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19 Classic Caesar Haircut Ideas for Modern Men in 2024

Shorter hairstyles are really running the scene right now. One of the current most popular short styles is the Caesar haircut. Men, especially young men, can’t seem to get enough of it.

The secret behind its popularity is that this hairstyle is for everyone. It is not too flashy or edgy that can’t be carried on a professional or formal occasion. Then again it is not bland as well. It is actually quite an eye-catching hairstyle that is bound to draw a lot of attention.

This perfect balance is pretty rare for a short hairstyle. That is why this style is getting so much love and attention. It’s hard to resist trying it out at least once.

In this article, we intend to provide you with everything you need to know about the Caesar haircut. What this style actually is, how to get it at home, unique and exciting ways of styling it, you will find everything here.

What is a Caesar Haircut?

What Is A Caesar Haircut

Caesar haircut has an ancient origin. It is commonly believed by many that this hairstyle is inspired from the famous Roman emperor Julius Caesar. However, this is factually wrong.

The actual credit of Caesar haircut goes to another Roman emperor named Tiberius Caesar Augustus. He had the haircut which is today known as the Caesar cut.

This is a fringe-focused hairstyle. Traditionally the hair length needs to be similar all around your head. Only the front hair can be a bit longer.

There is a short fringe in the classic Caesar style. It really is short and almost all of your forehead needs to remain visible.

This is the original style, but it is rarely followed now. Contemporary men usually bring their own twists to this style. They usually tend to experiment with the hair length, the length of the fringe, and how to style the fringe.

How to Get the Caesar Haircut at Home?

Caesar cut is a pretty well-known haircut and any barber will recognize it. So, you can always visit a barbershop to get a Caesar cut. Properly communicate with the barber to let them know exactly what you’re looking for. You might carry a picture on your phone as well.

However, if you are a bit dexterous, you can easily do it by yourself at home. We have a step-by-step process for you. Just carefully follow these steps and you can get your desired style at home.

Step 1

First, you have to wash and clean your hair. You then need to pat your hair dry with a towel. Then, stand before a three-way mirror and decide what hair length you want. You need to decide beforehand whether it will be the same length all around, if you want to shorten the sides and the back, how long you want the fringe to be, or if you want to add a fade or a taper. When you have a clear mental image of what you want, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2

Pick up a trimmer and use the appropriate guard. Remember, lower guard means shorter hair. If you want the same length all around, you can just use one guard and trim all your hair. You need to shift to a lower guard if you want the sides and the back to be shorter. If you want the shortening to be gradual, you have to keep shifting to a lower guard when you are going down to the next section of hair. Be extra careful if you want to have a long fringe.

Step 3

When you are done trimming your hair short, you can focus on the very important fringe. It completely depends on you what you want to do with it. If you want a messy and asymmetrical fringe, you can just comb it down and leave it as it is. You might also use a hair product to create the messy vibe. If you want a straight fringe line, you need to use a pair of scissors. Comb down your fringe, and let all the hair fall on your forehead. Then carefully create the straight line with scissors.

Step 4

This is an optional step for the ones who want to add a fade or a taper to their Caesar style. This is the time to do that. You can easily do it with a trimmer. Just make sure you have the correct guard. You can also shave off the sides entirely. You will need a safety razor then. Use the razor to shave off the hair. You can then use a trimmer to properly blend everything. Complete the process by taking a shower and cleaning up everything.

In the next section we’ll discuss different individual styles. You’ll then learn what tweaks you need to make for them.

19 Unique Caesar Haircut Ideas for Men to Try Out

There is no one single way of styling your Caesar haircut. You can be as imaginative as you want, and create your own Caesar hairstyle. However, we have a list of unique and amazing styles, and you might be inspired to try out one of these.

The Classic Caesar

The Classic Caesar

Let’s begin with the original and classic Caesar haircut. To get this neat hairstyle, you need to have shorter hair. The hair length would be similar all around.

Your hair at the front will be a tiny bit longer than the sides, definitely not too much. You don’t have to work on the hair at the back or the sides for this style. Just leave them as they are.

For the front hair, you need to comb it down. There will be a short fringe. The fringe will end way above your eyebrows. The fringe line would be somewhat symmetrical. But, you do not have to be perfectly precise.

Faded Caesar

Faded Caesar

This is probably the most popular Caesar hairstyle. Fades are pretty common among men anyway. On top of that, most men who are going for a Caesar cut are adding a fade to the style.

In fact, you will see lots of variants of the Caesar haircut in this list, and you will find fades with most of them. A fade just brings that extra magic to the shorter hairstyles.

High fade and skin fade are currently more trendy for Caesar hairstyles. These will give you a striking appearance. If you want something subtler, you can go for a mid or low fade. A drop fade is another great option.

Caesar with a Taper

Caesar With A Taper

If you are looking for an alternative to a fade, you might try a taper with your Caesar cut. It is pretty similar to a fade, where you have shorter hair on the sides and your neckline.

Unlike a fade, you do not completely reveal your skin for a taper. So, it does not have that shaved vibe, and gives you a more sophisticated look. It is a much better option for professional settings, or when the weather is chilly.

Similar to a fade, you have options like high, mid or low taper to choose from. For a Caesar style, we would recommend you to try out a high taper.

Short Fringe Caesar

Short Fringe Caesar


Now, let’s talk about the length of your fringe. You don’t have to always stick to the classic style, and you can play with the length as you wish.

For example, you can go for a really short fringe. It will have a similar vibe as a buzz cut. It actually barely qualifies for a fringe. But, there are many advantages to having this length.

It’s a perfect choice if you are an athlete. Also, you do not have to worry about styling your front hair. Leave it as it is, and you still get a decent style. So, if you do not want the extra hassle, you can go for a Caesar cut with short fringe.

Long Fringe Caesar

Long Fringe Caesar


You can also just jump to the completely opposite direction, and opt for a long fringe style. For this one, you need to let your hair grow out a bit and then try the Caesar haircut.

You have to let the fringe fall down to your eyebrows to get this style. If you want, you can go even longer than that, and let it fall beyond your eyes.

We highly recommend you to try a skin fade or a high taper with this style. As you have more length and volume on the front, you can create a cool contrast. The shorter hair on the sides will bring more focus to the longer fringe.

Messy & Asymmetrical Caesar

Messy And Asymmetrical Caesar

You will need longer hair for this one as well. There will be no symmetry in your fringe line. In fact, there will hardly be a line. Your fringe hair will fall as they please. Overall, your hair will have a much more textured look.

You can just use your fingers to mess up your hair, or you can use a hair product to make it easier for you. It should look like your hair is coming out from and going towards absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

This one is a chill and laid back hairstyle. This style will vouch for you and tell everyone that you are a fun person to hang out with.

Cropped & Tidy Caesar

Cropped And Tidy Caesar

If you are not loving what is being offered in the last style, you can go for this one. This style is for the ones who prefer a neater and tidier appearance.

Your hair needs to be shorter for this one. You also have to strictly maintain a straight fringe line. Think about the French crop style and use that as inspiration. Your hair needs to be cropped like that.

You need to comb down your hair, and tidy up everything. If you feel like this is getting too bland for you, you can always add a high or mid fade to spice things up. That would give you the balance you want.

Dyed Caesar

Dyed Caesar

It is no secret that if you want to dye your hair a different color, there aren’t many great hairstyles for that. Thankfully, Caesar haircut is an amazing option.

It also works for those who want to move away from their natural hair color and try out something bright and vibrant. It doesn’t matter whether you have scarlet red, cyan blue, or neon purple hair, a Caesar cut will complement whatever color you choose.

Another cool option is to go for two-toned hair, especially if you have a long fringe. You can just color your fringe a different color, and create a contrast with your natural hair.

Curly Caesar

Curly Caesar

Caesar cut is not just for straight hair. All you men with curly hair can rock one as well. We have a suggestion for you to make the Caesar style work for you.

To bring more attention to your curly hair, we suggest that you try out a high fade with your Caesar. You can also completely shave off your sides like an undercut. That way, all the focus will be on your curly front hair.

Don’t worry about a symmetrical fringe line either. We also recommend a bit more volume on the top and upper crown area. Your curls should be carried with all their glory.

Caesar Cut for Wavy Hair

Caesar Cut For Wavy Hair

No, we are not forgetting the ones with wavy hair. Luckily for you guys, a Caesar cut is an exciting hairstyle for wavy hair. We got tips and suggestions for you as well.

Our first suggestion would be to not go for a straight symmetrical fringe line. Keep your fringe a bit messy. Because of the flowy nature of wavy hair, a straight fringe line will feel sudden and abrupt. That will not work well.

So, it’s better to keep the flow and go for a messier fringe. Also, like curly hair, a fade can complement your waves as well. A taper suits wavy hair even more.

Caesar with Patterned Sides

Caesar With Patterned Sides

Let’s now move on to a bold and edgy hairstyle. The Caesar cut is mainly about the fringe. That is the central focus of any Caesar hairstyle. To create something unique, you can shift the attention to your sides as well.

Patterned or designed sides are becoming really popular in recent years. You can combine that with a Caesar haircut as well.

This is an amazing option if you think your fringe is too bland, and not catching too many eyes. Go for a geometrical pattern, a tribal design, or whatever you want. This way, the sides and the fringe work together to create a captivating style.

Quiff Caesar

Quiff Caesar

A basic characteristic of the Caesar cut is that the fringe falls freely on your forehead. What if you change that to create something novel?

To get this style you need to have a longer fringe. Then, you do not comb it down, rather brush it up a bit. The basic idea is to give your fringe a bit of height. It won’t be as spiky as the regular quiff style.

You would probably need a hair product, like a pomade, for this style. This is a superb hairstyle for wavy hair. It’s also a must try for the ones who are looking to go for a textured hairstyle.

Side Swept Caesar

Side Swept Caesar

Some might argue that the height at the front technically makes the last hairstyle not a Caesar. We would disagree with that, but we do have another way of styling your fringe.

You can just go for a side swept style. It will be like a fusion between bangs and a Caesar cut. For this all you need to do is comb your hair down slightly to one side.

This tiny little change makes this a more endearing hairstyle. Without doing much, you are getting a new version of Caesar cut. Also, you can’t obviously have a straight fringe line for this one.

Afro Caesar

Afro Caesar

There is a false idea among men that there aren’t too many ways to style men’s coily hair. There are actually plenty of brilliant hairstyles for men with type 4 hair.

The Caesar cut is one such example. You should not miss out on this style if you have afro hair and you are looking for a shorter hairstyle.

We would recommend a straight fringe line for this one. Keep the hair length and volume similar in the front, top, and upper crown area. Then, just add a high or go for an undercut to see the magic.

Caesar with Longer Hair

Caesar with Longer Hair

Caesar cut is mostly for shorter hair. You will almost always shorten your hair on the sides, and the back. A fresh take on this style would be to try it with mid-length hair.

You will have a significant length on the sides and the back. The front fringe will be much longer as well. It will fall down on your eyes, or even go beyond.

Some texture and a messy vibe will do wonders for this style. You will still be getting a hairstyle that is not too long, but one that gives you something to work with.

Buzzed Caesar

Buzzed Caesar

This one is like the antithesis of the previous style. When you try a Caesar cut with really short hair, you get this style.

Your front and top hair will be buzzed super short. Yet that will be longest on your head. Because, we suggest that you completely shave your sides and the back.

The fringe will be a really short one, almost nonexistent. The fringe line should be straight to make things compact. This style will give you a sharp and intense appearance.

Spiky Top Caesar

Spiky Top Caesar

We know that this style might look like a big mess. But, we promise there is a method in this madness.

To attain this style, you will need a long fringe that falls down to your eyes. It will be a messy, asymmetrical, and textured fringe. You can go for a side sweep as well if you want.

Then, you need to spike up your top and upper crown hair. Finally, you need a high fade to complete the look. All these elements complement each other, and together make it a killer look.

360 Waves Caesar

360 Waves Caesar

It requires some time to get this fusion style between 360 waves and the Caesar cut. The result however, will make the wait worthwhile.

You have to really shorten your hair to start. When you find your hair is growing back, and the curls are beginning to form, then you have to regularly comb your hair in a wavy pattern to get the ripple waves.

You will also need the help of a wave pomade. If you do not mind the hassle and the wait, this is actually one of coolest hairstyles for afro hair.

Bowl Cut Caesar

Bowl Cut Caesar

Let’s end the list with a really unique hairstyle. Here, we’re basically combining the Caesar cut with the bowl cut or mushroom cut.

The fringe needs to come down to your eyes, or at least halfway through the forehead. There will be a sharp and straight fringe line. This line will not just be in the front, and will go through the temple and the sides, and stop at the mid crown area.

The hair at the back will be longer and combed down. Then, you just need to add a middle fade. Bowl cut is making a huge comeback, and this could be your fresh take on it.

Final Words

It is almost impossible to say no to a hairstyle like the Caesar haircut. This style will draw you to itself in one way or the other.

It is completely understandable as well. It’s a hairstyle that has a variant for almost every event and occasion, that suits literally all hair types, that you can easily get at home, and that can be adopted and carried in a myriad of ways.

On top of that, think about the rich historical legacy. What more can you ask from a hairstyle? There is hardly another style like this one.

Also, do not think that you have to strictly stick to our list. You can always come up with your own interpretation of the Caesar cut. You might also take multiple styles and mix and match them as you want.

So, what will be your own version of the Caesar haircut?

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