Cool vs Warm Blonde

Cool vs Warm: Decoding The Blonde Battle

Blonde hairstyles hold the power to completely shift your look for the better. If you want to upgrade your appearance by going blonde, there are some things you might have to consider.

The vital fact here is that there are mainly two tones of blonde that you would have to choose from. You can either go for a warm blonde that shines like a radiant sun or adapt to a cool blonde that adds up a certain charm to your look.

More people have been getting blonde hairstyles now because there are new formulas that toned down the fear of frying the hair off. Along with that fearlessness came numerous choices of shades that can be achieved with very close accuracy.

So, it is pretty easy to overlook the shade that would enhance your features the most. That’s why I have gathered everything you need to know before you choose to go warm or cool!

What is a Cool Blonde?

Cool Blonde

Cool blonde is as cool as it sounds! This type of blonde has a slightly icy and ashy hue just like a snowy winter. They tend to have a blue or purple undertone that neutralizes any yellowness or warmth.

I have listed some of the cool blonde shades that are a craze among my customers. You might have already heard of them from your friends because it is all the trend these days!

  • Platinum Blonde: The lightest blonde with a silver undertone. It is almost white and has a cool hue.
  • Ash-Blonde: Ash-blonde ranges from light to medium blonde, but with a cool and ashy undertone. It gives a cold and muted appearance and simply cancels out any warm hue of the hair.
  • Silver-Blonde: Silver blonde is very light and it has a shininess to it unlike the previous two. It has a metallic and futuristic vibe to it.
  • Smoky Blonde: Smoky blonde is when a cool-toned blonde has hints of ashy or smoky gray to it. It embodies the sophistication of clear-colored smoke.
  • Icy Blonde: Icy blonde is close to platinum blonde but with more blue or purple hue. It is close to white and looks like snow.
  • Pearl Blonde: Pearl blonde is cool-toned blonde when it has a fine pearly sheen to it. It looks opalescent and ethereal like a pearl.

What Is A Warm Blonde?

Warm Blonde

Warm blondes are as mellow as a cup of caramel latte! Warm blondes have a slightly sun-kissed and golden hue just like a comfortable autumn afternoon. They tend to have a caramel or honey-glazed undertone that neutralizes any blueness or coldness.

Right below I managed to foreground some of the warm blonde shades that are all the rage among my customers these days. Check them out and pick one for yourself!

  • Golden Blonde: Golden blonde has warm, golden undertones that create a sun-kissed, radiant look. It often has a rich, gold-like hue reminiscent of golden honey.
  • Honey Blonde: Honey blonde is a warm, medium-toned shade that resembles the color of honey. It has warm, golden undertones with a touch of amber.
  • Caramel Blonde: Caramel blonde is a warm, rich shade that combines golden and brown undertones. It has a luscious, caramel-like appearance and works well for those seeking a warmer blonde look.
  • Butterscotch Blonde: Butterscotch blonde is a warm, creamy shade with a mix of golden and light brown undertones. It exudes a sweet and buttery look.
  • Strawberry Blonde: Strawberry blonde is a warm, reddish-blonde shade that mimics the color of ripe strawberries. It combines blonde and red undertones for a unique, vibrant appearance.
  • Copper Blonde: Copper blonde has warm, coppery undertones that create a fiery and vibrant look. It blends reddish and golden hues for a bold and distinctive result.
  • Apricot Blonde: Apricot blonde is a warm, peachy shade with a soft, delicate appearance. It combines golden undertones with a hint of orange for a unique and subtle warmth.

How to Choose Your Perfect Blonde?

Choosing Perfect Blonde

Now that you know how incredible shades of blondes there are, let us take a look at how to choose the perfect one for your hair. While you are free to choose any shade you adore, I would still love to show the specific matches that might surprise you and make you fall in love with your look!

So, check out the following factors that you should consider before choosing a perfect blonde shade for yourself.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone is what could make your blonde outshine everyone in a room! Cool blondes generally work well with skin tones with cool undertones, such as pink or rosy undertones.

On the other hand, warm blondes complement skin tones with warm undertones, such as golden or peachy undertones.

All you have to do is to check whether you have greenish veins or purplish veins. Greenish means you have a warm skin tone and purplish means a cool tone. And if you think you kind of have both, then congratulations, you can rock any shade you like!

Eye Color

Another factor to consider is your eye color. It might sound very insignificant and you might feel convinced to ignore your eye color while choosing your blonde shade, but hear me out, girl, you want your eyes to shine at their potential!

Cool blondes can enhance blue, green, or gray eyes and warm blondes can complement brown, hazel, or amber eyes. I bet you will be so surprised at the way your eyes will look extra pretty just from listening to this advice!


Blonde Hair Maintenance

Blonde hair might look stunning but know that beauty is pain! The process of going blonde will surely fry your hair to some extent. Now, we do not want frizzy, fried hair looking like a bird’s nest. That is why we need very special care and high maintenance for your blonde to really look like the picture you admire!

  • Minimize Heat Styling: Heat styling tools like flat irons and curling irons can cause damage and fade the color of your hair. Minimize the use of heat styling tools and opt for heatless styling methods whenever possible. If you do use heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray to minimize damage.
  • Limit Washing Frequency: Washing your hair too frequently can strip away the natural oils and cause color fading. Try to limit washing your hair to every 2-3 days or as needed. When you do wash your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that is gentle on color-treated hair.
  • Regular Deep Condition: Blonde hair can be prone to dryness and damage. Incorporate regular deep conditioning treatments into your hair care routine to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Look for deep conditioning masks specifically formulated for color-treated hair.
  • Avoid Chlorine And Saltwater: Chlorine from swimming pools and saltwater from the ocean can both have a drying and damaging effect on your hair color. Before swimming, wet your hair with clean water and apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to create a protective barrier. After swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any chlorine or salt water and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Protect From UV Rays: Exposure to sunlight can cause color fading and damage to your blonde hair. Protect your hair from harmful UV rays by wearing a hat or using hair products that contain UV filters.
  • Use A Purple Shampoo For Cool Blonde Hair: Purple shampoo is specifically formulated to neutralize any yellow or brassy tones in blonde hair. Use it once or twice a week to help maintain the cool, ashy tones in your hair. Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes before rinsing to allow it to work effectively. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Use A Golden Toner Shampoo For Warm Blonde Hair: Using a golden toner shampoo can help enhance and maintain warm, golden tones in your hair. Generally, it is recommended to use it once a week or as needed to maintain the desired golden tones.
  • Schedule Regular Touch-Ups: Blonde hair can naturally fade over time. Schedule regular touch-up appointments with a professional colorist to refresh the warm tones or cool tones and maintain the desired color. This will help ensure that your warm or cool blonde hair stays vibrant and fresh.


Before we call it a day, a few FAQs guarantee to shed more light on our cool blonde vs warm blonde discussion!

Q: Does blonde hair look good on dark skin?

Ans: Blonde hair can look good on any type of skin tone. Whether you have fair skin or dark skin, blonde will not only look good on you but also look iconic and fashionable if you choose the right shade.

Q: How much does it cost to get a warm blonde or a cool blonde?

Ans: Getting any type of blonde can cost from $180 to $400 depending on your hair length, hair type, hair thickness and the reputation of your colorist. It is better to go to a professional instead of doing it yourself as the bleaching process can be hazardous.

Q: Do all light blonde shades have a cool undertone?

Ans: No, there are very light blonde shades that are warm, such as light golden blonde shades. They need a very high level of lightness as a base but have warm golden hues as their undertone.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the choice between cool blonde vs warm blonde is subjective and depends on your personal style and desired look. There is no right or wrong when it comes to going with your desire.

If you prefer a cooler, more edgy appearance, a cool blonde may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you prefer a warmer, sun-kissed look, a warm blonde may be the better choice.

It is important to note that hair color can also be customized and blended to suit your preferences. Professional colorists can help determine the best shade of blonde for you based on your features and desired outcome.

So don’t hesitate to completely renew your look with a bright blonde! It’s time to choose the perfect one for yourself and go fearless!

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