The Captain America Haircut: How to Achieve Chris Evans’ Historic Look

Besides making movies with stomach-turning and extremely engaging plot lines, Marvel is known for the tally of iconic superheroes it created in the Marvel Universe for the fans and spectators of the franchise.

While each character is known for their supernatural abilities and never-ending ambitious personality, quite a few of them are known for their aesthetics as well. Indeed, each celebrity that is casted as a superhero and supervillain in one of the Marvel movies often have to go through drastic body transformations months before and right after landing their role, which is one of the reasons why their aesthetic appeal seems almost inevitable.

Apart from drastically changing their physical appearance, loads of actors are given hairdos in an attempt to shape up the future of fashion trends. Although loads of them have been a miss and have failed to make their mark over the course of time, one haircut carved its own path to success and has been one of the trendiest hairstyles ever since its release: Chris Evans’ Captain America Haircut.

Known for its sleek and polished finish, this hairstyle is all that we’ll be covering in this article. Join us as we make an attempt to enwrap everything one needs to know about how one could introduce this modern and elegant hairstyle to their own arsenal today!

What is the Hairstyle Called?

Although it is commonly referred to as the “Captain America” haircut, when the Marvel Universe isn’t in the mix, the hairstyle is called a “Modern Slick Back” or a Swept back hairstyle. It’s a look that is enriched with density and volume, and is an excellent choice for those that have a knack towards hairstyles that look extremely natural. The top is supported by short sides and back, which allows the swept back look to grow uneven natural layers around the ends, increasing the appeal of the hairdo.

Furthermore, as complex as it may seem from afar, one needs to follow a routine that is extremely laid back and simple in order to recreate it and make it their own. In fact, excluding the haircut itself, people only need to follow a simple pre-styling routine and a sensible styling routine in order to achieve the look without zero drawbacks.

How to Achieve The Captain America Hairstyle: A Quick and Simple Routine

As mentioned earlier, overcomplicating things should be avoided when making an attempt to recreate this hairstyle. To be frank, all you need is a reliable hairdresser that is confident in their own abilities, a set of clear instructions, and a container of hair wax that is grease-free and enhances volume.

Moving on, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can perfectly achieve the haircut today!

The Chris Evans Haircut

This hairstyle can easily be recreated by those with thick and coarse hair that have loads of shine. However, it can also be created just as effectively by those with other hair types since the haircut prior to creating the look matters the most.

The length of the hair plays a huge role when this look is in the mix. It needs to be at least six inches long on the top, so prepare to grow your hair out if you haven’t already!

Also, the sides and back should be at least 3 inches long to make the top look more flowy and free. If the hair is longer, ask your stylist to use a 2mm guard to even out the back and the sides to add to the neatness of this look.

When getting the haircut, ask your barber to give you a clean up around the nape line and the sides around the ear to give the overall look a polished appearance. If you’ve grown out your hair, ask the barber to trim off the ends by a quarter of an inch. Doing so will get rid of any damaged ends and split ends.

Trimming off a small amount will also make the hair look healthier while giving it a subtle boost in volume, which could be helpful for some, especially when recreating this look. It will also give the wavy layers around the sides a nicer flow, allowing them to fall naturally and giving the overall look a more genuine appearance.

Pre-Styling Ritual 

Since Chris Evans was already blessed by his genetics, his hair has a natural amount of shine that only a few can mirror. He also has an exceptional amount of volume in his hair, which makes his hair look puffy even when it’s product-free.

To mimic the sheer volume and shine, however, one can follow a pre-styling routine that is very simple to follow and even simpler to recreate.

Before applying any hair product, make sure your hair is damp. Avoid air drying the hair and use a towel to gently squeeze the unnecessary amount of water from the strands. Pat the hair dry with a towel instead of twisting the hair.

How to Style Your Hair Like Captain America

After the hair is soft but still a bit damp, take some styling product in your palm and work it through the hair. Make sure to use products that are grease free with a lenient hold, such as matte paste. Using such products will give your hair a soft yet sturdy finish, preventing it from feeling heavy.

Matte hair products are also extremely lenient when it comes to hold, which often allows the wearer to style their hair repeatedly, even after the final look is accomplished.

Other Hairstyles of Captain America To Recreate Today!

While this is the most popular look that Chris Evans has ever had, the actor has pulled off and sported multiple hairstyles that also deserve recognition. Here are the rest of the modish looks that the Marvel superhero has pulled off over the course of his career.

Textured Faux Hawk

Textured Faux Hawk

Chris Evans didn’t always have the Captain America haircut, but he’s always had a good head full of hair. This fauxhawk was revealed shortly after the filming of Avengers: Endgame ended. It offers a very laid back look which is ideal for casual settings. Rock it with an even lined beard to balance out the aesthetics of the hair and beard to complete the look.

Outgrown Buzz Cut with Blends

Outgrown Buzz Cut With Blends

This was worn by the Marvel actor almost a decade before he joined the Marvel Universe. It’s an outgrown buzz cut with gelled up spikes, which was a favorite back in the day. The sides consist of blends, which adds some texture to the top and also narrows down the face, making it look more appealing as a result.

Messy Side-Part Quiff

Messy Side Part Quiff

A side-part quiff is better when it’s messy. There’s this certain appeal that the hairstyle brings to the table that can’t be mirrored by the other variations. It’s got the perfect balance of cool and sophisticated, which makes it ideal for casual gatherings as well as formal events.
For best results, grow out your sideburns and embrace them. Not only will they go with this trendy haircut, but it will also give your face a better shape!

Buzz Cut with a Lineup

Buzz Cut With a Lineup

Before getting his breakthrough as an actor, Chris Evans was quite renowned for his buzzcut. Since his build is pretty muscular yet lean at the same time, the look really fit like a glove with him, as well as his laid-back sense of humor. It is also a very sophisticated look which pairs well with casual attires as well, making this haircut second to none.

Classic Side Part Slick Back

Classic Side Part Slick Back

Due to his hair type and density, there’s no one who can wear a classic side part better than Chris Evans. Not only does the look contain an ample amount of density, but it also has the perfect amount of shine. The best part perhaps is the fact that not much hair product was used, not even a dime sized amount. It’s just the pre-styling ritual that plays a crucial role in shaping up the final outcome of the look.

When recreating this look, make sure to follow the pre-styling routine we have mentioned in this article to give yourself and your hair a head start before applying the styling product.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Chris definitely played his cards right when transitioning from one hairstyle to another, as most of them almost always went with his appearance as well as his persona. A crew cut is the safest option one can resort to, as it’s suitable for all face shapes. It contains the perfect amount of cleanliness and messiness, which gives the hairdo tons of volume and texture. The combination of the former tends to shape up one’s face in a favorable manner and makes the hairdo suitable for any occasion.


Write-ups on specific haircuts aren’t easy as it could be extremely confusing for some to comprehend. In hopes of making things easier, however, here are some questions that are thought about on the regular regarding Captain America’s haircut.

Question: What is Captain America’s haircut called?

Answer: The haircut is called an outgrown classic slickback. The hair should be at least 6 inches long before one should make an attempt to recreate the look. The sides and the back should either be trimmed with a 2mm or 1mm guard for best results.

Question: How does Chris Evans style his hair?

Answer: Since the actor’s hair is naturally silky and thick, Chris Evans has a very simple styling routine. While he often embraces his natural texture, during red carpet events, he applies matte hair wax to style his hair. He also resorts to water-based hair pomade when he wants to enhance his hair with extra shine.


We hope we have provided sufficient information regarding the Captain America haircut. We also hope you are able to make use of the information provided above by creating the look successfully. While there are certain requirements that need to be followed for this look, mirroring it word for word shouldn’t be the main incentive. Instead, you should focus on how you’ll feel and give it your own touch when recreating this revolutionary hairdo.

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