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18 Exciting Conor McGregor Haircut for Gentlemen and Athletes in 2022

Conor McGregor is one of the most famous, or maybe we should say ‘notorious’ MMA fighters of the world. Everything this UFC double-champion does draws a lot of eyes. But, perhaps enough attention is not paid to the Conor McGregor haircut.

In his entire journey of becoming a global superstar, McGregor has had some amazing hairstyles. Whether he is in the ring, in the press conferences, or in social media, he always has a dapper haircut.

McGregor has carried braids and man buns to Mohawks and spikes. He somehow makes any style he chooses work for him. It is his face shape and that strong, thick beard that gives him this advantage.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Conor McGregor hairstyles. From who should give his styles a try, to a detailed list of his best hairstyles, to answering the frequently asked questions, you will find everything here.

Who Should Go for a Conor McGregor Haircut?

Being an athlete, it is no surprise that Conor McGregor usually goes for sporty haircuts. Some of his styles would be amazing for all you athletes and sports enthusiasts.

McGregor usually keeps his hair short. So, you will find plenty of inspiration from him if you have shorter hair. However, he does offer a few cool styles for mid-length hair as well. But he doesn’t go for long hair.

The ones who must try out his haircuts are the ones with a beard like him. Conor knows how to carry that beard. He chooses the best hairstyles that complement the beard.

It is McGregor’s personal style that he usually goes for sophisticated and classy hairstyles. So, his hairstyles are perfect for those who spend a lot of time in their workplace.

You will not feel out of place in a professional context with most of his haircuts. Also, you will have that extra zing that will draw everyone’s eyes to you.

18 Electrifying Conor McGregor Hairstyles for Men in 2022

As we have already mentioned, Conor McGregor’s hairstyles have changed quite a lot over the years. That is why we have picked out a wide range of hairstyles, and we’re presenting those to you. There is something for everyone on this list.

Side Part Comb Over

Side Part Comb Over

Conor McGregor has gone for side parted hairstyles quite a few times. Here he has combined the comb over style with a side part. What better way to give your haircut the touch of taste and elegance?

To attain this style, you will need longer hair on the front and top and shorter hair on the sides. You just need to create a side partition and comb your hair to one side. For the back, you can keep an average size, or shorten it if you want to go for a contrast.

This hairstyle is a safe choice for every occasion. You will not feel out of place in an office meeting or a casual party.

Tapered Mid Length Hair

Tapered Mid length Hair

McGregor has the habit of adding a taper or a fade when he has shorter hair. We would recommend a taper when you have mid-length hair.

A taper basically means having shorter hair on the sides. Your hair will be the shortest around your ear, and will stay short while moving down to your neckline. But, you will not reveal any skin.

When you have mid-length hair on the front and top, that creates a neat contrast with the tapered sides and back. A taper adds that extra spice to your hairstyle, without turning it too bold or extravagant.  McGregor usually goes for a high taper, but you can choose anyone you want.

High Fade with Short Hair

High Fade With Short Hair

The easiest way to make your short hair work is to go for a fade. It seems like Mr. ‘Notorious’ McGregor is well aware of that secret. That is why he doesn’t miss out on a fade whenever he has short hair. With that thick beard, this style looks absolutely amazing.

A fade is pretty similar to a taper. The difference is that you expose more skin in a fade. Also, the shortening of hair is not gradual like a taper and happens drastically.

There are different types of fade, but Conor seems to be a fan of a high fade. That works well with his face shape. So, you can figure out which one works for you.

Long Slick Back Hair

Long Slick Back Hair

Now we have a sophisticated Conor McGregor haircut. He usually doesn’t go for long hair, which makes sense for an MMA athlete. This is probably as long as he’ll ever go.

This is the style for all of you who are looking for a longer hairstyle. It is guaranteed to give you an overall polished and refined appearance. It is also really easy to get.

All you need to do is brush back all your hair and let them fall on the back. You can also use a hair product to create that smooth and slick look. We would suggest using hair wax or pomade.

Modern Mohawk

Modern Mohawk

This is a unique Connor McGregor haircut. He hasn’t carried this style for too long, but as you can clearly see, he pulls it off brilliantly.

This is like a modern interpretation of the classic Mohawk. You need to have a similar hair length as the slick back style. Then you can just completely shave off the sides. Next, you have to brush back the rest of your hair.

Unlike a usual Mohawk, Conor doesn’t spike it up. The hair at the back also has less volume than usual. He goes for a suave look and makes the style more dignified. It’s a fresh take on a classic hairstyle and is more appropriate for modern men.

Bald as Brass

Bald As Brass

Okay, we’re sorry for the wordplay, but it was difficult to resist. We do however assure you that you will look as ‘bold as brass’ with this decision.

McGregor has completely shaved off all his hair quite recently. It gives him an even more intense and hardcore look. This can be a great choice for all you athletes and sportspersons. Apart from giving you an advantage, your sharp look will intimidate the opponents for sure.

You already know the process for this one. Just take a razor and shave off your hair. If you have long hair, then we would suggest trimming it short first.

Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe

We know what you are wondering. How can a messy fringe style look so intense? Well, it all depends on the person who is carrying the style.

It might feel like a cute and laid back hairstyle when a teenage celebrity has it. Conor McGregor brings a lot more fire and vigor to the style.

You will need long front hair for this style. It usually comes down to your eyes in a fringe style, but McGregor keeps it shorter. He also keeps the hair on the sides and the back super short. You can use a hair product or just your fingers to create that messy look.

Striking Undercut

Striking Undercut

Undercut already is a pretty bold haircut. McGregor just takes it to the next level. It actually looks like a style straight out of Peaky Blinders.

Conor keeps long hair on the front and the top. He shaves off the sides and shortens the back hair like a usual undercut style. Then, he creates some height on the front and then brushes back the hair.

There is a huge contrast in this hairstyle, where you have shaved sides, shortened back and long brushed up top hair. This style gives him and can give you, a formidable and daunting appearance.

Braided Bun

Braided Bun

If we take all the Conor McGregor hairstyles from this list, this one will stand apart from the rest. So, if you hate anonymity and want to catch everyone’s attention, this would be the perfect hairstyle for you.

It created quite a sensation when McGregor appeared with this hairstyle back in 2014. Since then he hasn’t come up with something so unique and ‘out there’.

To get style, you first need to braid your hair. Then take all your braids and tie them in a man bun. To precisely follow McGregor, make sure the braids aren’t too thick. He also shaves off the sides and the back to bring an extra edge to the style.

Classy Pompadour

Classy Pompadour

Pompadour is a classy and dependable hairstyle. It is pretty popular among contemporary men because it suits almost every face shape. You should also give this a try at least once.

A pompadour is when you brush back your hair and there is a high mound at the front. Men usually shorten the sides as well to bring more focus to the front. McGregor carries this style a little differently.

His pomp is not as high as usual. He keeps it shorter and flatter. Also, he doesn’t shorten the sides as much. So, it basically looks like a slick back style with a bit of height.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

When you think about Conor McGregor hairstyles, this one probably does not come to your mind. It makes sense because you would not find him carrying this style on the ring or in front of the media.

He is only seen in this style while training. But, somehow it works extremely well with his face shape and his beard.  You can also try out the feisty faux hawk style.

It is basically like a Mohawk, but the hair is not spiky all the way through. You just need to make your front and top hair spiky. Unlike McGregor, you can shave off or shorten the sides to make the style more striking.

Burr Cut

Burr Cut

This style is the shortest possible haircut. This is a military inspired haircut, and it’s called the ‘induction cut’ in the army.

When you first join the military, this is the haircut you get. They almost shave off all your hair, and only leave out a few millimeters. The hair length will be the same all around. So, you get really short hair on the front as well.

To get this haircut, you need to use a trimmer. Use the lowest number of guards to get really short hair. This hairstyle will give your appearance sharpness and intensity.

Connor Crew Cut

Connor Crew Cut

If you are looking for a short hairstyle, but you don’t want to go as short as a burr cut or a buzz cut, then you can choose a crew cut.

A crew cut will leave you some hair at the front to work with. You will have longer hair on the front and top, and really short hair on the sides and the back.

When we say ‘longer’, we still mean pretty short compared to other styles. You can also entirely shave off the sides like Conor, or you can go for a taper.

Brush Up Style

Brush Up Style

The hairstyle looks exactly like it sounds. You need an average hair length for this one. Then you just have to brush your hair and make it face upwards.

The style looks like spiked up hair, but not as uniformed or as sharp. This is a messier look, which gives you a casual laid back vibe.

You might have to use a hair product to make your hair go up and keep the style in its place. Like the other styles on this list, it works great with a beard.

Spiky Hard Part

Spiky Hard Part

Here we have a smooth fusion style. Mainly it’s a hard part style where you spike up your short to mid length hair.

First, you have to create the hard part. You have to create a disconnected line. Then, you need to shorten the hair at the back as well.

Finally, you have to spike up your front and top hair. If you want to precisely follow McGregor, keep the length just a bit longer than a crew cut, and add a high fade.

Short Quiff

Short Quiff

This is a neat and tidy style with some zing. For quiff styles, you usually need longer hair. But, Conor McGregor has a similar length as a crew cut.

Only the front hair is longer, and there will be shorter hair all around. Just use a hair product and a comb to give some height to your front hair.

So, it looks like a pompadour just started and ended in a very small space. You can also add a high or mid fade to this style.

High and Tight

High And Tight

This is another military inspired haircut. You have to completely shave off the sides and the back for this style. There will be hair on only the front and top.

Even the remaining hair will be buzzed really short. This is an advantageous hairstyle for army members and athletes.

It is also called the ‘recon’ style by many. The name comes from the reconnaissance units of the armed forces. But, the recon style actually covers a bit more area.

Half Brush Up

Half Brush Up

This hairstyle is a variant of the brush up style. For this one, your hair needs to be a bit shorter. Also, you’ll not be brushing up all your hair.

Firstly, leave the sides and the back as they are. Don’t brush them up and you can just comb down the side and back hair.

Then, brush up your front and top hair, but leave out the exact middle part. For that hair, you can create a small Mohawk inspired spike, or just bring a messy vibe with your fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We agree that Conor McGregor’s haircut is not the most unique aspect of his life. People might be more interested in other things. However, some questions about his hairstyles are asked quite frequently on the internet. We’ll answer them in this section.

What haircut does Conor McGregor have?

As you have seen from our list, Conor McGregor does not have one single haircut and has had many throughout his career. But, he commonly goes for side-parted short hairstyles. He has adopted other short styles like burr cut, buzz cut, crew cut, etc. many times. It also seems like he is a big fan of high fade and skin fade.

Where does Conor McGregor get his haircut?

McGregor does not get all his haircuts from the same place. However, Craig Nolan has been his hairstylist for many years. He is the owner of Old County barber shops in Dublin. You can check out this article to find out what he has to say about McGregor.

How do I ask for a Conor McGregor haircut?

It depends on which of his hairstyles you want to get. So, you need to decide first, and then properly communicate with your barber to get your desired cut. It will be much easier if you just carry a picture on your phone.

What color is McGregor’s hair?

As an Irish man, it would be no surprise that McGregor will have a touch of red in his hair and beard. If we want to be precise, his natural hair color would be light reddish blonde, like an apricot.

Final Words

We can now officially call you an expert on Conor McGregor hairstyles. You have all the information you could possibly need. You not only know if a Conor McGregor haircut will suit you, you also have a catalog of his best styles to choose from.

You can choose any of his haircuts you want, and make it completely your own. Do not be afraid of putting your own twists and interpretations on his styles.

Our final tip to you would be to not neglect the regular maintenance your hair needs. Without regular washing, cleaning and moisturizing, any style you have will be ruined.

Also, McGregor exposes his skin in most of his hairstyles. If you have sensitive skin, you should be extra careful about that. Wear a hat or beanie in chilly weather and use protection when there’s excessive heat.

So, how will you rock your McGregor inspired hairstyle?

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