Additionally, a pompadour offers you a fuller look than the comb-over that we have discussed earlier in this article.

You need to have a good length of hair to go for this beauty. Now, to craft this short pompadour burst fade mohawk, the fade is used to create the mohawk. The long hair on the top is then turned into a short pompadour.

A full-on pompadour requires longer hair. The sides also play a role that is absent due to the burst fade. Thus, a short pompadour is created here. Nevertheless, the combination of burst fade mohawk and pompadour is a stunner.

Light Plum Burst with Split Design

Light Plum Burst With Split Design

This haircut is perhaps the most unparalleled variation of burst fade with mohawks. The fade on the sides has more than one job to do here. It has to be not too extreme to give room to those designs.

For this light plum burst-fade with split design, your hair has to be sturdy. Then, burst fades would create one of the best mohawks you have seen in your life. The fade is then separated from the mohawk itself by creating thick lines.

Needless to say, there are many styles in this haircut to work with. You can get additional design by creating extra lines to the back. We cannot recommend this one enough for your bold personality.

Spiky Burst

Spiky Burst

Spiky burst fade mohawk is another easy-to-do haircut among the styles we have discussed so far. That intense haircut needs much work to create. Now, this spiky burst is a straightforward spiky mohawk style.

As you understand from the name, creating a spiky mohawk is the key here. Good quality hair is needed for this haircut. The spikes should be created before the burst fade is done. In this way, the fade would be perfect, and the spiky mohawk will make you look like a rockstar!

Afro Spike Burst Fade Mohawk

Afro Spike Burst Fade Mohawk

An afro spike is not your everyday spike as they are in their own leagues. Producing the spikes in the afro takes a good amount of effort with applying hair products before it is ready for the burst fade mohawk treatment. The spikes are thick and noticeable while the characteristics of afro are still retained.

When the spikes are formed, the burst fading process begins. The fade can be a mid one for this specific haircut. Sometimes, the burst needs to be subtle enough. In this case, the mohawk look is achieved through a fine fade on the sides. Although the nature of burst fade is extreme, there is always room to customize it to your preference.

Heavy Curl Flat Top

Heavy Curl Flat Top

Heavy curl flat top mohawk with burst fade is one for those with voluminous hair. The natural heavy curly top provides the opportunity to get a good mohawk. Sometimes, a few twists are added to spice it up. Heavy curls’ fuller appearance helps with the overall haircut.

The burst fade creates a sizable mohawk to work with. We recommend adding a few lines at first as customization. To make it even more distinct, a thick line can be created to separate the fade and the mohawk.

It will give some vibes of a disconnected haircut. The separation works out fine as well. As there are various options, pick one that you may feel comfortable rocking with.

Messy Front Burst

Messy Front Burst

Not quite a reverse mullet look, but the messy front burst fade mohawk goes close with its result. The hair at the front is longer and messier than at the top and the back in this special style.

The long messy front stays as it is while the back may be cut to a shorter length. The length of the burst fade will depend on how long your hair is. According to your preference, the burst may be too clean.

You can also try out a high burst fade for a more prominent mohawk. Overall, this haircut is recommended if you are looking for a calm and friendly haircut. Certainly one of the rare burst fade mohawks looks that allows you to appear easy-going!

Duotone Burst Fade Mohawk

Duotone Burst Fade Mohawk

Duotone burst fade mohawk surely knocks it out of the park with its multiple color and spiked mohawk. The combination of colors is very important in this haircut.

You may keep the hair spiky or plain. We suggest the spikes because the duotone stands out more in this case. To apply the duotone, you must have at least medium-length hair as well. You can work out with a mid or high burst fade, but we recommend a mid burst for this delightful haircut.

Either way, this haircut is a winner!


Even after covering possibly everything, there are still some relevant questions about burst fade mohawks that are asked every now and then. We chose the most asked ones and answered them in advance for you.

Q: Can I do a skin fade instead of a burst fade to create a mohawk?

A: Yes, you definitely can. However, we do not suggest it as these haircuts are all appropriate with burst fades. If there is an option to try anything else, we have mentioned it in the styles.

Q: What is the difference between a burst fade and a drop fade?

A: burst fade takes place only at the top of your ears and creates a curve following the ears as a guide. On the other hand, a drop fade takes place at the top of your ears and the back.

Q: Do I need to have the same length of hair all over my head for a mohawk?

A: Not always. Some haircuts may require you to have it. However, it is better if you have it at the same length because it will make the job easier for your stylist.

Q: How long does a burst fade mohawk haircut last?

A: Usually, a burst fade mohawk lasts close to 6 weeks. Some variations like high burst fade mohawk may last you even around 8-10 weeks or more. It mainly depends on the cut you are getting as well as your hair growth.

Concluding Words

Burst Fade Mohawks hairstyle has some saucy and fresh haircuts. They are mostly for the extroverted ones who do not hold themselves back. These burst fade mohawks turn you into an attention magnet.

We have discussed 23 amazing styles of burst fade mohawk in this article. Now it is up to you as to what suits you well. You can blend in anywhere you go with some of these haircuts, while all the others sit in the middle of the bold and discrete spectrum.

In the end, it entirely depends on what you are looking for. We can strongly say that all the haircuts are excellent and will serve you well. Think about the factors and pick something from the guide. You will look dazzling in any of those.

Choose it, rock it, live it!

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