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21 Chris Hemsworth Haircuts to Look Remarkable in 2023

If you do a poll to name the hottest male celebrities in the world, Chris Hemsworth will have a top position on everyone’s list. There is a reason he won the title of sexiest man alive in 2014 from People’s magazine, and his Charming persona makes him more alluring to everyone.

Chris Hemsworth has worn numerous haircuts for different movie roles that have captivated the mind of his fans. Some hairstyles are suited for long hair, while some are ideal for short hair enthusiasts.

This article will discuss some of the best haircuts Chris Hemsworth has ever worn. These hair designs can improve your appearance instantly if you wear them based on your face shape, hair type, and personality.

I will also add some faqs about his haircut, which should help you gather the information from here instead of surfing all over the internet.

Keep scrolling and find out the perfect Chris Hemsworth haircut for you!

21 Chris Hemsworth Haircuts to Mimic

Chris Hemsworth has been a part of the show business for over 20 years and has worn various hairstyles. I do not want to burden you with too much information by describing every one of them. Instead, I will give you a list of 21 hairdos that are prominent and the best choices for you to get for yourself.

Guinevere Jones’ Long-Wavy Hair

Guinevere Jones Long Wavy Hair

The first Chris Hemsworth hairstyle I will focus on is from his television show back in 2002 named Guinevere Jones. It was based on the Arthurian legends, and Chris Hemsworth plays the role of King Arthur in this series. He wore a long hairstyle for this role to match the portrayal of the legendary character from the Arthurian mythos.

He had long wavy hair that went past his shoulders. The brown hair with a reddish hue gave him the perfect look of medieval royalty. He wore the hair in a mid-part hairstyle with a crown on his head which many long-hair enthusiasts still prefer.

The Saddle Club’s Messy Side Part

The Saddle Club's Messy Side Part

Chris Hemsworth played the guest role of George Whiteside in the tv series The Saddle Club (2003), where he portrayed a vet who is beloved by everyone. It is funny how that has become a reality, as he is globally cherished and adored. Young Hemsworth wore a simple layered cut for the role.

He wore the layered cut in a messy side part that was quite popular during that era. It is a less popular hairstyle now, and very few youngsters will find it an excellent choice. But some will look fabulous with this hairdo, so you should try it out before discarding it.

Star Trek’s Side-Part Combover

Star Trek's Side Part Combover

Star Trek (2009) was the first movie Chris Hemsworth acted in, but he played a cameo as George Samuel Kirk, the father of the protagonist, James T. Kirk. It was a reboot of the famous tv series, which was loved by the audience. Even though Hemsworth played a minor role, everyone appreciated him for his cameo, where he sported a combover hair design in a side part.

His hair is cut in a regular cut where the side and back hair is shorter in length than the hair on the front. The hair is combed toward one side using hair wax to make the hairdo intact for a certain period. It is a great hair design for both formal and casual settings.

Ca$h’s Short Square Cut

Cash's Short Square Cut

Star Trek might be the movie with which Chris Hemsworth debuted in Hollywood, but he first played the lead role in Ca$h (2010). He played the role of Sam Phelan and wore his hair in a short square cut.

The hair is cut in similar lengths and worn simply by slightly combing it toward the front. It is very close to a butch cut, but a slight part on one side makes it different and unique. It is an excellent choice for straight and wavy hair and can be worn in any casual setting.

Thor’s Original Long-Tied Hair

Thor's Original Long Tied Hair

Chris Hemsworth made his Hollywood breakthrough with his portrayal of Marvel’s Thor in 2011. This character is based on Thor, the god of thunder from Norse mythology. The character of thor has long blonde hair based on Marvel Comics, and Hemsworth portrayed long blonde hair in the early movies.

Alongside Thor, he portrayed a similar hair design with long hair in The Avengers (2012), Thor: The Dark World (2013), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and the earlier parts of Thor: Ragnarok  (2017). In some of the movies, he sported long hair loosely, while in some, it was tied on the back in half up half down style.

Snow White and the Huntsman’s Long-Brushed-Back Hair

Snow White and the Huntsman's Long Brushed Back Hair

In the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth portrayed another long-hair design for the role of Eric the Huntsman. He wore shoulder-length hair with different types of hairstyles like a brushed back or a ponytail. No matter which hairstyle it is, all of them are messy to have the authenticity of a medieval huntsman’s appearance.

The shoulder-length hair has a curly texture that gives him a barbarian-like appearance. It is a good option for men who like to wear long hairstyles. You can wear this hairdo in any casual, informal setting, but I will discourage you from wearing it in any formal setting.

Rush’s Side-part Shoulder Length Hair

Rush's Side-part Shoulder Length Hair

Chris Hemsworth played the role of the Late British F1 driver James Hunt in the movie Rush which was released in 2013. To play the character of this legendary Formula one driver, Hemsworth wore shoulder-length hair and was praised by all for his pinpoint portrayal.

His shoulder-length hair was colored blonde and worn with a side part. It is very close to a bro flow haircut and is still one of the most popular designs for wavy and straight hair types. If you are a medium or long-hair enthusiast, get this hairdo without a worry.

Blackhat’s Slick Back Square Cut

Blackhat's Slick Back Square Cut

In 2015, Chris Hemsworth portrayed the role of a hacker named Nicholas Hathaway in the movie Blackhat. He wore medium-length hair in this movie in different styles, like a slick back or side part. He had brown hair in this movie which he wore with blonde highlights.

The hair is cut in a traditional square cut and brushed backward. Hair wax is used to keep the hairstyle clean and polished for an extended period. It is a great hair design for wearing in a professional space. Get this hair design right away if you have straight or wavy hair.

In the Heart of the Sea’s Side-part Frizzy Hair

In the Heart of the Sea's Side-Part Frizzy Hair

In the Heart of the Sea showcased a new side of Chris Hemsworth’s acting skills, and even though it was a box office flop, he garnered applause from everyone. He played the character of Owen Chase in this movie and wore medium-length hair for most parts.

He had different hairdos in different scenarios, but most were side-part hair designs. Look at this side-part hairdo where he has medium-length frizzy hair. It is a traditional hair design that is still popular among men, and you can also try it.

Ghostbusters’ Messy Side-part Medium hair

Ghostbusters Messy Side-part Medium Hair

The following hair design is a messy side part hairstyle that Chris Hemsworth wore in the movie Ghostbusters, released in 2016. He played the character of Kevin Beckham in this movie and wore different short to medium hairstyles. In the image, Chris Hemsworth is wearing a messy side-part hairdo.

His hair is in a traditional medium-length cut where the hair on the front is longer than the hair on the back and the sides. The hair is worn in a messy side part which is alright for any casual space. Get this hairstyle if you have straight or wavy hair right away.

Avenger’s Short Quiff with Taper

Avenger's Short Quiff with Taper

As we have discussed, Chris Hemsworth sported long blonde hair in his earlier appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it changed in Thor Ragnarok, and he started to portray a short hair design that continued to Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

He wore a quiff haircut with a taper fade on the sides and the back. Hair gel was used to give an upward lift at the front. This short hairstyle was loved by many fans, while some had mixed feelings about it as Hemsworth looked phenomenal, but it was a deviation from the comics.

Interceptor’s Mid-part Long Hair

Interceptor's Mid-part Long Hair

Chris Hemsworth appears in an uncredited cameo in the movie Interceptor which premiered in 2022. In the movie, he appears as a tv salesman with a bizarre look unfamiliar with the Hollywood Heartthrob.

He had long, straight hair that went past his shoulders alongside a full beard. The hair is worn in a mid-part design that gives him an unkempt look and makes it hard to identify him as his true self. The total appearance is that of a geek who has no personal hygiene, and this appearance will be in our mind for an extended period alongside the portrayal of fat thor.

Spiderhead’s Ivy League Combover

Spiderhead's Ivy League Combover

Chris Hemsworth portrayed the role of Steve Absenti in the 2022 movie Spiderhead. For this movie, he wears an Ivy League haircut, a polished look also known as a gentle men’s combover. It is a perfect hairstyle for straight and wavy hair types that you can wear in any casual and professional setting.

The hair on the side and the back are shorter than on the front. The front hair is combed toward one side with an uplift near the middle using hair pomade to give a clean, polished look.

Side-part Mid Fade

Side-part Mid Fade

Chris Hemsworth does not usually goes for fade hairstyles that much. Even when he gets a faded cut, it is subtle. That is the case for this mid-fade hairstyle as well. The haircut is a simple side-part hairdo that gives the wearer a polished look.

The hair on the sides and the back are cut in a mid-fade. The length is a bit longer than regular fades to have a similar size to his beard. The front hair is longer and is worn with a side part design to finish the style.

Butch Cut with Taper

Butch Cut with Taper

Chris Hemsworth does not wear too short hairstyles like a buzz cut, or butch cut that much except for portraying movie roles. That is the case for the next hair design, where he is wearing a butch cut on his head to play the role of Curt Vaughan in the movie The Cabin in the Woods.

It was a butch cut where the sides of his head were cut in a taper while the hair on the front was kept a bit longer. His widow’s peak is visible in this hair design. It is a great short hair design that you can try as well.

Slick Back Ponytail

Slick Back Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are pretty popular among man who with medium and long hair. Every male actor in Hollywood has worn their hair in a ponytail once or twice in their career, and Chris Hemsworth is no different as well.

His hair is dyed blonde and kept long. It is brushed backward with hair pomade and gathered near the back to create a slick ponytail. Hair pomade is used to brush the hair so no strands are left out of the ponytail, and the hairdo has a clean, polished look.

Pompadour Combover

Pompadour Combover

Pompadour hair designs are one of the most famous men’s hairstyles, and many celebrities wear this hair design regularly. That is the case for Chris Hemsworth as well. He has worn different variants of pompadour over the years. Look at the following hair design as an example.

The hair on the sides and the back are cut in a taper, while the hair on the front is kept longer. It is combed toward one side with an upward lift that creates the pompadour combover hairstyle. Hair pomade needs to be used to increase the hairstyle’s longevity.

Slick Back with Framing Fringe

Slick Back with Framing Fringe

Even though the slick back is a polished hairdo, many celebrities try to add their twist to the hairstyle to get a unique look and start a new style. Chris Hemsworth has done this as well. He has worn a regular slick-back hairstyle multiple times, but sometimes he will get a semi-slick-back style to have a unique look.

His hair is brushed backward using wax to create a slick back, except for some strands that are brushed toward one side, creating a framing fringe. It is an excellent choice for men with straight and wavy hair with oval, heart, and oblong-shaped faces.

Casual Slick Back

Casual Slick Back

The following hair design is another good hairdo that can work on any face shape and most hair types that will improve your appearance instantly. Chris Hemsworth often wore this haircut and looked phenomenal with it. It is a casual slick back hairdo that he wore with hair wax and stole everyone’s heart.

The hair is cut in a squared cut where the finished style will have a similar hair size all around, which will be brushed back with a hair wax or hair pomade to get a sleek appearance.

Side-part Surfer Hair

Side-part Surfer Hair

Chris Hemsworth often wears long hairstyles for movie roles, but he also does not shy away from wearing long hair for regular life. He would wear long hairstyles for numerous occasions like movie openings, prize ceremonies, red-carpet events, etc. The following haircut is an example of it.

He wore this side-parted surfer hair for the movie premier of The Hunger Games. The hair is of medium length that reaches the shoulders. It is combed neatly and parted on one side. You can wear this hair design with straight and wavy hair, so try it immediately.

Side-part Short Fringes

Side-part Short Fringes

The last hairdo I am discussing is a side-part hairstyle with short fringes at the front. The hairstyle is simple and easy to do. You can get this hair design at home effortlessly. This hair design is suited for straight and wavy hair. Other hair types will only suit a little with it.

The sides are cut with scissors, but they are cut relatively short. The front and back hair are comparatively longer. The hair on the front is brushed in a relaxed side part that creates short fringes at the front.


Many of you might have questions about Chris Hemsworth’s hairstyle that would help you reach a conclusion and decide if you are going to get a hair designer who had worn. You will be happy to know that in this section, I will answer some frequently asked questions about his hair design might help you gather the information you were looking for.

Question: Does Chris Hemsworth wear a wig for Thor?

Answer: Despite most people’s belief, Chris Hemsworth did not grow his natural hair to shoulder length to play the role of Thor in Marvel Cinematic Universe. He wore a wig to portray his role as the Norse Thunder God, which took almost 2 hours to set up correctly. He wore this wig for his role in every MCU appearance until Thor Ragnarok, where he wore a short hairstyle with his natural hair.

Question: What is Chris Hemsworth’s natural hair color?

Answer: Most of Chris Hemsworth’s fans believe he has blonde hair, but that is not the case. Chris Hemsworth’s natural hair color is brown, which he often wears with blonde highlights that make it look like he has blonde strands on his head.

Question: What is Chris Hemsworth’s actual hair type?

Answer: When Chris Hemsworth wears short hairstyles, his hair looks type 1 or straight, but when he grows, it gets a wavy texture. This makes us believe that Chris Hemsworth has a mix of straight and wavy hair.

Question: Does Chris Hemsworth has a receding hairline?

Answer: There is a misconception about widow’s peak and a receding hairline that many people often misunderstand. That is the case for Chris Hemsworth as well. He does not have a receding hairline; instead, he has a widow’s peak at the front, which makes it look like his hairline is receding on the sides.

Concluding Statement

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood who is known for his acting prowess and a great look that won him the sexiest man alive in 2014. His fans follow his every move; they will note his outfits, hairstyles, and facial hair designs and try to mimic that look.

He has worn numerous haircuts for movie roles, red-carpet events, and movie openings. The hairstyles discussed in this article are some of the best hair designs he has portrayed. Some of these hair designs are for short hair, some are for mid-length, and some are focused on long hair so everyone can find a design to look like their favorite actor.

These hairstyles are suited for people with straight and wavy hair types who have heart or square-shaped faces. Some hairstyles will suit you if you have a different hair type or face shape. Before finalizing a hairstyle, consult your hairstylist, as you might have to spend an extended period with a hairstyle you are not satisfied with.

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