Cornrow braids for men

Cornrow Braids For Men: 24 Unique Hairstyles To Try Out This Year

Cornrow braids look chic and cool for both men and women. They are breaking the stereotype that braiding looks cool only for women. Braids that are done in women’s hair like Simple cornrows, two cornrows, three cornrows, four cornrows, Long cornrows, Easy cornrows, Cornrow Mohawk, Side cornrows work for men as well maintaining a similar chic essence.

Often adorned with accessories and complex designs, cornrows are favored by all men of eccentric fashion. The hairstyle helps keep the tradition alive as well as maintain a neat well-groomed look.

The super sharp style provided by cornrows is acceptable in any social event. So, don’t hesitate to mix and match all kinds of hairstyles with your cornrows. Because these impressive braids will look classy no matter how you choose to wear them.

Let’s look into some of the creative hairstyles that are more common in men’s hair, with some inspirations from popular celebrities and a few commonly asked questions answered just for you.

24 Spectacular Cornrow Variations For Men

With endless versatility, cornrows will bring you the badass sophistication you will need to get through the everyday hassle. As this is a protective hairstyle, the low-maintenance sleek look will help you relax with elegance.

Cornrows are not just a hairstyle they can symbolize the elements integrated with your lifestyle from your ethnicity to inner-self. This cool braiding style is sure to make a statement. Cornrows are an ideal choice for men who are comfortable enough to stand out in a crowd.

So, without further ado, we will help you envision 18 cornrow hairstyles to help you choose on your own!

Cornrow Fade

Cornrow Fade

If you want to keep the top part of your head sleek yet voluminous then cornrows with a fade can be your go-to style. This will give you enough flexibility to keep changing your look now and then. Creating patterns on both sides will help you rock this style even more.

You can easily create a high-top cornrows knot with your fades to elevate your overall appearance. Once done, this will give you an edgy look. Try this out now to get a new look this season.

Cornrows With Shaved Sides

Cornrows with shaved sides

Cornrows with shaved sides can be turned into literal art with a little effort as you can easily create aesthetic patterns to go with your style. Cornrows with taper or a buzz cut will bring out professionalism and your artistic self. Combining this hairstyle while making your short hair stick to the braids seems subtle yet powerful. You can add elaborate designs on both sides to match the designs of your cornrows. Depending on your intricate styling method and preference you can have a superior hairstyle.

This easily attainable hairstyle is super chic and sleek. It is spontaneous and works for anyone and everyone. You can pick your edgiest outfit to go with this hairstyle. It will surely make you the star of any event you attend.

Short Cornrows

Short cornrows

Short cornrows or micro cornrows are always there to give pizzazz to your style. Short cornrows will help your hair gain volume. Hair will appear fuller and thick. Moreover, incorporating micro and thick cornrows in short hair is sure to radiate your personality. Combining different cornrow braids will emphasize your inner-self.

Hence, men with short hair can smoothly pull off cornrows and look absolutely stunning. However, as most people think it is impossible to make cornrows with short hair, do it now to surprise them.

Cornrow Spider Braids

Cornrow spider braids

Cornrow spider braids might make your skin crawl if you have arachnophobia, but their symmetrical appearance is sure to impress everyone. The unique badass vibe of the spider web design hardly goes unnoticed by anyone. The even and clean styling looks suave. Hence, it is embraced by many rappers around the world as well.

The bold braids start from the middle and let the edge hang to create a unique and daring pattern. With proper styling, your beautiful hairline is styled up with fade on both sides.

If you are an adventurous person, then stop your search for a new experience. And be sure to try this one out!

Cornrows With Zigzags

Cornrows with zigzags

Cornrows with intricate are sure to boost up your self-confidence with their sharp and clean vibe. But you will need help from an experienced braider or a salon to help you with it. This hairstyle can be done in any hair type. But it looks more charming on middle-length triangle-faced men.

The zigzag patterns can be embraced in various ways. Your zigzags can either go horizontally or vertically, with taper or fade depending on your preference. But the neat and geometrical patterns are sure to elevate your image.

Wavy Cornrows

Wavy Cornrows

These cornrows combine different kinds of wave-like patterns to create a symmetrical visually appealing hairstyle. Furthermore, wave patterns create a traditional sleek appearance. Incorporating waved detailing with straight back cornrows will make you look super fun and refined.

Everyone is absolutely in love with this easily maintained hairdo. You can shake up your usual style with this debonair hairstyle. So don’t think twice before creating classy cornrow waves to add an extra bit of flavor to your appearance.

Viking Cornrow

Viking cornrow

Viking cornrows became famous after the popular tv show The Vikings aired. These involve tightly woven braiding that makes the sleek look last for a long time.

Combine thick and thin cornrow braids and raise the central section to complete this look. It will give off a faux undercut vibe as well. As this is mostly done in long hair and braided tightly, you can let loose the end of your braids to make it seem both dynamic and relaxed.

To feel like a strong and powerful Viking get this hairstyle now!

Criss-cross Cornrows

Criss-cross cornrows

If you want to be in a position of envy among men and women then criss-cross cornrows are to follow. Criss cross cornrows are practical, suave, and fresh – all combined together. The intricate weaving of cornrows with a versatile design will make you look sophisticated and bold.

The cornrows with varying sizes are going to make a unique design while crisscrossing the same size braids will create beautiful symmetry. The result is eye-catching, to say the least.

Pro-Row Cornrows

Pro-Row cornrows

The uniformity in the intricately interwoven cornrows in this hairstyle with a high top knot will give you a blunt look. The stunning patterns will sweep away all your skepticisms you might have about yourself and bring you compliments.

For a diverse chic approach getting this hairstyle is a must! The energetic powerful aura will force out your inner protagonist and make you look effortlessly dope.

Diamond Cornrows Braid

Diamond cornrows braid

This aesthetically pleasing and awe-inspiring hairstyle will elevate your look in an event or casual wear. You just have to box braids your cornrows to get a diamond pattern. This magnificent braid technique will make you rock any attire any time of the month.

You can use extensions or accessorize to make your diamond stand out brighter. If you want to make a daring royal impression, then get this hairstyle now!

Parallel Cornrows And “X” Shaped Braids

Parallel cornrows and X shaped braids

Bringing together more than one hairstyle with your cornrows elevates its beauty. Overlapping your cornrows can turn them into an X shape while taking front two braids paralleled straight back will complete this hairstyle.

To reflect your individuality, you can switch up the positions of the parallel or X-shaped cornrows. This easily attainable extravagant hairstyle will make you feel like the main character of any event. So without further ado, try this out now!

Cornrow Braids + Triangle Box Braids

Cornrow braids + triangle box braids

Depending on the braiding techniques, customization, and a little patience, cornrows have the ability to turn you into a star of any event. The unusual 90’s vibe from this hairstyle will add the sophistication you need.

To make the hairstyle’s magnificence stand out, incorporating it with a shaved head is a great idea. Pick the edgiest outfit you have to make a fashion statement. Get in touch with your inner swag with this hairstyle.

Cornrow With Lighting Design

Cornrow with lighting design

Cornrows with lighting design will put you under a brand new spotlight. The curved pattern of the lighting design contrasted with the regular straight-back cornrows is sure to captivate everyone’s heart.

You can also mix laugh and dark shades of colored extensions to make it more exceptional. So let your imagination run wild while customizing your braids. Now get your desired look, King!

Spaced Out Simple Cornrow

Spaced Out Simple Cornrow

Spaced-out cornrows are simple enough for all the newbies. Here, the cornrows are spaced-out. So, you just need to create 3 to 4 cornrows to complete the full look.

The braids are quite uncomplicated making them perfect for wearing in a professional setting. However, you can always add accessories like beads, cuffs, shells, or highlighted extensions to spice things up. Depending on your customization they are sure to make you look elegant and super fun.

Star Center Cornrow Braids

Star center cornrow braids

Do you want to look artistically badass? Then get the star-centered braids now. You just simply have to start your cornrows from your crown and spread it like a star. And Voila! You now have a beautiful star that would certainly make you look like the star of any event.

For all the galaxy lovers this is an amazing hairdo that can speak out about your individuality. The originality of the hairdo is sure to make you stand out.

Part Cornrow Braided

Part Cornrow Braided

While side parting your hair looks good on an oval or square face accentuating your cheekbones, middle parting on the other hand looks great on oblong shaped faces making your face rounder. Hence depending on your face shapes, you can choose to do any kind of parting while mixing the cornrow braids to create an easily attainable eccentric hairstyle.

This is a brilliant hairdo for the starters as well. If you do not want to go through the hassle of creating cornrows after cornrows, then you can simply part your hair and make one or two tightly made cornrows. For the rest of the hair, you can just let them hang creating a refined sleekness. So, what are you waiting for?

Angled Braids

Angled Braids

The smooth and clean look of angled cornrows will make you look trendy, well dressed, and sophisticated in any setting-be casual or professional. It accentuates your hairline and face making you look elegant.

Do not be afraid to make that clean-cut fashion statement through the angles of your braids.

Face Framing Shapes

Face Framing Shapes

The most charming aspect of cornrows is their intricate designs. You can turn your head into a canvas and let your stylist take over to transform you into art.

With these countless possibilities of intricate designs, you can actually face-shift. For instance, circular cornrows will create an illusion of making a triangular face rounder.

So learn a little bit about yourself to bring out the uniqueness of your face with cornrows.

Cornrow & Bun

Cornrow & Bun

Cornrow and any kind of bun are extremely easy to pull off. This is one of the classiest looks that you can effortlessly get with your cornrows. Moreover, you can never go wrong with mixing different types of buns with your cornrows.

A man-bun with faded sides, Row-pro with neatly put bun, Cornrows with natural curl and a back bun, Cornrows with top knots, or samurai buns, two cornrows with low buns, etc. almost all kinds of cornrow hairstyles can harmonize beautifully with buns.

This hairdo has the potential to make you look dynamic in any kind of setting.

Your Favorite Male Celebrities in Cornrows

Are you still hesitating whether or not cornrows are a perfect fit for you? Then, we are here to help you choose the ultimate cornrow for you. If your favorite celebrity can get it then so can you! So don’t fret and check out these heartthrobs rocking their looks with cornrows.

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo cornrow

Jason Derulo, the American singer, songwriter left everyone swooning over his cornrows in a red carpet look. He looked absolutely gorgeous with his braids and top knot in that event. He is seen in many other events in a variety of hairstyles made with cornrows. He owned the hairstyles in his unique way. So bring out your inner-uniqueness like Jason Derulo with your cornrows!


Xzibit cornrows

Xzibit, an American rapper is well known for switching up his cornrows with intricate hairstyles. One of his cornrows characteristics is to be simple with complex designs. It goes well with hairstyles like taper, buzz-cut, or half-shaved heads.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper cornrows

Bryce Harper, the American baseball player did have to face some controversies because of his cornrows. However, he looked effortlessly cool with his thick and straight cornrows. If you have a similar hair type, then you can easily try out this hairstyle.

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson cornrows

Ron Swanson, the star of the sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, captivated everyone’s heart and laughter with his cornrows. His cornrows did seem a bit comical. But the braiding technique was quite amazing and appealing. If you have the mind of an artist, then you can surely get inspired by his look.

David Beckham

David Beckham cornrows

The former soccer player David Beckham never failed to make everyone swoon over him with his looks and his hairstyle. He surprised everyone with his cornrows. The simple and sophisticated straight-back cornrows forced everyone to turn heads. Now you can get this look too to showcase elegance.

FAQs: Cornrows For Men

Cornrows have been named as an efficient hairstyle by many. Moreover, there are endless benefits of cornrows. However, you still might be concerned about some of the facts about cornrows.

We have come here to inform you of some of the most frequently asked questions about cornrows for men.

Q1: Are Cornrows actually good for men?

Answer: Cornrows are great for men’s hair. Because they are protective and low-maintenance. You can easily keep them for 2-6 weeks with proper maintenance and it helps with hair damage and hair fall as well.

Q2: Can you scratch cornrows?

Answer: As cornrows are worn for a long time, they might get itchy because of the dead cells. It is not good to scratch your cornrows as they might cause your hair to break. Thus if you do have an itchy scalp it is probably because the braids are way too tight on your scalp and it has dirt and dandruff stuck on them. However, with proper hydration and care your cornrows would be itch-free.

Q3: Why do cornrows get frizzy?

Answer: While braiding cornrows you have to properly section your hair. If the hair is loose on the rows or they are crossed between braids, then they might get frizzy. So make sure to properly part your hair.

Q4: Do loose cornrows mean hair growth?

Answer: Yes, it does. After three or more weeks, if you notice your protective cornrows get loose then it is because your hair has grown.

Q5: Can you get cornrows with thin hair?

Answer: Absolutely yes! But you have to be careful so that your braids are not that tight. And, you can always use extensions to make it appear thicker.

Final Thoughts

Cornrows are a great option for having an elegant yet super fun hairstyle. The dramatic effect of this hairstyle is awe-inspiring. The countless possibilities of having intricate designs using cornrows make it more special.

The best part about cornrow braids is that they go well regardless of your hair texture or length. You can either wear the braids casually or with accessories, they are sure to help you catch the eyes of everyone. There’s literally no wrong way to style up your cornrows.

Use the right products to take care of your braids and customize them with dyes, extensions, and beads to make a trendy comeback this season!

Find a skilled professional to help you achieve the design you have in mind and carry a sketch or photograph of that design to make it perfect.

So do not wait on that perfect low-maintenance hairstyle anymore! Rush to get that ravishing look with cornrows now!

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