Clip In Hair Extensions

A Brief And Easy Guide On Clip-in Hair Extensions

Bringing your A-game to a party is absolutely necessary. While wearing the right outfit and accessories are compulsory requirements to follow when going about it, all your efforts will be of no use if your hair is unable to keep up.

Trimming off split-ends could be a great way to maximize the visuals of your hair, but won’t always be the best solution, especially if your hair is fine and greasy. However, a quick and effective way to obtain successful results overnight could be done by wearing clip-in hair extensions!

Hair extensions are a great way to achieve more volume and play around with different looks. If you have been looking for some practical and affordable tips about clip-in hair extensions, then you have come to the right place! Below is a simple yet effective guide on what clip-in hair extensions are and how you can use them to flaunt new hairstyles.

What Are Clip-in Hair Extensions?

What Is Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the best ways to transform your hairstyle. They can add length, volume, and thickness to your hair. The beauty of hair extensions is that you can match them to a variety of looks, from short to long, chic styles. A few examples? Lobs and waves, but also big bouncy blowouts, plaits, and sophisticated updos.

Clip-in hair extensions are a type of hair extensions in which fibers of hair are attached to your head by using multiple clips. It is a quick and easy approach to achieving longer and fuller natural hair without committing to a permanent change.

How To Wear Clip-In Extensions: Useful Tips and Tricks To Consider

Paying a visit to a good hairdresser could be the easiest way for you to wear clip-in hair extensions. However, if your schedule is packed and you’re trying to save up for something, you can always rely on your own abilities, purchase packs of clip-in hair extensions, and obtain them at home by following the useful steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Invest in the right hair extension

Right Hair Extensions

Unless you want your extensions to be obvious, ensure to pick the right clip-in hair extensions. The ideal extensions should match the hues and volume of your hair. It should also be able to blend in effortlessly with the natural texture of your hair.

Step 2: Curl your natural hair

If you’re aiming for a wavy look, use a curling tool to change the texture of your ends. Besides manipulating the quality of each strand, the ends will be more manageable, which will come in handy throughout the procedure.

Step 3: Use a rattail comb to create the separation

Once you’ve carried out the former step, use a rattail comb to make space for the extensions. For the backside, create the separation in the middle. Additionally, for the sides, create the separation slightly above the ear for natural results.

Step 4: Use clips to create a ponytail

Clipping on hair extensions is an activity that is usually effortless, and to ensure the easiest outcome, tie your hair up into a ponytail once the disconnection comes into existence.

Step 5: Attach the clip-in extensions

Connect the hair extensions right underneath the bun. Open the clips beforehand and start with either the right side or the left side of each extension if you’re adding them underneath your crown. When adding them onto the sides, slide one extension at a time.

Step 6: Curl the ends once again

After the extensions have been placed, to allow them to blend in with the natural look of your hair even further, seal the ends using a curling iron. Avoid curling a considerable length of extensions if you want the final outcome to look more genuine.

Step 7: Seal the look with moisture

If you mess up the former step, don’t chop the ends off just yet. Instead, use a leave-in conditioner to bring back the moisture and get rid of the frizziness.

Additionally, if you want to enhance the volume of your extensions, do so by applying hair spray and give it a firm hold as well.

Bonus Tip: If you shampoo your hair right before incorporating the clip-in extensions, apply some dry shampoo to your hair so that the extensions don’t slide out.

Easy, Quick & Effortless: The Advantages Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Advantages Of Clip In Hair Extensions

On top of being accessible, clip-in hair extensions have tons of traits that could be considered beneficial.

It is extremely easy to use and often takes a matter of minutes to install, which could be compelling features to consider if you’re looking to be more punctual at every event.

Additionally, unlike spiral perms, clip-in hair extensions can be removed effortlessly in no time. So, if you do get tired of wearing the extensions earlier than expected, just remove the clips and slide them out.

Clip-in extensions are also known for enhancing one’s confidence. Therefore, make sure to keep a pack of clip-in extensions nearby the next time you feel below 100 percent!

The Downsides Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Downsides Of Clip In Hair Extensions

Treating them like normal hair is a common mistake that people make when wearing hair extensions.

Since clip-in extensions are temporary, don’t make washing them a habit. As shampoos contain tons of chemicals, both good and bad, applying it to your extensions could wear them out and decrease their lifespan.

Although they can be removed at any time, don’t get too comfortable in them, and remove them as soon as you’re done using them. Since the clip-in extensions are often wrapped tightly onto your scalp, the friction that they cause might damage the texture of your hair indefinitely, causing hair loss, split-ends, and brittle-looking hair as a result.

How Many Clip-In Hair Extensions Do I Need For My Hair?

How Many Colored Clip In Hair Extensions Is Needed

Hair extensions like clip-in hair extensions are an easy way to enhance the visuals of your locs. However, the amount that you might need in order to obtain admirable results could vary and ultimately depends on your hair type.

For instance, if you believe that your hair is on the finer-end, and you’re purchasing packs of 40 at a time, then luck is definitely on your side, and the procedure might also be relatively time-friendly. In contrast to those with thick hair, you’ll be needing around 5-6 packs of clip-in hair extensions to give your hair the transformation it needs.

On the contrary, if you have coarse and resilient hair, you might want to spend a bit more and invest in at least 7 packs of 40 clip-in hair extensions to obtain desirable results with zero to minimum drawbacks.

As long as you invest in the right brand, placing your trust in the potential of around 6 containers of clip-in hair extensions should be sufficient and can undoubtedly bring you a favorable outcome.

How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last?

On an average, clip-in hair extensions last anywhere between 3-6 months, but can even last for a year depending on the frequency usage. Since the material comprises bits and pieces of one’s actual hair, the life expectancy also relies on how they’re maintained.

To make the most of clip in-hair extensions, learn to take care of them. Do so by washing them with a shampoo that is free of harmful chemicals like SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Ensure the extensions are completely dry if you choose to run a comb through them afterwards for preventing split ends and frizziness.

Can I Dye/Color My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Colored Clip In Hair Extensions

Although it is not recommended, the answer is: technically, yes. Clip-in hair extensions are made with natural human hair and you can surely dye them in different colors. However, you should seek a professional who has prior experience in working with clip-in hair extensions.

Dyeing hair extensions can be done safely. And if you feel up to it, you can dye your own hair extensions at home. However, bleaching them is highly discouraged as it may harm the quality and can even damage them.

Can I Curl My Hair Extensions?

This is one of the frequently asked questions regarding hair extensions in general and the simple answer is yes. Being made with Remy human hair, hair extensions can be curled and straightened easily.
Additionally, it is recommended to use low heating i.e., 250F, as anything higher than this may increase the risk of damaging the hair. Using low heat settings will extend the lifespan of your hair extensions.

How Can I Wash and Dry Clip-In Extensions?

Let’s make it simple for you. We need to wash our natural hair because of scalp oils and dirt. Clip in hair extensions on the other hand do not get subjected to scalp oil and product build-up as much as your natural tresses. However, it is recommended to wash them after you have worn them 15-20 times.

Use washing products that will not dry the hair out. In this regard, alcohol-free and sulfate-free products are considered a good choice. Take a sink or a pot full of water and rinse them. After you have washed them, lay them flat on top of a towel and leave them to dry off.


Clip-in hair extensions are a practical solution to switch things up a little whenever you feel like experimenting with a new look. They can be curled, straightened and styled to match your mood and help you recreate the hairstyle you’re going for. Pro tip: just never go to sleep with your clip-ins fitted on!

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