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9 Types of Chelsea Haircuts to Enhance Your Looks

Want one of the most diverse and unique haircuts? Chelsea is the answer for you. Once you get this haircut, you’ll surely be turning a lot of heads. This is a low maintenance, easy to style cut, and gives a drastically striking result that adds an extra edge to your looks.

This haircut has tons of opportunities for customization. You can personalize according to your taste and styling preference. You can play with the lengths, add multiple colors or tweak the trim size. This haircut will speak your personality for you.

A hassle-free experience awaits at your barber, or you can give this to yourself at home! Carrying the punk spirit, the Chelsea hairstyle can make you lift your looks and add a new dimension to your lifestyle!

What is a Chelsea Haircut?

This haircut is usually done by clipping the top, sides, and crown portion of the hair, but leaving hair on the fringe, temple, and quite often, the nape. You can adjust the lengths of your remaining hair according to your liking.

Top 9 Chelsea Haircuts

To help you ease your dilemma of choosing from a Chelsea cut, we offer you a refined list of trendy Chelsea styles. After going through this article, you’ll become somewhat of an expert on Chelsea haircuts yourself. Have a quick read, make your pick and run straight off to your barber.

Classic Chelsea Haircut

Classic Chelsea Haircut


Classic Chelsea stays true to the vintage Chelsea haircut from the 60s. If you want to get yourself a truly classic haircut and energize your looks, this is the cut you should get straight away.

Basically, you have to trim your hair on the crown and top. The remaining hair on the temple should at least reach your jawline. In front, you’ll keep your bangs with a sharp line over your forehead, and voila! – you’ll have a class Chelsea look!

Long Chelsea Haircut

Long Chelsea Haircut


In order for this to work, you have to keep your temple hair, fringes, and nape hair quite lengthy. The rest of the hair on top and crown may be clipped down for sharper contrast. Or you can clip them with no. 3 cut to have a more relaxed look, whichever you may prefer.

You can try out accessories like a scarf. The visible parts of your hair will make your hair look uncut, while you feel the freshness on your head during a sweaty, summer day!

Short Chelsea Haircut

Short Chelsea Haircut


For a short Chelsea, you should keep your temple hair down till your earlobes. On the forehead, you can draw a high and straight fringe.

To add to this style’s distinctive nature, you may trim the rest of your hair down to the skin. Creating sharp contrast points with clear trim lines should enhance this look and uphold the edgy spirit that comes with this style!

Chelsea Skinhead Haircut

Chelsea Skinhead Haircut


Chelsea Skinhead for women is regarded as Skingirl. This haircut pays tribute to the skinheads back in the 80s, with a touch of Chelsea!

The top and crown hair needs to be almost shaved. The fringe and temple hair sizes can be customized based on your taste.

You can add flavor to this style by drawing lines or shapes on the almost shaved sides. This will bring diversity to your style and create a fusion between the old and the new!

Chelsea Punk Haircut

Chelsea Punk Haircut


This hairstyle reflects the punk aesthetics from the 80s and onwards. It includes a wide array of edgy hairstyles like Mo-Hawk, Fohawk, or Death-Hawk, etc. Fusing these values with Chelsea styles, you may end up with a fashion statement of your own.

The basic principle of this type of haircut is to keep the temple and fringe hair while shaving off the sides. Top and crown hair should stand out.

These styles often incorporate the fringe and nape hair and push them upwards together with the rest. Temple hair may vary in length and should be sized according to the styles you are going for.

Chelsea Mo-Hawk Haircut

Chelsea Mohawk Haircut


Chelsea Mo-Hawk is one of the most dynamic haircuts you can have. This style has gone on to become a personal statement. Let’s see how you can get this look and what are the possible modifications.

The basic idea is to leave your fringe and temple hair unshaved. Adding to this, you need to leave some hair on top, on the crown, and even on the nape intact.

Mainly you’ll have to only trim the side hair behind your ears till you reach your nape, and that’s it! You’ll be left with a patch of hair down the middle of your head till all the way back.

To finalize this look, you have to spike up this patch of hair using gel or molding clay – whichever you may prefer for your hair texture. The sharpness of the spikes is one of the key features of this hairstyle.

The lengths of hair for this style are totally up to you, but leaving it a few inches long like the classic Mo-Hawk will add an extra bit of bluntness to your look.

Chelsea Death-Hawk Haircut

Chelsea Death-Hawk Haircut


Chelsea Death-Hawk is a fusion of three styles – Classic Chelsea, Mo-Hawk, and Metal Head. The foundation is laid on the classic Chelsea while leaving the hair patch in the middle like the Mo-Hawk. But instead of sharply spiking up your hair on top, you have to curve it backward.

The curve will last till halfway to the crown. The rest of it with the nape hair can follow the same spikes as the Mo-Hawk. The temple hair should be kept to a short length and allow the hair on top to take the spotlight.

A major difference between the two is with the fringe in front. Mo-Hawk Chelsea prefers to leave it like a bang, while Death-Hawk takes it to the extreme and curves it backward with the top hair.

8 Modern Chelsea Haircuts

Chelsea hairstyles have seen multiple revival instances in the past with minor tweaks and adjustments to the original. Modern-day hairstyles go hand in hand with hair colors and highlights, and this haircut is no different. Let’s explore a few modern renditions of Chelsea hairs!


Chelsea haircut neon


You can add an extra bit of charm to your look by coloring the sides and the back of your Chelsea haircut with neon color. Vibrant, eye-catching, however, you may see it, this color will make your hair pop out in public.


Chelsea modern haircut blue


Borrowing from the cyberpunk aesthetics, a strikingly blue Chelsea hair should help you stand out from the lot. You’ll have to color all of your hair only leaving the trimmed portion behind.


Pink chelsea haircut


Looking to merge a pink touch to your Chelsea? Not a problem! A soft and matted hair colored with pink over a Chelsea can be a low-maintenance style! If you have wavy or curly hair and want to go for a Chelsea, you should definitely try this one out!


Chelsea rainbow Hairstyle


If you feel one or two colors over your Chelsea aren’t fully reflecting your vibrance inside, then just feel free to get all seven colors of the rainbow on your hair!

Whether you endorse gender fluidity or simply want colorful Chelsea hair, go ahead and colorize your fringes. Stick out from the crowd with your bold and beautiful look!

Chelsea Mullet

Chelsea mullet haircut


Apart from adding color to your hair, you can still add a modern touch to your Chelsea by creating a hybrid with mullet. Creating this look is very simple. All you have to do is to get a Classic

Chelsea haircut but keep the nape hair long. This long hair at the back will tell you to call it a mullet, but the fringe and temple hair with shaved sides will mark this as Chelsea.

Chelsea Haircut for Men

Chelsea mens haircut

This is the 21st Century, where no fashion trend is restricted to gender boundaries. Chelsea haircut has surpassed that gender domain and landed in the world of men’s fashion as well.

If you are a man thinking to skip this hairstyle, think again! This style is an attention grabber, conversation starter, and a stylistic testimony for your character. Easy to get and maintenance doesn’t require any extra effort – Chelsea for men could be the next coach with the trend-train!

Who is this Haircut for?

This haircut is mainly for women with straight hair. But if you have wavy or curly hair you can straighten it out, or you can choose the ones that complement your hair type.

Usually, bangs look good if you have a longer face, so Chelsea might just suit your style. If your face is shaped round, you may want to grow your temple hair a few inches below your jawline, and you may consider keeping it parallel to the jawline if you have a square face.

How to do Chelsea Haircut at Home?

Getting a Chelsea hair is quite simple and you can do it on your own at your home. All you’ll need is a trimmer, a pair of scissors and some combs.

First, pick the Chelsea cut you want to go for. Found it? Good. Now, find out where you want to draw the hairlines. Then use your combs to separate your hair from that line, and trim away the hair on your crown, sides, and top.

Finally, shape your fringe and temple hair following the style you opted for. You can play with the length of your nape hair too if you want.

And there you go! Your very own Chelsea hairstyle done at home in a very short time!

History of Chelsea Haircut

Chelsea Haircut dates back to World War II when women in England’s Chelsea would have to work in industries as a necessity. They’d cut the top, crown, and side hairs and would keep hair only on the fringe and temple.

This way, they would avoid the danger of getting long hair stuck in industrial machineries. It was a practical choice back then, not only because of the danger but also for the heat.

This haircut has come on and gone off trend plenty of times. It was popular with non-conformist English women who subscribed to punk-like subcultures.

Chelsea haircut flooded American trends in the 90s. Today, it is fused with other hairstyles or colors to add a new dimension to trendy haircuts.

Final Thoughts

If you want a final verdict on whether to go for a Chelsea haircut, I’d suggest you ask yourself this first. Do you want a few heads turned whenever you walk into a place? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely go for any of the Chelsea cuts.

If the answer is no, it is still not a problem. A haircut is a reflection of your personality. And if you want to keep it private, a Chelsea haircut is the perfect match for that as well. Because you can simply wrap a scarf over your head and no one will know! Your bangs and side hairs will cover for you!

Also, if you live in a hot environment and want to lessen some of the burdens, Chelsea will give you that opportunity of freedom and freshness. And it is low maintenance as well, you can do it with just your shampoo and hairbrush.

So, when are you getting your first Chelsea?

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