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28 Comb Over Haircut Ideas: Fusion With Fade, Pompadour & Many More!

According to the New York Times, comb over haircut category is one of the most timeless and ageless genres of hairstyle that literally anyone can pull off with ease. On top of that, the styling process is so simple and straightforward that you won’t even need to visit a barber to try it out by yourself at home!

In the modern hairstyling trends, the comb over haircuts are resurfacing with a few tweaks here and there that are making them prominent for the contemporary world. Fusing with various styling trends have redefined these hairstyles so that they can cater to your taste easily.

Our article today features some of the most eye-catching comb over styles for you to try out. Whether you’re looking for a new haircut or a low-maintenance, good looking style to upgrade your looks, comb over is your way to achieving all of that very easily.

If you follow along, you’ll even find a DIY guide that precisely tells you how you can apply such styles with the help of your very own accessories. The FAQ section will further clarify any confusions you might have had regarding this style. Overall, this is an all-inclusive guide that’s aimed at covering every aspect of this particular hair trend and we encourage you to keep scrolling until you’re at the very end.

What Is A Comb Over Haircut?

What Is Comb Over Haircut

A comb over haircut follows the principles of its name – it literally combs your entire hair over to one side. In essence it holds the philosophy of the side part style where you draw your hairline on one side of your head and comb toward either direction that generates a calming & smooth hairstyle.

Comb over style builds on that foundation and takes it a little further in technique. This style utilizes the volume of top hair and combs it over to one side in order to cover all the balding spots, may that be natural or artificial. Also, you don’t need to follow your natural hairline as this style creates new ones according to the particular style that you’re going for.

This haircut gives you flexibility to mix it up with other cutting styles such as a high or low fade, and uses the top hair to cover only one side of your head while letting the opposite side stay exposed. It is mainly achieved through using a comb, but if you feel your hair texture is too curly or thick for a comb to go through, you are allowed to use brushes with larger gaps for your hair strands to pass over.

28 Comb Over Haircut Ideas To Try In 2022

Now, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the highly adored and in-style comb over haircut ideas that you can draw your inspiration from. Choosing any of the given hairstyles, including the section featuring fades should set you at the peak of classy fashion with your newly made haircut!

Short Over With Shaved Sides

Short Over With Shaved Sides

Go ballsy with this variation of haircut by choosing your hairline very high up on your head so that it leaves you a very small portion of top hair to play with. This style is going to make you look sharp and have you forgotten all about your hair after heading out because everywhere you’ll only have short hair!

For this to work, you’ll need to shave off or skin fade each of the sides all the way around the back, depending on your preference. The top portion is then to be combed toward one side with the front part standing upright. Since you’ll be dealing with really short hair, it won’t be a problem if your hair doesn’t respond to the comb because it’ll get your job done anyway.

Braid Over The Back

Braid Over The Back

This is a completely new approach to interpret the comb over style with thin braids on top of your head. This caters nicely to the curly/wavy hair consumers as well as ones who love a carefree hairstyle without the hassle for a hair touch up every now and then.

Instead of combing your hair over the head, you are going to braid over your top hair and have the braids tilted toward one side. The sides can be trimmed off neatly to create a stark contrast. Grow a thick beard to make this look more manly, and as a whole you’ll find yourself to look like a badass sports star striking out of a magazine cover.

Scarlet Upward Comb Over

Scarlet Upward Comb Over

This is a very unique haircut that takes the comb over concept into a whole new level. With such vibrant hair and a style that promises to stand out from the rest, you’ll turn into the most fashionable individual among your friend circle, if not, in the entire neighborhood.

It starts with trimming the sides to separate the top part from the rest of your head. The top hair should be at medium length and dyed to a vibrant scarlet color that’ll reflect the sunlight brighter than anything else. With that, you’ll comb your hair upward so that it stands up on your temple. Spray some hardening substance to hold your hair in place, and in style!

The Classic Gentleman

The Classic Gentleman

This is one of the most classic renditions of this particular hairstyle trend. It’s well-suited in a formal environment – be that your corporate meeting or a business trip abroad. It’s going to give you an exquisite look that no other style can match and have everyone call you the most handsome gentleman ever.

You’ll need some substantial amount of hair to begin the styling process. After a neat wash and drying session with an application of hair serum, you’ll take a comb and start with the back as well as the sides. Once done, the crown area is needed to be combed over neatly to one side, and then the front portion to follow through toward the back as a second layer.

Curly Comb Over

Curly Comb Over

If you have strong & curly hair and feel like you’re missing out on such stylish haircuts, fear not! We’ve got you all covered with this style that you’ll be conveniently able to try out and give yourself the most cool look without putting in much effort into the styling process.

It’s a comb over style that people often apply on short hair and you’ll be eligible if your length isn’t too long. Cut your hair seamlessly all over your head and have all the hair flowing toward one particular direction. If you want to keep a stubble beard with this, you can fade your tapers to create distinction.

Shaved Design On The Side

Shaved Design On The Side

This is a strikingly outrageous comb over haircut that anyone can put on regardless of their age, including your kid! So if your child is asking you to look dashing in front of his friends, have your barber cut his hair into this style. After a masterful crafting process, you’ll be left as a proud parent with your fashionable child.

It begins with trimming off the sides, but the only exception is the selected area where the shaved design will be placed on. Using sharp razors the stylist should be able to draw out the design of your choice and clean up the rest of it. And on top, comb the hair neatly over to one side to give it a fine look.

Combed Over Into A Bun

Combed Over Into A Bun

Do not let your long hair refrain you from riding the hype of this category of hairstyles. Follow along our guide to precisely land this cut that can work at any occasion. It can be made to look messy, or it can look classy – it all depends on how you choose to wear it or style it.

With your long hair, brush or comb all of it back so that the concentration point sits on your nape or on your crown according to where you want your bun to be sitting. Then wrap it around to create a bun and fasten it with a band. If you want a sleek style, comb neatly to make it look smooth, or use your hands to generate a casual look.

Combed Back To Loose Ponytail

Combed Back To Loose Ponytail

Diversify your looks with this version of combed style that ends into a loose ponytail. Let the creative force in you reflect through the way you wear your long hair and leave everyone impressed with your sense of aestheticism.

It follows pretty much the same procedure like the one with the bun style until you create the bun on your head. Instead, you’ll use a band to tie up your hair together and let the rest of it loosely flow. Comb thoroughly to make this interpretation of hairstyle work like a charm!

The Minimal Style

The Minimal Style

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this is an ageless hairstyle that anyone can wear, including the elderly people with any hair volume or color. A minimal style speaks elegance through your haircut like nothing else, and gives you a solid boost in confidence that you’ve always needed.

With your short to medium length hair, cut down the sides to a shorter length to create distinction between the sections. Comb the top hair to one side neatly to complete this look. As an addition, you can apply some hair serum to make your hair look more voluminous.

Combed Backward With Mustache

Combed Backward With Mustache

A raw haircut can have all the ladies falling over you due to the charm it’s going to add to your personality. You won’t need to utter a single word because everyone will recognize your tastefulness once you start going out with this stunning haircut fitting perfectly with your overall look.

The variation in this case lies in the direction of the top hair. Unlike the general side part combing over, you’ll comb your hair over toward the back directly without drawing any hair line. This seamlessly intimidating can be enhanced further with an inclusion of a mustache that’ll only render you more manly.

Layered Colors Style

Layered Colors Style

Look exquisitely beautiful with this layered edition of comb over haircut that fused with different colors and a sharp undercut. These particular styling techniques push this style over the edge, making you look like a supermodel from any popular pageant. Everyone is sure to fall in love with your style and vibrance once you settle for this hairstyle.

It starts with an undercut on all the sides around the back. The top portion of hair needs to be bleached in layers to apply colors of your choice. We recommend using punchy colors so that it stands out over the base color that remains on the layer beneath, and it’ll generate the most captivating look you’ve ever seen!

Blonde Spaghetti Hair

Blonde Spaghetti Hair

Turn your strong curls into a modish hairstyle that follows the basic laws of comb overs. Sitting over a neat undercut, the curly portion will most certainly generate a ripple effect in the minds of the onlookers as it should be more charming than most other styles with such hair texture.

If you have naturally blonde hair, you’ll have an extra edge with this look. Others can bleach your hair or keep it to the original color as it works fine with both. Comb the roots of your hair over to one side and let the tips stay curly on their own. After completion, it’ll look like a bunch of stylish spaghetti sitting prettily on top of your precious head.

Springy Comb Over

Springy Comb Over

Your springy hair can be a part of this hairstyle family too! Give yourself an undercut and draw a shaved line on one side to lay the foundation for the final outcome. Keeping your top hair to a medium length should be safe enough to get into the process.

For the top part, you’ll need to apply some anti-frizz spray on the coily hair so that you can somewhat comb them over to one side with significant ease. Once you’re done following all the procedures, your springy hair should make you look like a voguish fashion model of the highest order!

The Comb Over Fade Styles


This subsection of comb over haircut features only the ones paired with fade styles like low, high or taper fades. Hybrid styles as such are very easy to maintain and keep in shape because of the lower hair volumes on the sides and the back.

Neat Comb Over With Gradient Beard

Neat Comb Over With Gradient Beard


You can easily convert your high fade haircut into this distinctly sharp style if you have short to medium sitting idly on top of your head. It’s going to give you a solid boost in your looks and make you look neat with any apparel of your choice.

The comb over portion can be kept very simple, with a high fade on each side. Draw a shaved line on the exposed side to up the edge a notch, and throw a well-groomed beard into the mix to complete the look!

Long & Wavy Comb Over

Long And Wavy Comb Over


If you feel you need to chop off your dense & long hair in order to go through with a comb over hairstyle, just don’t! This particular haircut will allow you to make your existing hair more stylistic with a few adjustments!

Apply a taper fade to your sides to expose the skins so that your hair doesn’t look like an overgrown mess and everyone will know that your current style is a fashion statement. Use your comb to drive the hair toward your back to finish the process.

Smooth Highlighted Tips

Smooth Highlighted Tips


Brighten your life up with this smooth hairstyle that relishes on the highlighted hair tips on the top portion. It’s guaranteed to set you apart from the rest and establish a styling standard that very few will ever be able to topple.

Part your top and side sections with your comb and apply a mid fade to the sides. Bleach the top half of your longer hair portion and comb them over to one side so that it clearly exposes one side of your head.

Edgy & Defined Comb Over

Edgy And Defined Comb Over


This is one of the most iconic renditions of comb over haircuts that displays defined textures on top of your head. You’ll become a party star if you ever decide to appear with such an excellent hairstyle that’s surely going to make you look more handsome!

With a defined high fade on the sides, use a thick comb with large gaps between its teeth to do the combing process. It ends up creating larger sections of hair instead of a seamless texture that becomes the highlight of this cut!

Flowing Like A Wave

Flowing Like A Wave

Have your top hair flowing like a wave upward instead of lying down flat to add a variation to the regular trend of such hairstyle. If you have wavy hair, you can easily opt for this hairstyle as it won’t require you to do any extra styling process.

You are allowed to apply a mid or high fade on the sides. Comb the top hair to one direction pointing upward and use a holding spray or serum to keep the hair stick in place even when you go out!

Front Spike Comb Over

Front Spike Comb Over

This fashionably elegant hairstyle can radically shift your look to the more aesthetic side of hairstyling gradient almost effortlessly, as it’s a very straightforward style to apply on yourself.

Comb over the top portion lying flat with the front part spirally spiked to the same side. A high fade paired with a goatee can add defining characters to your look that you’ll most certainly love about yourself!

Swoosh Over & A Beard

Swoosh Over And A Beard

Having a smooth flowing chunk of hair up the front moving toward one particular side like a low pompadour is something you’ve been missing out on all these years!

A mid fade to the sides along with your neat flow of hair combed precisely like a swoosh up front. Grow a neat beard to complement the effect going on the top part of your face!

High Fade & Brushed Back

High Fade And Brushed Back

Although some call it a little tacky, this hairstyle is actually anything but as it can significantly transform the way you look into a more confident individual at any stage of your life.

This interpretation of comb over haircut doesn’t follow along your hairline, rather it combs everything back on top to cover the entire portion up to your nape area. Throw a high fade with the style to give it an eccentric touch!

Wavy Style With Neat Edges

Wavy Style With Neat Edges

An oxymoronic hairstyle where messy meets neat and all of it is going on top of your head. It’s visually a highly appealing haircut that endorses a minimum amount of comb over principles to generate this outrageous look.

Mid or high fade the sides to begin styling and the top part of your hair is to be intentionally kept quite messy. Use your comb only to direct the mess toward a direction and add a finishing touch with your shaver to draw sharp edge lines all over.

Clean Comb Over For Kids

Clean Comb Over For Kids

Your child would be most delighted to have such a neat & clean haircut that’s going to present them as the kid with a superior taste degree. Getting used to such classy style will direct your kid’s taste to the right direction in terms of fashion!

You’ll only need to give him a fade cut and a subtle pompadour on top of it. Apply hair balm to keep everything in order before having him set out to his friend’s birthday party!

Short Fade Style With Thick Beard

Short Fade Style With Thick Beard

This is an arresting style for mature individuals that can be worn in a formal space with utmost ease. It’s going to make you the coolest & fashionable boss that your employees ever had, or the most charming man that any lady has ever met.

With short hair on top, a fade is mandatory for this to work. The short hair is to be combed to one direction and a thick beard with proper grooming will establish you with a strong look!

Brushed Up Comb & Taper Fade

Brushed Up Comb And Taper Fade

This is one of the vintage comb over cuts that creates a bridge between pompadour and side part cuts. It’s going to land you as the most desirable & handsome man in the party or in your office without any single doubt!

Taper the sides to isolate these sections from the top. Brush your front hair upward so that it stands smoothly while combing the rest of the hair over to one side to create a conjugation between high & low.

Long Leaning Combed

Long Leaning Combed

Take your comb over style a few steps ahead with this decorative variation of hairstyle which includes varying lengths of hair. This is a style that only the ones aspiring to be aesthetically tasteful can endorse without any complaint!

It demands your hair to be cut in layers – firstly the side portion requires a mid fade cut. Then, the top portion is to be divided into two parts, front and back. The back part should be kept shorter and the front longer to be finally made into a neatly combed leaning over the forehead portion.

Pompadour Comb Over & Mid Fade

Pompadour Comb Over And Mid Fade

This style is where a pompadour meets comb over because such is the basic idea of this haircut. It’s going to reflect an 80s vibe without making you look out of style as this one is still relevant to the current world.

You should fade the sides to a mid level initially, then create the pompadour effect on the top. The front will be puffy & standing while the rest of it is brushed smoothly back.

Sharp & Bleached Hair With Dense Beard

Sharp And Bleached Hair With Dense Beard

The last one in our list is the most diverse and unique hairstyle you may have ever seen regardless of our category. The design and technique is going to set you apart in more than one way!

Your top hair is to be bleached and cut down to around three to four inches. Once the sides are faded, you’ll comb over with a thick brush after applying some pomade. A dense beard can render this look even more striking!

DIY Guide

In this section, we’ll tell you a step by step process that you can follow at home to give yourself the most basic comb over haircut that you can stylize further according to your liking!

Step 1: Wash

Wash your hair with shampoo cleanly so that your hair gets rid of all the dirt and oil. Towel dry neatly to remove the dampness and air dry further until your hair is completely dry.

Step 2: Part

Now, find out your hairline in front of the mirror to begin the parting process. Many people choose to build on a hairline that isn’t natural. It works but it requires a frequent combing to keep your hair in place.

Step 3: Comb

Once you’ve parted your hair, apply some pomade or serum depending on the texture you’re going for. Then, use a comb to brush your top hair over to one side of the hairline and the remainder of the hair to the other. After doing so, use a smooth brush to go over the combed part to make the texture even smoother or finer.

Step 4: Texturize

To add some defining texture, you can slightly blow-dry your hair to add some volume. You can use hair wax on the brushed hair to make it look shiny instead of pomade or serum.

Bonus Step: Additional Styling

You can fade your sides with a trimmer to create a contrasting look with the sleek top part. You can also dye your hair to a particular color of your choice before beginning all of these processes. For a more radical take, shaving off the sides with a razor can do the trick perfectly!

Once you’re through all these steps mentioned above, you’ll end up with a captivating comb over haircut to rule your day! You can also follow this video for a visual stimulation and better understanding of the process.


In this section, you’ll find the answer to some of the questions that you may have had regarding the comb over haircut. Our experts have answered these commonly asked questions to give you a thorough understanding of this particular style.

Q: How do I ask my barber for a comb over?

A: Usually people style the comb over haircut on top of a basic side part cut. So if your barber doesn’t understand the precise term, you can always build on top of a side part according to your taste.

Q: Are comb overs out of style?

A: No, comb overs are definitely not out of style! These styles are reinterpreted by fusing up with different trends and are currently an integral part of the popular fashion industry!

Q: How long should my hair be for a comb over?

A: For the basic comb over, you’ll be needing hair length between 2”-4”. But for some of the unorthodox styles, it’s not mandatory to follow these principles as currently you are allowed to style with almost any length of hair.

Q: What fade looks good with a comb over?

A: Almost all the fades look good with a comb over – starting from the basic fades to taper, faux or burst – any of it will boost your comb over look to a new level.


So you’ve reached the concluding mark of this article on comb over haircut. We’ve shown you some of the most modish hairstyles of these trends along with ones that borrow concepts from other trendy styles & techniques. Altogether, this gives you ideas on how you can create your own contemporary comb over hairstyles from scratch.

We’ve also taught you how you can give yourself the basic haircut of this category. Once you become an expert, your prowess can extend the styling potentials of this look even further behind your closed doors. In the end, this all-round article should cater to your every need regarding this unique & captivating hairstyle to mark you as a modern, fashionable individual!

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