Burst Fade Mullet

25 Exquisite Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles & Guide In 2022

Mullet hairstyles have been on & off the fashion scene for decades, and in the modern age it has resurfaced in the pop culture with the iconic Burst Fade Mullet hairstyles. According to The Guardian, mullet dates back to ancient Britons and this claim is supported by ancient figurines unearthed in recent times.

This hairstyle has been so popular that even the likes of Superman franchize endorsed it with Nicholas Cage and it has been covered in detail by the GQ Magazine. So it is reassuring that the hybrid variations & fusions of this style of hair isn’t something that’ll put people off, rather a precise execution can see you leading the current hair fashion industry.

With that in mind, scroll through our article that’s particularly made to cater to this eccentric hairstyle with styling ideas and guidelines. It’s guaranteed to land you all the adoration you may ever have ever wanted for your taste & fashion sense.

What Is A Burst Fade Mullet?

You may find yourself perplexed with this notion – what exactly is this hairstyle? How does one classify it, what to include and what to disregard? Well, let’s learn the specific details that make one a mullet with burst fade.

Initially, Esquire Magazine claims that the mullet is basically a hybrid of two distinctive hairstyles. For the back, you’ll have longer hair that reaches your neck and on the top, you’ll have a shorter haircut that doesn’t match the nape hair in length. On the sides, you’ll have shaved or faded regions and these altogether make a mullet hairstyle.

A burst fade is a trimmed taper area – over & behind your ears completing a half circle. Fuse it with the aforementioned mullet and you’ll end up with the basic Burst Fade Mullet hairstyle.

Most Unique Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyle Ideas

Now it’s time for us to dive into the world of unique mullet hairstyle ideas that are supported by burst fades on the sides. You can try them out as a regular hairstyle for formal places, or a casual one to make you look stunning at all times!

Spiked With A Sharp Fade Line

Spiked With A Sharp Fade Line

This is a creative approach towards mullet hairstyles with messy & spikey hair portions all over your head. While the top & back hair remains long & dense, the sides receive the special treatment that in the end produce this supreme looking hairstyle.

On either side, a burst fade is applied to be added with the mullet. Finally, to enhance the edgy nature, you’ll need to draw a sharp fade line in a slight curve. It’s a very unsubtle way of expressing your inner radical self through the help of this hairstyle.

It’ll always give you a drastic change to your existing look that’s sure to turn the heads of whomever you may come across!

Minimal Mullet With Burst Fade

Minimal Mullet With Burst Fade

This hairstyle is almost the counterpart to the previous edgy hairstyle. It usually arouses the interest of a minimalist who is looking for new hairstyling ideas that are diverse & unique.

If you’re trying to project that you aren’t necessarily into fancy & flashy styling aspects, but yet are fashionable with an upgraded tastebud for hairstyles, this can be your perfect fit to radiate such a message.

All you need to do is to cut your hair short, keep the same hair length on top to all the way at your back with the sides trimmed down shorter than the rest. Fade the taper area with a burst and that’ll hit the sweet spot!

Additionally you can grow a matching beard with it, it’ll compliment your fashionable hairstyle perfectly.

Flat Lying Mullet With A Burst

Flat Lying Mullet With A Burst

Are you on a tight schedule everyday? Finding very little time to style your hair, but want to look fashionable as well? If all these boxes get a tick from your side, then this hairstyle will be your savior.

A low-maintenance style that only requires your dedication to let the hair grow a handful of amount. Once there, you can easily get the sides faded with burst while leaving the top & back hair seamlessly intact.

Every morning, all you need to do is lay your hair flat on your head, finger through while heading out and it’ll stay that way the entire day without needing any attention!

Burst Faded & Bleached Short Mullet

Burst Faded & Bleached Short Mullet

This hairstyle falls under the fancy category of this list because of the authentic & fresh look it is able to generate. One of the most popular techniques of bleaching should set you the foundation to get this hairstyle.

After the initial part, you’ll have to follow the same procedure as you would with the rest of the styles in this list – get a burst fade on the sides. It’s a relatively shorter version of mullet, but the color seems to make up for the lost length.

Be it your graduation party or a friend’s marriage ceremony – this one is a very powerful hairstyle to tell people that you’re on the trendy part of the popular fashion culture!

Ginger Mullet With Burst Sides

Ginger Mullet With Burst Sides

This is another low-maintenance mullet hairstyle in our list that you can try out. It would help if you have naturally ginger hair, but even if you don’t, it can be tried out with any color & texture of hair without shedding any sweat.

You’ll have medium hair on top & back with burst fades on each side. You can quite conveniently maintain this hairstyle throughout the day.

Take a bathroom break, drench your hands in water and mess your hair up on the top – this’ll keep them looking sexy & messy for the next couple of hours before you can repeat the same trick!

Short Burst Mullet With Sharp Design

Short Burst Mullet With Sharp Design

It’s time to crank up the edginess with the short rendition of mullets! You’ll be looking like those dashing Yakuza members with this creatively stunning hairstyle that mostly works on longer faces.

Since it works better with shorter hair, make sure not to let your mullet grow out of control. Once you’re done with the burst fading steps, prepare to apply the finishing touches that pushes this style over the edge.

Draw a couple of longer shaved lines that drags a little longer than being thin at the back of your hair where the fade begins. As a whole, it’ll generate the most gawpy reaction from your friends & watchers.

Casual Burst Fade Mullet

Casual Burst Fade Mullet

This style is more toned down than the previous ones mentioned in our list. It’s good for a regular, casual setting like your classroom, office or any other workstation. Despite being so simple, its effects on ladies are anything but!

Such a style of medium mullets are quite underrated & aren’t tried out by many due to the lack of knowledge regarding its power. Once you get it done with your straight or curly hair, you’ll start seeing immediate reactions – all of which are certain to be positive!

If you want, you can keep a stubble to a slightly longer beard to add another dimension to this style. Make sure to keep the burns faded to match the energy level with the hairstyle.

Short Mullet With Burst Fade

This hairstyle is your way out from hot, summer days to spare your scalp from all the sweat and dirt. A fine-looking short mullet hairstyle which reeks of comfort from the moment you decide to put them on as your regular choice of hair.

Despite being mullets with fades bursting over your temples, it’s still considered as a formal hairstyle for business meetings & daily corporate office duties. You’ll easily be able to wear complete suits & blazers and this hairstyle will accolade your clothing choice effortlessly.

A beard often goes nicely with such hairstyles in corporate environments and makes you look like the perfect businessman.

The Classy And Edgy

The Classy And Edgy

This style of hair is a fusion between the old & the new, between the classy & the edgy. Usually such fusions don’t always work out, but in case of this particular hairstyle it has most certainly did, by producing a remarkable style that only the most gutsy people can pull off convincingly.

You’ll be needing quite dense & long hair to begin with. If you believe you have enough hair thickness to pull it off, make your top & back hair length seamless and burst fade the sides.

Now comes the most daring part – use a razor to draw three similar shaving lines on your temples. This is the edgy bit that completes the intended look and promises to make you look unique.

Cool Mullet & Burst

Mr Cool Mullet & Burst

The Mr. Cool style delivers what it’s intended to – make you look cool & exquisite with a unique blend of mullet & burst fade. The trick to achieving this look is not in the initial styles, but the extent you push them to your advantage.

For example, you’ll be needing medium length mullet to start with, and let the mullet sides reach the temple area where the burst fades will start to take place. Create a sharp line on the mullet sides at the fade end, and brush all your hair towards the front.

To finish this, keep a short beard with trimmed sides and faded burns. You’ll be looking so cool that people won’t refrain from calling you ‘the iceman’!

Short & Brushed Burst Fade Mullet

Short & Brushed Burst Fade Mullet

This variant of mullets is as neat as a pin on every aspect and from every angle. Breaking the traditional norm of mullets, this one is a significantly short one that’s way more precise and doesn’t contain hair a single strand more than necessary.

With the mullet in place and the sides faded to burst, you’ll need to apply some gel or cream on the top & back of your hair. Right after this application, you have to brush all of your hair backwards to generate a seamlessly neat look.

As finishing touches, your barber will need to edge & trim the sides evenly to carry on the tidy aspect of this distinct-looking hairstyle.

80s Mullet With Burst Fade

80s Mullet With Burst Fade

Let’s dive back to the 80s with a deluxe mullet hairstyle in our top list! Getting this hairstyle will echo the classic English punk rock band vibes through your looks and enhance your styling potential by a landslide margin.

This style works better with hair colors lighter than black. Dark or caramel brown would be the ideal fit for this style. With your long mullet & burst faded sides, you’ll have to float the top hair backwards and spike up the nape hair.

Put a sunglass on and roll the streets with this hairstyle and pay a modern day homage to the 80s pop culture!

Gentle Burst With Neat Mullet

Gentle Burst With Neat Mullet

This one is a simple yet very special hairstyle, and the secret ingredients to achieve this are patience & composure. It’s very subtle yet stylish, and can easily become your next preferred choice of a gentle mullet for everyday styling.

The mullet nature of this hairstyle is significantly longer on the sides. The hair remains medium and you’ll need to play with the texture to style it perfectly. After the burst fading procedure, pick a brush or use your hands to gently slide all of your hair towards the back.

The side hair will climb as low as the fade lines, and a low-beard is an added bonus that’ll intensify the calming nature of this look.

Fade & Burst Mullet With Plait

Fade & Burst Mullet With Plait

If you’re in the mood to go bananas with your hairstyle, we present you with the most phenomenal way of doing so. Grow a plait on your nape while keeping the rest of the hair short, and then we’ll be talking about the next step.

Once there, do a short mullet with burst fades on each side. Keep the mullet lines closer to the fades for added effect. You can then casually form up your plait and tie the end with a hair ribbon of your choice.

You may match its color with the accent of your dress, and step out to look exclusive with this uncommonly unique mullet hairstyle!

Elegant Mullet Over Burst Fade

Elegant Mullet Over Burst Fade

Now we’ve entered the elegant & sophisticated region of mullet hairstyles. Fine hair texture is preferred for such hairstyles, but you’ll be able to receive the expected results by manually straightening your hair.

You have to follow the regular burst fade step on the sides first. Then comes the styling part with the mullet. The mullet length is longer than medium but not too long to exceed your shoulders. You’ll need to carefully create layers of hair after every couple of inches, and turn the hair momentum towards the middle portion of your head.

Once you’ve reached a satisfactory level of styling, lightly apply hair balm or spray over hair gel to hold your classy-looking hair in place!

The Classic Badass Mullet

The Classic Badass Mullet

This is one BADASS mullet hairstyle with three variable hair lengths that completes this look, but you’ll need very long hair to begin with. Firstly, on the sides you’ll be doing the regular burst fade actions to set up the stage for the grand gala round.

After the bursts, you have to cut your front hair down to a very short length. This length will continue till your crown from where your magic will begin! At that point onwards, you’ll keep your hair at the original long length and let it flow down freely over your shoulders.

Seal the deal with a goatee of your choice, and come out as the daredevil in terms of styling within your neighborhood.

Takuache-Mullet Fusion With Burst Fade

Takuache Mullet Fusion With Burst Fade

The fashion industry has seen various forms of Takuache hairstyles, but having it mixed with a burst fade mullet gives rise to a completely new horizon to dynamic hair trends. With edginess as the underlying driving force, this style of hair is a fashion statement in itself.

Begin with a mullet and the trademark flat lined hair on the forehead which is the Takuache line. Use gel to spike up the hair, not only on the top of your head, but at the edge of the back hair as well.

Keep all the lines sharp & edgy to produce a radically attractive hybrid mullet hairstyle and be a part of pop cultural trends!

Funky Mullet & Fade

Funky Mullet & Fade

Funk up your looks with this astoundingly alluring mullet hairstyle paired with a burst fade. It’s another easygoing hairstyle which only needs a styling process to be worn casually everyday, and keep you looking dashing at the same time.

All you need is some wavy hair to generate a messy vibe. Draw the burst fades on the sides and move towards the thicker hair portion. The trick is to keep the top hair lying flat without any character. But the more you progress towards the back, the curlier & messier you’ll need your hair to be.

In the end, it’ll all come together to catalyze an incredible version of funky mullet that guarantees everyone to fall in love with your fashion sense!

Retro Burst Fade Mullet

Retro Burst Fade Mullet

This rendition of mullet with a burst fade will seem like someone walked through the screens of an 80s movie! Arousing the retro nostalgia in the minds of whoever comes across this hairstyle should give you all the admiring looks for your suave taste.

Shorter on the top and longer laid back hair at the back, it carries the vintage aura that translates beyond just the hairstyle. Add funky accessories like earrings, nose pins or heavy neck chains to enhance the styling potential of this look.

To go over the top, you can even grow a mustache with it that’ll complete the retro feeling of this look!

Mullet-Fade-Burst With Highlights

Mullet Fade Burst With Highlights

This hairstyle is a modern day adaptation of mullet with burst hairstyles. It doesn’t demand you to grow a long mullet, instead it’ll do just fine with medium length hair and some razor works to finalize the look.

You can add subtle highlights such as burgundy, sapphire or emerald shades to make your hair stand out from the rest. Use shiner or balm to make the hair texture look glossy, and use your hands to lay them backwards for the style to look casual yet captivating!

For the edges, you can opt for angular or semi-circular sharp lines instead of a linear one. It’s going to reflect your taste & attitude by pairing up with the rest of the hairdo.

Neat Braid Mullet Faded With Burst

Neat Braid Mullet Faded With Burst

Imagine what it would be like to take the best of two worlds and combine them together to produce something unique & authentic. That’s exactly what this mullet hairstyle is all about, as it joins mullets with burst fade and a neat braid which is able to bring out a magnificent outcome!

Shorter hair on the top, longer hair on the back and burst faded sides should be your starting point. Then, carefully create neat Dutch braids with hair parallelly drawn with frequent gaps. This creates a ladder-like illusion and altogether with the mullet, makes you look strikingly personable!

You can tie the braid end with a ribbon of your choice to amplify the effects this look carries!

Layered Mullet On Burst

Layered Mullet On Burst

This style is one of the easiest one to do and the most straightforward to maintain, yet it increases the level of your style to an unimaginable level! A plain sailing mullet touched by burst fades on each side, only you need to be gradual with the length from the top to the back.

You need to ask your barber to help you out in this process by layering up the mullet at the back of your head. Also, keep the front hair relatively shorter than the napes to keep the gradual increase in length more apparent.

Lastly, add a hint of highlight to help your distinct hairstyle catch the eyes of anyone on the streets or at the party!

Old School Burst Fade Mullet

Old School Burst Fade Mullet

Who says you can’t go old school with modern fusion hairstyles? This particular hairstyle gives you that specific opportunity to transcend the past beyond the time barrier to the present to give yourself the most steezy look! It won’t mean you’ll be carrying an outdated style, rather you’d be redefining the trend with a reminiscent of the past!

You’ll be needing a longer mullet with the sides burst faded. The mullet sides should meet the fade lines bluntly to add a dimension to the effect. Shorter on top and longer on the back, a messy orientation should benefit the look to becoming a contemporary style that is popularized by you!

Fiery Mullet With Burst Fade

Fiery Mullet With Burst Fade

Just to let you know that these unique mullet styles aren’t just made for guys, because girls too can style it in so many fashionable ways that you probably have never imagined before! This particular hairstyle is a prime example of that creative genius which should inspire girls to go for it!

All you’ll need is a regular mullet with faded bursts. But what sets it apart is the fiery red color at the back end of the hanging mullet. Leave the sideburns on and let them grow longer to be twisted or let loose.

Show off your piercings because the clear taper area won’t conceal them anymore, and the color with the jewelries will make your look modish & sassy!

Fancy & Curly Mullet Burst

Fancy & Curly Mullet

This last hairstyle on the list is one of the classiest and aesthetically pleasing hairstyles you’ll ever find, not only in the mullet category, but in the hairstyle trends overall. The curls in this hairstyle emit elegance with every twist, and the added details simply will make you look drop-dead dashing!

You’ll be needing long curly hair to be turned into a mullet and the sides trimmed down to make burst fades. To tone the style up in a sophisticated way, you can use hair balm to make the curls look glossy.

As the finishing touch, draw a couple of shaved lines curved all the way back behind your ears. Coming together, you’ll be carrying around the most agonizingly tasteful burst fade mullet!

How To Do Your Own Burst Fade Mullet?

Since you’ve gathered styling ideas and probably have been able to pick out one style to try out, we’ll teach you how you can get it done by yourself, or just do it in general.

[Note: You must start with long hair which can be made into mullets for longer styles. This isn’t essential for shorter styles.]

Step 1: Section

To start off, you’ll need to section your hair on each side of the hairlines. Use a comb to help you do the parting and use hair clips to hold the parted hair in place so that it doesn’t get in the way.

Step 2: Trim

Once parted, trim the taper area all the way up to the hairline. Use a comb guard to maintain seamless hair length. Don’t fade your hair down to the skin initially, because if you do so, it’ll be very difficult to create a gradual burst-fade afterwards.

Step 3: Burst Fade

In this step, you’ll start the burst fading process by trimming down to your skin around the ear region. You have to keep changing comb settings from shorter to longer as you gradually move away from your ear.

The goal is to skin fade the taper area and eventually keep slightly longer trimmer hair up until you reach your hairline.

Step 4: Edge

Remove the comb guard to draw edge lines on each side of your sideburns, taper and neck area. Creating a sharp edge enhances the burst fade look & gives you an intense look.

Step 5: Brush

Finally, use a comb or hair brush to lay your hair backwards. Start from the top hair and set the flow all the way back to your neck. Don’t allow any hair to fall on either side, rather all should be facing straight back. Apply hair balm or gel to hold them in this place.

And just like that, in five very simple & easy steps, you’ll receive your very own mullet hairstyle with burst fades on the sides! Take a look at this video to formulate an even more thorough understanding of this process.


In order to clarify any further confusion you may have regarding your mullet with a burst fade, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this hairstyle on the internet.

Q: Is the burst fade a mullet?

A: No, it’s not. Burst fade is a type of fade style. It has to do with trimming your hair down to the skin around your ears. Mullet on the other hand is concerned with long hair at the back and relatively shorter hair on top.

Q: Is the burst fade popular?

A: The burst fade is very popular among fashion enthusiasts these days. Due to its versatility and adaptability with any secondary hairstyle, its application is seen to be increasing day by day as well as its positive appeal.

Q: Are mullets unprofessional?

A: There are many types of mullet hairstyles that you can try out. Some of which are very neat & tidy and completely fine to be worn in formal office spaces. At the same time, there exist some mullet styles that look messy and a lot of offices discourage such hairstyles due to their nature of work to impress the client.

Q: What face shape do mullets suit?

A: Mullets in general can go nicely with any shape of face, but if you’re considering the classic way of doing it, then a diamond-shaped face will generate the best results.

Q: Can anyone grow a mullet?

A: Almost anyone who has a head full of hair can grow a mullet regardless of their hair texture. We’ve incorporated mullets with burst fade styles for straight, wavy and curly hair in our list, so you can easily make your pick based on your taste & type of hair.

Final Thoughts

Based on all the fancy-looking fashionable Burst Fade Mullet styles, you can be rest assured that this trend is far from going off the grid. Getting any style for yourself from our list guarantees a radically gorgeous upgrade in your looks and it will automatically boost your confidence level.

We hope our article will help you figure out your inner aesthetic sense and redefine yourself in a new & the most fashionable way!

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