Butterfly Clip Hairstyles

25 Trendy Butterfly Clip Hairstyles To Embrace The 90s Era

Do you want a cool and trendy accessory that embodies the 90s vibe? Then, we have got your back.

From Britney Spears to Jennifer Aniston, all the coolest celebs have worn the one and only Butterfly Hair Clips.

These hair clips have the power to give your hair a pop of color with a hint of sweetness. You can create stunning, charming patterns, making your hair seem like a piece of art.

The instant upgrade in your overall fashion will add an additional layer of oomph to your aura, making you feel confident and ready for any occasion.

The delightful flair of the 90s butterfly clip hairstyles adds a touch of fun and cheerful vibe to your overall outfit while brightening your day. The small, adorable clips are your tiny secret weapons to take on the challenges of the fashion world adorably.

So, accessorize yourselves, queens, and embrace the 90s fashion!

Throwback To When Butterfly Clips Became Popular

Hair clips, in general, were invented in the 20th Century. However, in portraits and literature from the ’90s, there are several records of accessories that look similar to that of a hair clip.

Some people said that butterfly clips were first designed to get all the girls interested in science, especially about insects. However, that plan became successful only after female celebrities like Britney Spears, Ashley Olsen, Hillary Duff, and many more celebs were spotted styling their hair with butterfly clips in shows and events in the late ’90s and early ’00s.

The stamp of approval from all the A-listed celebrities got everyone interested, and the popularity of the simple yet beautiful accessory took over the fashion world.

Now, with social media like Instagram and TikTok’s influence, the butterfly clip hairstyle has made a successful comeback in 2024. The variations of this accessory are now everywhere, from Hollywood pop stars like Megan Thee Stallion to K-pop idol Blackpink’s Lisa.

The small relative of the claw clip, the butterfly hair clip, has now transformed into a must-have accessory in everyone’s makeup drawer.

25 Chic Butterfly Clip Hairstyles To Revive The 90s Vibe

Butterfly hair clips have been incorporated into all types of fashion, from on-screen teens to red-carpet looks.

We have gathered a handful of hairstyles that will blow your mind, and you can easily sport them at your next event.

8 Iconic 90s Butterfly Clip Hairstyles To Wear In Summer Vacay

Let’s look through the list of butterfly clip hairstyle ideas that best represent the 90s vibe!

Butterfly Clips On Short Hair

Butterfly Clips On Short Hair

Butterfly clips on short hair? They are like the perfect match made in hair heaven.

Butterfly clips are tiny works of art that jazz up your short haircut and make you stand out.

When I do this hairstyle for my clients, instead of going for a regular bob hairstyle, I choose a Pixie haircut. This one provides enough layers to elevate the overall look.

The delicate butterfly clips and edgy pixie haircut create a magical combination that’s hard to resist.

So, get a touch of sass with the adorable butterfly clips on short hair.

Butterfly Clips With Heat-Free Curls

Butterfly Clips With Heat-Free Curls

Heat-free curls are the new trend nowadays, which creates an au naturel look and keeps the hair healthy.

Adding some butterfly clips is like a divine combination that provides the right sprinkle of magic, taking the whole look to another level.

The butterfly clips help keep your hair in check while creating an eye-catching hairstyle.

The added charm of the butterfly clips gives a cool contrast to your aura and helps spice it up.

Moreover, it helps enhance the versatility of your hairstyle.

Incorporate this hairstyle and be your naturally charming, adorable self!

Vintage Butterfly Clips Messy Curl Hairstyle

Vintage Butterfly Clips Messy Curl Hairstyle

Vintage, messy hairstyles embody the timeless appeal that continues to capture everyone’s attention and heart.

Creating a hairstyle while pairing it up with butterfly clips helps embody the 90s cool vibe with perfection. If you possess naturally messy curls, then you don’t need to do anything.

But, if you don’t, all you have to do is get your heat protectant and curler ready to create this stunning hairdo.

The best thing about this hairstyle lies in its messiness. You don’t have to care about where to put the clips. Be as inconsistent as you feel, and put on the butterfly clips on a whim.

It will give you a forest fairy-like look for sure. You will feel like your hair has its own party going on.

This summer, get ready to embrace your carefree vibe and feel like a fairy with this hairstyle.

Butterfly Clips On High Pigtails

Butterfly Clips On High Pigtails

If you want a hairstyle that looks inherently playful, then you should definitely opt for high pigtails.

The butterfly clips provide a whimsical charm that allows you to tailor your fashion to any aesthetic and look swoon-worthy on any occasion.

To create a more retro, trendy, and fashionista vibe, you should create a sleek middle part with your pigtails and enhance the visual aesthetics.

The whole look will make you feel like you are on a modernized version of a 90s music video.

Add a dash of sophistication and subtle sparkle with butterfly clips and high pigtails.

Retro Braid With Butterfly Clips

Retro Braid With Butterfly Clips

The retro braid with butterfly clips hairstyle is basically a French braid with butterfly clips placed horizontally in the front part of your hair.

I have done this hairstyle a lot of times, but usually for little girls. In my opinion, this hairstyle looks best on 9 to 10-year-old girls.

However, girls can recreate this hairdo and take a trip down memory lane regardless of their age.

This hairstyle is both practical and visually pleasing. It will keep all the hair in place throughout the day.

Get a special mother-daughter look and create a core memory with your kid while incorporating this hairstyle.

Low Pigtail Braids With Butterfly Clips

Low Pigtail Braids With Butterfly Clips

A low pigtail braid hairstyle with butterfly clips is all about keeping things easy and breezy.

It screams an effortlessly cool and chic vibe while forcing you to be ready for anything that comes your way- a casual hangout or a fun night out.

The down-to-earth vibe will give you the feeling of being in your comfort zone even when you are not.

The butterfly clips will help flutter your facial beauty as well as your hair.

So, put your gorgeous face in the spotlight with the subtle push from this hairstyle.

Curly High Ponytail With Butterfly Clips

Curly High Ponytail With Butterfly Clips

If you love a mixer-upper hairstyle and want to create a fantastic combo, then get a blend of the 90s ponytail-inspired look with butterfly clips.

To create this look, all you have to do is make a sleek middle part, turn all your curls into a fluffy high ponytail, and place the butterfly hair clips without following any strategy.

And voila! You are now the owner of the most striking and fabulous hairstyles of all time.

If your hair does not appear voluminous enough, then don’t be shy to add some extensions and make it as fun as possible.

Be your super-fab self with this hairstyle!

Shoulder-Length Pure Blonde Curls With Butterfly Clips

Shoulder-Length Pure Blonde Curls With Butterfly Clips

Pure blonde hair is like a blank canvas ready to be filled with creative personalization. Adding vibrant butterfly clips creates a captivating interplay of textures, especially if the hair is curly.

With the blend of pure blonde, curly hair with butterfly clips, you will be a burst of walking sunshine wherever you go.

The fun thing about butterfly clips is that, as they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, depending on your mood or outfit, you can change the colors and create either a bold or sparkly persona.

Customize your hair and let your personality shine through your hair.

17 More Adorable Butterfly Clip Hairstyles

Now, let’s look at the modernized version of the 90s butterfly clip hairstyles that you can incorporate into your everyday look as well as a fun night out.

Sleek Updo With Butterfly Clips

Sleek Updo With Butterfly Clips

A sleek updo with butterfly clips is the dynamic duo you didn’t know you needed in your life.

This updo is usually done with claw clips. But as the butterfly clips are like the smaller relatives of the claw clips, you can recreate this hairstyle easily.

The perfect finishing touch of the sparkly butterfly clips enhances the overall sophistication of a simple yet stylish updo.

Moreover, they are versatile, and you can let your imagination run wild while styling them.

Combine timeless elegance with your personalized flair and create a winning combination with this hairstyle.

Butterfly Clips With Curtain Bangs

Butterfly Clips With Curtain Bangs

Whether you want to go for subtlety, a romantic vibe, or a bold, eye-catching statement, curtain bangs with butterfly clips can provide anything and everything.

The effortless chic vibe of the bangs creates a divine synergy with butterfly hair clips. It gives the right touch of whimsical charm.

To elevate the overall vibe, you can add a butterfly haircut and create artistic layers that will turn everyone’s head toward your direction.

Curtain bangs can already frame your face perfectly, and with the layers of butterfly haircut, you can draw attention to specific parts of your facial features.

So, get on with it, Queens!

Half-done Braids With Butterfly Clips

Half-done Braids With Butterfly Clips

Half-done braids with butterfly clips create a mesmerizing blend of laid-back boho vibe with a mix of effort and ease. It will turn you into someone who can bedazzle anyone with their pretty haircut.

Butterfly clips make your half-done braids stand out even more. It allows you to showcase your personal preference for aesthetics easily.

The more intricate your braids become, the more it will draw attention. So, it is the perfect hairdo for both extroverts and introverts.

Stand out in the crowd and let your bohemian spirit shine through your hairstyle.

Curly High Updo In Butterfly Clips

Curly High Updo In Butterfly Clips

Curly high updos are definitely a head-turning combination that creates a bewitching hairstyle no matter where you go.

Having mid-length curls is best for recreating this hairstyle.

All you have to do is secure all your curls in a way so that the ends are closer to your face and then place the butterflies.

Ta-da, that’s all there is to it!

Get ready to feel like a fairy goddess with this hairstyle.

Simple Hairstyle With Butterfly Clips

Simple Hairstyle With Butterfly Clips

Simple hairstyles look the best with butterfly clips. It makes you ready for a girls’ night out without making a big fuss.

To recreate this hairstyle, you should make a middle part and then create a simple and thin twisted braid and place the butterfly clips on the braids.

It creates a poised and charming look. The ones with a bad case of resting bitch face should try this look. It will make you look softer and more approachable.

Embrace simplicity at its best with this hairstyle!

Dutch Braids With Butterfly Clips

Dutch Braids With Butterfly Clips

The power couple in the hair clip hairstyle world consists of a mix of Dutch braids with clips.

If you have an active lifestyle and couldn’t care less about maintaining a well-groomed look, then you can always turn to this combo for a solution.

Both butterfly clips and Dutch braids help secure your hair while preventing any sort of unravelling that might hinder your daily activities.

The personal touch of butterfly clips helps the textures of your Dutch braids stand out even more.

Don’t compromise your hairstyle just because of your busy life, and get this hairstyle.

Butterfly Clips With Messy Hair

Butterfly Clips With Messy Hair

Butterfly clips are messy hair’s best friend. The people who have embraced their comfy, relaxed aura, this hairstyle is for them.

For this hairstyle, regardless of your texture, you have to keep it down. Then, you should create a pattern with butterfly clips that best describe your persona.

The butterfly clips become a part of your hair story. They can turn into a secret waiting to be discovered with this hairdo.

Get messy and enjoy the refreshing wind on your hair with this hairstyle.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle With Butterfly Clips

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle With Butterfly Clips

If you want to have your cake and eat it too, you should incorporate a half-up, half-down hairstyle with butterfly clips.

They create the ultimate balance between keeping your hair out of your face while maintaining flowyness.

Even in the new Barbie movie, the character “Barbie” was seen sporting this hairstyle multiple times.

The butterfly clips add an additional touch of colors that help turn it into a stylish statement.

Embrace your inner Barbie and recreate this hairstyle.

Butterfly Clips In Two Buns

Butterfly Clips In Two Buns

Two buns hairstyles give a nod to your youthful, adventurous self while making you appear stylish.

The butterfly clips are like the icing on top, helping your buns become the star of any show.

They help make your buns pop with colors and designs while bringing charming playfulness and style together.

Moreover, it can create a funky look with enough customization and turn two simple buns into works of art.

Turn your hairstyle into something fun and functional with this hairstyle!

Fishtail Braids With Butterfly Clips

Fishtail Braids With Butterfly Clips

Fishtail braids with butterfly clips create a dazzling mix of intricate and textured allure. The interwoven braids make everyone fall in love with you.

Then comes the butterfly clips. The tiny jewel-like accessories bring an array of colors and designs that level up your hairstyle and make it extraordinary.

Adding depth and dimension to your braid and transforming it into a little treasure piece have become easy breezy.

Turn your braids into a masterpiece with your personal flair of butterfly clips.

Large Butterfly Clips Hairstyle

Large Butterfly Clips Hairstyle

If you want to make a long-lasting impression in a new casual environment, then you should opt for large butterfly clip hairstyles.

These hairstyles have a heavenly charm that never goes unnoticed and adds personality to your overall look.

You can also try a peekaboo hairstyle and match the shade of your hair color with your butterfly and look devastatingly stunning.

So, make a bold and adorable fashion statement with your large butterfly clip hairstyles.

Criss-Cross Braids With Butterfly Clips

Criss-Cross Braids With Butterfly Clips

Mixing crisscross braids with butterfly clips is the ultimate recipe for getting a delicious-looking hairstyle.

Your hair transformation will become the talk of the town, making you a master of stunning hairstyles.

You can switch up your hairstyle and create different kinds of intricate designs, including butterfly braids to match your butterfly clips.

It will keep everyone around you guessing on the next hairstyle you are about to drop.

Let your creativity flow through your hairstyle.

Simple Quinceanera Hairstyle With Butterfly Clips

Simple Quinceanera Hairstyle With Butterfly Clips

Simplicity and subtlety have their own kind of elegance. While everyone is after something extra with a lot of pizzazz on their hair, you could be the one with a simple yet elegant quinceanera hairstyle and stand out among everyone.

To create this hairstyle, you can just make some equally spaced braids and put small butterfly clips on the braids.

The pop of color will bring attention to your hair while letting your natural facial features outshine it.

Combine understated elegance and add bursts of beauty to your overall aura with this hairstyle.

Butterfly Locs In Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Locs In Butterfly Clips

Butterfly locs with butterfly clips bring a double dose of beauty that helps anyone steal the show.

It will make you feel like you have the superpower to look good any day and every day.

However, you should keep in mind that you will need extra help and time to put on the butterfly locs.

All your effort will be worth it as this hairstyle is like a whole package deal of style and confidence.

Buy the whole package and recreate this look today.

Afro In Butterfly Clips

Afro In Butterfly Clips

Afro hair in butterfly clips is like a game-changer in the hairstyle world.

This hairdo has everything that can create a versatile look, from sweet and cute to mysterious and edgy.

With this hairstyle, you will gain the enviable reputation of rocking any look and any aesthetic.

You will be able to showcase the sheer versatility of different looks while incorporating this hairstyle.

So, boost your self-confidence with butterfly clips on your afro.

Vibrant Bow-shaped Buns With Butterfly Clips

Vibrant Bow-shaped Buns With Butterfly Clips

Vibrant bow-shaped buns with butterfly clips are like your own spotlight, bringing attention everywhere you go.

I have sported this hairstyle every time I wanted to go for a vacation, and all my pictures came out Instagram-perfect.

Moreover, I got tons of compliments about my hair from strangers whenever I recreated this look.

Reflect your captivating persona with this hairstyle!

Locs In Butterfly Clips

Locs In Butterfly Clips

The magic of locs in butterfly clips creates a fusion of authentic, stylish aura.

This hairstyle will practically turn you into the queen of locs. You will be like the next-door cool girl who’s got her hair game on point.

As the hairstyle is a version of a half-up, half-down hairdo in locs, it has a down-to-earth charm that resonates with a lot of people.

Being yourself is the ultimate key to rocking any look. So, embrace your inner self and let your original persona shine through this hairstyle.


In this segment, we have answered several frequently asked questions about butterfly clip hairstyles.

Q: How can I make my butterfly clip hairstyle stay in place?

Ans: Ensuring the place of the butterfly clip hairstyle can be tricky for anyone. You can add hairspray and bobby pins to secure your hairstyle. Moreover, clean and dried hair or hair gel can help make the grip better.

Q: Can butterfly clips damage my hair?

Ans: No, of course not. Butterfly clips are safer and less damaging than elastic headbands. However, if you put excessive tension while creating a sleek hairstyle, then it might cause damage. No matter the style, the tip is to be gentle with your hair.

Q: Are Butterfly clips costly?

Ans: Fortunately, butterfly clips are not expensive. The basic ones that don’t have any elaborate designs cost from $2 to $5. The decorative ones cost $5 to $15 and sometimes more, depending on the intricacies of the patterns on the clips. High-quality or designer clips cost about $20 or more. You can even buy bulk packs ranging from $5 to $15 or more. The cost will vary based on the quantity and quality.

Wrapping Up

To bring the discussion to a close, you are now aware of how versatile the butterfly clip hairstyles can become.

They come in different vibrant colors and designs. Moreover, depending on the styling, they can create a whimsical look or an elegant one.

It’s like giving your hair a mini makeover with low effort, low cost, and low fuss. It has the magical ability to give you an effortlessly chic vibe while providing a “pretty as picture” look.

You will feel pretty without even breaking a sweat. Your hair instantly becomes a canvas of style, effortlessly blending fashion and fun.

They’re like your hair’s best friend, hyping you up for every event you attend. Switching up your hairstyle according to your hair’s length, texture, and color will become no big deal.

Buy your butterfly clips today and add a fairy tale touch to your overall look.

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