Chuck Liddell Haircut

Chuck Liddell Haircut: Everything You Need to Know

Chuck Liddell is indeed one of the reasons behind the popularity of UFC in the American sports and entertainment industry, but he did not become so popular just because of his fighting skills; his haircut also played a significant role.

When people talk about unique hairstyles worn by celebrities, Chuck Liddell’s name will come to mind instantly. His hairstyle looks horrendous to many, but it is often called the perfect hairstyle for a fighter of his caliber, which shows his ferociousness and determination.

If you fancy his distinct hair design, you are in luck. In this article, I will provide the information you need to know to get his hairstyle, including a DIY guide and FAQ answers.

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Who is Chuck Liddell

Who is Chuck Liddell

If you are not living under a rock, you should know about Chuck Lidell, so this explanation should not be necessary. But there are a lot of people who do not care much about MMA, so this section is for them.

Charles David Liddell, also known as Chuck Liddell, is often heralded as one of the pioneers in bringing mixed martial arts into the mainstream.  He is a UFC Hall of Famer and has held the UFC light heavyweight championship numerous times.

He got the nickname “The Iceman” because of his composure and knockout wins. His fighting prowess and unique hairstyle made a lot of people his fan. He had countless storied fights to become a fan favorite before his retirement in 2010.

What is the name of Chuck Liddell’s Haircut?

Name of Chuck Liddell’s Haircut

When you look at the haircut Chuck Liddell is portraying, you must wonder what this hairstyle is called. It is undoubtedly a funny haircut, but it suits Chuck Liddell.

It is difficult to put this hairstyle in any category because of its unique look. It is a combination of a buzz cut and a mohawk. The hair is short, like a buzz cut, but the sides are entirely shaved like a mohawk.

You can call this hairstyle a short mohawk, but calling it a buzzhawk is more accurate.  Many Chuck Liddell fans call his hairstyle Icehawk, connecting his hairstyle with his nickname.

How To Get Chuck Liddell’s Haircut

If you are looking to get Chuck Liddell’s unique Icehawk hairstyle at home, I have got you covered. At this point of the article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide where I will show you how to get this hairstyle at home by yourself.

Sometimes people do not feel comfortable cutting their hair themselves. If that is the case, ask a friend to help you.

You only need a few products or equipment to get this hairstyle. A comb, a hair clipper, and a razor are enough to get this edgy hairdo.

You will need to have short hair on the front as well. Your hair at the top should be at most 1 inch. Trim it off with a hair clipper if it is longer than that.

After you have the required hair size on the front, you must isolate the middle hair from the sides. You can use a razor or a hair trimmer to create the separation.

After that is accomplished, you will need to shave the sides completely. First, use a number o on the hair clipper and shave the sides. Then use a razor and cleanly shave the side hairs.

You will have to shape up your hair with the razor to look as polished as Chuck Liddell’s. Shape the front edges and the back, and you will have a Chuck Liddell haircut that you can be proud of.

Chuck Liddell Inspired Haircut

Chuck Liddell Inspired Haircut 1

Chuck Liddell Inspired Haircut 2

Chuck Liddell Inspired Haircut 3

Chuck Liddell Inspired Haircut 4


Some of you might have questions about Chuck Liddell’s hairstyle. In this section, I am answering some of the frequently asked questions about his hair design so that you can get an understanding and the information you were looking for.

Question: What is the color of Chuck Liddell’s natural hair?

Answer: Chuck Liddell’s natural hair color was black at a younger age. He has started to portray some grey strands, but he regularly dyes his hair to keep his appearance younger.

Question: What is Chuck Liddell’s hair type?

Answer: Chuck Liddell’s natural hair type is hard to identify because he always wears short hair. But there were occasions when he wore his hair a bit longer, from which we can determine that he has type 2 wavy hair.

Question: Is Chuck Liddell’s hairline receding?

Answer: Chuck Liddell is in his early 50s at this moment. So it is no surprise that he has a receding hairline. That is one of the reasons behind his unique mohawk hairstyle. It helps to hide his receding hairline on the front.

Concluding Statement

As you have reached the concluding part, you know everything there is to know about chuck Liddell’s hairstyle. Now you may be wondering whether you should get this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is relatively short, so people who get buzz cuts regularly can easily get this hairstyle and look excellent. The question is whether you want to or not.

It is an edgy style that might only suit some. Many people have tried to get a look similar to his and failed miserably. But sometimes, you should not think rationally and listen to your heart. Getting this hairstyle would be one of those occasions.

If you ask my opinion, go for it! You may get ridiculed by your friends, but who can say you might get a response from the UFC legend on social media for this hairdo.

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